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Note: The following story is a work of fiction.

The secretary looked up from the work she was doing at her desk and said, "Yes, how may I help you?" The man - 29, short brown hair and a three inch-thick beard, hazel eyes, tall, buffed up, wearing a black biker jacket, black shirt underneath, worn out faded blue jeans, and steel-toed boots - cleared his voice and said, "My name is Stan Brooks. I'm here for a job interview. Mrs. Goodman called me and said she'd be expecting me today at around this time. " The secretary looked at the clock on the bottom right corner of her desktop computer monitor and saw the time was 1 p. m. She hit a few keys on the keyboard, opening the small program that functioned as an office duties organizer for her. Yes, Stan Brooks had an appointment with Mrs. Goodman at 1 p. m. that day, the organizer told her.

The secretary raised her hand to point and gave directions, "Mrs. Goodman's office is down that way, the second door on the left. "Thanks," said Stan as he took the route given to him.

Rachel Goodman - 35, almost ebony black with a slight touch of dark brown on her skin, average-height, relaxed black hair that fell five inches past her shoulders, orange-brown eyes, full lips, large perky ass, big tits; wearing a black business suit, white shirt inside, with a black skirt that was an inch below her mid-thighs, and black high-heeled shoes - was finished sorting through one of her files when a knock came from the door.

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   She knew who it was because her things to do for the day were memorized in her head. "Come in," she said.

"Good morning, Mrs. Goodman," said Stan, closing the door behind him. "Good morning, Mr. Brooks," she replied smiling at him. "Please take a seat. " "Thank you. "

"Now, Stan - can I call you Stan?" "Sure, but only if you let me call you Rachel. " She laughed. "Please do. It's easier for us to talk on a first name basis. " She cleared her throat, then, "Uh. . . 

   yeah, about your application letter and resume you sent me -" Stan nodded his head in acknowledgment. "There were some things you mentioned in there that surprised me, really. What struck me as odd was why you thought that you had to let your potential employer know that you used to be a white supremist and ardent hater of all black people. I mean, from looking at your resume, you have all the qualifications and some fantastic additional skills and experiences that put you on the top of our list of people to employ in the new job positions we've created in our rapidly-growing company. There was no reason at all for you to mention your past political/social views. "

Stan straightened his posture in the chair and asked fearfully, "So you're not going to hire me, Mrs. Goodman er. . . I mean, Rachel?" "No, I'm not saying you're not going to get hired. I guess what I'm asking is why? For instance, why have you dressed up like that for this interview?" She gestured to his clothing and he looked at it. She continued, "The only thing that springs to my mind, Stan, is - and I might be wrong on this and if I am, do correct me - is that you're trying to make a statement of some sort. I don't know why, though. "

Rachel looked at Stan and he had a thoughtful expression on his face. "I've got you all wrong haven't I?" she asked with a guilty edge in her voice.

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   He slightly raised his hand in a calming gesture. He was thinking, and was trying to put his thoughts into words. They were silent for almost a minute with Stan in a trance-like state. Rachel was about to say something when he spoke, "You're right. I am trying to make a statement. I used to get involved in a lot of hate ralleys with my friends who shared the same views as I did. That was oh, seven years ago. I was young and had all sorts of ideas about how the world should be and how the country should be and how people should be. Then I saw the light and I changed. Did a u-turn in my life, well, almost - I still wear these clothes and still have the white power tattoos, but on the inside, I'm a changed man. "

"And why the unnecessary inclusion of your 'dark history' on the resume?" Stan shrugged, "I don't know. I guess it's a way of beating myself up. In a way, telling myself that I can't truly forget the past and that it will always haunt me so I might as well just accept it and carry it around like an ugly scar. " Rachel's expression softened and she asked with concern in her voice, "How bad is the self-hate?" He looked down at his feet, scratched the side of his head and said, "Not as bad as it used to be, but it still stings when I remember the past. " He looked up straight at her and she looked into his hazel eyes and could tell that whatever he had been before was now only a painful memory and the person now looking out from those eyes was truly changed.

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He continued to hold her gaze and didn't see her reach out her hand over her desk to him. Then she smiled as if she was about to laugh and nudged her head in the direction of her outstretched arm. "Oh!" he said surprised and quickly reached out his hand to shake hers. "You're hired, Stan!" she said, smiling and displaying brilliant white teeth. He was astounded and said, "Thank you, Rachel! Thanks a lot!"

She told him when to start work and to wear something more professional when at work, but he could keep the beard because different hair styles were welcome at the company and also because she thought it was sexy on him. Then she took a business card from the stack on her desk and wrote on the back. She handed it to him and said, "Business on the front and my personal number on the back, just in case you need to talk or need. . . anything. " "Uh. . . Thanks," he said, not seeing a ring on any of her fingers.


Stan bought some new business clothes and went to work at the company as an advertising executive.

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   He was good at what he did and the company benefitted greatly from his work. He would bump into Rachel from time to time, but they never did get to have a real conversation because the environment at work was such that everyone was always on the move, but at least, nobody got bored.

One afternoon, he was heading out of the office building and saw Rachel walking up ahead of him. He quickened his pace so he could catch up with her. He was just four yards away from her when a street thug intercepted her and put a gun to her stomach. He heard the thug say "Just shut up and walk with me. I'm not afraid to shoot you in public so just cooperate and you'll be free to go before you know it. "

What was this? Was this guy going to rape her? Rob her? Take her to a dark, secluded place and do both? Stan didn't care and immediately shifted into save-the-girl-and-fight-the-bad-guy mode. He took a few quick wide strides and shoved his arm between the two of them, raising the thug's gun hand into the air. His actions were too fast for the thug to do anything else but squeeze the trigger. The gun fired and the people nearby - including Rachel - hit the ground for safety. Stan rammed his knee into the guy's stomach, and as the man collapsed, rammed his knee again, this time into his face. The criminal was out and down for the count, blood leaking from his face.

The police arrived on the scene in good time to arrest the thug and ask a few questions of everyone, including Rachel and Stan, who'd been there. When they were done, Rachel walked with Stan to a bench where they both sat down.

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"I saw you walking ahead when I came out of the office building and then that guy tried to do whatever and I. . . 'disagreed' with him. I'm sorry if you were disturbed by the violence. " Rachel laughed. "'Disagreed'? Nice way of putting it. Thanks for rescuing me, Stan. You went beyond the call of duty. " Stan laughed at her dramatic voice on the last sentence. "So were you going to catch a taxi or bus? I don't know how you get home from work. None of my business, anyway. " He got up from the bench and checked the streets. A bus came in their direction. He gestured at that one and she looked.

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   "Yeah, that will be my ride for this evening. "

Rachel was about to get on the bus when she saw Stan standing as if waiting to see her off. "Are you coming? If I remember correctly, your place is along this bus's route. " Then she frowned playfully at him and said, "Oh, you're afraid to ride the same bus with a big bad black girl, is that it?" He actually needed to get some things from a nearby specialty shop, but didn't want to give Rachel a reason to be offended by him since she knew about his former social ideology. He gestured to the bus and said, "After you. " She flashed her brilliant whites and got on the bus and he followed after.

On the bus, they sat on the same seat, side by side. Stan tried to strike up a conversation starting off with, "So is there a Mr. Goodman? If there is, he's got to be a really really good man. " She chuckled and replied, "In fact, there is a Mr. Goodman, but we live. . . apart. " "Oh, I'm sorry.

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   Divorced or separated?" She smiled and twitched her nose, which he found very cute, and said, "Uh. Neither. We just kinda' liked each other as best friends would; not enough to get married, but we got married anyway. We used to live together, but we drifted apart. We're only married now because it's convenient. He's living with a boyfriend right now in another state. " Stan's eyes widened at that and he said, "Wow!"

The bus came to a halt and this was her stop. Rachel looked at him and said, "Since I live alone with Mr. Goodman away, I was wondering if you would like to come over. " "Er. . . Rachel, we work together. It would be wrong. " "And so was being a white supremist," she countered.

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   He had a hurt look in his eyes when he said, "You know I'm trying to stop the self-hate by putting that behind me. " She leaned in close to his ears and rasped, "I'm sorry, honey. Forgive me. I'm just manipulating you because I want your cock. I want you to fuck me. I like you, Stan. I like you a lot. Just be with me for one night and if you don't like it, then we can both forget the incident. And as far as the work place is concerned, nothing happened between us. "

They both got off the bus and walked to her apartment. They entered it and locked the door.


Stan came out of Rachel's shower room, drying his hair and beard with a towel. He had a bathrobe on. Rachel was sitting on the bed and had just finished blow-drying her hair when he entered the room. She, also having a bathrobe on, turned to look at him and said, "Mm.

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   Nice to see you fresh out of the shower. I don't know about you, but I never have sex with a guy without me and him taking a bath or shower first. " Then she put her hand to her mouth in sudden realization, "Oh! We should've taken a shower together! Shit! I'm so sorry, Stan. " She had a regretful look on her face.

He smiled and sat down on one side of the bed, surveying her bedroom more closely than when he'd first entered. There was a picture by the bedside table of Mr. Goodman and Rachel hugging each other in some public area. He looked at it for a while and Rachel noticed. She went and placed the picture frame face-down. Then she sat down on his lap. The bed creaked and Stan looked cautiously at her. "You might have to get a new bed soon. " She replied in a non-caring manner, "Eh nah. I've fucked with a lot of guys on this bed before and it always creaks. " Stan had an uncertain look on his face and she smiled and brought her face to his and said, "I'm just kidding.


   I never did anything on this bed other than sleep. The only thing close to an intimate moment I ever had was with Mr. Goodman, but that was only a ten second kiss, which he broke off because he felt uncomfortable. "

"You kidding me? Just a ten second kiss? I don't believe it!" "You better believe it! How about you?" "I used to have a lot of sex at white power rallies. The women, who attend, get really fired up about white supremacy and go fuck-crazy. You should see the wa. . . Crap! I'm sorry. I just. . . " He shook his head in frustration and uttered, "Fuck!" "Whoops! Someone said the magic word!" Rachel began to rock on his lap, back and forth in a verticle circular motion.

She gave him an erection, and once she felt it through the thick cloth covering her ass, she undid the knot on his bathrobe and slid it down his body. He had a hairy muscular torso, but it was spotted with white power tattoos, logos of several white supremist organizations, anti-black slogans, and a number of hate symbols.

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   Even though he had told her about these, it wasn't the same as seeing them for herself. He noticed her pause and understood immediately why.

"I'm sorry, Rachel. This was a bad idea, and it's my fault for letting it happen. " He gently moved her off his lap and sat her on the bed. Then he got up - the bathrobe falling completely off his body, leaving him naked - and went into the shower room to pick up his clothes and put them on.

He had picked up his undershorts and was about to put them on when he sensed Rachel at the shower room doorway. She was naked, ample bossoms heaving with emotion and tears streaming down her luxurious near-ebony face. She spoke in almost a whisper, "What the hell are you doing? I didn't tell you to leave. "

Stan and Rachel lay on their sides on the bed, their heads resting on pillows as they kissed passionately, legs rubbing against legs, their arms embracing and caressing each other.

They continued kissing and intertwining their bodies until her leg rose up and lay on his waist and he grabbed her buttox and squeezed it. Then he pushed his cock into her cunt, and holding her leg against his waist, thrust sideways into her pussy. His magnificent brownish pink cock slid smoothly like a hot knife through butter in and out of her lovely black pussy and she moaned joyfully as she continued to give him mouth-to-mouth, tongue-to-tongue attention.

"I want to suck on your juicy tits, Rachel," he told her. "Oh yes, baby. 

   Let Mama breast feed you," she replied. She caressed his head and pushed it down to her chest. He had to bend his body a bit so he could continue to fuck her. Going level to her luscious breasts, he cupped one big tit in his hand and sucked it desperately. She mewed as he let his tongue roll and lick over her boob and knock against her nipple. She grabbed his ass, now that he was somewhat focused on her breasts, and pushed him deeper into her pussy, his cock penetrating a never-before-explored region of her vagina.

Stan continued to suck on her sizeable breasts, but adjusted their sexual position a bit. He moved Rachel's leg off his waist and pushed it back farther past the sideways position so it made an obtuse angle with the bed surface. Now that her pussy was positioned in a diagonal angle, he thrust sideways at her and curved the thrust downward so his cock plummeted into her wet pussy with a sloppy sound of wet colliding flesh. She moaned approval at this new adjusted position and assisted by holding back her leg in place so he could increase the force of his thrusts by clinging to her waist and flinging his pelvis eagerly against hers, his full cock length penetrating her cunt with accuracy and precision.

Rachel told him, "You're wonderful, Stan. " He replied, "Thanks, Rachel You're amazing and feel so soft and tight in all the right places. " "Mmmmm" she moaned. "Mmmm, yess!" he said.

After doing the adjusted position for eight minutes, he laid her flat on her back, and got on top of her.

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   She placed her hands on his shoulders as he brought his cock down into her pussy in a verticle angle. Her legs parted like butterfly wings and his buttox rose and dived down, sending his cock deep into the depths of her womb. He fucked her slowly in that way for some time, then felt her reaching a climax, and decided to go into hard drilling mode. She moaned and yelled in a high pitch as the rapid delivery of hard cock into her pussy brought her to squirt her juices onto him and herself.

He rubbed his cock all over her wet pelvis and pushed it back inside her vagina to thrust downward some more until he unloaded his thick warm fluid inside her. She was ecstatic at this and grabbed his head for some more passionate kissing.

"You put your cum inside me, Stan. I can feel it in my pussy," she said feigning complaint while stroking his muscular back as he caressed her ass. He replied, "Yeah, well, that's what you get for fucking around with my cock. " She giggled and said in a young-girlish voice, "You're mean! Now you're gonna eat my pussy and I'm gonna suck your cock! That's what you get for being mean!" He suddenly stuck his middle finger up her ass, causing her to squeal, "Aaah!!" He said, "If that's what you call punishment, then I'm gonna be mean for the rest of my life. "

She got on top of him and positioned herself so her pelvis was right on top of his face and her face was over his pelvis. She grabbed his cock and immediately began to suck on it as if she were in an interracial speed-blowjob competition. Stan didn't start as early as Rachel. He was still tickling her cunt with his fingers when her teeth grazed the sensitive head of his cock. "Ow! Fucking black bitch!" She retorted with a mouthful of cock, "Shut up, you white bastard, and eat pussy!" With that, she raised her hips over his face and SLAM! Her pelvis came down, smothering him with her soppy soft flesh.

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Stan fought for control and found two handles - her thighs. He held onto them and devoured her pussy like a lion on it's captured prey. Oh FUCK! she thought, he's got his tongue all up in my pussy! He was licking with his tongue and pulling at her soft inside flesh with his lips over is teeth, causing her some pain, but a lot more pleasure. "Shit! I need to be able to walk properly after this, Stan!"

He stopped with the flesh-pulling, but continued with his tongue in her vagina. She sucked him hard and gave him a handjob and said, "Stan, please do that to me on the weekend, but not during the week because I need to go to work, walking straight. " He acknowledged by gently squeezing her ass. She smiled and moved her pussy with his tongue rock steady inside it. "Mmmm, Stan. I'm feeling a connection. " Then she sucked his cock, head and shaft, stroking his balls.

Rachel adjusted her position, still on top of Stan, but now her face was inches away from his, her breasts squeezed against his chest, and her pussy connected with his cock inside it. She kissed him, then stroked his hair and beard, while her hips went up and down on his cock. "You like that, Stan?" He smiled and caressed her face. "Yeah, I do. " "Good.

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   So this will be the first of many more pleasurable love-making exercises with you. " He pulled her face to his and kissed her deeply in reply. As they kissed for a really long time, she throttled her hips on his cock until they both exchanged their love juices.


Stan moved in with Rachel three weeks later. A month after that, Rachel divorced Mr. Goodman and married Stan. She is now happily pregnant with twins, and Stan is reading a book on fatherhood.