Aunt Kate and Mom 2


Just after a couple of hour with Clark ream me a new ass hole, I told Kate that I felt like I could get pregnant . Kate said that would be the first time up the ass. Kate hurry up and call mom ,and told her I might be ready to give you a grandchild. Kate insisted on driven me to mom house, she had a big SUV and my ass was sore ,I didn't put on my robe I just rode nude in the car , I knelt on the seat with my ass face aunt Kate . Clark left you with a big open hole and shoved three finger in it I move in hit my head on the window , her whole hand went up in me she started fist fucking me. she said get my phone and hit 2 speed dial for Clark and have him meet at your mother. When we arrive Clark was not there yet, mom had ropes in her hand her and Kate tie my hand and feet and move the couch in the center of the room, they lean me over and tie my leg and hand to the legs of the couch.Clark knock on the door and they led him over to me Mom said she ready tomake me a grandma. Clark strip and his big cock enter me , I pass out couple hour later Aunt Kate said he fuck you good now wait and see what happen. A few week later mom call and ask how I was filling I said fine, Then she told me she was haven morning sick sickness. She told me after watch him fuck you I was horny and had to have him. more later.