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" Saif, get up and explain what a market economy is'' Ms. pamela ordered. i gulped as i haven't prepared for the class. she looked at me and smiled her sexy, seductive, wicked smile and said, '' oh look, somebody forgot his homework, that's it saif detention after school''let me describe myself, i'm 5' 8'' and have fair complexion with green eyes and a muscuar body. i was actually looking forward to the detention as i would get a chance to be wih her alone. Ms. Pamela had huge tits and a nice body and a nice ass. she had green eyes as well and had blonde hair. I went to her after school and she told me to sit down in the nearest desk. i worked for about an hour and she said that as i had worked althroughout my detention period i deserved something. with that she came closer to me and gave me a very passionate kiss on my lips. i got up and responded. suddenly she drew back and said one minute and went  towards the door to lock it. she came back and pulled down my pants and started to suck my cock. i had the greatest feeling at that time. i had started to take off her dress while she was sucking my cock.

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   she got up and told me to fuck her. i put my cock into her pussy and started to fuck her rilly hard. i rammed into her again and again and finally blew my load into her. she gave me another kiss and with that she left. i sure spent a lot of time in detention after that marvelous afternoon and got to know Ms. Pamela even better. .