Pleasure in School


    Another typical day. Amy woke up at 6:50 A. M and jumped in the shower to get ready for another day at school. Undressing before the mirror she inspected her clean shaven body. She had always been a perfectionist when it came to her body. Her skin was flawless, smooth and evenly tanned, she also took pride in her 34D breasts, something quite uncommon for a girl her age. She was 16 years old and already thought sex was one of the greatest pleasures in life.     The bell rang for her first period class to start. "P. E. " she sighed, her favorite class. The only thing positive about this class was a certain boy she'd been exchanging glances with, sometimes he'd even give an obscene gesture or two, flaunting his semi-hard penis at her from across the gym. This really got her going. These were the days she wished she had worn underwear. She could feel her pussy moisten and even soak into her blue gym shorts. She needed some sort of release.

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       She asked to go back to the locker room to use the restroom, there she enclosed her self in the stall and began to furiously play with her clit. Her left hand teased her by occassionally sticking its middle finger in and out of her hole. Her moans were loud and her breathing was heavy, almost at climax.     A noise brought her back to her senses. They were footsteps coming towards her. She froze until she heard them stop. Playing it off as though she were using the restroom she proceeded to flush the toilet and walked out nonchalantly. It was hard for her to have to leave such a compromising position as that. She turned the corner, expecting anyone but who stood before her. The boy she teased from across the gym, Adam was his name, was standing with a hard-on before her. Maybe she had been louder then she tought.     The eroticism of what could happen while the class was outside puzzled her mind. Her nipples grew hard as she looked at his still growing cock. He came up to her and took her hand, leading them to the back room where the showers were. Unexpectedly he pushed her to the wall and embraced her in a kiss. 

   His tongue found its way into her mouth and her tongue ring worked him up.     She reached her hand down under the elastic of his shorts and released his 7 inch dick. She liked them best that size. She rolled the skin around the head and looked him in the eyes, before moving her head closer to his member. With his penis in her hand she moved it into her mouth and pushed it the entire length down.   This was her specialty, she smiled as she heard him let out a groan. Her tongue worked his head, paying special attention to it with her piercing. Well worth it, she thought. After a few minutes of sucking his head, and teasing his balls, fondling them gently, she began to feel his dick twitch. He grabbed her by the hair and forced his cock down her throat and let a week's worth of cum down into her stomach. She loved the taste of cum.     It was time now for her to show him what she could really do. He collapsed against the wall in the shower, his dick pumped dry of cum. It was the best dome he had ever gotten. His dick was limp and he was enjoying the feeling until he saw Amy's hands reach for the bottom of her shirt.

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   She lifted it over her head and gave him a view of the one thing she was most proud of in life.     Her tits bounced freely from her shirt. Cupped in her black lace bra, she knew they looked their best. She unhooked the back and lowered her bra down her sliky arms. Her nipples stood more erect from the lack of protection. She slipped her shorts down and revealed her hairless pussy. Her lips were protruding and he could see the wetness that they had accumulated.     She turned the shower on and pulled him down on the floor a bit farther. His dick had been back to life since the beginning of this show, he eagerly awaited what was next. She took the opportunity of control and sat down straight on his dick. She took his hands and placed them over her tits, as she started to ride her new fuck toy. She pumped his cock, her thighs pressed into his sides.     He liked the look she got on her face when he squeezed her nipples. He eventually grew more daring and took her nipple in his mouth, flicking it with his tongue. This drove her crazy.

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   Her moans increased, as well as her speed. She was really working his cock, pushing him into her as far as he would go.     His dick wasn't thin and she loved the full feeling it gave her. Her body was in overdrive, she could hear the sound of of her lips hitting his private area. She felt her orgasm start to swell and she arched her back and told him to fuck her as fast and hard as he could. He slammed his dick into her. He could feel his load in his balls.        She screamed out in ecstacy as he drove in as far as he could. He held it there his sperm filled every crease in her vagina. She felt him go limp inside of her and procceded to fall on top of him, breathless. They lay there under the falling water for a minute of to. He turned and kissed her before she got up to dry off.     As they walked out, with no discussion, they knew this was a regular thing. He walked out the gym doors to the outside and smiled. It had been the greatest day of school already.

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