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One day the Director of the company a lady herself planned for a picnic to nearby falls, everyone were asked to come with therir families and strictly it was told to everyone that they will not sit next to their families but will mix in the crowd.   On the day of picnic it was a lucky day for me since Suzanne the sex bomb sat next to me, she had worn a teeshirt and a jeans tight pant which showed her treasures distinctly, she smiled at me and said Uncle wow it is great to have a company with you, I suppose she was expecting someone young sitting next to her that is when I asked her whether she wants some one young to sit with her, she said she was happy to sit with an elderly person, as the bus started all were singing songs, antakshari was being sung, all were happy and enjoying, Suzanne was clapping, laughing, shouting, while she was standing and encouraging the other crowd she fell 2 to 3 times on me, it was very exciting, I felt her bums and my dick was throbbing to have this babe touch once again.   I also joined her shouting screaming and touching her whenever possible, after some time she got tired and sat down and was watching the scenes outside that is when I pressed myself on her and started watching and taking pictures with my camera, I purposely made my elbows touch her breasts I put my right hand from the other side of the seat and slowly touched Suzanne shoulder, acting as if taking pictures with the camera. At first she moved away from it, but then realized that nobody can see that she leaned back to my hand. Now my hand was on her shoulder, I slowly started lowering my hand to her arm, and started touching her bare arm right below where her sleeveless teeshirt was ending. Wow, what a feeling it was. After some time kept myt hands on her thighs, she did not object, I started making circles on her thighs and started moving my hand up and down, we had reached the picnic spot and all were busy unloading things from the bus we made a place clean for all to sit and enjoy, some of the men and children went towards the water and started swimming

   It so happened that Suzanne asked James to take her under the falls, but James was busy playing cards with his colleagues, I volunteered and accompanied her under the falls, this place was secluded and no one could watch us clearly, Suzanne went under the water falls and went behind her, once she was drenched her lovely and sexy figure was oozing out, that is when  I was grinding my cock on Suzanne’s bums and she was responding, nobody in the group missed us everyone was enjoying and no one had any inhibitions of who was eyeing whom, but one thing was sure that Suzanne also was on heat I  started feeling her back when there was no objection, I pulled her body to mine and kissed her hungrily, Suzanne grabbed the back of my head and pulled my mouth tightly to hers, our tongues wildly explored around, my hands starting working their way over her body, feeling her sides, pulling her hips tightly to me, her tits heaved against my chest as we meshed ourselves together, I continued on by kissing her forehead her nose, her eyelids,   I lowered my hands to her butts and pressed them. They were really tight, her body was my now. I started kissing on her neck and came down to her chest. Then buried my face on her breast, then lifted her teeshirt, she was wearing a black lacy bra, unhooked the hooks and her big juicy boobs were out of the cluthes of the bra.

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    I took the right one in my mouth and she held my head on her hand. I slowly rotated my tongue on her nipple then all over her right breast. She liked it so much she was enjoying this and moaning too. Then I worked on her left breast, man those were the best breast I have ever sucked. She was enjoying and I was getting harder and harder in my pants. By now we she was kissing me and had opened my fly and was massaging my penis through my underwear. I in turn started fondling her cunt lips and rubbed my finger up and down her cunt slit. By now both of us were hot. She had caught hold of my penis and was moving the foreskin of my penis gently over my cock head. I in turn was rubbing her cunt slit that had now turned damp. I whispered to Suzanne that we should be getting back since people would miss out and the romance would be spoilt, she agreed and we were back in the group.

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  • 5pt; background-color: white; background-position: initial initial; background-repeat: initial initial" class="MsoNormal">Then the other men asked me to take booze which I did and had got excited and were enjoying my eyes were wandering about to see where the sexy Suzanne was, our eyes met and could feel the sexy vibes oozing out from Suzanne, it was time to leave as it was getting dark most of the men were boozed out and required to be taken with help and then the bus started.

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        Suzanne sat next to me and  the bus started      I slowly started lowering my hand to her arm, and started touching her bare arm right below where her teshirt was ending. Wow, what a feeling it was. Then I lowered my hand a little more and forwarded my finger towards her right boob. I made sure that my hand was under her teeshirtso nobody can see that. She did not mind that, now my middle finger was touching her right breast. Within few minutes my four fingers were touching her breast.    After playing with her breast I thought of touching her flat belly, I lowered my hand and touched her belly, she was shocked by that and she removewd a shawlo from her bag and spread it over so no one could see . That gave me a good cover, I shifted little more towards right and lower my hand touched her belly button. Our destination was still around 2 huors more and did not want to loose this wonderful oppurtinity. I lowered my hand and wanted to touch her butts, but could not go far there. So I came back to her belly and started inserting my finger through her sari towards her pussy, she was surprised by that and started adjusting her self. She kept her right hand under her saree and kept it on my hand. She took my hand and slowly showed my way to put it under her saree. My fingers were inside her saree, petticoat and panty, but they were barely inside. I could not go any further, she guessed that and she moved back a little.

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       With that move, my fingers could touch the pubic hair. Wow I was playing with Suzanne’s pubic hair. I could not go any further so I removed my hand and came back to her right breast. Pressed it really well, it was firm, round and her nipples were tight, went on playing with them till we reached our destination.

    It was late we had reached our houses at 10, James was boozed and had no inclination where he was,   I had to allmost carry him  to the flat with the help of Suzanne   myself and Suzanne gave him support and brought him to his flat and put him to bed. Suzanne had left her daughter with her sister’s house hence nobody else was in the house.


    Now it was me and Suzanne alone in the house with James boozed off. I pulled her closer and kissed her. She responded with the same ardor as that with which I was kissing her. She broke the kiss and whispered, "Thanks, I really need this. "

    She bit my lower lip. While kissing her I pushed her towards the wall.

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       My hands felt her chest as it heaved under me. The touch was like cream. The smoothness made me push my cock against her harder. I was leaning against her now. Undoubtedly she could feel my erection against her leg.

    She was stroking my hair. The looks in her eye confirmed what I had always suspected: She always wanted to give herself to me.

    I could feel her breath on my neck and chest. She pushed my hair away from my face again.

    Once again we started kissing, and this time we were kissing like to horny lovers! We explored every part of each other's mouth with our tongues. We also licked each other's tongues! It was the best bit of kissing I had done in my life! We must have kissed for about few minutes, while my hand was roaming all over her body. My other hand was on her tits and was fondling them. Suzanne removed her teeshirt and also removed her jeans and unzipped my trousers and made me nude

      In a hurry we got into bed. We lay on the bed, our sides facing each other, our limbs entangled, our mouths pressed together. We began kissing and grabbing and squeezing each other.

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       She began to kiss me on my chest. She sucked my nipples, then licked my stomach.   She closed her eyes and threw her arms around me tight as I rubbed her hard. I reached down the front of her panties and began to rub my fingers between her pussy lips. She was dripping wet as I shoved my fingers into her vagina. I fucked her hard with my fingers until she asked me to stop because I was hurting her.
     Deliberately, she unclipped her gloriously thick hair and shook it free, and that made her sexier.

    Oh, what a pair of breasts she possessed! They were still in their shape. She was a marvelous sensual beauty with ample breasts that were possibly 36C. They were well shaped and round with her nipples jutting out in perfect proportion. Her tits were quite firm and pert, even without the support of the bra; they looked like couple of ripe mangos hanging on a branch. Her breasts were soft brown in color, yet contrasted beautifully with dark pink nipples. Her areolas were medium sized. They were starting to get erect as I was hungrily staring at them because they looked so beautiful. I caressed, kissed, and licked all over her body, squeezing her breasts, thighs, and buttocks while she was stroking my cock with her hand, biting her lip.

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    She panted, and we were drenched in sweat. Then she said, "Now that we are here in bed, you can do what you want to do. "

     "You are big," she said, stroking my cock. She took my cock in her hand, and her silky fingers made my cock like an iron rod encased in a silken cloth. I was amazed. I had never recalled my cock's feeling so hard that with all my might I was unable to bend it. She exclaimed that it was bigger then that of James
    Once again I started to kiss her all over her face. I started from her forehead. Then I moved to her eyes. Her chubby cheeks came next. I was eating her cheeks. Then I kissed and nibbled her ears. Finally I moved to her mouth. I sucked her lips vigorously. We explored each other's mouths as we had done in the lounge.

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       I pushed my tongue as far as I could inside her mouth, literally touching her throat!

    I continued the kissing and went lower. I was now kissing her neck and then sucking and even gently biting it. I moved lower to her breasts, the breasts I had been seeing every night in dreams, and now for the first time I was so near to them. I started to eat her breasts as if they were ripe mangos. They were getting as red as apples from my constant eating and sucking.

    I paid attention to her rock-hard nipples. I teased them with my tongue. I probed them gently with my tongue, making them very erect! I stopped when they were really hard! Then I started to suck them, slowly to begin with. I increased my speed and was now furiously sucking and even biting them!

    Now I moved lower. Now I was level with her enticingly deep navel! As before, I used my tongue to good effect. I moved my tongue in and out of her navel while teasing her belly button.

    "Ufff. . . ! Suck it! It feels so nice and excited!"

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      . . ! Uffff. . . ! That's it! Fuck me now, Uncle! I can't stand it anymore! I need you inside me now! Put your big   cock inside me!" she screamed  Her legs looked silky smooth. Her thighs were   fleshy, but well proportioned.
    She parted her thighs. Finally, I got on top of her and positioned myself, placing my rock-hard cock squarely on her waiting cunt! She herself grabbed my erection and pointed it to her pussy, so I shoveled my dick into her pussy as the head of my cock entered her cunt. With the first push more than half of my cock slid inside her wet snatch. Slowly the whole length of my cock entered her without any resistance. Her cunt was very tight and so warm that I thought I would never want to pull out of it again.

    Suzanne said, please do it slowly first. I have never had such a big cock. James cock is small and he always does in a hurry, never has he made love  as you are doing

    So I slowed down a little and started to rub her pussy with my finger.

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       I   searched her clit and soon found it. I started to rub and squeeze her clit. Meanwhile I was also fondling her lovely tits and managed to kiss her so as to increase her sexual pleasure. I made a strong move and forced my penis deep into her. She began to wriggle like a snake trying desperately to escape from the eagle's claws. "No, please slowly. It hurts, please. " she began to plead. Her pleading only made me hornier as I again thrust my penis deep into her. She began to shout and moan in pain. I placed my hand under her shoulder and grabbed her breast with the other. My mouth went over hers and I again thrust my penis into her. This time she threw her head back and yelped. "Ahhhh!"

    She became very horny and screamed. "Ohhh! Uncle, what are you doing to me? I think you are killing me!"
    "Oh, my sweetheart, I don't want to kill you; I want to show you my love," I said breathlessly.

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    "Yes, that's it, Uncle Fuck me   I am all yours. Take me. " I started to pump faster as she encouraged me.
    I kissed her mouth with mine and continued mauling her breasts. Her hands came over my back with a burning sensation for she was now nailing my back and biting my lips. I entered deep into her as her hand encircled my back, guiding me inside her. She put her legs on my back and pulled me down.

    Now I withdrew, pushing my cock back. Suddenly she thrust her hips against my swollen cock, and wrapped her legs around my waist. She moved forward, pushing herself onto my cock. I loved the way she kept clutching at my ass, grabbing at me, roughly, almost painfully, pulling me more deeply into her, harder and harder each time. She was very aggressive in bed; I have never seen woman as aggressive as she was.

    She said, "You are a better partner in bed than James is. " I was very pleased and started giving it to her harder and harder. The whole bed was shaking and jerking because of my strong movements.


       I began driving it in and out, faster and faster, sweat collecting on my body as I kneaded her tits, which were glistening with sweat. She was moaning loudly, as her breath came faster and she locked me in with her legs, drawing me into her.

     We sucked on each other's lips and tongue moved faster. I tasted her breath in my mouth as I began to pump harder. She was pumping harder too.  Suzanne began to fuck me fast and furiously. I was surprised by her eagerness, but I matched her thrusts.

    Her ankles were locked over my back and her heels were digging into my tailbone ensuring the deepest possible penetration possible. And then with a final thrust, we both came and I started pumping so fast till I spurted last drop of semen in her cunt. I could feel the vaginal juices flooding from her pussy. I collapsed on her and stayed there very still for about five minutes.

    Panting heavily, we fell beside each other and lay together, our bodies sweaty and sated. She rubbed my chest softly while I held her in my arms, cradling her body next to me.

    "That was incredible," she whispered in my ear.

    "I am glad you enjoyed it," I replied.

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    "'Enjoy' is hardly a strong enough word. You have a massive fucking cock. Every woman would love to get it in her pussy. You are a perfect fucker. ".