Teachers pet


Teachers little pet
Sophia was a design student from Parsons, was about nineteen and had moved to the city from New Hampshire in August, it was now mid september.

She had deep chestnut colored hair and green eyes, medium brown skin tone. Medium build and was about 5’4 with a DD chest and a perky ass. Wearing a Light gray sweater over a bright pink plunging v-neck, tight blue skinny jeans that hugged her curves in all the right places and black riding boots.

She was riding the L home from her friend Rachels Loft in SoHo when she noticed Mr. Phillip Todd her computer design 101 professor sitting a few rows ahead of her. Curious as to what he was doing she moved to get a closer look.

Phillip had a briefcase in the seat next to him and seemed to be looking out the window. He had just completed his undergraduate studies before being offered a position at Parsons.

Philip was about twenty-five, 6’2 with sandy brown hair, fair complexion and brilliant blue eyes. Wearing a Gray Suit Jacket with a wrinkled light green button up, paisley tie to match and gray trousers. He was daydreaming about his ex girlfriend Allison back in Boston when a familiar voice interrupted his train of thought.

"Mr. Todd?” Sophia was standing next his seat looking inquisitively at him.

Startled he sat up straighter "Sophia what are you doing here?” he asked gruffly.

“I’m on my way back from a girlfriend's place in SoHo.

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   Is it okay if I sit with you? There's a guy in the back that kept staring me down and it was creeping me out. ” she lied batting her eyes and doing her best to look helpless.

"Oh sure. ” Sitting up straighter he moved his briefcase to the floor to make room for her.

“Thanks!” she said breathlessly before seating herself as closely next to him as possible.
She sat up straighter and let her sweater fall off her luscious mounds allowing him to get a look at her.

He exhaled deeply and she could see him glancing at at her chest from the corner of her eye.
She smirked at him seductively causing him to look away and fiddle with his tie which suddenly felt like it was strangling him.

"Are you alright Mr. Todd? “ she purred leaning even closer to him.

"I’m alright its just a little warm in here” he murmured trying to look anywhere but at her.

"Really I think its a little chilly” she did her best fake shiver.

"If your cold here wear my coat. ” He began to pull of his jacket revealing how tight his button up was around his ripped torso.

"What a gentlemen!” Sofia flirtatiously giggled taking the jacket and wrapping it around her shoulders.

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   "Awe how selfish of me you must be cold now too. ” she said pithily.

“Its alright, I’ll be fine”

Before he could finish the sentence she had draped her arm around his shoulders, positioned herself facing him.

"Its alright Sophia, really its not that cold. ” he was doing his best to protest but he couldn't help staring into her doe eyes and everywhere else on her. He could tell she wasn’t listening so decided to give up. There didn’t seem to be anyone else sitting in the car with them.

“I guess this is fine for a little while. ” he said glancing at her

"Yeah!” she squealed giddily.

He pondered for a minute “What was this to her an amusement ride? “

“So what stop do you need to get off at?” she asked him

"What? Oh I need to get off at Delancey. ” he said lazily

"I need to get off at Perry, its the closest to my dorm although I hate walking the six blocks from the station to my hall, and its a waste of money but I’ll try and get a cab to drive me. “ she stated so helplessly.

Suddenly they came to a stop and the conductor over the loudspeaker "Delancey. “

He pondered getting off but figured he could at least see her home safe, they were in New York after all.

"Tell you what you can save your money and come to my place I have a couch you can sleep on tonight and in the morning I'll arrange for you to take a cab home .

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  ” he smiled at her feeling like a hero.


She looked so cheerful he thought she might clap.

"Oh thank you, Mr. Todd!” She exclaimed throwing her arms around his neck. He could smell the sweet scent of vanilla wafting off of her, he breathed in the smell deeply it was intoxicating.

"Alright now. ” He chuckled pulling her off of him after a little while. "I'm just walking you home okay. ”

“Okay Mr. Todd!” she said smiling at him

"Sophia? You know you don’t have to call me Mr. Todd right I mean we are out of the classroom. ”

"Whatever you say Phil. ” she gave him her most seductive wink.

By the time they reached Phil's apartment she was dripping and raring to go, she had been whispering naughty little secrets into his ear and was covering what her right hand was doing with his briefcase.

“ Ah here we are” he said glancing up at the building as they approached.

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They were standing outside of what looked to be an abandoned building.

Puzzled by the decrepit appearance of the building Sophia couldn’t help but ask
“Do you really live here? This building looks more like a fire hazard than a home”

“Don't be ridiculous of course this is my place now stop being a baby and follow me. ” he sighed sounding annoyed by her hesitance

He couldn't help but be mesmerized watching Sophia's hips sway as she walked up the stairs to his front door . He ran up the steps to catch up with her. The walk up was so tiny he was pressed up against her, his cock still hard from her stroking it earlier.

“Now that's more like it” she giggled and he let the two of them in.

Once inside Sophia couldn't helped but be pleasantly surprised by the state of the grandness in the entryway of his building. The ceiling was decorated with mirrors and gold trim and a breathtaking chandelier hung perpendicular to the dark mahogany staircase. The floors looked elegant with white marble tiles. The walls were covered in a olive green paint with gold stripping and trim to match.

“The outside doesn't do this place justice “ she exclaimed in awe.

His face beamed as she lead him by his tie up the six flights of stairs to her front door.

“Yeah this used to be one of the original factories of the city they rebuilt it and turned it into apartments. ” noting he had peaked her interest

When they reach his floor, Sophia pushes the two of them into a corner with his back against the wall and passionately kisses him.

" Which one is yours?' her head nodding to the landing with three doors"

"The door on the riiight.

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  " he stammered

He nearly dropped the key twice his hands were shaking horribly. He wasn't sure if it was from nerves or anticipation.

Once the door was pushed open Sophia sauntered in dropping an article of clothing as she went. Phil scratched his head and looked to his left and right to see if any of her neighbors were out, then quickly picked up the trail of clothing she was leaving in the hallway as not to leave evidence to his neighbors that he had not come home alone. Then took a deep breath as if to say now or never and followed Sophie into his apartment anxious and eager to see what the night would entail.

Amazed by the size of the apartment Sophie was fascinated the rustic undertones and modern architecture that seemed to be throughout. The windows had what looked like hand painted embellishments on the crown molding. There was a massive leopard rug in front of a fire place that looked straight out of a castle. All the furniture was a dark chocolate color except for a chair that looked to be shaped like an egg that hung from a gold chain from the ceiling. The kitchen was massive with bold turquoise back splash, quartz counter tops and stainless steel appliances.

He noticed her standing by what looked to be a bar in the right corner of the room. She had on a light pink lace bra-let and matching tap pants. He inhaled sharply and she looked up from what she was doing and gave him a knowing smile. She came out from behind the bar with a bottle of wine and two champagne flutes.

“ You like wine right Phil?” she asked in a seductive raspy voice

“Yeah, But its so late you really should be going.

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  ” he stammered

Knowingly she set the glasses down on a end table near the couches and sauntered where he was standing by the front door. Once she was right in front of him she draped her arms around his neck loosely.

“Relax silly know one knows you're here and nobody knows I'm your student. ”

Before he could protest her lips and body were crashing into him stirring up desires he had never even felt with his ex. Passionately he kissed her back his hands caressing each one of her luscious mounds. He could hear her moaning with each kiss and her mound grinding on his leg.

She pulled away and breathed heavily.

He watched as her chest heaved with each breath. Then he saw that same devilish grin she had earlier. With one fail swoop he had her around the thighs begging for him. He kissed every inch of her he could see as he walked over to the couch and lowered her onto it.

After being set down it seemed like a blink of an eye her hands were at his waist undoing his belt and pants. His member seemed like it was a spring loaded trap begging to be released as she pulled his boxers down lower.

"Gasp" Sophia couldn't help it when she pulled away his boxers and was meet with the biggest cock she had seen to date. Thinking of how much she couldn't wait to feel it in side her she hungerly took her soon to be lovers gargantuan cock inside her mouth.

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Soon he felt her hot breath on the tip of his member, it seemed to be forever until he felt the soft moistness of her tongue licking and teasing the tip. He felt her slide her mouth over the sides down the shaft and down his balls sucking each one until they made a pop sound when she let go of them. She repeated this for a while and then with both hands firmly started to lick the tip.

He could feel his eyes rolling into the back of his head, he could hear her adjust herself. When he looked down she had his member in between her amazingly gorgeous breasts. She had her head tilted down with her tongue hanging out.

With a groan he shouted that he felt he was about to burst. He felt her small hand reach up and wrap around his wrist, he felt his body slam down onto the plus couch for a second. She stood almost menacingly towing over him. In a strange way it made him feel even more turned on.

" Get lower" she ordered in her husky voice full of seduction and lust

He did as he was told and watched in awe as she removed her pink lace thong with what seemed a flick of the wrist, she sauntered to him and then climbed onto the couch but just enough so she was in a squatting position her hot dripping snatch eagerly wanting to be touched and filled.

“Eat it motherfucker!” she barked and he did as told.

She began to writhe and moan clutching his hair.

“ Fuck baby make me cum!” she said throatily

Phil began to pick up the pace and lapped up her juices like a dog loving every second of it . Soon he could tell she was on the brink and her whole body began to quiver.

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   He went even faster than before and soon he was flooded with her juices, he laid there with his mouth open trying to catch every drop.

Soon it was over and her breathing returned to normal.

“Fuck Me Now!!!” She shrieked

He wiggled and freed his hands from underneath her and grabbed her on the shoulders soon he flipped her so she was on her back. He freed himself from his remaining clothing.

Then he aligned himself with her hot snatch, she was already begging for him. He reached down and grabbed his member and positioned it at her opening. He began to rub it against the moist opening laughing as she squirmed with pleasure

Angrily she sat up and began to scream “Fuck me you son of a……”
But was caught off guard when Phil suddenly thrust his member inside and was happily grinding and thrusting away.

She could hear growling coming from him as he slammed and thrust into her hot snatch. At this point she didn't think he’d last long.

‘ Slow down “she barked

“In your fucking dreams” he hollered

With out really giving a fight she found her self screaming in the grips of he first orgasm. Her body trembled all over in pleasure, her pussy felt like it was spasming and she wished the sensation would never end.

Then he pulled out and before she could protest he had flipped her onto all fours and was happily pumping away.

She could feel the grips of another orgasm begin and clutched the sides of the couch, his hot breath on the back of her neck as he happily thrust away. Another orgasm ripped through her as her lover started to pick up the pace.

Their was a wet slapping sound that filled the air along with the endless moans of pleasure each of them were uttering.

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   Her juices seemed to be flowing so steadily that a pool of cum seemed to be developing beneath the two of them making it hard of them to stay upon the leather couch. So often a loud wet smack would happen from Phil's thrusting and his legs continuously smacking the leather couch cushion beneath them.

He wondered how much longer he’d be able to last. He could feel the sweat on his brow and glanced at the clock in the kitchen indicated it may be time for him to wrap things up and give his young lover a break.

They continuously switched positions, tried everything from 69 to reverse cowgirl. She was taking the lead and loving every second of it. She loved to get what she wanted.

Phil's pace started to slow down and he seemed to be losing his steam when he looked forward and was meet with glare that would put medusa herself to shame.

“DON'T YOU DARE CUM!!”she barked at him

Annoyed that she would even dare tell him what to do, he reached down and grabbed a fist-full of her hair and pulled till the back of her head rested on his shoulder.


He could see the fear in her eyes and tears began to develop. A small whimper was barely audible. Letting his hand slide down to her neck,he rubbed his thumb and index finger against the sides and deeply exhaled.

“I didn’t mean to frighten you. ”

Shyly she looked back at him “ It's alright. I don’t mind.

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  ” Once again that playful smirk light across her face letting him know everything was alright.

He continued passionately fucking her into the wee hours of morning, when he finished he felt as if he had just run a marathon. Walking out onto a balcony he lit a cigarette and took a long drag. Rubbing his head he tried to remember how last night's events had catapulted into a cliche of being one of those teachers that sleeps with students.

As Phil was contemplating the fine line between what and what not to do after hours with students, Sophia had made them each a cup of coffee. She offered one to him as she stepped onto the balcony. He took it and gave her a polite smile.

“ Don't think about it so much otherwise you’ll give yourself a migraine. ” Sophia said sounding worried.

“Think about it if you're in my shoes it looks bad either way. ” Phil sighed

“Nobody has to know alright just think of it as a one night stand forget the fact that I’m your student and forget about it. ” said Sophia doing her best to comfort him.

“But I don't want to forget it I want to love you like I did last night carefree. ” said Phil sounding defeated.

“Then we’ll just have to keep this our little secret won't we!’ Sophia smiled at him then took a sip of coffee

With that Phil eased up and agreed to keep the happenings of the night before a secret and watched the sunrise before he bid Sophia good night and happily walked the streets beaming from ear to ear.



Sophia left his apartment a little after seven thirty in the morning.

Phil stood with his coffee on the balcony hoping to get some fresh air but also to look for Sophia . He tentatively watched the street for a glimpse of Sophia, Also the paranoia was beginning to make him feel uneasy and he was trying to watch without getting noticed, hoping not to see on her impulsively on her cellphone feeling the need to update or tell the world what had happened like so many of her generation.

He spotted her on the street happily walking toward the subway, no phone in sight.

Sophia felt as if she was walking on a cloud as she left Phil's building and happily walked the streets beaming from ear to ear. Eager to see what the future had in store for her and her new lover.