Cousin fun part1


My name is Brooks and this my story
First il tell you about myself, I stand at 5"11 weigh 180 and have a 6 inch cock. Now every year I go out to visit my cousins in Minnesota. There is Audra, Alisha, and Luke. Audra and Alisha are extreamly beautiful both haveing amazing bodys as they always kept fit because of all the hard farm work. Both girls could def be models.
Abouta year ago when I was 17 I went up to visit like always, now my relationship with Audra has always been flirty because I see her more as a woman then a cousin. We have always been flirty through they years so a ocasional hitting on wasn't unusual. So the first night I got there things were just like normal, the usualwrestling between me and Luke and the girls too. After their parents had gone to bed we decided to break out the booze. We each took 4 or 5 shots of Jim bean and then 30 min later we were feeling pretty nice.
In their basement there is a strange layout. When you go down the stairs you enter the living room area and to the right is 2 bed rooms each seperate. One was lukes and the other Alisha's. On the right is audras bedroom which is next to the bathroom.
So we were all bored and decided to play poker. After a few rounds we decided to play strip poker.

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   Being a poker addict I was cool with that because I secretly had wanted to see either of my two beautiful cousins naked. A fee rounds in and Luke decided to go to bed. Then Alisha decided to hit the hay too. Leaveing me and Audra, she had lost a few to many rounds and was just in her braw and matching thong. Me I only had to take of my shirt which reviled my six pack abbs and swimmer body. Being a swimmer I'm not very shy about my body so I offered to take my pants off which I did.
By now the booze was really hitting us and I asked Audra if I could sleep in her bed because Alisha took the bed where I was going to sleep. Not caring or not understanding she mumbled a yeah and we headed to bed. Now I usually sleep naked in bed and seeing my cousin half naked just made my semi hard on even worse. Audra crawled into bed and passed out faceing away from me. So I crawled in bed too and moved up right behind her so we were in a spooning position. My boner was pokeing her and I'm sure if she was awake she would have said somehing. At this point I lost all controal and reasoning. I shook her sholder to see if she was awake. .

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  . . . nothing, just the quiet sound of her soft breaths as she sleeped. Being a little bolder i raped my arm around her and grabed her ring brest. Her niples were so soft as I softly pinched and twisted them cupping her boob with the palm of my hand. Now I'm a compleat ass man and had to see her sweet sexi tight butt. So I pulled off the covers and folded her over on her stomic. Knowing that if I was to fuck her I would need to elevate her ass I took a pillow and put it under her pelvis. Next I braved her thong and slid it down of her butt and off it went. Her pussy was compleatly shaven and was a little wet from the foreplay. I took of my boxers and started to slid my dick up and down between her butt cheeks which caused her to give out a little moan. Frightened I stoped breifly and then when I was sure she was fast asleep I started rubbing her clit with my finger. By now she was really wet and I was harder than a rock. I knew I had to fuck her.

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   So takeing the head of my dick I slid it up and down hitting her clit every so often justto give yer a tease, then after makeing sure I was lined up with her hole I pushed an inch in. And omg it was so tight, as soon as I was in I could feel her pussy muscles pulling my cock wantig it to go farther in. Now in a daze of pleasure I stared fucking her. I started slowly at first but then sped up until I was going so fast I was suprized she didn't wake up. I felt my orgasum build and didn't knwo if I should cum in her or not. Better not. Pumpig faster and faster I was just about to shoot when I pulled out and came all over her ass. Just as I finished she looked up at me and said thanks for that mike. Haha she was so drunk she thought I was her boyfriend!! So I leaned up and kissed her and told her to go back to sleep. Then I cleaned myself and her up and passed out on the floor.
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