I could have with mom...maybe


I almost had a chance to get my mother pregnant when I was fourteen.
She and my dad had been divorced for about two years, so it was just mom and me. One Saturday morning I got up and flicked on the coffee maker, figuring that my mom would be up soon. When she wasn't about ten minutes later I went and knocked on the door of her room. I heard her mumble something. I opened the door and peeked in. My mom was still buried under the covers. I went over to the bed and told her that the coffee was ready. She kind of moaned and said that she didn't feel like getting up and that it was Saturday. She asked what time it was. I told her that it was only eight o'clock. She moaned again and said how nice it felt to be laying there in bed. She opened her eyes and smiled at me, and teasingly asked me if I felt like cuddling. I just sort of grinned and thought about it for a moment. Then, just for fun and feeling daring, I slipped off my t-shirt and shorts and climbed naked into bed with her. I knew that mom slept in the nude and was just teasing me.

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She was surprised when I did that, and even more surprised when she discovered that I was naked!
I pointed out that she was naked too, and she smirked at me and said how she wasn't actually planning on the two of us actually being in bed naked together. She thought it was sort of funny, though, and we kind of cuddled together. I started getting an erection. There was nothing that I could do to keep it from happening, it just did. My mother wasn't freaked out or anything when she felt that I had one, but she was cautious about it. As we cuddled we rolled around a little bit and I tried to stick my hard penis sort of up between her legs. She pushed me back and said how she didn't want me to get her pregnant because she wasn't on the pill or anything.
That morning, that was about all we did. It had been fun.
A month later, my mother told me that she had gotten back on the pill, saying how she thought that might be best. . . in case we did do some more naked cuddling in bed. The following morning we did just that and it was great. .

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