Curtain Call


Lea was the wife of Brent's best friend Tim.   Brent had been envious ever since Tim had started dating Lea. Lea was the sexiest woman Brent knew.   She wasn’t ‘high fashion’  – she was simply sexy and had something about her that always drove Brent crazy.   Lea was a petite 5’4” with shoulder length blonde hair, green eyes and though not skinny, had a trim athletic body.   Her ass though…. . Lea’s ass was the constant focus of Brent's fantasies.  
Maybe it was her wifely instinct, but Brent's wife Shelly never cared for Lea very much. Maybe she had caught Brent gawking at Lea’s body too many times but she was not thrilled about the present situation. Tim and Lea recently moved almost a hundred miles away, however when Tim needed surgery at a local hospital, it was only logical that Lea would stay with Brent and Shelly rather than a hotel. Lea would have had a hard time finding a hotel to take her anyway, since she never went anywhere without her dog. Shelly was even less impressed that Lea had to bring her dog with her.
Brent had made a conscious effort not to piss his wife off by staring at Lea as she paraded around the house. It was hard though. To Brent, not looking at Lea was as unnatural as a cat ignoring a mouse.

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   He did try not to look, but couldn’t refuse himself a secret glance over his book, or whenever he thought his wife (or Lea) wouldn’t notice.   Brent never had any intention of ‘doing’ anything with Lea, he would never be bold enough to attempt it, but he did enjoy fantasizing about it.
Brent wasn’t sure if Lea would mind much if she knew how much she distracted him anyway. About a year ago, when she was walking in front of him at a party, Lea spun on her heel catching Brent’s eyes right where she thought they were – focused intently on her ass.   Lea grinned and waved a finger in a ‘naughty naughty’ motion but never made a scene about it.   She smiled and turned away, releasing Brent from trying to make up some excuse. Lea never mentioned it since, and had never made an effort to shield herself from Brent’s potential observations.
In the evening of Lea's third day with them, Shelly went out to a meeting as Lea prepared to go visit Tim.  Brent said goodbye to them and went to take a shower.  
As he washed his naked body he again fantasized about Lea.   He envisioned Lea coming through the door and joining him in the shower – her skin glistening with the spray of the water as he washed her. In his mind he pulled her toward him lathering her back as he felt her breasts against his chest… his hands sliding over her soft skin lubricated with soap as she leaned into him…
BANG BANG BANG! Brent heard pounding on the door
‘Brent! Are you done your shower yet?!!’ Lea called, her voice raised in concern.
‘Ummm just about…. ’, he called back through the door, ‘What’s the matter?’
‘The damn dog pulled down your curtains.   Shelly will freak on me if she gets home and your curtains are wrecked.

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‘Oh…ok…. Give me a minute’ Brent called back as he shut the water off. ‘Let me dry off and I’ll take a look. ’
Brent came out of the shower tying up his robe seeing Lea standing in the hall in an extreme state of agitation.
‘Which curtains?’ he asked gently, ‘I’m sure we can fix them – don’t worry. ’
‘The ones in my room.   The damn dog was freaking at another dog outside and the whole thing came down!  Shelly is going to freak out!  I tried to get them back up, but one of the hangers is pulled out of the wall. ’
‘Ok, no problem, let me have a look. ’
Lea led Brent down the hallway. He couldn’t stop himself from staring at her ass as she walked in front of him. The way her hips swayed under her little sun dress was a beautiful sight and Brent found himself fantasizing about Lea for the umpteenth time of the day.
‘See!’ Lea said. ‘I was just in here changing when Goldie started to paw at the window and bark like crazy. Then everything came crashing down. ’
‘I imagine that scared the pants off of you’ Brent laughed.

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‘What pants?! Damn dog. I was undressed! I was getting ready to take a shower after you. Good thing there was nobody outside! I ducked behind the bed and got dressed on the floor!’
‘HA ha – really?!’
‘Yes really!’ Lea replied trying to suppress a smile.
‘Almost gave the neighbors a show did you’ Brent continued smiling broadly.
Lea grinned despite herself and began to blush.
“I’ll get some screws and a screwdriver and we’ll get it fixed right away’ Brent told her. ‘I’ll need your help though. ’
‘Ok, we have to get it fixed or Shelly will make me keep Goldie outside. ’
‘No problem – we’ll have it fixed in no time. Let me get some tools’ Brent said as he went back out the door.
‘Hurry Brent – We have to fix it before Shelly comes back. ’
Lea was holding the end of the curtain rod when Brent returned with a screwdriver and screws.
‘I’ll just put the holder right beside where it used to be, Shelly will be none the wiser. Here, let me hold this up and you tell me when it is straight. ’
As Brent reached up he felt the back of his light silk robe running up the back of his legs.

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    The robe was short and he could feel that his cheeks were almost poking out of the robe.
‘Umm, that looks good’ Lea said, ‘Hold it right there. ’
‘Ok, can you come over here?. . . I’ll hold the curtain, but you’ll have to put the screws in the hanger. ’
‘Ok. ’  Lea picked up the screwdriver and the screws and moved beside Brent. Reaching to the limit of her arms for the hanger.
‘I can’t reach it’ she said dropping her arms, ‘just a sec. ’ Lea looked around the room and her eyes fell on a footstool. Picking up the footstool she brought it over to the window.
‘Can you step back just a bit?’ she asked as she set the footstool down in front of Brent.
Brent moved back as far as he could while struggling to keep the curtain at the same height.
‘Is it still good?’ Brent asked.

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‘Uh huh’ Lea answered as she checked the curtain.
Slipping under Brent's arm she stepped onto the stool in front of him.   Lea had to almost squeeze between Brent and the curtains making Brent more than well aware of her closeness.   They would not have been closer had they been dancing.   The many fantasies Brent had had of Lea were all flooding back to him now as he smelled her hair and felt the warmth of her body as she stood so near.   The vision he had been having about Lea while he showered was fresh in his mind as he considered their present position. Involuntary reaction had been common the many times he fantasized about Lea. Often when watching her move about, he felt familiar urges in his jeans and he had often relied on the strength of denim to not give him away.   He now had no such safeguard and try as he might he could not disregard Lea's closeness…
Screwdriver and screw in hand, she reached up to the bracket that was hanging from the curtain rod.
‘That’s better’ she said as she held the screw into the bracket and fitted the screwdriver into the slot. She was still needed to stretch to her arm’s limit to reach the screw. As she did Brent could see her little sundress ride up. It still covered her ass – barely. As she reached she unconsciously leaned back against Brent. He felt every square inch of her contact against him and his subconscious began to react – there was a definite stirring under his housecoat.

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    ‘Oh no’ he thought, ‘I could grow right out of this housecoat – Lea would be sure to notice that – gawd!… embarrassing!!!…’  Brent gritted his teeth and tried to think of … work, …. math problems,… anything but Lea's contact against his chest as she started to twist the screwdriver.
‘These are sure long screws’ Lea mentioned as she worked the screwdriver.
“Only ones I could find’ Brent answered trying to keep his voice from quavering.
He could feel sweat beginning to form on his brow as he tried to pull his pelvis back – his manhood was not behaving and he felt it growing despite efforts to control it.   In all the times he had dreamed of the chance to be this close to Lea, had he always considered that she would be a willing, eager partner.   But here she was, touching him, causing his arousal and was oblivious to what she was doing to him. Just touching him was bad enough, but as she worked the screwdriver she was rocking and twisting to gain leverage her motion against him was certainly not helping his situation.
In an effort to put more force into the screwdriver she arched her back and pushed back even harder against Brent.
That’s when he felt it.
Lea's tight wiggling bum barely clad in her light sundress brushed back against his partially erect cock.
It was a fleeting touch and Brent had no way to know if Lea had noticed what had happened, she seemed focused on what she was doing.
If she hadn’t noticed, great – that would save his embarrassment.
If she had noticed, she would be sure not to make the same mistake.   He might be able to get out of this, if he could keep any further arousal under control.

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The brief contact had given his little head all the encouragement it needed however – Brent felt his housecoat start to tent. He was now in a state of fright that Lea would lean back again, feel his growing erection and be shocked and pissed off.
Lea continued to work the screwdriver and as Brent looked up he saw that the screw was only about halfway in. ‘Why didn’t I find shorter screws?’ he thought, unsuccessfully willing his prick to subside.
He was trying to figure a way out of the potential embarrassment, then - it happened again.
Lea was starting to tire. In an attempt to apply more pressure on the screw she had pushed herself back from the wall - and her ass squarely onto Brent's throbbing meat.  
There was no possibility that she didn’t notice this time. Brent was now so erect that she had to have felt how strong his cock was, and that it was obviously making a serious tent of his housecoat. As Brent instinctively pulled back in embarrassment.  Lea paused, only for a moment, then went back to working on the screw.
‘Oh gawd’ he thought ‘I’m busted. ’
Brent mustered enough composure to try to dissolve the situation as best he could, ‘Ummm …. . I think that screw will hold it now’ he said as he  began to release the curtain rod.

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‘Ummmm, I don’t think so…. . it’s pretty heavy. I think you should keep holding it for a bit…’ Lea responded quietly as she continued to twist the screwdriver and pressed her hips back.
Again her ass came in contact with Brent's now fully engorged erection, he drew back in reflex and Lea followed – her ass lightly resting against him.   She never spoke a word as her wiggling ass rubbed lightly on the tip of his manhood a few times before it withdrew, only to come back again for a few more sensual brushes.   There was no way Brent could misconstrue this to be accidental contact. Lea was definitely teasing his cock with her ass.
Brent was stunned by his situation. He relaxed his position allowing his hips to come forward, as he did his engorged meat separated the flaps of his housecoat and he found himself now fully exposed.
Lea, still not speaking a word, shifted back once more. She paused as her ass touched Brent's now naked meat through only the light cotton of her short sundress. His cock twitched in arousal and Brent was sure he heard a low moan escape Lea.
The sundress’s loose material followed the contours on their skin as Brent's cock laid comfortably between Lea's cheeks. Brent now realized that when Lea dressed in such a hurry on the floor, she neglected to put on any underwear.

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   He loved the sensation as his cock laid nestled between the cheeks of Lea's ass.    She had stopped twisting the screwdriver as she appeared to relish the sensation of holding Brent's meat there.
Brent's cock twitched again, half subconsciously and half intentionally. Lea's ass cheeks squeezed in response and as she again resumed the pretext of driving in the screw.   She raised herself onto her tiptoes.   As she lifted up, Brent felt the hem of her short dress passing along his erection. Shifting back, he dipped his knees until he could feel the tip of his cock ride past the barrier of the thin material.
Heat flooded Brent's whole body as he adjusted his hips forward and felt the glorious sensation of Lea's sensuous naked ass on his naked cock. A soft sigh escaped Lea as Brent's cock throbbed against her ass. The light material of Lea's sundress had seemed like tissue paper before, but once his cock was skin to skin with her ass, the increase in sensation was indescribable.
They both savored the feeling neither knowing what to say. Too afraid of breaking the moment, they continued to speak not at all. Lea perpetuated the game of ‘accidental contact’ that put them in their current position.   If she turned to face Brent, the concept of the ‘accidental contact’ would be lost.   And since neither one of them had ‘intentionally’ put themselves in the position where Brent's cock was throbbing on her ass, then it couldn’t be their fault.

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   It was this misguided logic that had Lea begin to drive in the second screw as Brent held the curtain rod which was securely held by the first. Neither wanted to admit their carnal desires, nor did they want to stop what was happening.
As Lea pretended to focus on the second screw, Brent's cock began to leak pre-cum as he rubbed it between the cheeks of her ass.  Brent was getting more and more aroused and as much as he loved the feeling of Lea's ass he began to lust after slipping his hard cock into her wet pussy. ‘Would she let this go that far?’ he wondered.
Lea kneaded his cock with her ass for a few moments as she worked the screwdriver without attention.   Lea maneuvered her position and eased her legs apart.  At this point reason had become non-existent and their natural urges began to take control.   Without having to speak, they worked together toward their common goal. With Lea's legs spread for him they adjusted position until she felt the length of his prick lay between her legs.   Brent could feel the heat radiating from Lea.   Both the increasing warmth of her back against him, but now also the intense heat of her pussy on his cock as it nestled between her legs.  
Brent rocked his pelvis upward and slid the tip of his cock across the sensitive lips of Lea's pussy.  
‘Hhhhhaaaaa……’ escaped her as she felt his erection separate her lips and ride over her engorged clit.
Lea's over-lubricated slit glazed Brent's smooth meat as he rubbed it along her lips.


   She was obviously as aroused as Brent, her dilated lips were slick with her juices.   As Brent slid his member along them they cradled it between them.
Lea pressed down and back with her pelvis increasing the pressure of her slick slit on Brent's manhood. As he slid his cock slowly back and forth along her slippery lips, she rotated her hips working to swallow him inside her.    
The head of his cock penetrated her inner sanctum before he let it slide forward again slipping easily against the extended nub of her aroused clit.
‘UUuuhhhhhHHH’ Lea moaned in pleasure and frustration. She needed his cock inside her, needed his hard cock to satisfy the deep itch inside her.
Brent tickled the hard nub of her clit with the head of his prick then continued to slide his cock’s length along her leaking lips again. Once more he teased her orifice with the head of his prick - penetrating her slightly.   Again Lea tried to consume him and again he rolled forward easily out of her excessively wet crack.
Lea was too horny now for teasing. She HAD to have his cock deep inside her.
She gave up the game of putting up the curtains and let the screw driver fall to the floor. She leaned forward, bracing herself with one arm on the curtain and the window behind, her other hand reached between her legs.
Laying her fingers on Brent's cock, as he slid forward she popped the head of his cock inside her as she pushed back hard against him.

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‘MMmMMMMMM  AAAAAHHHhhhhh’ she breathed, driving herself back against Brent - impaling herself on Brent's hard cock.
Lea began to rock against him - her ass squeezed hard against Brent's groin. With small thrusts she pressed him deeper inside of her wet tunnel. Between her deep thrusts, she gripped his thick meat with the slippery walls of her pussy.  
Her short pushing thrusts on Brent's throbbing cock incited Brent and he began to draw his hips back as she rocked forward, then he met her thrusts - driving his cock deep into her slippery wet vagina.
‘UUuunnhhhh, ………uh huh …. . uh huh …. . yeeEEESSSssss’ she breathed, ‘Fuck me Brent – Fuck …. . UUUhhhh…Fuck me HARD!’
Brent was happy to accommodate.  
He thrust his hips ahead as she drove her ass back – his cock plowed deep inside on every thrust, Lea's ass slapping against his groin. Lea groaned in approval as Brent matched her thrusts.
He rested his hands on her either side of her waist, just over her hips.

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   Lea felt him take a firm grip on her sides as he used the leverage to force his cock hard into her over and over.  
This was not a leisurely act of making love.   They both were at the mercy of their primal urges, they were fucking plain and simple - lustfully driving themselves to orgasm.
The sounds of their sex filled the room. The wet slapping sounds of fucking meshed with the heavy breathy moans and grunts as they drove themselves further and further toward orgasm.
Lea eased her thrusts as Brent took a firm hold on her hips and began to thrust more quickly into her.   Lea's breathing became short and quick as she became lost in the sensation of Brent's deep, hard and rapid penetration. Lea took a firm hold of the windowsill through the curtain as Brent pounded his hard rod into her over and over.
Brent could sense that Lea was close to her building orgasm.   The thought of Lea cumming on his prick caused excitement to boil up inside him as well.   He felt the erotic sensation of his orgasm approaching and knew he was past the point of return.  
‘Uuuuhh…. Uuuuhh…. Uuuuhh…. Here it c-c-c-comes Lea!’ he grunted and as Lea's wet pussy began to flutter with her orgasm, Brent pumped wad after wad of his cum inside it.

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   Squeals of excitement, arousal and pleasure escaped Lea as she came hard on Brent's pulsing cock.   She rode his ejaculating prick through one orgasm immediately into a second – she quivered and bucked against him, her pussy sucking the cum from his twitching member.
Brent held firm onto Lea's hips, as her orgasms subsided her knees and legs grew weak and Brent helped her from totally collapsing.   He held her close to himself as she rested against her arms on the curtains in front of her.   As they both regained their breath Brent's cock began to relax and withdraw from Lea's wet sensitive pussy. Finally after relaxing to half its recent size it popped from Lea, in the process releasing a dribble of his cum mixed with hers down her leg.
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