Mom's Best Friend


Hey mom can i go to annettes tonight and sleepover there since johnny is sleeping at his friends.
Fine but im sleeping at aunt cindy's then so call annette and see if it is ok.
Ok I will.  
Hey Annette can i sleepover your house tonight because My brother is at a sleep over and my mom is sleeping at aunt cindys.
Sure i guess you can.
OK ill be over shortly.
OK bye.
I then rode my bike the four blocks too annettes house i had on tennis shoes, a tshirt, shorts and boxers and socks. I got to her house in about 5 minutes.
Hi annette.
Hi chris.
She greeted me from the back yard in a bikini that was barely there.   I walked over to say hi.
Where is Pat at?
O he is at his friends for the night.   But i figured you would rather stay here than your aunts because we have the PS2 and all that fun stuff.

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    My friends Alyssa and Tracy are coming over later though ok?
Thats fine by me.   So what are you up to Annette?
O, you know relaxin, catchin some rays before it gets dark.
Mind if i join you?
Sure we just have a little while longer though.
Thats ok.   I then took off my shirt and shoes and layed out with her in my shorts and boxers.   Finally i got up the nerve to ask her.   Do you have an extra pair of flip flops i can borrow all i hav r these tennis shoes and is to hot for them.
To my sur[prise she said yes and gave me the pair she was wearing which were black with a red strap.  
Thanks i said, and [put them on.
No problem she said and came back with a diamond studded pair that said princess on them.  
I said o those are cute and took the oppurtunity to pick her footup in my lap and inspect the sandals.   Are those real.
No she replied and pulled her foot back down.
We then rolled on our stomachs and layed for about 5 minutes when i noticed her untie the back of her top and i just rolled back over.   After another half our we got up and were gonna go back in when i notuiced she forgot to retie her srap on her top so when she stood up her beautiful 34 c boobs were sitting there in front of me naked.

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    i quickly looked away and she blushed and said oops.   I later went in and when i was walking i tripped and broke the one sandal so annette gave me the diamond ones she was wearing and she put on sling back open toed high heels and i popped a boner when i saw her in gher bikini and the heels.   That was the most she turned me on since i saw her pussy hair sticking out at the beach one year.
So we went in the house and i got in the shower cuz i was all sweaty and i was so turned on by annette that i started jacking off in the shower. i mustve been in there about 20 minutes and annette came in and asked what i was doing but i couldnt hear and she opened the curtain on me at that point i had her sponge around my 9 inch dick hanging under  my balls massaging them as i used her body  wash as lubricant on my dick. and with the other hand i had her tooth brush in circles around my ass so she made me finish jerkin my self and rinse off while she stood outside the curtain.  
Then with out even drying she slapped my ass really hard and made me go out to the living room still naked and wet. Annette then got in the shower and when she got out she gave me my clothes and tolde me to go down stairs and as i was putting my clothes on donstairs i heard her answer the door as tracy and alyssa arrived.
I was wearing my shorts no boxers and the flip flops annette gave me.   i got on the computer and started looking at porn and jacking off again and once again i was caught.   Annette had just recently moved in and was apparently giving a tour to tracy and alyssaand i didnt hear them.