In the church parking lot

Sex In Public

Once when I was a teenager, my girlfriend and I were trying to find a lover's lane.  
We would often sneak over to one another's house when our parents were away and release our built up sexual energy in all sorts of ways, but it had been a while since either of our parents had given us that opportunity.   So, it had become a regular event that we would go for a drive and find ways to pleasure each other.   She would give me blowjobs while I drove slowly on back roads, and I would finger her tight little pussy while she soaked the front seat of my car.  
This of course made it very difficult to drive.   On one particular occasion we decided to find a place to park, so we could both concentrate on exploring each other's bodies instead of driving.   After what seemed like forever, we pulled into the parking lot of a small country church.   The location was perfect because the parking lot was located deep behind the church and there were two entrances, so we could make a swift getaway if needed.
She had been playing with my cock during the entire ride, and I could hardly see straight by the time I parked the car against the back of the parking lot.   We quickly leaned the seats back and pulled off our clothes.   She climbed up on my lap, facing me with her back toward the steering wheel.   I buried my face in her perky tits while she guided my cock toward her soaking wet little pussy.   The first penetration always feels spectacular, but with the added excitement of being in a public place I almost exploded inside her immediately.   I caught my rhythm and we were working together like a machine.   She was so wet that I could feel her juices running down past my balls.   Just as I told her I was about to cum, I noticed the face of a middle-aged woman peering through the foggy windshield.


    I was startled and I almost pushed my girlfriend off my lap so we could fly out of there, but the woman had a very calm look on her face, and for some reason I began to ignore her.   I kept looking straight into the eyes of the mystery woman as my girlfriend climaxed with wild thrusts.   She climbed off my lap and sucked my cock until I came.   As I was cumming in the warm mouth of my girlfriend I stared into the now-smiling face of the woman in the parking lot.   At that moment I had a sensation that I have not since been able to recapture.   The woman walked away as we put our clothes back on.   I never told my girlfriend about the woman because we were actually in the parking lot of my girlfriend's church, and I did not want her to worry that one of the other parishioners had probably recognized her as she was sucking my cock. .