The Avengers Movie: What If Thor Had Been A Few Minutes Late?


This is a work of complete fiction.   It just popped into my  brain and I wrote it down. Everyone in this story is of legal age, whoever you are, where ever you are.   No one under legal age may read this, if you know what's good for you.   No one over legal age should read this for the same reason. Please feel free to repost this in any non-pay site but it would be nice if you could let me know where.   All characters used in this story are a parody of any real or fictional person. Comments are always welcome and appreciated. No character is under 18 yrs old.


The Avengers Movie: What if Thor had been a few minutes late?

Starring: Scarlett Johansson as The Black Widow


     Natasha Romanoff, aka Natalie Roman, aka Shield Agent Romanoff, aka The Black Widow was trapped.   Trapped in the expanded guts of the S. H. I. E. L. D.

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   hellicarrier.   Trapped with her worse nightmare.   Trapped with the Hulk.


     Fear did not come easily to Natasha. Raised as a assassin and a spy when she was just a child and later recruited into S. H. I. E. L. D. , she had seen and done far too much to succumb to fear.   But the Hulk…  When Agent Caulson informed Natasha that she would be the one to bring in Banner a cold chill had ran down her spine. She knew handling Banner would be no problem by herself.   But the Hulk…  Banner was a lonely man on the run and probably desperate for a little meaningful human contact.   Natasha had known that the best way to approach Banner was with a seemingly unofficial and honest way.

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    But the Hulk…  She was a gorgeous woman with a fit and toned body, heart shaped ass, flaming red hair, full lips, sparkling blue eyes and large, firm C-cup breasts.   She had no problem approaching men and engaging them.   But the Hulk…


     Now Natasha was trapped in a situation she had never been trained for.   Trapped with the Hulk.   He was massive: Nearly nine feet tall, almost 3 times her width, capable of lifting or crushing several tons, more than capable of jumping 3 miles in a single leap, bullet proof and completely unpredictable.   He was a mountain of unrepressed rage.


     As a spy Natasha was capable of speaking a dozen different languages fluently, slipping into any number of different identities.   All of which were completely useless against the Hulk.


     As a assassin Natasha was capable of silently killing someone a dozen different ways.   She was equally skilled in unarmed combat, firearms, knives and even poisons.   All of which were completely useless against the Hulk.


     As a agent of S. H. I. E.

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  L. D. Natasha had access to world class, top secret documents and Intel, the latest in high-tech weaponry and tools years more advanced than anywhere on the planet.   All of which were not here in the bowels of the hellicarrier.   All of which were completely useless against the Hulk.


     Banner had already been worked up and treading the thin line between human and rage monster as the entire group argued but then surprise took them all. An attack on the hellicarrier happened at just the wrong moment and the explosion had knocked Natasha and Banner into the lower levels. The last straw for Banner and he started to turn.   Ripping through his clothes and targeting her. She had been the one to bring Banner from Calcutta.   She had been the one, it was her fault.   Natasha had tried to make a run for it, to give Thor time to make it to her, but had damaged her ankle in the fall.   She had made a little head way out of sheer terror, putting some distance between herself and the monster, but a back handed slap had sent her flying though the air and off a steel wall.   Her skill set had left her prepared for anything she used to think.   But the Hulk…


     Natasha brought herself shakily to her feet as the Hulk stood growling over her, surely preparing to smash her to paste.

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    She silently accepted what was going to be a rather sticky death.   Thor would never make it in time.   Natasha took what was sure to be her last breath, her firm breasts pushing against her tight uniform, and her life flashed behind her eyes.   Her training as a child, jet-setting across the globe as a spy and dealing in secret files and private information, the blood she spilled and the people whose lives she had ended as a assassin, meeting Clint when he was sent to kill her but being recruited instead, being introduced to Fury, the secret missions with S. H. I. E. L. D. and recruiting Banner. As a child she was taught how to spy, how to fight, how to insinuate herself into people’s lives and when best to lie, cheat, steal or kill.   “No…” she suddenly thought.   “how best to lie, cheat, steal, kill or seduce. ”


     Even as a child Natasha had been beautiful and she had been taught how best to use her charms.   With a overly dramatic swoon she pretended to collapse against the wall.

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    “Oh Hulk. You win. I should have known better than to lie to Banner.   No wonder you’re angry.    You have definitely taught me a lesson.   Hulk is the strongest one there is. ”


     The Hulk gave Natasha a strange look as he slowly raised one of his giant fists


     Natasha reviewed everything she knew about the Banner/Hulk dynamic.   If Banner hated something then the Hulk hated it.   If Banner was hungry then the Hulk was hungry.   And if Banner was attracted to someone then the Hulk was attracted to them and if Banner was lonely then the Hulk too was lonely.  Natasha cocked her hips to one side and arched her back, pushing out her chest.   “I bet Banner was pretty upset when he found out we had a cage for him.   Probably pretty upset at me for not telling him, huh?”


     Natasha slowly raised one of her hands up to the neck of her tight uniform, careful no to startle the Hulk.   “Boy. It is sure hot in here, huh Hulk?  I guess I shouldn’t have shot that steam pipe then?”  She talked slowly and lovingly to the Hulk, as if he was a child.

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    A large potentially murderous child.   “And Banner… I bet he couldn’t have handled all this steam.   Could he?  Nope. ”  Natasha slowly started pulling down the zipper of her uniform, exposing her slender neck and her sweaty cleavage encased in her sports bra.   She dropped the pitch of her voice, going from calming to seductive.   “I bet it’s not too hot for you.   Not for the The Incredible Hulk.   I bet Banner couldn’t take all this heat. ”


     Natasha pulled the top of her uniform open, exposing her bra encased tits and gleaming abdomen, hoping her idea would work.   Desperately hoping to change all of Banner’s anger at her from violence into something she could use.   “I can imagine all the things Banner wanted to do to me.   All those mean…”  Natasha shrugged her uniform off her shoulders leaving her only in her sports bra from the waist up and letting it dangle behind her.   “…nasty little things. ”  She ran her finger tips across her chest as she seductively licked her juicy lips.   “To bad he wasn’t man enough to catch me.

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  ”  She began to slowly saunter over to the Hulk.   “Not like you Hulk.   You caught me.   Didn’t you?”  Natasha continued to stroke her chest with one hand and placed her other hand on the Hulk’s massive chest.


     The Hulk lowered his arm as woman stroked his chest with one hand and ran her other hand down her own chest, over her large tits, down her sweaty abdomen and used one finger to slowly circle her belly button.   A quizzical look washed over his face as he spoke for the first time in a booming voice.   “Hulk… catch Red Woman?”


     “That’s right Hulk.   You caught me.   And I bet you could do all those nasty, naughty little things to me that Banner couldn’t. ”  Natasha started to slowly run her hands down the Hulk’s chest to his abs, tracing the muscles with her fingertips.


     The Hulk’s brow furrowed as he struggled to think.   “Hulk… do… nasty things?”


     “Naughty things, Hulk. ”  Natasha whispered breathlessly as she continued to caress her chest and the Hulks rippling abs.


     “Nasty, naughty things?”  the Hulk whispered as he continued to stare at Natasha with confusion.


     “That’s right Hulk.

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    Nasty and naughty things.   Because Banner couldn’t catch me. ”  Natasha took the hand sliding across her gleaming chest and joined it the her hand caressing the Hulk.


     “Banner not catch Red Woman.   Hulk catch Red Woman.

  Hulk do nasty, naughty things to Red Woman. ”  The Hulk bellowed, his voice vibrating against the metal walls and pipes.


     “If you can catch me. ”  Natasha lunged around the Hulk, rolling across the floor before regaining her feet and attempting to sprint away.


     “If Hulk catch… huh?”


     Natasha tried to run full out.   If she could get far enough away from the Hulk, give herself enough room to maneuver, she could come up with a plan and escape.   However it wasn’t easy to maintain a sprint in the cramped quarters or with her damaged ankle.   She just wasn’t fast enough.


     After about 30 seconds the Hulk realized that the Red Woman was escaping from him.   He leapt after her, sweeping away any obstacle separating him from the Red Woman.

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    After a few moments the simple creature caught up with the woman and grabbed her dangling uniform and used it to lift her off the floor.   “Hulk catch Red Woman!  Hulk do nasty, naughty things!”  He yelled in triumph.   The Hulk dropped his prey to the floor, grabbed her uniform with one hand and her sports bra in the other and ripped.


     In an instant Natasha was nearly naked.   The only clothing she had left was her black thong, her boots and enough of the lower parts of her pants to cover her calves.   Her sweaty body and her large, gleaming breasts were completely exposed and her pale nipples hardened at the contact with the air.   She had managed not to yell, not wanting to startle the Hulk, and stared defiantly up at his looming body in complete fear.   Quickly regaining composure Natasha gave him a heavy lidded stare and used one hand to remove her sweaty, mussed hair form her eyes and her other hand to play along the tops of her heaving tits.


     Natasha smiled seductively at her worse nightmare and purred.   “Ohh.   Very good Hulk, you caught me.   I’m…” she used one hand to cup one of her large tits, “all…” she used her other hand to slide down her body and play against the front of her black thong, “…yours. ”


     “Hulk catch Red Woman!” the green beast yelled out.   “Do nasty, naughty things!”  The Hulk slammed the Red Woman against a nearby wall.   He grabbed both of her hands in just one of his and raised them above her head, pulling her body up straight and causing her large tits to sit up high and proud on her heaving chest.

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     The Hulk bent down and began trying to kiss Natasha.   His thick, large tongue found her gasping mouth and plunged in.   Because of the size difference a normal kiss was impossible and the Hulk began plunging his tongue in and out of Natasha’s gaping mouth.


     Natasha’s eyes shot open in shock.   “Jesus!” she thought.   “His tongue is larger than most cocks.   So much for trying to run for it.   I’ve got to see this through. ”  Using her years of experience at seduction and because of the size of the Hulk’s tongue was the size of a cock anyway, Natasha decided to treat it like it was, if fact, a cock.   She used her own warm, wet tongue to caress the Hulk’s tongue every time it thrust into her mouth and began slowly bobbing her head back and forth while sucking hard.   “Like a blowjob. ” She told herself.   “Just treat it like any other giant, wet, thick, long cock. ”


     Starting out the Hulk’s thrusting tongue had nearly choked the frightened, sweat soaked spy, but as Natasha took control of the kiss he relaxed enough and she started to breathe easier.   She moaned deep in the back of her throat as she continued to suck at the Hulk’s tongue and bob her head back and forth.




     The Hulk used his free hand to molest the Red Woman’s gleaming chest.   His hand was large enough to cover bother of her well-endowed, creamy tits and he enjoyed the way her hard, pink nipples scraped against his calloused palm.


     “Fffuuucccggghhh!” Natasha tried to yell out around the tongue raping into her mouth as the Hulk molested her naked chest and she felt her body start to respond.   She had never felt anything like this before.   The Hulk’s giant hand covered both her impressive tits so that any stimulation one of her breasts felt was felt by the other at the exact same time.   Every squeeze, grab, rub and flick of the Hulk’s hand was like sexual stereo.   She shuddered in unwanted pleasure as her thong covered pussy became drenched.   She had started out just wanting to keep the Hulk distracted long enough for Thor to find them and now she was feeling pleasure like never before.


     The Hulk pulled his head back from Natasha as she unconsciously bent her head forward, not want to release his invading tongue.


     The Hulk released the panting, moaning Red Woman’s chest and licked his lips at the sight of her pale tits jiggling around on her chest, their natural firmness kept them from moving for too long.   Her tits pointed out high on her panting chest and her nipples were small, pale little stones.   The Hulk bent down and began lashing the creamy tits with his tongue and tasting the salt from her sweat.


     “Oh Fuck!” Natasha screamed out in unwanted pleasure before quickly clamping her sore mouth shut.   “Don’t want… don’t want to…”  It was so hard for her to think straight with this much bliss shooting through her body.   “Don’t want to s… startle… startle him.

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  ”  She bit her bottom lip and screwed her eyes shut in concentration.   Trying not to yell out is sexual pleasure, but it was the hardest thing she had ever done.   She had never had someone treat her tits like this.   Hell, nobody but the Hulk was capable of treating her tits like this.


     The Hulk’s large tongue lashed at the Red Woman’s pale chest.   His tongue was so large that is could completely envelope one whole tit allowing him to lick and lift the whole fleshy orb, scrapping at her hard nipples before letting the tit fall to gravity.   The Red Woman shivered with each long lick and began moaning and grunting louder and louder each time.   The Hulk gave one long, drawn out swipe to one delicious tit and then the other, alternating back and forth.   Driving the sexy female wild.


     With one long lick Natasha moaned, unable to hold it in anymore.   “Fuuuucccckkkk…” finishing it with a hiss and still trying to not shout out.   Every time she felt the Hulk’s tongue licking at her chest she pushed her tits out farther, trying to shove as much of her heated flesh against his monstrously large tongue as possible, not wanting it to miss an inch of her.   Her breath was coming in sharp, ragged gasps as she felt herself responding more and more to the Hulk’s violent treatment to her body.   She squeezed her thighs together and rubbed them back and forth wanting, needing, craving the friction.   Her pussy felt like it was on fire and she could feel her juices mixing with her sweat and sliding down her legs to puddle on the floor.

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     The Hulk lashed his tongue sideways across the Red Woman’s tits, enjoying the taste of her sweat and the feel of her nipples as they scraped his tongue.   He lifted his head up a little to stare at her quivering breasts rising and falling with each of her panting breaths.   “Hulk like pretty tittes. ” The beast snorted before bending back down.


     “Jesus Fuck!” Natasha screamed out suddenly.   The Hulk had taken his mouth and placed it entirely over one of her gleaming tits and sucked hard.   The whole tit fit easily into his mouth with enough room for him to lick and stroke the firm flesh with his wet tongue.   Natasha couldn’t keep silent anymore.   “Oh Fuck, Jesus, Ohhh!  Mmmmm oh fuck oh fuck, mmmm oh god!” she screamed out in pure, unwanted pleasure.   The Hulk released her tit with a loud smacking sound and started in on the other quivering tit.   “Fuck!” she yelled.   All thought about not startling the Hulk was forgotten.   All thought was gone.   All that mattered was the feel of her chest being assaulted by the monster.


     Natasha squeezed her toned thighs together, desperate for the friction, desperate to cum.

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    Her stark terror had first turned to near animalistic lust and now it was a near inhuman need to cum.   She no longer cared that the Hulk was a gamma irradiated monster that had nearly killed her, all that mattered to the sweat soaked and lust driven secret agent was that he make her cum.


     The Hulk released the Red Woman’s pale flesh and lifted his head up to stare at her.  “Red Woman taste good. ”


     Natasha barely had the energy to open her eyes.   Her mouth was parted as she panted and gasped for breath, licking her scarlet lips and trying to stare bleary eyed at the monster.   “Tha… thanks. ”


     The Hulk leaned close to the Red Woman’s face and grinned.   “Hulk taste more!”  Using his free hand he ripped off her thong, exposing her over heated, drooling pussy.


     As the Hulk tore away Natasha’s black thong, the material threaded though her tight ass cheeks and slid across her puckered asshole and swollen pussy lips, causing her to scream out.   “Aaarrrrrgghh!”  “Jesus.   Almost (pant)… almost there.   Cum.   I need to (pant)… need to cum. ” She thought desperately.

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    The feel of her wet, naked cunt exposed to the air caused a shudder to run through her body as she panted in lust and causing her tits to jiggle on her heaving chest.   As the Hulk bent down she unconsciously spread her creamy thighs, her labia opening slightly and a stream of her hot juices streamed to the floor.


     The Hulk took a moment to sniff quizzically at the Red Woman’s open pussy and licked his lips in anticipation.   He stuck his long tongue out and licked at the moisture between the Red Woman’s legs and causing her to moan out.   He watched her panting chest, almost hypnotized by her swaying tits.   The Hulk smacked his lips and grinned.   “Red Woman taste good.   Hulk want more!” the green beast bellowed as he shoved his inhumanly long tongue into the Red Woman’s sopping pussy.


     “Finally!” Natasha screamed as her orgasm ripped through her.   The Hulk’s tongue filled her more than any cock she had ever taken as it slid through her tight cunt and stretched her overheated walls.   “Fuck!” she screamed as the Hulk released her hands as he tongue fucked her and she used her now freed hands to grip his hair and wrapped her toned and creamy legs around the green beasts head.   The Hulk was using one hand to hold Natasha up, her tight ass seated in his palm and used the thumb of its other hand to strum across her sweat slick tits.   With every flick of the Hulk’s thumb her tits swished back and forth on her heaving chest and she squealed out every time his callused thumb scraped across her hard nipples.


     The Hulk moaned in pleasure, a deep rolling rumble that started in his massive chest and vibrated up his neck to his thrusting tongue as more of her juices filled his mouth.


     “Oh Fuck Yes!” Natasha screamed out as she came again.

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    It was too much, the Hulk’s callused thumb abusing her jiggling tits, her firm ass cheeks scrapping against his rough palm and his thick tongue stretching her pussy more than it had ever been before.   Natasha began thrusting her hips up to meet his probing tongue, humping against the Hulk’s mouth and face-fucking the nearly mindless beast.


     The Hulk grunted, enjoying the taste between the Red Woman’s legs that were wrapped around his head.   He wanted more and he knew how to get it.   He moved his pinky finger on his hand holding the sweaty Red Woman’s ass as she grinded against him.


     Natasha froze, her eyes wide in shock and fear as she felt the Hulk’s pinky finger move across her toned ass.   “no” she whispered.   In an instant the sweat from her body combined with the cum drooling from her over-heated cunt allowed the Hulk to penetrate her tiny, tight, puckered little asshole.   “Aaarrrggggh!  Fuuuuucccccckkkkk…” she screamed, as her tightest hole was violated and the Hulk’s pinky finger slid inside of her.


     The Hulk’s littlest finger was easily the size of the biggest cock Natasha had ever had, and combined with the Hulk’s tongue stretching her pussy, her body was filled like it had never been before.   With a lust filled thrust onto the Hulk’s finger and tongue she came and screamed out in pleasure.   “Ooooo hhhh Godddddddd!” Natasha came harder than any time in her life.   She screamed as she slammed her tight ass down, loving the unwanted penetration and gripping the Hulk’s head with her toned thighs as her upper body thrashed around.   Her firm, large tits sloshed around on her heaving chest as she shook and shuddered in the wake of the most savage orgasm she would ever have in her life.   Wave after wave of electric pleasure crashed and tore through her sweating, lust filled body.

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    Natasha struggled to remain conscious as her body peaked higher than it ever would again.


     As her orgasm began to ebb, Natasha felt herself begin to slip into unconsciousness and lost her grip on the Hulk’s head and her thighs went numb as tiny tremors rippled through her muscles.   She slid out of the Hulk’s hands and fell flat onto the floor, in a puddle of her own cum, in front of the great beast.   She meekly tried to lift herself up but realized it was useless.   The most powerful orgasm she had ever had left her completely helpless.   Natasha could do nothing except lay naked in a sweaty, prone heap at the Hulk’s feet as he stood and stared down, smiling at her.   Through her wide, fearful, bleary eyes she could see the massive erection trying to rip its way out of the Hulk’s pants.   It was easily the size of one of her thighs and nearly as long as her entire torso.   It would easily split her in half and all she could do was occasionally twitch as she came down from her orgasm.


     “Hulk do nasty, naughty things to Red Woman. ” The Hulk bellowed as he began reaching for the front of his pants.


     With a sudden crash Thor burst through the wall and carried the Hulk to the other side of the room and through the wall at the opposite side.


     “Bout time. ” Natasha moaned, shuddering in fear at the thought of being fucked by the Hulk’s massive erection.   “Gotta find my spare uniform.

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  ” She dreamily thought as she began crawling to the stairs.


The End.

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