Dawn 4


Today I’m doing one of my final exams for the first half of the year, getting ready for our summer vacations. It’s easy… but just because I had kept what I learned. The room was all silent… but I finished quickly and handed the exam to the professor. I went out of the room and looked out the window of the hallway for a while. Mara, Mai’s drummer approached and told me that I should go outside. I agreed and went with her to the yard.

We bought a soda and sat on the bench. She asked me how it went with the exam and I told her that just fine. Mara is a year older than all three of us, she is 16. I also asked her if it went alright with hers. She told me that it would go just perfect… I believed her because I knew she was really smart. I stayed silent for a bit, looking at the sky and she noticed.

“Are you alright?” she asked. “I’m okay… I’m worried about the results. ” “You will do just fine” she told me. I smiled and felt a bit relieved, then I faced her.

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   It was then when I finally realized why Eiburu had fallen in love with her. She was rough and tomboyish sometimes… but she was really special inside. Not only that… but I realized how beautiful she was. Her deep brown eyes, slightly pink lips that had a smile across her face and her barely dark, lightly brown skin.

I blushed when I stared at her brown eyes, and she smiled. “You don’t have to be shy” and she laughed. Although Mara was just a year older, it felt like she was an adult already… she always gave off an adult-like aura. “Okay” I replied and smiled… but then I looked to the ground again. I faced her moments later and asked “Why do you like photography?”.

She put a confused face for a bit then looked up to the sky. “When I was younger I picked up an old camera. ” She paused a bit… “I was looking at the flash when I took a picture by accident. It made me react with surprise. ” Then she laughed a little bit. “The picture came out and I was with such a scared face”.

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   I giggled a bit with her.

“I kept that camera and photographed many things. Then I got a new camera… and things looked much better. ” She looked down with a smile. “And it became a passion to you. ” I told her… and she simply answered with a nod.

I looked at her while she was looking down. Mara had always been of a big frame and a bit chubby. But her big frame was because she was strong mostly. She… her breasts were also smaller than Rin’s, but just by a bit. They both were still C-cup. But Mara had a really big butt… big and round. Her thighs were also big, bigger than Rin’s. Her ass was definitely her best physical part.

I quickly shook my head to get that off my head and looked away so she didn’t notice me looking at her.

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   I was looking down before I felt an arm hug me from behind; it was Mara who was sitting beside me. She hugged me against her chest… I was so surprised I didn’t say anything. “I know you’re insecure, little Rie… But things always come out for the better in the end” she told me… I pressed my cheek against her chest and simply answered “Okay”.

She let go of me and waved at Rin and Mai that were walking towards us. “Hey girls” they said both when they arrived. “We were talking of cameras” Mara giggled. Rin then told me “Rie, I’m going to borrow Mai for a while… we need to get some copies for studies”. I could clearly see how it annoyed her so I said yes. “I’ll be back!” Mai said and walked away with Rin.

I watched them walk away, with Rin counting the sheets she had on her hands. I looked at Mara’s hair a bit… I’ve always liked her hair. Unlike my deep black hair, hers was a bronze brown. It was darker than Mai’s honey brown hair, but lighter than Rin’s heavily dark brown… Rin’s hair looked black anyway, but on the light you could see the brown color.

Mara turned around and told me “So, we got time to ourselves!” with a big smile. I smiled back and asked what we were going to do.

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   She smiled a bit and told me “I have an idea. . . What time is it?” I took out my phone and looked. “It’s almost 3… afternoon. ” “Perfect… Everyone should be gone by now. ” I felt a quick chill down my spine when she said that. “And I have to tell you some things” she also said. “Okay…” I answered.

Mara told me to follow her so we got up from the bench together and she led the way. She opened a door and walked us in. It was the tools storage “room”. It’s not actually a room because it has no roof. It’s located in the yard, and the only way to access it is through a door, but it’s technically still out in the open since it has no roof. It also has stairs leading up to a locked and long-unused door.

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I wondered if she wanted to talk in privacy, though everything could be easily heard on the other side since the only thing separating us from the yard was a wall with no roof. She closed the door and locked it once she entered too. “Rin told you about us right?” she asked me. “Us? I don’t think so. ” I answered with a confused face. “Oh that girl didn’t tell you. ” She giggled and then told me “We’ve had sex together for a while. Once with Mai, even”. I opened my eyes wide “What?!”. I was surprised this was the first time I heard about it. “Rin had told Mai she would tell you, so don’t blame your girlfriend”. That calmed down a bit… but I was still shocked.


“Don’t worry… I will scold Rin later yeah?” she told me and I agreed. “Okay… its fine” I told her. I didn’t let it get to me anymore and focused on what was happening now.

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   “The other thing…” she said before leaning down to kiss my lips. She was a bite taller than me, but shorter than Rin. 170cm (5’7’’) was her total height, I believe. She broke the kiss soon to look at my reaction. I was blushing already as always.

She smiled and leaned again to press her lips against mine. I instinctively pushed my tongue between her lips, and she began to suck it with passion. Her hands slipped behind me and hugged me, kissing me and sucking my tongue so good like I had never felt before. I moaned a bit from the kiss, and she began to move her hands down my back.

“We can’t… here…” I told her between the kiss. “Everyone is leaving home already… Shh…” I didn’t say anything against it and she proceeded to move her hands towards my ass, cupping it and squeezing it in her hands. I moaned and took my tongue out of her mouth to sigh. She started to kiss my neck as her hands slowly played with my ass, unclipping my skirt and pushing it down to the floor. I still realized I was pretty much out on the open so I got a bit tense.

“Don’t worry…” She said to me as I stepped out of my skirt.

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   Then she started to pull my panties down to the floor, so I stepped out of them too. Quickly she began to grope and squeeze my ass again “You have a nice ass, babe”… I kept blushing, resting my head against her chest. I felt her fingers go a bit between my ass cheeks, squeezing them both with her hands. After squeezing my bum for a while, her hands started to unbutton my shirt, and then she took it off.  She licked her lips and undid my bra, dropping it all down to the floor. “They really are so huge…” she told me and leaned again to lick my whole right breast.

“Fuck, so big…” she said again and took both of my tits on her hands, massaging them and sucking my nipples one at a time. I moaned and hugged her head slightly “E-Enjoy them… nnn…” I said with a sigh. She nodded and squeezed my boobs together, sucking both of my nipples at the same time. I couldn’t stop moaning, sighing loudly each time she sucked. Her hands kept pressing them together over and over as she had my nipples inside her mouth.

I was so horny already, dripping between my legs. She looked down to see my dripping legs as she kept massaging my boobs. “Undress me babe” she ordered me as she moved her hand down my belly to cup my pussy. I blushed again and started to unbutton her shirt.

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   Her fingers began to stroke my pussy lips, rubbing them slowly as I removed her shirt and moved my hands back to unclasp her bra.

Her hand moved faster on my pussy, rubbing it fast, pressing her palm against my clit. I removed her bra too and exposed her apple-sized breasts. I put my hands on them and started to massage them, squeezing her lightly brown nipples between my nipples.

They were darker than mine, but still not entirely brown. I kept rubbing them in circles before Mara began to rub my pussy faster and harder, making me moan much louder.

My hands moved down to unclasp her skirt and I pulled it down along with her panties. Now the only thing we had on was our shoes. She moved her hand harder on my pussy, hugging me with her other hand. “Rub those melons against my tits…” she told me and I answered “Why does everyone call them like that?! Ah…” so she said “It does have a reason”. She giggled and I moved my hands behind her to squeeze her really big ass. “Babe…” was the only thing Mara said before I began to squeeze her big cheeks in my hands, moving them in circles.

It wasn’t long before Mara’s rubbing began to trigger my climax. I squeezed her buttocks tightly before screaming her name out and came really hard, soaking her hand with my juices. I heard a slight moan from her while she drew her hand to her mouth to lick my juices off.

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   I was panting heavily and she told me “Now you’re going to make me feel good, babe”. I nodded slightly with my head.

She got on all fours on the stairs, her hands on the fifth stair and her knees on the third one. “Suck me” she ordered and I kneeled behind her, leaning a bit to kiss her butt cheek. “Yes babe…” she told me when I bitted her cheek a bit hard. I licked and sucked her butt cheek softly for a bit before I moved my mouth to lick her pussy once, tasting it. Unlike us, her pussy wasn’t shaved and was still hairy.

I bit my lip once before I put my hands on her ass cheeks to spread them, and then I placed my lips on her pussy, starting to lick up and down her slit. I remembered Rin said that Mara was the only one of us who wasn’t virgin anymore. So I didn’t hold back and pushed my tongue deep into her folds. “Oh babe… Yes…!” I licked up and down inside her pussy, stroking her insides with my tongue.

I squeezed and massaged her ass cheeks in circles while my tongue was buried into her pussy, licking all around inside her. “Mmm! Mmm!” Mara kept repeating while I sucked and licked inside her pussy. Her moans got louder after I pulled my tongue out to suck her clit really hard. I pulled her hood back with my tongue, licking and sucking her clitoris directly.

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   “Liking this, Mara?” I asked her and she simply answered, almost yelling “Yes babe!”.

I gave her clit a kiss then spread her ass wider, and then I began to lick her asshole. She moaned again while my tongue moved in circles against her ass. “Fuck…! Mmm!” she screamed while I pressed her big ass cheeks against my face, licking her butthole harder. She moved her hips back, so I pressed my tongue into her ass, licking a bit inside. “Almost…! Keep licking my ass!” I did as instructed and pushed my tongue in more, sucking and licking her ass, rubbing her cheeks more.

“Yes!!” Mara screamed and came, pressing her ass against my face and spraying her juices on my tits. I kept my tongue pressed against her ass until she finished coming, then I kissed her ass cheek once. She moved her hand back and stroked my black hair “You did very well”. We both stood up to get our clothes on again since it was getting late and the girls were probably waiting for us already.


A pair of days later, Mara and I scolded Rin for not telling me anything. She apologized but said we had a four-thing going on now. She was right… And we spend more times together during the vacations. Once we came back from vacations though, things would get different. Some of us would start getting into our personal affairs while still keeping our 4-thing going.



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