The Time Shifter Chapter 28


Everybody left after we concluded the rehearsal except for Jessica. "Melody, do you mind if I take a shower before I go home?" shepleaded. "I feel kinda gross after what we did today. " "No problem,sweety. Let me get you a towel and a wash cloth. I'll be rightback," I permitted. I was wondering why she didn't just wait untilshe got home to clean herself up like the other members. Shefollowed me into the hallway where my linen closet was. When Ihanded her the towel and washcloth, she took them from me and then,with a blush, and very timidly, asked, "would you like to join me?"I smiled and rejoindered that I would be delighted. Both of usgiggled as I snagged my own towel and wash cloth and led her into mybedroom, where we both stripped. We were both grinning widely as wesilently undressed. My heart was racing. I was hoping that herintentions weren't innocent.

I had only seen her in a bikini before. Her long, newly tanned body,which had stark white tan lines around her crotch and round, heavybreasts, wide hips, long dark brown hair and heart shaped ass wereall now totally bare for my eyes to consume as I pleased. She had afull bush that unfortunately concealed some of the finer details ofher vulva, but that was how women in the 1970's rolled.

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   I ran theshower and, when it was warm enough, I said it was okay to get in. Soon, the water was sliding off of our bodies in long rivulets andthe overhead lighting made her skin seem to sparkle. "How do you nothave a boyfriend? You're a fox!" I quizzed her. She smiled at mewickedly and shot back, "I think you know why. " "So are you intogirls exclusively?" I interrogated. "Yeah. How about you, Melody?""I'm bisexual," I confessed. "I'm mostly into men, but I've beenwith a few women, too. " She put her arms on my shoulders andrevealed, "when II first showed up to audition for you guys, I wasinstantly attracted to you, Melody. You're just so amazingly foxy. And oh my God, can you play guitar!" "Thanks honey. That's reallysweet of you to say that," I softly giggled. She tilted her head andI did the same as our lips made contact. We wrapped our armsaround each other while we exchanged a series of short and longkisses.

"Sorry if I don't know all the terminology, but you're basically atop, right?" I wondered, thinking that saying, "dyke" might beinsulting.

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   "Yeah, I guess you could say that," she responded. "Istill like to dress girly as a defense mechanism so I don't getbashed, but I'm actually pretty aggressive. " "Well look, Jessica,obviously I'm fine with who you are, but I tend to go more forlipstick lesbians plus, as far as the band goes, you continuing tolook beautiful is good for our marketability and your personalpopularity with an American audience. We have to live in the realworld. I've put so much time, energy and money into the group that Idon't want to see it swallowed up by sexual politics. " "Yeah, I knowwhat you're talking about. I actually wondered if you were a top theway you were calling the shots since I've been with you guys. " Ilaughed shyly. "Well, somebody has to be the leader. My chops andmusical knowledge gave me the credibility I have in the band eventhough there were a lot of doubters at my school and among musiciansin general because I was both Asian and female. I'm sorry to ask youto be something you may feel your not, but it's the hand we've beendealt and we'll just have to play it. I, too, would like to justwalk up to women I'm attracted to and ask them out, but obviouslythat isn't possible at this point in history yet. The music businessis way heteronormative. Maybe 10-15 years from now  we'll be ableto finally come out of the closet. " "Yeah, you're probably right.

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  But we'd better wash ourselves before we turn into prunes," Jessicalaughed. I chuckled and we proceeded to slather our naked bodiieswith soap and shampoo our hair.

We finished showering and, once we toweled ourselves off and blowdried our hair, ended up in bed, where Jessica cuddled and kissedme. I quietly measured the weight of her considerable melons while Ifondled them as I enjoyed the sensation of my body being nestled inher left arm and the softness of her lips. "How did you know I wasinto women?" I queried to her. "I could see it in your eyes, Melody,the way they scanned my face and body and the hungry expression onyour face. " I giggled. "It was THAT obvious, huh?". She bashfullylaughed and confirmed that it was. She was gentlymanipulating my knockers now and that warm slickness between my legswas becoming more and more pronounced. Sherolled me on to my back and sucked my left nipple into her mouth,eliciting a long moan from me. My lefthand skated up and down herback while she stoked my passion, her tits weighing on my skin. "Oh myGod, Jessica, that feels so good," I evaluated breathily. Her fingersdid some walking down my abdomen and into my bare pink flower patch and Iwas soon experiencing the synergy of my nipples being distended by hersuction and the impact of her fingers  on my clitoris. My nose absorbedthe wonderful scent of her freshly showered body while my hand drifteddown to her cute ass and squeezed it every now and again as I sensed theheat building within me by the second.

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   "Oh Godddd Jessica, I'm going tocum!" I panted and then squealed as the orgasm went through me like atornado through Oklahoma.

She backed herself down to the edge of my bed and I felt her soft, wettongue on my love button and then blood rushing to the tip of it whenshe sucked on it. I shivered euphorically and oh my God, her tender lipsagainst my vulva was killer in its own right, as she took me to aprotracted series of climaxes, my hips bucking back toward her mouth andmy pubic muscles jerking, my juices splashing her face. After God onlyknows how long, she insinuated herself between my legs and, as I huggedone of her knees, she ground her cunt into mine and I did likewise intohers to visit the heights of orgasmic ecstasy again, her and I cooingand sighing as we did so, our thighs and groins smeared by our mutuallubrication. The grinding continued until we became tired out. She slidup next to me, encircled my petite self in her arms and we smiled andgiggled as we waited for our bodies to recover from the exertion and theendorphins.

I was so digging where I was at that moment, having had sex with a tall,beautiful woman and laying in her arms, my naked body being warmed byhers and vice versa. The thing was, though, that lesbians, being women,don't have the same voracious sex drive that I had since I possessed thesame desire that I had as a young male. Thus, me having a female as anexclusive partner wasn't going to happen. The question, though, was, didI bite off more than I could chew allowing Jessica to bed me, somethingthat I definitely wanted? Was it going to be a case of "be careful whatyou ask for"? Would she now want to claim me as her own? What she thensaid while she cuddled me was shocking but understandable.

"Melody, can I move in with you?" "Oh shit!" I initially thought tomyself. "Why do you want to do that, sweety?" I cross examined. "Well,because you know who I am I wouldn't have to hide myself like I do athome. And  you're here, too. " "Jessica, honey," I opened, "I would loveto have you here, especially since it would give me more of anopportunity to keep pushing your ability.

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   But as I said before, I'mmostly into guys and don't want a girlfriend right now. " She laughed. "You're so silly, Melody. When you told me you were mostly into guys Iknew that a relationship between us wouldn't work. The reason I had sexwith you was because you're a fox. I wasn't looking for anything else,"she smiled. "If I was going to have a girlfriend it would have to be afulltime lesbian who wouldn't jump on the first hot cock she becomesinfatuated with. " Well, she had just called me a slut, but she was alsoright. After all, I was the person who once slept with Jim and Pete atthe same time. "I'm glad you feel that way," I reacted.

"So can I move in with you?" she pleaded. "No problem, Jessica, butyou're going to have to follow a few rules or I'll kick your ass out ofhere at Mach one," I informed her. I then disclosed those stipulations:she had to pickup after herself, she had to keep her bedroom andbathroom clean and neat, no drinking except on social occasions, nodrugs other than pot, no disturbing the neighbors, she would have toremain in school AND in the band for the duration of her time in mydomicile and keep making progress toward her degree. Finally, if shebrought any girls home, they had to be sane and not have alcohol or drugissues or a criminal past. And the girlfriends would have to get alongwith me or they weren't welcome.

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   I further indicated that it was okay ifshe didn't work or pay rent as long as she kept her grades up. She wasalso not to resent any other people I sleep with, be they male orfemale. Jessica assented to those demands and, a week later, she movedin. The bedroom she took was already furnished, so she didn't have tobring any furniture other than the cabinet her audio equipment wasensconced in.

I also had a welcome dinner for her, which she thought was wonderful,and then after we ate, we showered together and had sex in my bedroom,with her holding me as we both surrendered to the fatigue of the day andfell into a satisfying slumber naked.

Monday morning, I made breakfast for the two of us and then we went outto do the weekly shopping, this time for two rather than just me. Afterwe unloaded the groceries and put them away, we both warmed up andwaited for the rest of the group to come over. With the Zep tribute gigonly two weeks and change away, we went into dress rehearsal mode. NowJessica was going to have to put all the lessons I and the rest of thegroup had imparted to her since she had been with us. I had to hand itto Pete and Kelly: they were in the pocket now and sounded tight. Ofcourse, Joe and I were locked in like we were twins. Kelly's playingwasn't as explosive as Cliff's, but it was nonetheless getting the jobdone because he had more overall dynamic control than Cliff did.

Jessica sang her ass off, but there were some unfocused moments and wetold her that we needed her to be on 100% of the time. She couldn'tcheck in and out or it would kill the intensity of the audienceexperience. It was important that one relax on stage so that things willflow naturally, but while concentrating hard on what you're doing.

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   Itwas akin to the old Jimmy Page description of Zeppelin at one showbeing,  "loosely tight. "

Tuesday, a prop house that I had contacted to find us some light bars(similar to the ones cops have on the top of their cars) called me tosay that they got a hold of a couple. I had to leave in the middle ofrehearsal to go up to L. A. to purchase them and bring them home. Thedrive home was no fun, believe me.

We took a break Wednesday, but were back at it Thursday and Friday. Saturday, I brought Jessica to my old high school's amphitheater againand put her through her paces, mainly working on imbuing her with thesense of owning the stage and the audience. From there, we went to thebeach, where I had a bitch of a time finding an open parking space. OnceI did, we made a beeline for the water to cool our bodies down beforetaking a long jog down by the waterline. When we circled back to ourtowels, we oiled each other up for a little tan maintenance. "God,Melody," Jessica whispered. "I would love to eat you right now. " Igiggled and echoed the agreeability of the idea of Jessica's tongue onmy clit while the ocean breeze wafted over our bodies under the warmsun. Too bad we couldn't do it.

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As time passed, she made remarks about the girls and women who werearound us (in a low voice, of course), notifying me about what shewanted to do with some of them. "God Jessica, you're as bad as some guysI know," I laughed. "When was the last time you had some cock, anyway?"she played off. "Way too long," I vented. "Did you ever fuck a guybefore, Jessica?" "No, they never interested me. Even when I playeddoctor with kids in my neighborhood it was always with girls. "

She told me earlier in the week during one discussion that the firsttime she ever kissed a girl was in sixth grade when a friend of herswanted to practice it because she liked a classmate and wasn't sure shecould do it right. Then in junior high, Jessica began using that excuseas a subterfuge to make out with her otherwise hetero friends. But eventhough she was engaging in lesbian activity, she didn't even know therewas a word for it until she was in eighth grade. Her affection forgirls, though, made her popular among her unsuspecting femaleclassmates, who thought she was merely outgoing and nice.

She finally had her first experience with a girl as a high school juniorwhen she was approached by one of her teammates on the softball squadduring a sleepover at the girl's house. A bout of slap and tickle in thelivingroom evolved into spontaneous kissing while everybody else wasasleep. They snuck up to the girl's bedroom, clothes were eventuallyabandoned, body parts were fondled, licked and sucked and orgasms givenrise to. The girl and Jessica became "best friends" after that and therelationship continued until the girl went to Arizona for college.

That Friday night, I took Jessica to Peanuts, a lesbian nightclub onSanta Monica Blvd.

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   in West Hollywood. She didn't know about that,eitiher. She was dressed in a light blue blouse, blue jeans and blackflats while I was attired in a white leather skirt and a draw stringbustier of the same material and color, white silk panties, white thighhigh stockings and white platform shoes. We both bought cokes since wewere both underage, me at 18 and her at 19) for alcohol consumptionpurposes. It was a nice place with lots of attractive female patrons andit wasn't long before Jessica was dancing with a cute white girl whowas dolled up to the nines. I was hit on by a slim early 20's dyke whowas my height. I wiggled and shimmied on the dance floor. She positionedher body right against mine and played a little grab ass with me. Whenthe song was over, she grabbed my hand and dragged me over to her table,where her friends were, and introduced me. We conversed for a bitbefore Jessica sidled over. I introduced her and I could see the eyes ofthe dyke, who was named Nancy, looking crestfallen at first until Iadded that "she's the new singer in my band" rather than, "she's mygirlfriend. " "So you guys aren't in a relationship then?" Nancy checked. "No. I'm actually bisexual and Jessica is only into lesbians. " Anotherone of the girls, though, who was called Maggie, appeared to beimmediately in love and that emotion looked like it was beingreciprocated by Jessica.

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   Maggie was tall, about 5'7," and slim with longred hair and a flawless peaches and a cream complexion. She was asociology  major at USC and was 19. As Jessica would later tell me, shehad a fetish for redheads and lost herself in Maggie's gorgeous greeneyes the moment she peered into them.

The two of them spent most of the remainder of the night dancing andtrading little kisses. Nancy lost interest when I later revealed to herthat I wasn't looking for a relationship. I eventually parted with Nancyand her group and, just to do something and not look lost, I driftedback to the dance floor and kind of freelanced it for a while before Igot bored with that and claimed a bit of floor space and watched thedrag shows the club put on. A bit after midnight, I went to collectJessica so we could head home. She asked if it was okay to have Maggiespend the rest of the weekend with us. I was good with that and wesplit. Jessica expressed sadness that I didn't find someone to bringhome, too, as her and Maggie cuddled in the back seat. A little over anhour later, we pulled up in my driveway and an hour after that, Maggiewas loudly proclaiming the arrival of an orgasm. I don't think they wentto sleep until 3 a. m. At least that is when I didn't hear anymore moansor screams. I dropped off a little while later.