The Asian Chick in the Wheelchair Chapter 37


Mike's little brother had hoped that Minako would call, but wasn'treally sure just how profound his spell over her would last. With Lizzy,he had been able to reinforce it within three hours of him firstmeeting her. With Minako, though, they were now doing the reinforcementover the  phone. How effective was that going to be?

Minako was small and cute and so got hit on often, most irritatingly by. anime nerds either trying to practice their mostly crappy Japanese onher or attempting to date her. She found it both annoying and flatteringbut she was also choosy because, well, she could be. She had boyfriendsin the past, but never really allowed them to get very far before shewould get bored and dump them. "Hi Minako, how are you?" "Oh' I'm doinggood," she ruffled. "Tell me about yourself Minako," little broadvocated. And that was pretty much how it went. He would couch everyquestion in the form of an order. He found out that she had been playingpiano since she was five and guitar from the time she was in fourthgrade, the latter giving them something in common. She had alreadyturned 16.

Her mom, like her dad, was also educated in the U. S. , except she hadspent her junior high and high school years there as well as college.

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  While she liked doing certain things the Japanese way (the junior highand high school she attended were Japanese-run private academies), shewas pretty Americanized and had dated and slept with men all over theethnic map. She loved her husband but hated the bullshit that came withbeing a housewife in Japan, especially the competitiveness, thebackbiting and the whole junior/senior thing that she felt too oftenprotected the egos of mediocrities merely because of when they wereborn. She obtained a nursing degree and that is what she did until shehad her children. She was so relieved when they had saved enough moneyand the dollar got so cheap that they could emigrate. Japan made herfeel suffocated.

Mike's brother demanded that  Minako come to his house the next day  at11 a. m. and wear a bikini so that they could hang out by the pool. Hewas expecting the worst, that is, her not showing up. But at a mere fewticks before 11, she knocked on the door and Mrs. Alyea answered thedoor and, with a bright smile, asked if little bro was home. Mrs. Alyeahad her wait in the foyer while she fetched Mike's brother. "Hey Minako!Let's go out to the pool," he guided. Mike came down to go over toJessica's.

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   He went into the kitchen to get a drink and looked out to thedeck when he noticed a couple in the hot tub. "Who's that?" he asked?Mrs. Alyea responded that she didn't know, they hadn't been introduced. Mike went to check the girl out. "Is that Jessica?" he initially askedhimself, but a few more feet and he could tell it wasn't. Mike stuck hishand out and introduced himself. He turned to his brother, "hey dude,we have a rehearsal after dinner, so let me know when you want yourguitar lesson," Mike offered. "I'll be back in a bit. Gotta go pick upthe fiance so we can jam. It's nice to meet you, Minako. " "It's nice tomeet you, too," she retorted.

Half an hour later, Mike was back and, after he got Jessica situated, hechecked on Minako and his brother. They were in the pool and little browas kissing her. "Right on, bro," Mike muttered to himself and, notwanting to interrupt, went back upstairs. "Well, it appears that mybrother has himself a new girlfriend," he revealed to Jessica.

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   "Ohreally? He rebounded quick!" she chuckled. "Yeah, she says her name'sMinako," he elaborated. 'Ah, Japanese-American. Great!" Jessica giggled. "I wonder if he went after her because he was so infatuated with you,"Mike posited. "I hope there's more to it than THAT," Jessica returned. "Well, I guess we'll find out eventually. " Mike guessed.

About an hour later, the two showed up in the music/game room. Minakofelt better that she saw another Japanese-looking Asian and so she wasbecoming more at ease. "Minako, this is Mike's fiance, Jessica," littlebro pointed out. "Hi!" Minako smiled. "Oh my God, is that a RandomStar?" Minako bubbled. "Ding ding ding!" Jessica giggled. "I usuallyplay an old SG, but those are such sweet guitars," Minako enthused.

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   Theyquickly entered into gear talk and Jessica and Mike told them abouttheir band. Mike went downstairs and got his Explorer and let Minakostrap it on and he plugged her in. "Okay Minako, let's see what  you cando!" Mike urged. She asked for five minutes to warm up before tearinginto Ozzy Osbourne's "Crazy Train. " as soon as she heard the openingriff, Jessica played the rhythm guitar part behind her. "Wow Minako,you're a really good  player! But you  need to play with moreaggression. Think about somebody you hate and then use your guitar tokill them," he recommended.

Jessica asked if she knew "Kurenai" by X-Japan. "Of course," sheanswered. "X is my Bible for guitar. " "Great! Jessica smiled. "You dothe Hide part and I'll do the Pata part," she directed. Minako sang thevocal for the intro, which is just over a chorused slow arpeggio andthen it goes into thrash metal mode. Jessica and Minako were bothbanging their heads as they played and then they did a fast harmony partbefore Minako ripped it up on the main solo and then she sang a fewlines of it to signal the coming of the frantic dash to the end. "Holyshit Minako! Jessica might have to drop out of my band because she'sgoing to major in medicine.

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   Maybe we can bring you in to replace her!"Mike only half joked. "Oh, my dad's a doctor," Minako chirped. "Really?Can  I talk with him sometime Minako?" she burbled. "I guess so, buthe's really busy. I'll ask him for you," she asserted. "That would begreat, Minako. Thank you!" "Jessica, you're Japanese, right?" "Sort of. My dad is fourth generation Japanese-American and my mom is Korean andItalian but looks Korean. My last name is Hamada: if you're wondering. ""Oh, that is a very nice common name. My last name is Nakanoyama, notvery common," she went on.

"You know, maybe we can bring her on at that street fair show and we cando that X Japan tune as an encore or something," Mike proposed. Jessicalaughed and said, "would you like to play in front of about 10,000people Minako?" "Oh my God, the most I've ever played in front of wasabout 20 and that was just a family party," she disclosed. "I wouldprobably faint of embarrassment if I had to play in front of that manypeople. " "It's not that big a deal," Mike noted.

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   "I'll run it by Adrianand see what he says. " "Okay," Minako agreed in a little voice.

Minako was a little at a loss  here. Yesterday, some strange guy comesup to her at the beach and the next thing she knows she is at his houseand being asked to maybe play in front of thousands of people. She wasfeeling a little off of her footing. Little bro was also kinda  pissedbecause Mike and Jessica were monopolizing her. "We jam quite a lotMinako. You should bring your guitar and amp and we can have a properjam with you. " "Great! None of my girlfriends play, so it would be niceto play some music occasionally. " "Little bro spoke up. "She alsoapparently plays piano. " "Really? Excellent!" Mike said. "Man, we mightreally be able to use her!" Mike estimated.

Mike talked about how he's been teaching his brother to play, too, andhow playing together has made him and Jessica closer as a couple. "Maybeyou can teach him to play when I'm not around Minako!" Mike suggested.

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  "I think it is possible," she accommodated. Minako was now relaxed andthe cheerful nature of the conversation plus the little jam they did on"Kurenai" loosened her up considerably.

Then Mike's brother caught Minako's eye, wanting to tear her from theverbal and instrumental clutches of Mike and Jessica. "Strip and get onyour knees Minako," he insisted. She hesitated and then did as she wasinstructed. "Be quiet and don't move while we inspect you," he added. Minako had no idea why she was doing this in front of these strangersnow. "Nice breasts," Mike critiqued, though they were b-cups, but withthe chocolate color to them that marked Jessica's. Little bro steppedright in front of her and pulled his stiff cock out. "Okay Minako, suckit and do a good job!" he desired. She reached out and slowly gripped itand hesitantly began to rub it up and down. "I've never done thisbefore," she confessed. "Minako, you will tell the truth or you will bepunished. Tell me if this is really the first time you will have given ablowjob. "  "It is my first time," she stammered.

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   Really!" "Okay, startby running your tongue up and down my shaft," he called. Minako stuckher cute little tongue out and did as Mike's brother wished. "Oh yeah,fuck," he commented. "Okay Minako, put it in your mouth and then moveyour lips up and down on it and don't touch it with your teeth, justlips and tongue," he taught. Why was she sucking this longhaired guy'sdick? she asked herself. Yet, there was a weird and very pleasantfeeling within her everytime she complied. She had never let a guy getpast touching her boobs and now she was naked and on her knees with aclassmate's penis on her tongue.

"Faster, Minako!" he stridently urged. She began to bob her head up anddown as fast as she could and little brother was about to go off. "Ohfuccccckkkkk," he said in a strangled, choked voice. "You will swallowmy cum!" he warned her and then he felt his rhythm stick spasm andunleash jet after jet of his jism into her previously unsullied piehole. She swallowed it as it was pumped out of his cockhead. "Good girl,Minako. I'll give you another lesson on how to give a bj tomorrow," heinformed her. He didn't have any condoms on him, so he couldn't fuck herat the  moment.

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   He ultimately had her lay on the couch and spread herlegs, eating her furry, unshaven pussy until she had experienced half adozen orgasms. Then Mike remembered that his mom was home and couldtheoretically enter at any minute. "Okay you guys, that's enough," Mikeproclaimed and Minako was told to get dressed. Mike's brother againriveted Minako's eyes and said to her, "you belong to me now, do youunderstand Minako?" "Yes," she sighed in a very pacified manner. "OhJesus, total subbie," Mike assessed.

Mike decided to give his little brother his guitar lesson and have himpractice while Mike had Jessica teach Minako "Picture Life," an oldScorpions song. "The rhythm is easy, which is why it is so fun to jamover, but  the fast harmony lead fills are kind of difficult," Jessicatold her before demonstrating them. She broke the fills down for her andMinako caught on quickly and an hour later  she had the song nailed. "Okay, let's do it and see what happens," Jessica requested. It killed. When Mike was done with his little brother, they did it again, with allthree just free soloing as they extended the rhythm track so they coulddo that. " "Uli Roth is well known in Japan," Minako claimed. "Heinfluenced a lot of players," she continued.

Little bro was kinda smoldering because even his new subbie could playcircles around him at the moment. At least he and Lizzy were on the samelevel, approximately, but Minako was more in his brother's andJessica's league.

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  "Do you know 'Dahlia'? Jessica asked. "Of course,"Minako responded. "But you'll have to do the parts that call for awhammy bar, Jessica," Minako posited. This is another of X Japan'sthrashier songs but really melodic and they burned through all sevenminutes plus of it. "Oh my God, this is so fun, Jessica," Minako said atthe end. "I usually just play for my own enjoyment or with my brother,"she started. "Your brother plays, too?" Mike inquired. "He's a drummer,but he's only 12," she revealed.

"Do you know "The Revenant Choir" by Versailles?' Jessica asked. "Ofcourse," Minako answered. "Can you please teach it to me?" she pleaded. "Okay, but it's kinda complicated. " Yeah, I know, for example, towardthe beginning, there's a weird little harmony part and then a super fastlead break. " "Yeah, I think just those parts took me a couple days toremember and master," Minako averred. For the next three hours afterthat, Mike, Mike's brother and Jessica were being given a  tutorial onthe song by Minako and it was exacerbated by  the fact that Hizaki, whois Versailles guitarist, is a technical monster.


   "Yay! I know aVersailles song now!" Jessica cheered. "Jessica, you're fired and we'regoing to replace you with Minako here," Mike joked. "Yatta! (yes!)"Minako tongue in cheek celebrated. "Oh shut up, Mike!" Jessica, feigninganger, pushed back, and everybody laughed.

It was now almost 5 o'clock. "Hey look Minako, it's getting near dinnertime for us and then we have our rehearsal. So it was nice of  you tocome. Seriously, though, think of getting into some kind of bandsituation because you're really good!" Mike told her. "Thank you!" shesmiled. "Come on babe, I'll walk you home," little brother explained toMinako. " "Okay," she replied again.

Still a little unsure of how Minako's mother would take seeing a talllonghaired guy on her doorstep, Mike's brother had Minako instead comeover to his place the following day and from there they all loaded intoMike's car for Jessica's. When they arrived there, Mike explained thesituation with Minako so that Jennifer wouldn't expect to be able tosleep with her, at least for now. Minako was given a tour of Jessica'sgear in her bedroom and they sat there and fiddled around with hervarious guitars and her two big ass amps. Jessica started playingLoudness' "Crazy Doctor" and Minako jumped right in with her and Mikeand little bro stood and watched the two gorgeous diminutiveJapanese-American girls kick ass while their cocks seemed to harden moreand more with each passing second.

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   "Okay, time for your blowjob lessonMinako," Mike's younger brother said and she was immediately down on herknees and holding his dick. "Okay babe, use your lefthand to fondle myballs," he began. "Now, put just the head in your mouth and suck on itgently a few times," he orchestrated. "Slide your lips down as far asyou can without gagging and then rub the underside of my shaft with yourtongue. Dig your nails very gingerly into the loose skin around myballs and tug on it just a little bit while you begin nodding your headup and down on my penis," he called.

Jessica was wet watching this and asked Mike to be allowed tomasturbate. Mike granted her permission and she dropped all her clotheson the floor and opened her legs, the fingers of her lefthand battingthe hood of her clit while she heard the increasingly rapid breathing ofMike's brother as Minako's mouth pleasured him. Jessica inserted two ofher righthand fingers into herself and strummed her g spot, letting outlusty moans. Minako was gulping a fair amount of little brother'sprecum while her lips and tongue milked his sturdy erection over andover. "Okay Minako, when I cum in your mouth, you will hold it in thereand show it to me before you swallow it, understand?" She affirmed thatwith a nod of her head and went about finishing her task. Jessica, herlegs akimbo and her eyes closed, was applying more and more friction toher love nubbin as she was receiving little jolts from her g spot. Mike's brother's cock was sheathed in saliva as Minako's oral physicswere working non-stop and  nudging him gradually to the edge oftemporary madness. Jessica's soaked fingers were still pressing,stroking and nuzzling her clit and g spot, her moans now being morevocalized even as her breathing became spottier. "Oh shit, oh shit, I'mgoing to cum," Mike's brother announced and he shot off a spool of gooeysemen into Minako's little lipsticked mouth. As stipulated, shegathered the white fluid on her tongue, showed it to little bro and thensent it into her stomach.

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   "Oh God, you were a good girl Minako," hefeted. He looked into her eyes intensely and half asked, half told her,"you love giving blowjobs now, don't  you?" "Yes," she confirmed, as ifhypnotized.

In her subconscious, Minako was loving being told what to do. Most guys,in  today's era of pussified men, don't have the balls to walk up to awoman straightaway as if they own them and order them to do what hewants. When she gave in, she could just relax and worry only aboutpleasing Mike's brother and nothing else

Jessica was now right on the balance point of ecstasy, huffing andpuffing, panting and stroking, rubbing and flicking and then shetightened up before the explosive charge that was her orgasm detonatedinside of her, her hips undulating and pubic muscles spasming. Mikecouldn't hold back any longer and he was inside Jessica in a nanosecond,fucking her hard and selfishly, wanting to release himself and nothingmore. The squelching noises of her wetness surrounding his boneresounded in the room while he strove to use her pink receptacle tosatisfy himself. Jessica, realizing this,. was panting and rooting forhim to have a nice cum into her even as he was answering that ache thatJessica had deep within herself for as much of his cock as he couldsupply her "Oh fuck yes, God oh God, so good so damn gooood," shesighed, his feral breathing making her hotter, her pussy wanting moreand more friction, her alternately panting, gasping and moaning. Just ashis trigger was pulled, which cascaded reams of his goopy cum into her,Jessica orgasmed in a hail of choked screams and yelps, gratefullywelcoming his seed into her womb. "I wish I didn't have to wait anotherdozen years to have your baby," she told him, such was the love shefelt. "I can hardly wait for the day when I can implant one insideyou,"  he echoed. Both lovers laid in each other's arms in a post-coitalhaze.

In the meantime, Mike's brother was hard again and putting a condom on. He picked Minako up,  threw her over his shoulder like a sack ofpotatoes, and hauled her off for Jennifer's bedroom to deflower thevirgin Japanese girl.

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   He gently dropped her on to the bed and shescooted over to one side of it and he followed her, Minako now on hislefthand side. He began kissing her and extolling how beautiful she was. "Please take it slow," she pleaded. "Don't worry babe, I'll be astender as I can with you," he promised. He lightly sucked and tonguedher nipples while his righthand worked on her clit. She was soon moaningand very, very wet as her cunt prepared itself for the impendinginvasion. He brought his head to her clit and gave it a good workout,too, to enhance her lubrication.

Now it was time for the big moment. He loomed over her and began toforce his cock between the walls of her heretofore untouched by anypenis vagina. She felt the head pop in and received a pleasant littlejolt from the nerve endings around the opening. He almost stealthilysnaked it in further and now she was beginning to feel some pain as hervaginal walls and muscles were learning how to stretch themselves toaccept a man's love gun. Minako was excited and apprehensive all at thesame time He held his cock halfway inside of her for a couple of minutesas her pussy was determining what to do about this foreign objectinside of it. He dropped his hips a little, propelling the meat stickanother two inches. He was right at her hymen now. After holding itthere for another couple of minutes as she writhed under him, he snappedhis hips and was buried up to the hilt, but she also screamed in painand blood trailed down the length of her vaginal cavity and stainedJennifer's clean sheets.

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   After another couple of minutes, Mike's brotherslowly began to pull his cock out and then plunge it back in, Minakosucking air through her teeth while her pussy was still adjusting to thepresence of his dick.

He maintained a very gradual pace and after another ten minutes the painvanished and was now being replaced by very pleasurable sensations. Shehad his shoulders tightly shrouded in  her arms to help brace herselffor this experience. But with each new roundtrip of her love canal, shewas feeling better and better,  more lubrication dripping in to ease thesuffering and make it a more and more pleasant. . He made his sheathedcock bore in at a quicker rate and she was moaned. "Oh God, it feels sogood now," she let him know, and he began to generate a more steadyrhythm, which started to heighten her pleasure. She raised her hips andplaced her legs at either side of his lower back and now her fuck tunnelwanted more of the penetrating force it had endeavored to reject justten minutes prior. "Ohhh God, oh shit," she sighed, her breathingshortening, signaling him that she was in the process of being deliveredto a shangri-la of sensations. His thrusts became more urgent and hermoans more insistent, her panting and wriggling under him moreexaggerated as time marched on, the friction within her building heat,her wanting nothing other than more of his fleshspear, her voice a gumboof squeals, grunts and sighs, all rushing together in a headlongelectric surge inside of her when her pubic muscles convulsed as theorgasm spiraled through her, her nails marking his back,  her criessweet and sensuous and her panting provocative and carrying an almostserrated edge to it. This cacophony spurred him to rifle her hole harderand then spill his sperm  into his rubber.

She lay there with her arms tight against his body, now a woman and soon to be a slave.
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