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"What do you mean?" he said freezing his arms at his sides. At that moment I threw the covers off of us and grabbed his schlong. It was decently sized around 6 1/2 inches or so. "Oooh that feels good Brad," he said as I started jacking his penis up and down. "Does it?" I asked. "Hell yes it does," answered Zach. I began speeding up the pace and then took his dick into my mouth. I was sucking like a Hoover vac on overdrive. "Fuck yeah, oh shit I'm gonna cummmmm!" he yelled as he poured a monster load of sperm in my waiting mouth. "Sshhh ymf'll wakmf ufp trhe omthers," I tried to say as best I could with a dick squirting jizz in my mouth. "Oh shit I forgot," he said quietly. I continued sucking down his cum right until his dick quit pumping it. "How was that dude, I've never sucked a dick before?" I asked him. "Great," he said, "Let me do you now. ""What I really wanna do is fuck you in the butt," I responded. "That's cool.

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  " I took some lotion of my aunt's off the dresser and began spreading it over my dick. He bent over and stuck his hands on the dresser and I got some more lotion on my fingers and started lubing up Zach's asshole. He jerked with every movement of my fingers in this unexplored area of his body. "Watch you don't stick your finger in the wrong place and hurt me or somethin' Brad," he cautioned. "No prob' man. " I was satisfied with the amount of lube in his asshole and put my dick at the entrance to his anus. I began to slowly push it in with him grunting and moaning every inch of the way. His ass was extremely tight. "Relax your butt," I told him. He did and my dick began to slide in much smoother. Finally it was all the way in. I slowly started pumping it in and out speeding up with each revolution. After a few times he started pushing his ass back against me and we were full-blown butt fucking after a few minutes. "Oooooh gosh it feels like somebody stuck a bowling ball up my ass but I love it, unnnnh," said Zach. "You feel so great man I'm gonna blow my load in a few minutes," I said to Zach.

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   After about 30 seconds my cock started blasting my cousin's asshole with my jizz. There was so much cum it started coming out the sides next to my dick. I pulled out and lay back on the bed. "That was great man," I said. "Fuck yeah it was. " And with that said we fell asleep next to each other naked, my mouth with cum still in parts of it and his asshole filled with cum. The next morning I awoke to my cousin jacking me off. After he finished and we cleaned up our mess from the night's excitement we went downstairs and got some cereal. Everyone was gone from the house so we decided we would snoop through their luggage and see if we found anything interesting. The first suitcase we looked through was my Aunt Kelly's. Me and Zach found some really sexy thongs of hers and interestingly enough, no bras. But that was about it. After that we looked in Aunt Bobbi's suitcase and found a 2-edged purple dildo with cum still on it. "Whoa cool I wonder who she's been using it with?" said Zach. "I don't know but it must have been pretty recent.


   You know who I'd like to get ahold of is Bobbi's daughter Carly. " Carly was ten years old and hotter than most grown women. She was just beginning to grow tits and already had the nicest ass and legs you could ever imagine. "Oh yeah, I'd fuck her hard," Zach replied. "Lets look in Susan's suitcase next. " We looked in Aunt Susan's suitcase and found several videos entitled Sorority Fuck I-III. And a magazine with pics of older women fucking younger guys. While we were looking at these magazines we heard somebody come in the front door. We quickly put the magazines back and went into the living room. It was Aunt Kelly. "Hey guys whatcha up to?" she asked. "Oh nothin much ," we replied. "Well then do you want to go over to the country club to swim, thats where everybody is now. I'm headed that way. ""Sure," I answered for both of us.

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   As we went upstairs to get our bathing suits Zach punched me on the arm. "What'd you say that for? I don't wanna go to the club. " he griped. "Because its a good chance to see hot little Carly in that skimpy bikini of hers," I answered. He just gave a grin. We got our bathing suits and then went to the car and Kelly dropped us off at the club. In the changing room I gave Zach a quick blowjob then we went out to the pool. (It was an indoor pool in case you remembered its Christmas time in Kentucky. ) Carly was laying on a float in the pool with her legs wide open. Aunts Susan and Bobbi, and mine and Zach's moms were sitting on the other side of the pool. "Hey Carly come here," I yelled. She swam over to us and asked what I wanted. "I was just wondering if you wanted to sit here with us. ""Yeah ok I guess so," she replied. I motioned to the chair next to me and she sat down on it.

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  "So Carly do you have a boyfriend?" I asked. "No silly I'm only ten," she answered. "Me and Zach will be your boyfriends. ""Yeah we'd be really good boyfriends for you," Zach added. "Well ok I guess you guys can be my boyfriends," she said. "Do you know what boyfriends and girlfriends do Carly?" I asked. "No, what?""They have sex and stuff like that. ""Really? Does that mean, we, have to?""Yeah it sure does," said Zach. "Come with us in the changing room and we'll show you how to have sex. ""Ok it sounds kinda fun," Carly said excitedly. We watched to make sure nobody was looking and then snuck Carly into the empty male changing room. I locked the door and Zach sat Carly on one of the tables. He started french kissing her and rubbing her developing breasts. I came up behind her and started massaging her ass. Carly really liked that and was soon moaning.

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   Suddenly I spun her around and took off her bikini bottom. I was delighted her cute little pussy was bald as the day she was born and I could see she was very wet. I pulled my dick out and put it at the entrance to her cunt. Then I motioned to Zach to grab the baby oil sitting on the ground. He caught on and began lubing up his dick and her asshole. "Why are you putting that stuff in my bottom?" Carly questioned. "So my dick will slide in easier," replied Zach. "Neato you're gonna put your penis in my bottom Zach?""I sure am," he answered. "Now Carly when I put my penis in your vagina its gonna hurt real bad but then it's gonna feel really good ok," I explained to her. "Ok whatever you say Brad," she said. With that Zach and I began pumping in and out of her simultaneously and she was screaming the whole ride. At first from pain and then from pleasure. After we had all cum we cleaned her up and went back out to the pool. It was time to leave. That night me Zach and I were laying in bed ready to fall asleep when both our moms appeared at the doorway.

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   They were both wearing robes and came in and sat at the foot of our bed. "We need to talk," they said at the same time. "We saw what you two were doing last night. Not that there's anything wrong with gays but we don't want ya'll growing up to be homosexuals. ""But Mom we're not gay," we said. "Well then we wanna keep it that way and think that you need to experience a real women to keep you straight," answered Zach's mom. And with that they dropped their robes revealing their nudity underneath. They came over and pulled down our boxers and then began straddling our faces, my mom on me, Aunt Amber on Zach. Both our dicks were sticking up like telephone poles. I licked my mothers pussy clean and then they climbed off us and started fucking us like wild broncos. I came in half a minute. It was the best pussy I've ever had. Needless to say that Christmas trip was the start of many sexual adventures for me. More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtREAL INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.