A double surprise when baby sitting.


My baby sitting changed into a sex marathon.

I wasn't new to baby sitting,but this time it was a couple I'd never sat for before. Pleasantly I found the children were already in bed asleep and all I had to do was listen out for them. The dad was somewhat older than his wife, other than noticing that, they left me to it. Of course foolish me had mentioned to my mates - three lads that put a lot of time in playing with my tits and trying to get me to let them have it - fuck me that is! - Having resisted full on sex, I had no qualms about wanking them and in a couple of cases, I'd sucked, but only on a one to one meeting. All this stuff happened in the local park after dark of course!

So settled in nicely with my choice of TV program, I got a surprise knock at the door. Thinking it was the couple having forgotten something I glanced thro' the curtains to make sure. Imagine my surprise to see these three mates there. Naughtily,but typical of a nieve young teen, On answering the door,I let them in and in moments they claimed they'd come round to keep me company for a while. More nievely I shushed them and unwisely led them into the living room.

Of course, in no time, they talked me into the fact this situation being idea to allow for a bit of sex as they put it. - Warm private and. . . - and. .

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  . never finished as one of them leant forward and kissed me while in no time the other two had my top up and my tits out of my bra' - "Don't be stupid, what if we get caught?" - More, heavier kissing and in no time I felt a hand trying to go up my leg. Then before I knew it, two different sets of hands were endeavouring to ease me out of my knicker's.

The trouble really came because although I was resisting, I couldn't make a scene or noise in case it woke the toddlers. - So relaxing somewhat, I resigned myself that this time the'd actually get to play with my pussy and in my mind,my pussy, now getting really juicy seemed resigned to being fingered. I experienced a new sensation now. - Oh yes, in the earlier activity, my belly got all sorts of butterfly feelings, but this was different. As the kids fingered me and eventually started rubbing my clitoris, the third one dropped his lower clothes down.

I instinctively, I felt for the two's familiar cocks to play with. They just dropped their trousers and I happily started wanking them off. But as I got more and more fruity, the original kid pressed himself between my thighs. - The two getting a wank while fingering me,were taking it in turns to kiss me very passionately. Almost in a dream, I heard the kid trying to get between my thighs say. - "Hold her legs apart more, I'm going to put mine in her!" - I knew this was all happening but seemed unable to resist as they pulled at my thighs.

Now with my legs spread well apart, I felt for the first time the warm end of his penis trying to get my lips open although the other two were masterbating me now with a frenzy.

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   I hadn't experienced an orgasm as such, but in an instant I was overcome with such a powerful feeling in my pussy and belly, that as I felt his cock press then slide up into my vagina, all I could do was jerk my belly up and down at his hard cock.

"Fuck its in her, fuck I've got her to have a fuck!" - As if in consternation, he started to fuck me and I admit, I him until again another searing orgasm thundered thro' me. I knew he'd come up there and I knew something had changed as I opened my eyes as my orgasm subsided. - I was being fucked all over again by the second kid. I knew he was bigger inside me, I could feel that, but I could also feel another sensation as again I started to get another orgasm. With legs trembling and my ass twitching I came off and waited in expectation for the third one's cock.

I didn't have to wait long, before, again another cock went into my vagina. - "Fucking hell, she's tight, but you're so slippery, your cunt must be full of their stuff. - I just smiled at him and he wasted no time in filling me with his cum. - Laying in front of them with my knickers somewhere on the floor and a satisfied stupid grin on my face, I soberly said, make sure no cum runs out on to their furniture as I tried to carefully rise without spilling any on it.

"Whe're you going?" - "To let it drip out of me in the toilet" - "OH! they chimed almost together. I felt their cum drip out as I had a pee. Wiping the stuff off as best I could I stood and made sure the cum covered tissue disappeared with the flushing then tripped back to my triple fucking three. Their cocks were now put away, but my knicker's were clearly sticky with the cum. The swines had wiped off their cocks with them while I was dripping it out of my vagina.

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"That's pretty shitty, I can't put them on now they're all covered in cum can I?" - So naked under my mini skirt I was just about to evict them when the door latch clicked. I shit as I heard the couple come in. They weren't rowing, but I heard the man saying, "Better get you up in bed and you can sort yourself out while I sort out the sitter, It'll not take long to pop her home. Oh I must remember too pay her!" - Frozen to the spot, we all waited to get whatever we were going to get.

With heart pounding, I went into panic mode as the door opened slightly. He was there, but he was watching his wife stagger awkwardly up the stairs. - His head swung round to me/us. - a shock crossed his face, then quietly - "You three out! I'll see to you young lady,but I must get up to her before she topples and falls back down she's had a few too many drinks" - My three mates shot out of the room and front door as though they'd had a death sentence.

Fucking pigs, I thought, not only have they gate crashed and shagged me, but now they'd dumped me right in it on my own. - Quietly closing the front door,not being sure whether to just scoot and forget the money. I stood listening, Her husband was obviously trying to strip her clothes off her as she giggled and quietly laughed at whatever antics he was up too. - "SHHH! Don't you dare wake the kids, we'll never get them back to sleep!" - I still listening thought, she's not as drunk as all that as I heard her say, - "NO! Not my panty's, I'm to tired to have you doing that tonight!"

I scooted back into the livingroom as I heard the bedroom door close. Sat apprehensively awaiting what would would befall me next, my heart pounding in my chest. It was impossible not to notice the tenting of his trousers as he stood looking at me [what ever he'd been looking at as he stripped his wife had given him a stiffy and that's for sure]As tho' to remove any threatening affect,he now sat opposite me - "Now young lady! [My heart bounded in my chest] lets see about what matters, It was a tenner for the sit was it?" - My mouth dry, I nodded an affirmative. Smiling now - "Lost our voice have we? Just what were you up too with those kids then?"

Not thinking, I moved myself in the seat and his eyes shot towards my belly.

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   I realised immediately he could see up this stupid mini skirt. Staring blatantly now at what he could see, - "Don't lie mind, I can see for myself what was going on! They were weren't they?[as if to emphasis the point]there's no panty's down there! I can see that for myself!" - I felt myself trembling. What now? - Looking at his greying hair at his temples, I thought, he's about my dad's age or even a bit older. What if he knocks mum and more to the point DAD! up and tells them what I've been up too.

From his temples now to his groin, I thought, he's enjoying this,its still hard. - I went into shock as on reaching over to hand me my tenner, all at one-&-the-same-time, I realised it was a twenty pound note and that his hand was touching my inner thigh. - "All the way! Did it go all the way with them?"[Enthrolled by his hand on my thigh as it wandered higher towards my pussy]I knew I was nodding 'yes' - "Are you still excited[his finger touched my naked vulva]here?" - I was and affirmed this again nodding. I expect you're thinking but he's too old for me?"

I didn't respond as I could feel him trying to make me open my legs a bit. I felt the same excitement as when the kids pressed and opened my thighs. I moved and as I eased my bum up slightly I spread myself only slightly mind but it was enough to let him feel my vagina. - "She's asleep by now[ I didn't panic as I watched him opening his fly with his other hand. I never blinked even as he plopped his hard penis out before me. I thought, that's bigger than of their's were.

"Before I run you home, would you do it with me?" - I couldn't believe my next reaction. I slid my bum to the edge of the seat and opened my thighs.

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   His finger immediately felt inside my vagina as I watched him remove his trousers and saw his balls for the first time. In moments his head was between my thighs and touched my quim. Raising his head to look at me - "Ever had this?" - Slowly I nodded 'NO' his head shot back between my thighs and I experienced my first cunt lick. It shocked yet excited me making me grasp his head with both hand.

In no time I was moving ever closer to the seats edge as his tongue saught and found not only every nerve in my vagina, but every nerve around my crinkly bum hole. Shocked rigid I felt his tongue playing on my bum until with me almost cumming the tongue was gone and his stiff cock was there before me. Hovering as he asked, - "Are you okay with this?"- I was,but put my hands over my eyes as I looked thro' the fingers as this man my dad's age touched his cock against my vaginas' entrance and gasped as my tightness was pressed open.

It had obviously been not only a temptation, but a must as his long[to me]fat cock sunk up inside as though I'd been fucked by it before. I counted the strokes and at fifty four he shot off up me, but surprisingly he didn't bring me to orgasm. [It may have been the counting or even the thinking of my dad,but I never came. ]He pulled his steaming penis out and I chucked, - "What?" - "I've made it all steamy!" - He grinned as he looked down at his dripping cock. - "Made me cum, I know that, better clean yourself up a bit then we'd better take you back!"

I had no qualms about having an older man and when near to home he pulled over and felt my pussy again. - "You didn't cum! Was it because of what the kids done earlier?" - "Don't know,they did,make me cum that is!" - "Can I try again?" - I made myself comfortable,climbing over into the back seat. - He couldn't resist a feel of my ass as I climbed over. Then he got out and opened the rear door.

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   I hooked a leg up over the front seat and he at first awkwardly tried getting between my legs, then said - "It'll be easier if you were laying on the warm bonnet. He watched intently as I stuggled up and climbed out of the car. Now spead on my back he smoothed my ass cheeks as he lined his new hardon up with my pussy.

"FUCK! FUCK! Fuck this is lovely,fucking such a pretty girls pussy out in the open at night. I must admit that most of my sexual fun had been out in the open and as the cool air wafted about my body and my warm ass being on the warm bonnet, I slid until with my feet squarely on the ground I stood and pumped my hips back at my experienced lover as he now gave me an orgasm that I would remember forever. With his cum now stickly on my inner thighs I slunk off into my home after he'd kissed me and asked for more baby sitting.

Tonight is my next sit for them, I bet he gets his wife really pissed! - Oh! He said, 'if those kids come round,don't let them know what you're going to do with me after they've pissed off' -AS IF I WOULD? - What at thirty quid a go!!