night at the park

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It all began when my girlfriend and I decided to go the park one night a couple summer's ago.   It was around 9 p. m. and it was still about 70 degrees outside.   We decided to go for a walk. . . but I had one  stipulation.   She had to take off her t-shirt and bra and walk around with just her zip up hoodie on!  Even though she was a little hesitant she decided to do it.
 Now, let me tell you about Abby.   She is about 5'11" and an athlete.   She has really strong sexy legs and an volumptuous ass that I just love to play with.   Her tits are right at a D cup with no sagging whatsoever!  To me, she has the perfect body.   I am also an athlete standing about 6'3" and weighing about 235 lbs of almost all muscle.   My dick is about 6 inches long and about 3 inches around. .

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  . nothing special, but it seems to get the job done on Abby.
 So, we started our walk.   As we were walking i would periodically grab her from behind and suck on her neck to get her doing.   While doing so i would zip her hoodie down a bit so i could get a good feel of her tits.   This really turned her on.   I would only do this for a few seconds then stop and continue to walk.   i was really trying to make her hot!  and it was working.   After about 20 minutes of me teasing her we decided to go somewhere in the park that was a little more private.   As soon as we got alone and in the dark we started making out like two high school kids at the movie theater.   She was loving it!  As we were making out, i slowly unzipped her hoodie releasing her spectacular tits.   I slowly worked my way down her neck, kissing and licking all the way to her tits.   I started with the right one and slowly sucked on her nipple, which was by now hard enough to cut glass.   her moans of pleasure where definitely a good sign i was doing the job.   As i sucked on her nipples, i let my hand work its way down to her hot pussy.

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    I started rubbing her through her jeans, which always makes her want to fuck.   I finally looked around to see if anyone was there. . . and of course there wasnt, so i decided to try and get her out of her pants.   With the snap of her button and the zip of her zipper and one quick motion her pants where around her ankles.   She was standing in her hot little boy shorts that i absolutely LOVE!  Worried that someone will see, she tells me we can't do this.   I decide right then that we are going to fuck outsided at the park tonight!
I begin to rub her through her boy shorts when takes her mind off of possibly getting caught.   As i rub her, i begin to suck her tits agains.   The moisture and heat radiating from her pussy is amazing.   I'm rock hard by now and there is nothing i want more than to fuck her soaking wet pussy.   I slowly slide her panties down revealing her nice shaven soaking wet snatch to me.   I take her panties all the way down and when i do, my face comes level to her crotch.   I begin to lick her snatch.   As i do so, she leans back and sits on the picknick table behind her.

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    She spreads her legs wide as i go to work on her clit with my tongue.   I insert 2 fingers in her pussy as i lick her clit.   She is in pure ecstasy as my finger fucking and clit licking send her over the edge.
with her first orgasm out of the way, i decide it is time to fuck her.   I stand up and remove my pants.   My rock hard cock springs out and aims directly for the target.   I move in and give her a big kiss and at the same time ease my cock into her.   Her deep moan of pleasure is like music to my ears!  the position she is in allows for me to enter her fully.   It is so hot in her pussy that i can hardly handle it.   I slowly begin to pump in and out.   I gain speed as she moans with approval.   My pace is now rapid as my balls are slapping her ass.   After about 5 minutes of fucking her hard and sucking her tits, i stand her up and turn her around.   I push her forward so she is bent over the picnic table.   I insert my cock into her pussy from behind.

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    I reach one hand around and start playing with her tits.   The other hand goes directly to her perfect ass.   I squeez both as i begin to pump her again.   In and out.   Hard.   Soft.   Fast.   Slow.   Constantly changing the rhythm so i don't cum too quickly.   She begins to moan louder and i know what is coming.   she says that she is going to cum and for me to fuck her harder.   I respond by fucking the hell out of her.   All at ones her body tenses and she explodes her pussy juice all over my cock.   This is enough for me and i release rope after rope of hot cum into her pussy.   I collapse on top of her.

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    After a couple minutes my limp cock slips out of her and we realize we are still outside.   We look around and no one is there, so we slowly put our clothes back on.   As we walk back to the car she says that we have to do that again. . . i agree 100 percent!
this is my first story, i plan on writting more, so don't be too mean if you think this one sucks.   I promise i will try harder!