I seduced my brother's friends


My name is Nikki; this is a story from three years ago when I still lived with my family.   At the time, I had long black hair and was a little tom-boyish.
It was a Saturday morning; my parents had just left to take my brother to play in a soccer match and would not be back until much later that afternoon.  Earlier my brother Jess had invited three of his friends round to start a 24-hour video game marathon in his bedroom.   I was bored as my best friend was staying at her grandmother’s house for the weekend.
I knocked on Jess’s door and opened it.   “Can I come in and play please?’ I asked.
My brother’s friends all liked me so they invited me in.
I sat on the bed and noticed they had been reading some porn magazines.   A couple of Jess’s friends were a little embarrassed as I opened one up and flicked through the pages.   I was not a virgin having had sex about 6 months ago with a friend.   Some “fumbling” events as his house that I had not really enjoyed, he always came too quickly in the excitement of it all.
“They are real women Nikki” teased Mark, Jess’s oldest friend who was sitting beside me.   “I would love to fuck someone like that. ”
“Yeah whatever” I recounted.   “In your dreams.

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“Hey give us a kiss, show me what I am missing. ”  I reached over and pecked him on the cheek.   He was a good-looking boy, but a bit of a dork.
“Oh such passionate love, I think you can do better than that. ”  He slid his arm around me and pulled me to face him.   Mark leaned forward and kissed me softly on the lips, withdrew and than seeing no resistance, kissed me again this time slipping his tongue between his teeth.   
We remained locked in that kiss for a few minutes before his hands started to explore, his left moving up to touch my right breast. I had very firm B cup tits and never wore a bra at home.   As I did not object, he traced the outline of my nipple through my blouse and I heard him murmur his appreciation.
I do not know what came over me that day, for some reason I just decided to offer no resistance regardless what happened.   Just act like a real life sex doll.   I thought it unlikely that he would do much anyway with two of his friends in the room.
His hand moved to the buttons on my blouse, popping first the top one and then the second until the blouse was completely unfastened. It was about this time that the others noticed what was happening, the video game now ignored.
“Dude you are so hot Nikki.

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  ” Pete commented.
Jess’ other friend Rob was sitting to the right of me, and was mesmerized as Mark’s hands freely wandered inside my shirt.   He decided to join in and I felt Rob’s shaking hand move up my side to cup my right breast.
“Take her shirt off, I want to see her tits” called out Pete.
Rob moved over causing me to lie flat out on my back, my legs dangling over the edge of the bed.   Rob pulled my shirt up and off, and I just left my arms above my head.   I could not believe how excited they had gotten in such a short space of time.
Both Rob and Mark were now either side of me sucking and squeezing my tits.   Pete crawled over and put his hand on my knee.   Pete’s hand started to slide up under my skirt until he reached my panties and traced the outline of my slit.   He got a little bolder, slipped his fingers under the fabric and pulled apart my lips before he moved down to my moist opening.   Feeling my wetness, he inserted a finger inside of me.   I could not help letting out a moan.
Encouraged, Pete started to finger fuck me, the sensation of both my nipples sucked and the movements of his hand made my skin prickle with goose bumps.   I could sense that I was getting wetter by the second and then Pete inserted a second finger and a third.


    The friction of his palm on my clitoris and the stretching of my pussy drove me into a hard, fast orgasm.   I arched my back and let out a guttural cry.
Mark slid off the bed, pushed Pete aside and knelt between my legs.   His fingers quickly unfastened the clips of my skirt and pulled down the zipper.   In one fluid movement, he pulled off both my skirt and panties, leaving me completely naked.
“Grab her legs. ” He ordered to Pete and Rob and they pulled my legs up to my chest exposing my womanhood to all three boys. I heard the zip of his jeans and then the tip of his hard cock touch the wet entrance of my vagina
“I’ve wanted to fuck you for so long. ” Mark grunted.
He buried his cock inside of me in just two thrusts and I gasped at the sudden intensity of the intrusion. “Like that bitch?”
Mark started pounding me almost roughly, and the combination of the dirty talking and his red-hot hardness was starting to drive me to a second orgasm.   Before I could cum, his cock stiffened and swelled and as he cried out, I felt him shoot load after load, deep inside my pussy.
“Move over man, my turn. ” Pete said and quickly replaced Mark between my legs. In less than three minutes, I had a second cock inside of me.

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    I knew Pete was probably a virgin like Mark and he probably would last a similar amount of time.
Pete evidently wanted to relish this moment for he teased me by rubbing the purple head around the entrance of my vagina before slowly slipping it inside of me.   The way his hardness was slowly penetrating me caused me to squeeze my muscles together.   Vaguely I could hear Pete expressing how tight I was.   Mark’s cum had lubricated me, and so Pete was able to ease all the way in, and with a final grunt our two bodies met.   He pulled off his T-shirt, reached forward, slid his hands under my shoulders and pulled me upright, firmly impaling me on his cock.
“I want to feel your tits on my chest while I fuck you.
I rested my head on his shoulder, almost like a rag doll.   His hands cupped my ass and he started to bounce me up and down on his shaft.   The sensation of his groin rubbing hard against my clit was incredible and I dug my nails into his back.   I resisted the temptation to help him, instead concentrating on the warm tingle building between my thighs.   I could tell from Pete’s breathing that he was not going to last long; he moved his hands up under my breasts and continued to lift me up and down.   That hard kneading sensation was just what I needed and my orgasm exploded, the spasms of my vagina sending Pete into the throes of release doubling the intensity of mine.
“Oh fuck, oh fuck, that was good. ”  Pete gasped as he continued to hold me.

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    He lay back on the floor and I slumped across his chest, still joined together at the hip.
“Come on guys, my turn now. ”  Rob complained.   He had completely stripped off and was sporting a very nice large hard on.   “Take her away. ” laughed Pete.
Rob’s hands circled my waist, he pulled me off Pete and lifted me face down on to the edge of the bed.   I could feel cum oozing out of me and running down my leg.   He kept his hands under my breasts, maneuvered his hips between mine and wiggled into he was positioned at the entrance of my now gapping hole.
Rob grabbed my hips and pulled me onto him.   He was slightly bigger than the others were and doggy style made him appear to be impossibly deep inside of me.   I closed my eyes relishing that cock touching parts of my inner body for the first time.
Mark knelt in front of me; his knees positioned either side of my head and lifted my shoulders up.   I opened my mouth and as Rob thrust my body forward, Mark moved closer and put his dick in my mouth.   I wrapped my lips around his shaft and gently sucked.

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Mark put his hands on both sides of my face and groaned in pleasure.   As Rob thrust forward, I took more of Mark’s cock in my mouth.   I sucked and licked, as he grew even harder.   I could taste his salty pre-cum as it oozed out and felt him starting to hit the back of my throat.   I sucked harder and the inside of my cheeks erotically pressured the shaft of his penis.   I saw him tilt back his head and then he exploded him my mouth.   Hot stickiness filled my mouth and I greedily swallowed as I had my third orgasm from Rob’s incessant pounding.
As Mark relaxed Rob laughed, “She likes having two cocks in her at once, what a slut. ”
Mark pulled out and lay backwards on the bed, his stiffness subsiding. That excited Rob further to the point of climax and he quickly pulled out, positioned the tip of his cock just inside my asshole, and blew his load inside my other hole.   I could feel his boiling hot sperm shooting deep inside of my anal passage.
“That’ll lubricate her for later. ” He laughed, and walked over to get a can of Coke.
I lay there for a while, wondering how many times I could possibly cum in one day, how soon the boys would recover and when they would demand more.
Mark had also removed all his clothes and was again starting to harden, but showed no interest in getting more just yet.

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    He was too busy texting on his phone.
“I’m going downstairs to get a drink and a snack. ”  I said, getting up stiffly.
“Don’t go too far. ” Pete laughed.
I went into the kitchen to get some iced water from the refrigerator.   I was bending over routing in the lower cupboards for some chips when I heard the front door close.   “She’s in the kitchen” I heard Rob shout. I looked over my shoulder and it then dawned on me that Mark had sent a text to Steve and Jon, two brothers who lived a few houses down the street.
“Wow” said Steve.
“Wow” said Jon.
They were both staring at my pussy lips and the semen that was dribbling down my thighs.   I straightened up and sat on one of the barstools at the kitchen counter, my legs slightly apart.   I felt so slutty it was turning me on.
Steve and Jon walked over to me and grabbed a breast each.

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    As they fondled me, my nipples grew hard.   Jon leaned over and sucked “his” and I moaned.
Mark appeared in the doorway wearing a pair of boxers.   “Fuck her if you want. ”
Steve and Jon wasted no time, pulled me over to the sofa in the family room and laid me on my back, one of my legs dangling off the edge of the couch.   Both their eyes magnetized by the neat black triangle of hair between my legs.
“You sure dude?” Steve asked.
“Is she objecting?”
“I’m first then. ” Jon said, pulling off his shirt and dropping his shorts. His erection was already growing.   “I’ve always wanted to screw you Nikki. ”  He grabbed the cheeks of my ass and slid his cock inside of me.   I was already lubricated from Mark and Pete.   “Oh you feel so hot, so tight” He commented as he quickly pounded my pussy.   I could feel his balls slapping my ass and each bump against my mound sent little jolts of electricity through my body.

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Before I could start to feel more, I felt his orgasm start.   He cried out in pleasure and slowed down, his seed spurting out.   “Oh that was intense dude.   Have a go Steve. ”
I was passed to his brother who likewise must have been a virgin also.   How many virgins have I broken today I wondered?  Steve tried valiantly not to cum as fast as his brother did, so I subtly slowed his pounding to give me time to fully climax.   I came hard, crying out with a stifled scream as Steve groaned in pleasure.
“Geez you guys were horny, was that your first time?” Mark asked.   The silly grins on their faces said it all.
Mark pulled me off the sofa and lay me face down on the coffee table.   He had removed his boxers and had been stroking himself while the brothers had been fucking me and was fully hard again.   He moved between my legs and he sunk his cock into my messy pussy and then withdrew and pushed it against my asshole.   I had been determined not to object to anything, but this was going to test my resolve.   Fortunately, he was quite slim and was patient this time, ensuring I was not hurt.
Being butt fucked was quite a different feeling, slightly pleasurable, more from excitement than stimulation, though the rubbing pressure on my breasts against the table was nice.


    It took Mark longer to cum this time, but he still came with torrents of cum, hot spurts flowing deep inside of me.
I said I needed a shower to clean up and walked slowly up the stairs to the bathroom.   At the top of the stairs, I met Pete who was still naked.   “Are you alright Nikki?” He asked.
“Yes just going to grab a shower.   I have never cum so many times, it’s incredible. ”
He followed me into the bathroom and watched as I turned on the water and stepped into the tub.   “Wash my back please?”  He stepped in to join me and started to soap my back and then the rest of my body.   I could feel he was getting hard again and I leaned low against the tile wall and spread my legs.
“Do you want a proper fuck?  One-on-one?”  He did not need a second prompting and gently inserted himself inside of me.  As the hot water hammered down on us, we gently rocked back and forth.   A huge wave of pleasure was building inside of me and I started to go weak at the knees.  
As he started to cum that tidal-wave burst loose and I came with such an incredible intensity, something I never experienced before in my life.   My vision blurred and I thought my heart would burst out of my chest.   We remained locked together for several minutes.


As we separated, I turned and kissed him.   “Thank you Pete, that was wonderful, you’re the best. ”
I washed again and dried myself off before walking back to Jess’s bedroom.   All of his friends looked at me as I dropped onto the bed and opened my legs.
“Anyone interested in more?  I asked.
If you have any comments, email me at clintonbeverly@yahoo. com and reference story BF.