In Search of the Final Freedom: Chapter Seventeen

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In Search of the Final Freedom:
An Erotic Socio-Political Novel
By Pat Tomason
Pat_Tomason@hotmail. com


Raising the Flag of Revolution


Cooper had traveled a good bit, but had never done more than transfer planes in New York. Even for a seasoned traveler New York was a bit overwhelming. It was late by the time the stood outside the terminal and hailed a cab. Even at night the traffic seemed dauntingand the buildings seemed to close in around them as they drove into the city. The traffic, the crowds, the noise all reinforced Coopers dislike for big cities.

Their hotel room was small, but well appointed. The bed was comfortable, and that’s what mattered most. It had been a very busy week and though they talked about going out on the town, they ended up eating at one of the hotel’s restaurants and simply taking a stroll around the hotel before going to bed early.

The opening wasn’t until 1:30 so they spent the morning touring the New York sites, but returned to the hotel so they could freshen up and get dressed for the opening. While Bonnie worked on her make-up, Cooper reviewed his notes for possible interviews. Amy had emailed him early in the week that she would be counting on him to help her field the questions about the philosophical position on public sexuality and the FFF’s position.

Bonnie had also emailed Amy, but her questions were about appropriate attire. As a consequence she had brought one semiformal outfit for the afternoon opening and a gown for the Gala Opening in the evening.

The cab ride to the gallery was not long, and as they pulled up in front of a fairly typical New York multi-story building with the bottom floor given to retail. Cooper couldn’t help but be amused that even in New Your City, the display cases were empty except for a sign that read CENSORED.

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At the door was a man in a back tuxedo. Cooper had to present their tickets before entering. The door was opened and they were politely escorted in.
The gallery was a Spartan affair, essentially a large warehouse with exposed second story steel structure. There were no walls that went to the ceiling, only ten foot panels attached to support columns. But it was airy and conductive for large groups.

Directly inside the door was a bronze sculpture of what was styled to be an old vine wrapped tree, rising well above the separator panel behind it. But as part of this exhibit. it was in fact a larger than life sculpture of a couple, standing, making love. The man comprised the tree trunk and the woman, standing on one tip toe was the counterpoint. One of her legs jutted out at a ninety degree angle, like a limb of the tree and her hair, resplendent in gold leaf, spread out a good twenty feet like golden willow branches. It would have been very nice, but not unusual work if the sculpture had omitted the thick bronze penis spreading a very visible pair of labial lips. From the ground looking up it was indeed the most explicit sculpture he or Bonnie had ever seen. Moving on they had to negotiate around small groups of people deep in discussion. Many had hand held computer devices on which they were making notes on each piece.

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   Cooper noticed a good number had badges around their necks labeled PRESS. He tried to read who they represented, but it was difficult without being too obvious. Moving around they could clearly pick out Amy’s works, they all had a lushness that none of the others could match.

Rounding another sculpture, this one a life sized bronze of a couple making love resting on an actual, wood and upholstery, antique divan. It was quite striking, having caught the couple’s passion in mid-stride.

There were a number of paintings by someone with an interesting primitive style. Those paintings looked as if they had been uncovered by archeologist rather than recently painted. Another artist used a more impressionist approach, giving more a feeling or the moment. They had been looking at a group of three paintings of the same couple when Bonnie turned around, and there, taking up the entire with of the twelve foot wide panel was their painting. She whipped Cooper around to see. It was magnificent. It was all their painting at home and much more. The size gave a presence and gravity that took their breath away.
“It was worth the trip just to see this. ” Bonnie said

“I can’t believe how much more she put into it.

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   And the sheer size” Cooper gushed.

They stood and discussed every inch of the huge painting before moving on. Very pleased with Amy and themselves, they looked at an interesting mixed media using real organic matter and what they guessed to be clay. From this vantage point, Cooper saw what was surely the live art display.
Four bamboo pedestals held a tangle of dense vegetation. A fan from above caused the leaves and vines to sway gently .

He urged Bonnie to follow “Now just stand and watch this for a minute. ” He said quietly.

“What am I looking for?” she whispered

“Just wait” he asked

After about ninety seconds she said “I see it. There is a couple having sex in there. ”

“I was beginning to wonder if you would”

“How did you know?”

“Amy told me about it about a month ago. ”

A middle aged woman standing near Bonnie asked “Where do you see that?”

Bonnie pointed out “See, his feet pointing up and there is her thigh. She’s pained like the plants”

Then the lady said “Oh, yes. I see it. She is just barely moving on him, but, oh yes, it is the real thing, they’re not faking it.


   That’s a ballsy move to have live sex at an exhibit. No one has done anything like that since the days of Andy Warhol and The Factory. “

She jotted something down on a steno pad she was carrying, then asked “Did I hear your friend say Amy told him about this. Did he mean Amy Douglas?”
The woman speaking was silver haired and slightly heavy set. She appeared to be in her fifties, but still was very fashionably dressed, even provocatively, with a low cut dress showing a good bit of cleavage, especially for a woman her age.
“Yes, she’s been a friend of ours for years. ” Bonnie said, then with some pride she said “That’s us” pointing across the way where they could see part of the big painting behind a panel.

”Oh,” The woman was now clearly interested “My name is Claudia McPherson, I write for the New York Daily News. And you are?”
“I’m Bonnie Campbell and this” puling Cooper over to her “is my husband Cooper. Amy asked us to come for the opening because she wanted some of the model couples to come and because Cooper writes a lot of the stuff for their non-profit. ”

The reported put out her hand and reintroduced herself. “So, Mr. Campbell, in my briefing I was told you are the spokesman for the Final Freedom Foundation. ”
“Well, I don’t know we have an official spokesman, but I am on the Board and I have written a good bit of the material that was released to the press. Did any of that material come your way?”

“Yes, I read some of it in the press release and your article in Salon.

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   I do both arts and culture work for the Daily News, that’s why I was given this story, it appears to be a bit of both. We could talk here, but I’d really rather have a sit down with you. ”

“We are only in town for the day”

“How about right after the exhibit closes?”

“I’ll say yes, but I haven’t even told Amy I’m here and don’t know if she has something for me to do. ”

The reporter stuck to her guns and said “I’ll meet you at five then. How about I’ll take you two to dinner and we can talk then. ” Cooper, feeling a bit out of his dept agreed. No sooner had he done so than the aggressive reporter scurried off.

He looked over at Bonnie “That was weird”

She gave him a wry smile “So goes the life of fame”

“Yea right, I don’t’ even rate being a talking head. ”

They had toured the entire exhibit before finally finding Amy. She was engrossed in a discussion with a group of people, none whom he recognized. He and Bonnie slowly moved into her field of vision hoping to get her attention. His plan worked and Amy waved for she and Bonnie to come over.

“I’m so glad you’re here. ” Amy exclaimed as she gave Cooper a hard kiss on the lips then gave Bonnie the same. He was sure she was making some point to the onlookers, but did not know what.

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  She then introduced Cooper and Bonnie to her audience: an art critic, a writer for an art magazine and reporter for The Village Voice. Then she continued “I hadn’t seen you and was afraid you didn’t make it. ”

Amy looked great. Her salt and pepper hair was shorter than it had been when he saw her last,but it was beautifully done. She wore a silk kimono with a floral motif. She looked professional, in charge and beautiful.
“We’ve been here for a good while, but couldn’t find you. ” Cooper said
“The show is absolutely terrific. ” Bonnie added “I love our painting, it is even better than the one you gave us”

Amy then explained to the press people that the large paining was of Cooper and Bonnie and how they were an upstanding southern couple, active in their church and community and they had agreed to let her paint them making love last winter.
Cooper corrected “That’s all true but we are also old friends of Amy and her husband. ”

Amy agreed “Oh, yes that’s true. That’s how I knew that Cooper is the true Renaissance man. He is an extremely talented architect, a philosopher, a teacher and a passionate lover. ”

Cooper was shocked she had said that. He knew she was opening her life up, but did not think she was going to go that far.

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   Evidently she saw his shock because she added “but that is strictly off the record. ” Then she winked at him and said “but it’s the truth”. “Well boys” she said to the reporters “That’s enough for now, I’ll answer more questions at the press conference after the doors close at 3:30.

Once the reporters left Cooper asked “How do you think it’s going?”

“I think really well, our publicist did a good job of inviting the most liberal minded press people. So far I’ve only heard positive things, but I’m new at this working with the press. ”

“So am I” Cooper agreed “I got cornered by a woman from the Daily News”
“How’d it go?”

“I got roped into doing dinner with her. ”
“It could have been worse. You heard what I said about the press conference. I want you to join me and the other artists on the panel to field their questions. ”

“I’m not sure if should be there, it’s your time to shine. ”

”But I want you there to discuss the open sexuality philosophy with them. And Besides I want to them to meet the real couple behind what the press is calling my best paining. ”

“OK, we’ll come, but we will sit to the side and if you need us we will be there”

A woman with a press badge around her neck approached prompting Amy to agree to Cooper’s suggestion before she and the reporter began to discuss her paintings. Cooper and Bonnie moved off to look at the rest of the exhibit.

They took their time and talked to several people so that the time passed quickly and thus passed the time until the gallery closed and about twenty chairs were set up in the front of the gallery, facing a rectangular table with four chairs on one side.

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   It was a low keyed affair, and apparently most of the reporters and critics knew each other well. The questions were mostly about their background and how they came to create the exhibit. Amy related most if the story that she had told Cooper, but she completely omitted the fact the artists were sleeping with each other before they did it to be sketched.

One of the obviously gay critics asked why all the art was of heterosexual couples. Amy answered“We actually do have quite a few works involving same sex couples and of groups that include same sex couples. We excluded them from this, our first exhibit, frankly for political reasons. We didn’t want to fight more than one battle at a time, if we had put them out the entire press reaction would have been about homosexuality. That brings me to mention the FFF, the Final Freedom Foundation for which this show is raising money. Let me introduce Mr. Cooper Campbell and his beautiful wife Bonnie. ”

She motioned to Cooper and Bonnie who were sitting to the far right of the table. “Cooper and Bonnie are old friends and they were among the first couples I asked to paint. For the record they have been married nearly 20 years, are active in their rural Georgia church and have two wonderful teenage children. The large painting on the north wall you all liked so much is of Bonnie and Cooper. Cooper is a highly regarded architect but has recently moved to the academic arena and teaches at Augusta State University.

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   He is one of the co-founders of the FFF and writes most of our position papers. Cooper, could you come give a brief summary of the FFF position on gender and sexuality. ”
This was Cooper’s moment; he had given hundreds of presentations to groups of this size, but not on this subject. It was only a matter of feet from where he sat to the table, but it seemed much father as the tension rose in his stomach. He so wanted to do this well.

Approaching the table he began to speak. “The FFF rejects the modern dichotomy of hereto or homosexuality, instead we take the more traditional philosophical approach to human sexuality. We believe humans are naturally sexually responsive to both genders and that preferences for one gender or the other is a matter of taste influenced by a myriad of mostly environmental factors. For instance many young people are sexually attracted to people with tattoos and piercings, most older people are not, but that does make those who are somehow fundamentally different than those who are not? Of course not. Similarly, could under the right circumstances a non-body art practitioner have enjoyable sexual relations with someone with body art? Of course they could. Thus the FFF position is that people are sexual and under the right circumstances nearly all people can and will have enjoyable sexual retaliations with people of either gender. ”

The reporter from the Village Voice asked “So does the FFF support gay rights. ”

“We support and promote everyone to come out of the closet. We support each person’s right to live out their sexuality, publicly, in their own manner. We support the right to be celibate, we support the right to be monogamous, we support the right to sexually involved with as many people as you may choose.

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  We support sexual openness in all it’s forms but we oppose the hypocrisy of public stands for one sexual standard while living a different standard in private. ”

“So do you support gay rights?”

“I said we support openness. In my part of the country not too many years ago, sexual relations between blacks and whites was illegal, yet few African Americans do not have some European genes. Just as public taboos on interracial sex have been discredited, so must similarly ignored taboos about gender. I would suggest that it is not just the religious right that stifles sexual openness in this area, it is also the sexual-political left that does the same. Back in the 1950’s Kinsey found that about 25% of males had had sex with a male in their adulthood, yet most studies today find less than 7% of men identify themselves as gay or bi-sexual. Why is that? I would suggest that by the gay political community’s insistence on labeling, the majority of men who on occasion have sex with other men are driven further underground. The FFF would suggest that by letting people just be people with out sexual labels. For instance, a number of my male friends, who would never associate with the gay movement, will, in certain settings, enjoy having sexual contact with other men. It is the labeling by both the left and right that dives sex underground. ”
“Would you be one of those men?” the reporter asked

“We are committed to diversity. We do not exclude any race of people from our sexual world and similarly I would not be breaking confidence by saying everyone I know involved with the FFF is open to enjoying either gender on occasion. ”

The next question went back to art style and so Cooper sat down. It was the very last question that again involved someone other than the artists. A reporter asked “I would like to asked Mrs.


   Campbell a question”

Amy, who was the moderator agreed. “Mrs. Campbell, as a woman and a mother, first I’d like to know how your feel about these ideas of openness and second I would be interested in knowing how it makes you feel to have such an explicit painting of you in such a public place”

Bonnie, though she had been a high school teacher, and had taught classes in church for years, was totally unused to speaking in a professional setting. She sat frozen until Cooper pushed her slightly. She almost stumbled over to the table. Using one hand to brace herself she stalled “Can you repeat your question?”

After he did, with a dry mouth she began “As a woman and mother?” she continued to stall “I should say that I’m not just a woman and a mother, but a Southern woman and mother. I live in a modern Mayberry where a middle-class morality is enforced by an aristocracy who do not feel themselves obligated to obey. So in my world sexual repression is just a tool of the old bitties to control everyone else. So, what do I think of the idea of sexual openness? As a woman it brings about more equality of in both social class and gender. As a mother it is simply advocating to others what we Cooper and I have practiced in our home and recommended to our friends. Nudity and sex has never been an issue in our home. Because we have always treated sex like a normal part of life our seventeen year old daughter doesn’t have to hide the fact she is as well. Because I myself am sexually active I can lead by example when it comes to demanding respect from those with whom I am sexually involved as well as in safer sex practices. Is that what you wanted to know?”

“Yes, but what about the explicit painting?”

“As far as the painting goes, it is beautiful. Why should I be anything but thrilled? That painting will be viewed and appreciated for generations.

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With that the press conference was over. Bonnie asked Cooper anxiously “How’d I do?”
“You were great. You couldn’t have done better. ”
Amy came over as he spoke and agreed “You were fantastic, both of you. I wish I could thank you more, but now I’ve got to get ready for the big show tonight. ” She leaned forward and gave each of them them quick, but open mouth kisses. Then before she left, she said “It will be crazy tonight so if I don’t see you then, I want you to come to the after show party in the Hospitality Sweet at the Warwick. We’ll all get drunk and naked, for artistic reasons of course. It’s suite 3106” She smiled a wicked smile and was off.
“So are you two ready for a great New York dinner on the Daily News” Claudia McPherson asked from behind them.

Though he really didn’t much like this woman, he was hungry. “Lead on, the tourist will follow”

With a jolly air she said “Your not a tourist, your on business and that makes you one of the people who make this city go.

Bonnie racing to keep up as Claudia headed out the door “Where are we going?”
Hailing a cab she said “Now if you’ll promise me a great interview, I’ll take you to the Blue Hill, my favorite place in town, but we’ve got to hurry our reservations are for 5:15”

“We promise” Bonnie said as Claudia pushed them into a cab.
She wasn’t kidding, the meal was amazing. So she and Cooper tried to make it worth her while.

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   For a long time Claudia took notes as Cooper discussed the FFF’s philosophy or political freedom is impossible without sexual freedom then continuing on to their central premise that the continued censuring of public sexual expression is a violation of basic human freedoms.

“So” Claudia asked “the FFF would say that if a couple wanted to get naked and have sex in central park they should be allowed to do so?”

“Absolutely, the state has no vested interest in telling them to stop”

“What about in this restaurant?” she asked

“The state has a vested interest in public health and we would not oppose the laws requiring full clothing where it already deemed necessary for hygiene, such as restaurants. As a general rule, the FFF would say that the state has no right to prohibit nudity or sex in most public outdoor settings. ”

“So you link public sex to free speech?”

“Yes, the courts have long supported the concept that clothing is speech, as is non verbal communication, such as mime. We just suggest the two should be linked.
As they were finishing dinner Claudia moved to Bonnie and Cooper’s personal life. Starting by quoting Bonnie from the press conference she said “Bonnie, you said that you are sexually active and said you demand respect from those with whom you are sexually involved. Does that mean you are sexually involved with people other than your husband?”

The sudden shift of focus took Bonnie off guard; however, she was ready for the question. “Claudia, from the research I’ve done, there are very few healthy women of my age who have been monogamous since their first marriage. I think it is less than 15%. So the fact I am not monogamous, makes me in the vast majority of women. I’m sure your experience, like mine with my friends, would support that contention. What is unusual is that I will sit in front of you and my husband and freely admit that I have had a good many sexual playmates. Now I don’t have a lover as such. Cooper doesn’t object that I have adult fun with other people, but he has asked that I not have a lover as such.

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   We discussed and agreed to the conditions of our open marriage a good two years before I first acted on that agreement, so I abide by that restriction as firmly as I did monogamy for all the years we had an excusive marriage. “

Claudia busily wrote notes long after Bonnie finished. Then she looked at Cooper, “She seems to indicate that she initiated the practice of open marriage. So you were monogamous after she was not. ”

Cooper simply said “Yes” but Bonnie elaborated “It was over a year after I became sexually active that he first had sex with another woman, and even then I was there encouraging him or he might not have. ”

“That’s seems unusual, I would have guessed it would have been the man pushing for open marriage” Claudia said almost to herself.

This annoyed Bonnie and she, with some irritation launched into Claudia “I would suggest you have been listening to the radical feminist who thinks all men are sex maniacs and all wives are oppressed. I live in the most conservative part of the country and I can tell you with some certainty that the married women today are at least as sexually active as the men, if not more so. So I think maybe you should do some research and write a story on that”
Claudia backtracked and said “I guess I need to rethink some things. I didn’t mean to offend you. Let me ask this to make sure I have it right. You two have an open marriage, but it is Bonnie who most often has other sexual partners?”
Bonnie agreed that was correct.

“Is the FFF also in favor of open marriage?”

Cooper answered “The FFF does not have a position at all on that subject. What the FFF favors is openness to practice what ever type of union two people might choose to have. ”

“two or more people” Bonnie added

“Yes, or more.


  ” Cooper agreed “You might not know it but among young people there is a trend to group dating, where a group of kids go out together rather than in pairs like we did as kids. ” Bonnie took over “And in that group they are sexually active with each other on a fluid basis. A girl might be with one guy one time and another guy or girl the next night, but they don’t consider themselves loose because they keep it within the group”

“Is that what your daughter does?”

Bonnie said “I’ve said all I’m going to say specifically about her. I won’t violate her privacy by telling you more with out her permission. ”

Claudia answered “I understand that”

“But I will say in general terms, that among the teens I know there are far fewer hard and fast couples than there were when I was their age. In fact I can’t think of any of Misty’s friends who have a long term monogamous relationship. ”

“This might be a story in itself. I will do some work on the new sexual attitudes of teens. ” Claudia said.

“Be sure to remember that not all teens are city kids, or even suburban. Rural America is alive and well, even if you New York folks don’t know it. ”

After dinner Claudia dropped them off at their hotel, they had less than an hour to change into their formal clothes and get back to the gallery. Cooper had a black tux and Bonnie was a designer knock-off she had found on the net. It was an ankle length gold chiffon halter neck gown with thigh high slits up the outside of both legs. It was made of many layers of gossamer, almost weightless silk and it flowed over her body like a waterfall.

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   The neck’s halter style was low cut and two sides that covered her breasts did not connect until low on her waist so that the sides of her breast were visible. As she moved the motion of the many layers made her appear to fly through space. She would have to be careful however, because if she moved two quickly her breasts might free themselves of their covering entirely.

Cooper found it extremely sexy and wasted no time in putting his hands under the fabric to ascertain that she wore nothing at all underneath. It they hadn’t been pressed for time they would have had a quickie before they left but as it was they didn’t walk out of the room until the time they planned on being at the gallery. As the cab pulled up it was clear this was a very different kind of event. There must have been two dozen or more press, all with cameras, in front of the gallery. These were not art reporters but rather the infamous paparazzi waiting for stars. It was unnerving when the cab stopped and before they opened the door it was surrounded by peering faces. However, nearly all backed off once they saw that Bonnie and Cooper were no one of interest. The disappointed cadre of photographers made way for the nobody’s and they presented their tickets and went inside.

Once inside the gallery, Bonnie was glad she had spent the money for the dress, the women were fabulously dressed and no matter their age beautiful and sexy. This group was at the gallery for clearly different reasons than the first. There were few people looking carefully at the art and most stood around preening and talking. Though Cooper was not a People Magazine type and didn’t recognize many of the stars, it was not hard to tell who were the VIP’s; they were they were the best dressed and had an entourage in tow.

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Compared with the dozens of photographers outside, inside Cooper only found one photographer, but he was busily shooting photos of just about everyone, even Cooper and Bonnie, though he clearly took more interest and more photos of Bonnie.

He saw Dr. McKinnon from the FFF board in an animated discussion with a group of well dressed, apparently socialites. She saw him, smiled and waved before launching back into her discussion with those around her.
He did notice a short older man taking a great deal of time looking at the art and it wasn’t until he began to talk to him he recognized Woody Allen’s voice. It was not so hard to recognize Parris Hilton wearing a nearly transparent dress. Bonnie recognized a couple of famous models and a couple of musicians, but the highlight of the evening was meeting Angelina Jolie whom both Cooper and Bonnie thought was the most beautiful woman alive. They’d been there for an hour or so and were beginning to get board when they saw Amy talking in her animated style, not far from their painting, to a couple of people were facing away from them. Amy, seeing them waved them over and said “Cooper, your just in time, Ms. Jolie was asking about the FFF”

Cooper almost fell over himself, she was stunningly beautiful and he felt completely unnerved and began to stammer. Amy rescued him by saying “This is Cooper and Bonnie Campbell, they were the models for the painting over there” she gestured to the painting of them, “and Cooper wrote most of what you have read about the FFF”

The beautiful star put out her hand and said “Call me Angelina. The painting is absolutely wonderful, I will most certainly put in a bid for it. ”
She went on to ask about the FFF and Cooper was delivered from having to really talk because he just repeated the spiel he had now given a dozen times. Even still he quickly excused himself as soon as he’d answered her questions. Bonnie, as usual, was more confident in social situations and she stayed and discussed the art for quite a while longer.

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Cooper, as he waited for Bonnie watched people’s reaction to the live art piece. Most, he saw, did not see it for what it was and simply walked by. Perhaps one in four stopped short when they realized at what they were looking. Naturally when one person in a group saw it, they alerted the others who then were equally as shocked. Though shock was the initial reaction of nearly everyone, few appeared offended by the live art, and most appeared, to Cooper, to be sympathetic to the piece.

He again ran into Dr. McKinnon after she finished a discussion with a reporter. Sliding over to her he asked “What you think of all this Denise?” she smiled.

By the time he and Bonnie left to go to the after show party, they had seen dozens of faces they recognized from the media, but with out a doubt the highlight was talking to Angelina Jolie. The most important talk however was with Andrea Canning of ABC news for use on Good Morning America. As had been arranged by the publicist, ABC had exclusive rights to bring a video crew in during the last thirty minutes of the show. While they were there they did brief on camera interviews with each of the artist and at Amy’s insistence did an interview with Cooper about the FFF. All the interviews were done right in front of their big painting. According the man with the video camera, it was big enough that they could include just a part of it in the frame so as not need any digital blurring to get it on the air. His interview was short, perhaps five minutes.

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   Cooper was told that it edited down to a minute or two and would be held as a filler piece on a slow news day sometime in the next few weeks.
The party was in the main room of the suite that Amy and the other artists had shared for the past few weeks. It had been rented by one of the patrons that had made the exhibit possible. At the end of one of the hotel’s wings the common room was fabulous, with several sitting areas, a wet bar, and a baby grand piano. The regular rooms on either side had adjoining doors to make the group of rooms the size of a house.

The main room at the height of the party had a dozen and a half people and did not begin to seem crowed. Amy arrived not long after Cooper and Bonnie. She was very visibly relived and after a couple of glasses of white wine was positively mellow. Sunk down in the deep comfort of one of the large couches she said, “I really don’t think that could have gone better. When the gallery suggested a publicist I thought they were crazy, especially when I found out how much it would cost, but now I realize why. ”

“I must say, I’m no big celebrity follower, but I was impressed by all the people I recognized” Bonnie agreed.

Amy continued “And those celebrities not only got out the press but drove up the bids for my paintings. We should be in at least a half dozen national magazines and on ABC. If we can’t get the FFF going with that kind of publicity, nothing will. ”

Cooper said “I must admit, I was not expecting to give interviews like that.

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   It was a little unnerving. ”

“You did great. ” Amy said “My guess is that we will need some help handling all the responses and inquires we get. ”

Bonnie, with out planning to do so volunteered “You know I’m not working, I’d be glad to help”

“As executive director of the FFF, I accept your offer and name you the correspondence secretary for the FFF” Amy said “I’ll email you the password to the FFF account and you and Cooper can work up a way to handled the responses. ”

The reporter for the Village Voice, accompanied by another young man came over and sat in a love seat. They were both good looking and immaculately groomed: obviously gay. In fact as Bonnie looked around she realized she counted thirteen men in the room and only five women, including herself. And of those men, there were three obviously gay male couples, one lesbian couple and one unattached man in quasi-drag. Then she thought about it; she was an art party in New York, what else should she expect.

Amy introduced the reporter and his friend; “This is John Russell and his partner Mitchell Markelburg. You already met John, but I don’t think you’ve met Mitchell. He was instrumental in us securing the Foundation money to put on the show. None of this would have happened with out him”

Modestly he replied “I would hope not. I would like to think others would have stepped in if I hadn’t. You and your friends are the real pioneers, pushing forward a progressive agenda that has been moribund since the 80’s.

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  ” Then he stepped up and offered his hand to Bonnie then Cooper. “John told me what you both had to say at the press conference: I thought it was great. ”

It was obvious to Cooper this was a man who was used to being in charge. “And what do you do when your not promoting erotic art?” he asked Mitchell.

“Ah, I’m just another Wall Street suit. ”

Amy corrected “No, not just another suit, the brightest young star in the city. Why do you think he had the clout to get those foundations to fund us. ”

“Let’s just say I have a talent for the market. I was interested Cooper, about your groups position on gay rights. It seems you evaded the issue at the press conference. ”

“I did so intentionally. For the same reason Amy did not show her paintings of men with men or women with women in the exhibit. If I had answered the question directly the FFF would inevitably be seen as just anther gay rights group. I’m sure it’s no different than in your business, if you target a certain sector of the market that doesn’t mean you aren’t’ bullish on other sectors, its just not what your doing at the time. ”

“That makes sense but why the vague response to the question regarding your experiences with men?”

“It is the same reason, it is that I don’t want to confuse the issue.


   And besides I told them we in the FFF don’t make a straight/gay dichotomy. ”
“You’re still not answering the question”

“Certainly I am. Since I believe for most people sex is a matter of being in the right place and in the right mood rather than gender, I am saying the normal experience is that healthy sexually active adults will, at least on occasion, have sexual contact with both genders. Thus when I I say that Bonnie and I are not monogamous we are saying, by definition, that on occasion we both have sex with our own gender on occasion. ”

“Why all the words, why not just say your bisexual?”

“You’re not getting it, we reject those labels entirely. We believe nearly all people can be, using your label bisexual, unless pressured to be otherwise. I would suggest that we should adopt the label unisexual to describe those who are unable to respond sexually to both genders. So I will say I am not unisexual. Does that answer your question?”

Mitchell just leaned back and smiled, then as casually as could be pulled a bag of pot from his pocket and some rolling papers. Cooper and Bonnie tried not to show surprise. After all they were with a very different group here. Cooper hadn’t even see a joint since he was in college, and even then he didn’t partake. Similarly Bonnie hadn’t seen one is just as long, though she did partake at the time, but that had been a long time ago, long before they were parents of two teenagers. Both Bonnie and Cooper became very uncomfortable. Both were ready and waiting for the other to suggest they leave.

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   Neither was ready though, to initiate a retreat and so they stayed as the pot and booze worked its way until the group was largely talking nonsense and laughing a lot. Though generally an abstainer Bonnie downed a few glasses of wine and was laughing with the rest. Cooper however, was and had always been a tee-totaler and stuck to sodas as the room filled with giddy laughs and sexual innuendos.

Denise McKinnon arrived last with a good looking middle aged man Cooper had seen her talking with at the opening. Sitting on the arm of a couch she told Amy, “Sorry we’re late, Pete here, wanted me to meet some of his friends. It seems someone actually did read my book and even more amazing I’m not universally despised in the feminist community. ”

The man behind her reached out a hand to Amy and said “Hugh Goldsmith, of Rolling Stone Magazine. Your art is a breath of fresh air, I’m thrilled to meet you. This show will be the talk of the town by Monday. How long do you plan on running?”

“We have the gallery for two more weeks. Some of the pieces will be auctioned next Friday but we have another dozen pieces to show, including another with of Denise here. ”

He stepped forward and put an arm around her “She didn’t tell me until we’d left the gallery that one of the paintings on display was of her. She really practices what she preaches in her book doesn’t she?”

“She the real deal all right” Amy agreed

“I suggest you schedule some more evening showings, from what I heard from my colleagues, you will most defiantly get some good reviews. ”

“That’s a relief; I really didn’t know what kind of reaction I’d get. ”

While they continued to talk, Cooper slipped off to the restroom, he returned to find Denise and her friend had gone again but Jim Peterson was now saddled up next to Bonnie, whispering in her ear.

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   Cooper went to get a glass of Coke from the wet bar and when he looked back, Jim had one hand under the straps of the low cut dress massaging her breast. Cooper grabbed a bar stool. Near the piano, an impossibly good looking young man played show tunes. Nearby another god like male danced slowly to the music, a joint hanging from his lips as he slowly undressed to “Those were the Days”.

Though Cooper didn’t remember being particularly sexually attracted to men, but watching this man slowly remove each piece of clothing until he danced nude stroking his erect penis captivated him, and turned him on. He reached to move his nearly fully erect penis to a more comfortable position in his pants. “Hot isn’t it?” Mitchell’s voice said from the wet bar behind him. “Yea, he is”

The god-man was now dancing close with his equally nude date, an older and less attractive man.

“The nice thing about being rich and queer in New York is the best boy toys in the world live here. ”

Mitchell took a seat next to Cooper and they watched the two men dance and kiss hard before the older man dropped to his knees and began to caress the younger man’s genitals.

“Looks good doesn’t it” Mitchell said

Cooper said nothing but inwardly wished it was his taking that penis in his mouth.
“Do you like to suck cock?” Mitchell asked

“Yes. On occasion, I do” Cooper answer with out looking away from the show in front of him.

“I can see your wife does too” Mitchell said as he looked over to his right.

Cooper swiveled his head to where his wife sat.

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   Though he could not get a clear view, he could see his wife bent double, her face down in Jim’s lap. She was most defiantly giving him head.

With out any warning, Mitchell unzipped his pants and pulled a good sized, erect penis into the open “So, do you want to blow me?”

Though surprised at the forthright offer, Cooper slid off his stool and stood in front of Mitchell, wrapping his hand around the warm shaft. “But what about John, aren’t you two a couple?” Mitchell said “Yes, but we are no more monogamous than you and your wife are”

Cooper was not prepared for what happened next, though he made no effort at stopping it. Mitchell leaned forward and kissed Cooper, pushing his tongue between Coopers unsuspecting lips. Though a jolt of revulsion knotted his stomach, he responded and offered his tongue to Mitchell.

Though he grew more aroused by the kiss, the sick feeling in his stomach was growing fast. To stave off some embarrassing unpleasantness he broke the kiss and, squatted down and stuffed the firm organ in his mouth.

It had been since the party at the LeMarco’s that he had tasted a man and with abandon he went to work on the penis shaft and head. The taste of the salty musk of the shaft and feel the rubbery bulbous head washed away the sick feeling in his stomach and replaced it with the burning desire to taste this man’s semen. Holding the silken sack in one hand and griping the firm tube with the other Cooper focused all his being on the smells, taste and sounds of his pleasuring this man. He had lost all sense of time as he pressed his lips tight moving up and down, face fucking. He relished the exquisite taste of the first drops of pre-cum on his taste buds and redoubled the pace of his work. Then with a groan from Mitchell he felt the sack tighten and soon the stream of sex filled his mouth. If Mitchell hadn’t pushed him back he would have gone for a second load as soon as he swallowed the first.



“You really are into sucking cock aren’t’ you?” John said standing next to Mitchell as he looked up. “Why don’t the three of us move to one of the beds and get more comfortable before we continue. ” With out waiting for a reply Mitchell and John moved toward an open door at the end of the room.
Cooper looked around. The older man who had been sucking cock was now bent over the back of the couch that he had last seen his wife blowing Jim Peterson. “Where did my wife go?” Cooper inquired as he followed

Mitchell said “Oh, she, Amy and Jim went to the other bedroom a good ten minutes ago. ”
Later, back in their hotel room Cooper told his wife about his first all male sexual experience “It was, to say the least, intense”.

“What did you guys do?” Bonnie asked as she carefully hung her dress up.
“I’ll put it this way, I had one of them up my ass for at leas a solid hour, when one would pull out the other would start. I’ve never been fucked so long that it didn’t feel tight any longer, well tonight it got that way. ”

“So you got fucked, and I saw you blowing Mitchell before I went into the other room with Amy and Jim. Did you blow John too. ”

“Oh yea, a lot of the time one was fucking me, the other put his dick in my face to suck. ”

“Did you like that?” she asked while cleaning the makeup from her face.

Cooper, who was now as naked as his wife, lay back on the bed “When they had worked up a good rhythm where the one behind and the one in front thrust at the same time it worked good.

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   I found, with an average sized dick I can usually take the whole thing in my mouth with out gagging, since neither of them were real big it was cool when one would fuck me hard pushing the one in my mouth deeper. ”

She smiled “Yea, I know what you mean, I like that too. They did use condoms, right?”

“Yea, when they fucked me they used lubed ones, it felt good. But I sucked them raw. ”

“Cooper!” Bonnie said with irritation. “You can still catch things from oral sex. I know you, I’m sure you swallowed”

Cooper blushed and nodded, “I did. ” Just thinking about feeling each load explode in his mouth brought his dick up to half mast. She finished her face and turned to her husband, noticing the growing hard on she crawled over to him on the king sized bed “You like sucking cock don’t you?”

He nodded. She said “So do I” and leaned down to kiss him deeply. She could taste the semen in his mouth and he in turn tasted semen in hers as well.

He pushed her away “Hey, your raging me about letting them cum in my mouth, but I can taste cum in your mouth as well!”

She sat back with a Cheshire grin “I guess we both like cum” He pulled her back to him and pressed his tongue back into her mouth. They made slow love for the next hour as they told the details of what they had done in their separate rooms.

Contrary to Amy’s prediction Dane was not inundated with local press upon his return home. It seems events in the Middle-East took a dramatic turn the day of the exhibit’s opening and since the media seems to only follow one story at a time Cooper’s moment came and went.

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   Over the month of June Cooper did do five interviews, all national publications. It was a relief to both Cooper and Bonnie that the show and the national dialogue that the show had begun had not yetseemed to find it’s way to their little town. They supported the cause, but they were glad it had not yet shifted from an intellectual pursuit to an hysterically emotional one.

That would not come until winter.


Fortunately for Amy and the FFF, the shift in front page news did not seem to affect the arts community. Inquiries and donations flowed into the new foundation. Amy took Bonnie up on her offer to help with the clerical duties; processing and forwarding email, recording and depositing donations, sending out literature, etc. At the next board meeting two weeks after the show Bonnie became the first employee of the FFF: Office Administrator, part time. The board was not yet ready to set up a permanent office but with over $50,000 in proceeds from auctioning a dozen of the art works in New York and requests from gallery’s from Chicago, San Francisco and London to do the exhibit in their cites it was clear the foundation was on it’s way.

A committee was assigned to find suitable space for a corporate office and Amy agreed to discuss taking a sabbatical from the University of South Carolina to spend a year full time with the FFF. Although she was wrong about Cooper being assailed by local news outlets, she was right about the political backlash against her and the University of South Carolina. There had been more that a few calls that she be fired for making “pornographic” paintings, but the University was standing by her: so far.

The Campbell’s study was converted into the FFF office. Though technically a part time job, Bonnie threw herself into the work and then dragged Trisha and Sherry in to help her. Every week in the month of July a national publication produced a story on the art show, the FFF or the issues it raised.

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   In addition to the New York newspapers they were written up in, The Rolling Stone, The New Yorker, Esquire, Playboy, GQ, Cosmopolitan and even Time Magazine did a short piece. Each time an article came out, they received more inquiries.

Even though the FFF began to take up more and more time for Bonnie, a girls trip to Miami was instigated in mid July, by Marcy approaching Bonnie with the idea.
Actually it was instigated by Sarah pestering her mother to talk to Bonnie. It was after their second day of tanning at the Campbell’s pool. Sarah, who had by then announced to her family she was a nudist and forswore clothes at the house. She initially had bullied her mom into abandoning clothes when it was just them at home but by the end of July Marcy also spent nearly all the time at home naked, and enjoying it, though it would take later events to bring her dad, Mike, around. Sarah practically blackmailed her dad into putting up a privacy fence by telling him she didn’t care that some of the boy’s in the neighborhood had been spying on she and her mom laying out naked by the hot tub.

Unlike Misty’s whole group of “open to anything” friends, Sarah found only one friend, Katie, willing to lay out a’ natural on the back deck and that was only occasionally due to her boyfriend, Kevin. Kevin was extremely controlling and demanding of her time. It was only when football practice stared in late June did Katie get to start spending time with Sarah again. Katie was ready to break it off with Kevin, but didn’t know what to do.

Through June and July, Sarah was at the Campbell home so much she had become a rather a fixture, almost a second daughter. This is not to say that that her mother Marcy didn’t come, for she continued with the regular tanning group but also on other days she would stay when dropping off Sarah. Sarah applied her new commitment to nudism at the Campbell’s.

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   When Sarah told Bonnie she was now a nudist, she quite naturally supported her. But when one day when it began to rain and they all came indoors and Sarah sat in the family room watching TV in the family room, Bonnie felt hypocritical covering herself. So by the end of June Marcy dropped off Sarah at their house she went naked from literally the moment she stepped in the door, until opening the door to leave. Thus one day Bonnie realized she had gone three days with out putting on any more than a sun hat. It was she, combined with the differing mixes of Euro Club members, their boyfriends, Lamar & Byron and their adult friends, all coming over to sunbath at their home in the buff that pushed the Campbell family into becoming effective nudist. Prior to that summer, the only place the Campbell’s were regularly unclothed was the pool, with only occasional nudity indoors. It was Sarah who had moved the nakedness from the pool to the entire house.
At the same time a variety of teens, that she only vaguely knew came to the house. She now hardly thought of herself or the others as being naked. It was only when a newcomer stood bug eyed did she think of it. She also found herself playing the role of the oracle of relationships and sex. Rarely a day at the pool went by when she didn’t sit on her chase and listen to some girl’s problems. So it was no surprise when Sarah brought Katie to the house in early July.

At first she thought she was going to have to call Marcy to come get the girls; however, that did not happen. Though Sarah didn’t even bring a suit, Katie stayed in her one-piece suite for several hours while they swam and sunned, finally with some coxing from Sarah she sat next to Bonnie and began to talk.

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   For an hour she told Bonnie how “for weeks I increasingly she felt that, to Kevin, I am nothing but somewhere to put his thing. ”

Sympathetically Bonnie said “Oh, doesn’t’ sound like much of a relationship.

“Since that party over the 4th of July weekend” Katie said, “He doesn’t want to talk on the phone and we haven’t been on a date. I know football practice takes up his time but the only times I’ve even seen him he comes to my house just long enough for him to do his thing, and leaves. You know I live with my mom and older sister, and they both work a lot, so no one sees what he is doing. ”

Katie was somewhat of an introvert and made little effort to make her self sexy. She could have been very pretty, but was more committed to her literature and poetry than popularity. Sarah had been surprised when she first went out with Kevin in February. But soon it became obvious to her, that her friend, who had been a virgin when she started dating Kevin, was simply an object of convenience to him. Beneath her stogy clothes she was a slim hipped, 32 DD, and Katie knew full well that is what attracted Kevin. Of course, Katie wouldn’t hear it, she had to see it herself. Now she did. Their break up the week before had been messy with him calling her a whore and Kevin spreading the story of Katie blowing half the football team at the party kicking off the new football season. Kevin’s was saying she had been a gift to the new varsity players. The worst part was that when Sarah asked Katie about the rumor, she said it was true.

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   That is why she brought her to talk to Ms. C.

“No, I wasn’t raped, or even drunk. I was lied to. ” Katie said in a monotone voice “The party was at that huge house of Quint ’s. After about an hour, Kevin takes me to an empty bedroom and I think he just wants to do it. He does me at every party we go to, it makes him feel like a stud to do me and then tell his friends what we just did in the other room. Once we get in there are three guys I know, who have joined the varsity team: Steve Richter, Josh Lackey, and Drew Gilstrap. Kevin told me that it was a tradition to for the returning Varsity players to introduce the new players into manhood. I asked him what that meant. He said I, as his girlfriend, was to blow these three guys, but he wanted me to take my top off and show them my boobs first. He assured me that cheerleaders were actually fucking the guys in the other room but since I wasn’t a cheerleader I only had to blow them. When I said I didn’t want to, he told me that he would be humiliated if his girl were the only one not participating. Then he said that this is how I can show team sprit would gain the respect of everyone. ”

Sarah, sitting on the foot of Ms.


   C’s Chase lounge snorted “And you believed that?”

“I believed Kevin. And I had seen for myself at the party after the sports award banquet last spring some thing similar when a few of the cheerleaders did every guy who was graduating from the varsity team who did not have a date. I didn’t actually see them have sex with those guys but I saw them go in a room and come out telling their buddies what positions they had done it in. So it wasn’t too much of a stretch to believe his story. And to be honest, his friends are constantly talking about how their girls give head and he only talks about my big boobs, so I wanted to see how I would do. And besides, I’ve had a thing for both Steve Richter and Josh since we were in elementary school. ”

“So you sucked them off?” Sarah said accusingly

Bonnie rebuked her “Let her talk”

“Yea I did, and that was just the beginning. They all loved my boobs and that made me fell sexy. I really had a good time and so I did all three of them, twice. It was like half way through that I decided that I really did like giving head. I like to listen as I controlled their arousal and decided how long to go before I made them cum. Then to hold their dick and balls and feel them cum, it was such a turn-on. It wasn’t until the Steve came a second time I realized there were more guys in the room. ”
“Did you swallow?” Sarah asked.

“What else was I supposed to do? Then for, well I don’t know how long, I did dick after dick.

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   Sometimes I’d already swallowed the guy’s jizz when I looked up to see who it was. The whole time I was listening to all the compliments about my talent for giving head, it kept me going until I think I did about a dozen different guys. I was so tired. It was, for sure, the longest I’d ever gone doing something sexually. ”

Katie paused and looked at Bonnie “I hope you don’t think I’m a slut but I really enjoyed that part, if they had wanted to have sex with me I would not have stopped them. Actually I think they would have, but when Kevin caught guys playing with my tits or reaching under my skirt he threatened to beat the crap out of them. When I got up to hug Kevin I was sure he was going to be beaming with pride because I had shown so much team sprit. I know I some of the semen was in my hair and on my shirt because sometimes I just couldn’t take it as fast as it was coming. But he wouldn’t hug me, he wouldn’t even smile at me. That was my first hint that something was wrong, he just gave me this cold look. ”

Bonnie laughed “That wouldn’t be Cooper. He would have stuck his tongue down my throat and fucked me right there as he licked the goo from my face. ”

“Well, Kevin didn’t kiss me but he did fuck me. It’s like he didn’t want to see my face, he made me bend over the bed, I was wearing a mini skirt, and he roughly pushed it up and pulled down my panties and fucked me hard in front of the room full of guys.

I mean real hard, so hard it hurt.

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   It took just a couple of minutes for him to cum then he zipped it up and he left the room. And it that was the real end of our relationship. ” Katie was now crying Sarah moved over and held her close.

Bonnie said “You know why he got mad?”

“No. I did exactly what he said. ”

”He got mad because you liked it. This whole thing was to prove you would do anything for him in front of his friends. But when you liked it, he lost that control. ” Bonnie explained slowly “When the guys would try to feel you off, did they get very far?”

“Well Kevin had made me take off my bra before we got there,so a couple got a handful of my tits and one guy got had two fingers up me while Kevin went out to take a piss”

“Did you try to stop them?”

“No way, it was so much hotter than anything I’ve done with Kevin. ”

“See, that is why it killed your relationship with him. You were breaking the rules by being in charge of your own body. In his mind you belonged to him. ”

Katie sat sadly for a few minutes. “Yea, I guess he did. He knew I was a virgin when we first went out and in just a few weeks it was like ether I let him do it or I get dumped”

Sarah with exasperation said “But I told you then to dump him”

“Yea, I know, butwanted him to like me and I really thought by letting him do it he would.

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Bonnie sadly said “It’s a hard lesson we girls seem to have to learn over and over. No guy will ever love us for letting him treat you like property. ”

Sarah sat for a long time then stood up “Well that is the last time any guy is going to think he owns me. ” and pulled the top of her suit down to her waist, freeing her very full bust, then pulled it down over her hips and threw it at Sarah. Their play became more and more sexual. When Bonnie went in to make dinner she looked though the window to see Katie’s legs wrapped around Sarah’s head. She knew Sarah wouldn’t be sixteen for a week or two so she pretended that she hadn’t seen.

The next day Sarah’s mom called Katie’s mom and asked if she could go with them to Florida the first week of August.

As the summer went on, Misty had proved quite the entrepreneur. She had found out the true ownership of “her” website and sent a few photos of she and her mom, topless at the hotel pool. After several weeks of negotiations, she had gotten Mr. Kyle to agree to a price of $3,000 for a set of fifty photos. She was surprised how many people she knew evidently had joined the site because they emailed her when the new photos were posted. She wasn’t going to tell her mother, but she needed to set up a bank account for the money and she couldn’t do that on her own until next spring when she turned 18. So as she prepared to leave for the trip she contemplated the value of more photos.