My Lovely Student

True Story

Hi friends

Dani again for all sex story readers. I am sure u have read my previous stories and like a lot, pls give me feed back at silent_magma@hotmail. com, lets start the story.

This in a true story of my sexual interaction with my sweet and innocent student. I was a student of CA final at that time and I use to teach accounting to girls at their home, as girls pay more than guys and offcourse a free fun with them whicha hot guy like me never avoid.

Rida is my student who is studying in Inter Commerce but very weak in Accounts. Her father is an engineer and work in dubai since last 5years just come to Pakistanonce or twicein ayear at Eid. Her mother approached me through my another students reference and request to teach her daughter rida at their home, which I agreed instantly. I informed them that as I m also on job so I can come only at or after 7:30 pm on which they don’t have any objection. They are living in a posh area, in a double story bungalow. Rida and her mother lives there with a female maid so there were only 3 members in a big house. The first day when I rang the bell a girl of around 20 years opened the door with a smile and let me enter. I though it is my student , but later I knew that this smart girl is their maid erum who is just looking like a family member with new stylish clothes and full makeup.

She told me to sit in drawing room and after few minutes rida came with her mother. Ohhhhh God when I saw her, I almost become speechless. She is a 17 years old beautiful girl with a v sexy figure of 30-24-30 and she is wearing a t-shirt and lower without any dupatta.

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   She gave me a dam sexy smile , her mother sit few min with us and after introduction, she went to kitchen for work. We are sitting on a 2 seater sofa , I put accounts book on her thigh and start teaching her. My hands r above her thigh and below the book. Her warm blood is feeling on my palm, but she don’t feel it. This is the first day.

On the next day when I arrived at her home, her maid erum guided me to the upper floor of house towards rida room and said her mother said from today onwards we can study upstairs to avoid any disturbance. This is the first step which encourage me a lot. When I entered in room, I saw rida lying on bed as she didn’t know about the fact that I m coming up. She abruptly stand up and shake hands with me warmly. Then we sit on small table for study. That day she discuss a lot with me besides study. My star, my likes, my fav music etc. Then we became v friendly. Now v r v unformal, cut jokes and spend extra time after studies, as she is alone so she miss a lot any gud friend which she found in me.

I started fantacizing about rida and masterbate daily visualizing that she is in my arms and we are kissing and doing a lot.

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   This becomes true one day when I reached at her house on a Saturday evening at 7:00 pm and her mother is ready to leave in a marriage ceremony. She asked me that dani is that possible for u to stay their long till I came back? This is the golden opportunity which I can ever had, so I agreed instantaneously. She was v happy and she leave quickly. That day rida was wearing a skin fit T- Shirt of Yellow colour and tights which is just at the knees. She is v happy as well that we can sit together very long atleast her mother cant be return before 12:00 so we had almost 5 hrs to spend. She asked me Sir can we postpone todays study and just have fun, I looked in her shhinny eyes and agreed with a smile. She is so happy that she quickly ran and giv me a tight hug for which I was nnot ready but when she hug I became erose in a minute. She asked her maid girl erum to make a cup of tea and after that rida asked erum to go to her maid room (which is in ground floor) and can sleep. Now we are alone on the 1st floor. When I was taking sip of tea, rida said Sir I m giving u a pleasant surprise , I asked what , she said wait and then she went to the changing room next to her bath. After 3 minutes she came back but didn’t changed her clothes, I said whats the surprise in that? Rida smiled in a sexy and naughty way and come close to me sitting in front of me . Then I realized, she put off her bra in the bath room and now she is only wearing t shirt at top without any undergarments. Ohhhhhhhhh I was totally mad to see the image of her pink nnipples over the t shirt. I said rida why u r teasing me she said no sir I m not. Then I asked her to sit close to me and show me her figure prints as I know palmistry.

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   She immediately gave her soft and small hand in my hand , I took her hand on my thigh and using my other hand rub her hand and see her expressions. She is breathing heavily now. She said sir I m feeling something running under my body, I said close ur eyes, which she did, then I come close to her lips and kiss her on hher soft lower lip. Ohhhh god, she diid not resist infact reciprocate and kiss me back with passion. Now I hug rida and hold her in my arms and kissing her tight. This continues for almost 15 minutes after which I locked the door and took her in my arms and lie on the bed. I lay next to rida and kiss her eyes, her neck and then I come over her body and insert my right hand in her bare t shirt. The touch of my hand on her breast and nipples made her mad. She kissed me so hard that almost eating mmy lips and hold me so tight, Then I rollover her t shirt and throw it on a side. Her virgin upper body in just in front of me. . Nipples are so hard and erected and very fair round breats. I rolled my tongue over her nipples and suck her boobs one by one , she was moaning like a fucking girl. My pennies become so hard that I was unabale to bear the load. Then I remove my clothes and underwear .

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   and also remove her tights slowly. Rida has a shaved and soft pink pussy, which is offering me to start the fun. I then insert my figure in her pussy slowly and move it to and fro which made her out of senses, She was just loudly moaning and ask for more.

Dear Friends, I will tell u the remaining part of this event in my next part as soon as I get some time, in the mean while if u like this story, do email me at my id silent_magma at hot mail dot com , luv u all grls.