halloween truth or dare


    first ill decribe all the people in this story. im dillon im 5'9" and weigh about 140 pounds with a 9" dick. the next person is filip who is my size with a 7"1/2 dick. thwn jason who is 5'11" he weighs about 155 and has a 7"1/2 dick. those are all the guys.
     next all the girls the first is emily shes about 5'2" and weighs about 100 pounds she has A cup breasts. the next person is marta who is filips twin sister she is 5'7" and weighs about 120 pounds with large A cup breasts. the next is resha shes 5'9" and weighs about 130 and has large Bcup breasts.
     this story starts on one halloween night when i was 16. i was out for halloween with a couple of friends when we went back to one kids house because the curfew was 9:00(yeah i know it sucks). so when we got back to their ouse all of us whent to his room and started playing truth or dare. as usual it statred with all the stupid immature shit like yelling out the window and such.
     after all the stupid shiot we started getting into the good stuff. like stripping and kissing. the first dare like this was when jason told resha to strip off her shirt. she looked over to filip for approval because they were dating.

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   after the first question i stared getting a little more heated until all of us were down o our underwear and everybody was making out with someone of the other sex. until someone finally told emily to suck my dick. this was completely fine with me one because i knew i had the biggest dick and two because emily was the perfect woman in my standpoint. she just looked at me and i could tell she was nevous because she never gave anyone head before. she finally went down on me and i could tell her inexperience. but then after some coaching from resha she got me to cum pretty quickly. maybe because there were two naked girls sitting next to me coaching her on. before she could swallow i dared her to share i with marta. now marta is the second most perfec girl i know. now i knew marta was horny and knew she wouldnt refuse but i didnt know about emily but they did. hey started making out then as they pulled apart i could see a string of cum stretch across from on e mouth to the other his gave an instant hard-on.
     after a while we decided to take a girl and go to seperate rooms and have sex. so i bring emily to the next room over and sit her on the bed and tell her"emily i just want to tell you that if you dont want to do this i love and and would never want to do anything to you without your permission". she never even said a word and just pulled me into the most passionate kiss ive ever had. after the kiss i layed her down on the bed and put my now hard again dick at the entrance to her virgin snatch.

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   before i did anything i asked her "are you sure you want to do this". she just looked at me and nodded. slowly i press into her tight virgin cunt until i hit a wall and hear her scream. so i leaned forward and said to her" brace yourself this will her for a litt;e while then it will feel better. just tell me when your ready. " she simply looked an me and said "now". that was simply the most erotic thing i had heard in my 16 year  old life. in one quick motion i burst though her hymen and to her cervix. i have to figh my hardest to keep from cumming it is so tight. finally she cummed so i could cum because i didn't believe in  leaving a girl unsatisfied.
     after everybody was done we got dressed then i drove emily home and the only person home was her 15 year old sister. now her sister looked really nothing like emily. she was blonde and a little chubby. emily and her sister katie were very close so when we walked into te door they kissed and this gave me an instant hard-on. then emily whispered something in katies ear.

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   the katie grabbed my one hand and emily took my other then brought me to one of there rooms then through me on the bed. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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  . . . . to be continued
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