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My name is Nick, I’m about 6 feet, short light brown hair, slim but defined; I’m 17 years old. This school year I started my final year at high school. After a summer that was flew by faster than I liked, school started up just as fast. After a week of school and a load of homework, my mom asked me if in the morning I wouldn’t mind driving my neighbor to school. I hadn’t seen her in years; I actually used to baby-sit her and her siblings a few years ago. It hadn’t even crossed my mind that she’d be going to the same school as me. She was just down the street so it wasn’t too bad. So I told my mom I’d pick Lana up the next morning and driver her to school with me. The next morning I got ready slow (as usual) and had to rush to drive to her house when I said I would. When I pulled into her driveway, I looked up in time to see a young brown-haired goddess swing out of the door, plaid skirt flapping slightly in the wind, and white shirt unbuttoned more than the school standard of three. Her green eyes could be seen from where I stood and her heeled shoes set her up a good height. Feet propped up; she walked to the car, leg muscles showing to be covered in tan smooth skin leading up shapely thighs to her skirt. How could I possibly driver straight with her sitting next to me? “Wow, I haven’t seen you in awhile. Grown up now though, as I can see,” I let a friendly smile spread across my lips. She turned slightly red and replied, “Ha-ha thanks and you look a whole lot older than I remember too. So what is this high school like?” We continued small talk all the way to school and for the rest of the week.

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   Things went smoothly, I made her laugh and I felt as if I was making progress with this girl I met all over again. Now her mom, what a looker. But that’s neither her nor there. So the next week on Monday, I picked her up and started for school as usual. “Oh, here is a twenty from my mom for gas money,” she said while holding out a twenty. Although I was tempted for a little extra money to put toward the slowly rising prices, I waved my hand and said I could never accept that, “I’m not looking for money out of this. ” I’m not sure if I said it in a weird way or what; I certainly didn’t mean anything by it. But she responded with, “Oh? Are you looking for me to do something for a ride to school?” I swear I almost hit a mail box. My mind jumped a little and I found my jaw open after I recovered the car. “Wh- no? What do you mean?” I stuttered, guessing what she meant but not saying so. I mean come on – I’m a horny teenager like everyone else. “Well I could tell you were… excited when I got in the car,” my eyes popped open in surprise; I was in fact sporting a raging hard on when she stepped into the car. “So I figured you’d want something from me in return of driving you. ” Just breath deep, I thought to myself. I could act innocent and try and shrug this whole incident off, or I could ask questions.

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   She didn’t sound mad, there was no frown on her lips. Plus, we could always laugh it afterward. Right? “What could you give back to me in return for a right?” I questioned, keeping any hinting out of my tone of voice. “The first thing that popped into my mind was a blowjob,” she replied evenly. “Ha-ha,” I faked a laugh. “You’d give a blowjob for a ride to school?” “Well if you have showered this morning I could give you one on the way to school. ” Oh god. That statement put a tent in my khaki pants, and a highly arousing thought in my mind. “I showered last night and this morning,” I said with as much composer I could muster. “Good enough for me. ” She then undid her seatbelt, reach over and started undoing my belt. Holy shit, she was serious. I leaned back as much as I could and took my right arm off the steering wheel to allow her access. I also lifted my ass in the air so my dick would stick out sort of. Her fingers worked quickly and efficiently, my belt was undone, button loose, and zipper pulled down in just a few seconds.

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   My boxer’s button was undone and she grasped my dick with her warm hand and pulled it out of the opening and into the air. Lana shifted her legs to the side of the chair as much as possibly to make herself comfortable, then leaned forward and switched between her hands while jacking me off. I could barely concentrate on the tree covered, luckily car-less road ahead. At least my eyes were in focus. Then they switched to a hazy cloud as her warm mouth covered my near-seven inches of manhood. In order to steady myself, I put my right had onto the wheel also. This would be the hardest driver ever. Literally. Her tongue worked wonders, licking the side top and underside of my shaft. It would swirl around my purple-helmeted head, and sometimes even swirl to the far side. Initially she only took about half of my dick in her mouth, but she gradually started going up and down, slowly taking more and more in her mouth. My god, this girl knew what she was doing. A few lights and one nasty look from an old lady later, she had my whole dick in her mouth and partly down her throat. I was coming close, that was for sure. But I wanted to hold out as long as possible.

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   My goal was shattered when she started humming to the song on the radio though. Those vibrations took me over the edge, and all I could whisper was, “oh my god. ” Luckily she knew what that meant and took my shaft out of her throat ‘til just the head was between her puckered lips, and she sucked like no tomorrow. Shot after shot ejected from my blood-filled organ, filling Lana’s mouth with a creamy-white fluid. She took everything in stride though and kept every drop in her mouth, then swallowed when I was done. When I was done! She licked my dick over and over again, making sure it was perfectly clean. After Lana felt the job was done, she put my dick back in my boxer, buttoned the buttons, zipped up and fastened my belt. She really cleaned up. “How was that?” She asked sweetly while licking her lips. “You were fucking amazing. Where did you learn to suck a dick so well?” With a grin from ear to ear she responded with, “Oh don’t you worry about that just yet. Ask me when you’ve experienced my other skills. ” I looked over to see her sly wink. I think payments everyday would be reasonable right?.