Kiku (MF, M-sex doll, pedo, seduc, cons, viol. ) 

Dave Hartman grew tense as he saw the UPS truck pull up. The middle aged
receiving parts manager had placed the order nearly three weeks ago. He had
taken a two hour lunch break from work to get the package. He hoped,
prayed, and wished, that the UPS man would not start a conversation about
what was in the large box he was receiving today. Dave had saved for two
years to get the high priced item and the last thing he wanted was to talk
to someone about what was inside the box.

The UPS man stepped into the back of the truck and opened the rear doors.
Dave went outside to meet him. Dave was grateful, but not entirely
relieved, when the UPS man acknowledged his presence, then professionally
and carefully took the five foot, five inch, by three foot box from the
rear of the truck and carefully placed it on a hand truck.

"Where do you want it?" the UPS man asked.

Dave pointed to his open doorway. The UPS man wheeled the box inside and
placed it just inside the doorway. The UPS man handed Dave a clipboard and
Dave signed for the box. The UPS man then headed back to his truck and left
without further conversation. Dave sighed in relief and hurried indoors.

He closed his front door and examined the box.

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   He then took a box cutter
from his pocket and started a careful incision of the box. He cut away one
entire side of the box and peeled away the cardboard to reveal a green box
that closely resembled a trunk. He removed the green box from the
cardboard, then examined the bill of ladle taped to the box. The bill of
ladle had his information, along with a pricing inventory of the box's
contents and instructions for complaints/damaged goods. That done, he
examined the latches along the seam of the green box. Nervously, he opened
the four latches and opened the box.

She stood five foot one, with perfect brown hair, and a doll like face that
actually looked more human than doll. She was dressed in a mid thigh length
pink dress. She had been advertised as anatomically correct, lifelike, and
with a price tag of seven thousand dollars, but Dave had sprung for the
deluxe package-which had the tag line, "her insides are warm". Dave looked
over his shoulder to make sure that no one was looking, then he lifted the
hem of the dress.

She had a red velvet thong on. Dave pulled the thong down and looked at the
hairless pubic area of the doll. It looked like the real thing. He felt the
slit with his middle finger, then found her opening. He forced his finger
in the tiny opening and found that not only was it warm, but slightly moist

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   He grew excited and checked his watch. It was forty minutes until he
was due back at work, and it was a twenty minute drive.

He closed up the green box and placed it in his "secure" closet, which he
locked with a deadbolt. He locked up his house and headed back to work, but
not before stopping for a sandwich on the way.

The next four hours at work seemed to be an eternity. Dave couldn't wait
until he got home to play with his new toy. When five o'clock finally came
around, Dave hurried from work to his home. Once there, he took the box
once again from his closet. He paused for a moment to close his window
shades, then returned to the box. He carefully took her from the box and
sat her on the couch.

He marveled at the craftmanship. He had sent in pictures of what he wanted.
Although she somewhat resembled Miley Cyrus, she was taken from pictures of
a preteen model named Sandra, when Sandra was twelve years old.
Fortunately, he had the full series of nude shots of her taken at that age,
full frontal, side, and back. A moment later, he started undressing her,
savoring the moment.

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   He especially enjoyed taking off the maidenform bra,
designed to hold in the precious A cup puffs of flesh. A moment later, he
had the thong off too.

He then stepped back to admire the doll again. The maker had made her
breasts with the light beige puffy nipples. He especially enjoyed that
feature of her. He looked between her legs. Kneeling before her, he spread
her legs and leaned her back as he placed his face up against her preteen
like pudenten. He licked her outer folds, then pushed his tongue against
her opening. Like it had been earlier in the day, it was warm to the touch.
He licked her for a moment, then opened his pants.

He paused. He was ready to deflower his doll, but somehow, it didn't feel
right. He looked her over for a long moment, then closed his pants and
dressed the doll. He then lifted the doll and took her to his bedroom. He
sat her on an ottoman next to the bed and went out.

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The Doll House was jumping. Destiny greeted him at the door. His regular for
the past three years, Destiny worked as a waittress/dancer. For certain
customers, she would put away the change belt and carrying tray for a
little while. She gave him a kiss and they hurried to her little cubby.
Inside the cubby, she locked the door, then allowed him to undress her. Two
minutes later she was fully nude and laid back on the small couch. He
placed his head between her legs and proceeeded to eat her out.

Destiny especially enjoyed his skill at eating pussy. Dave was the only
customer that did that. Dave knew how to get her excited and in minutes had
her on the road to orgasmic bliss. After her first orgasm, Dave mounted and
entered her. Inside of a minute, he shot his load in her, catching both of
them by surprise.

"Rough day at work?" she asked.
"Something like that" he answered.

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"I won't charge you extra if you want to continue. "

Dave smiled and resumed humping her.

A half hour later, when they had finished, Destiny took a wipe from her purse
and cleaned herself. Dave was the only customer she let go without a

"So, rough day?" she asked as she continued to clean.
"Actually, I saw someone like you. It got me excited" he lied.
"Awww, that's sweet" she said as she paused to kiss him.
"So, how's school?" he asked.
"Three semesters, and I'm finished", she answered.
"What about a boyfriend?"
"You are my boyfriend. "
"Not really. "
"A girl has to make a living, you know. "
"I think you enjoy the work. "
"Dave, I'm a mess.

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   You don't want me. "

He stood and gave her a kiss, then handed her her fee.

Dave stopped for some take out on the way home. Taking it home, he gobbled it down while watching the local 9 p. m. news. Afterwards, he read two chapters of a thriller he was reading, then turned in.


She came to him in his dreams. He never saw her face, but she climbed on his back and began kneading his flesh, destressing the muscles and tendons underneath. Expertly, she worked down his spine, eventually coming to his glutes. Lovingly, she worked his glutes, making tiny circles. Eventually, she worked his thighs and calves. When she reached his ankles she whispered "turn over".

He rolled onto his back. A moment later, he felt his dick enter a warm wet cavity.

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   He never felt so aroused, but the feeling was all too brief. She rearranged her body, then positioned herself above him. She lowered herself gently, slowly taking his dick into her all too small vagina. When her tiny pussy was filled to capacity, she began pumping him. He felt her tiny hands on his chest as she balanced herself to work her hips on him.

He quickly reached the point of no return, emptying his seed into her. He tried looking up, but she seemed to vaporize into the night.


Morning seemed to come too early. The alarm woke him from a deep sleep. As he struggled to find a reason to rise, he reminded himself that it was Friday morning and he only had to survive eight meaningless hours at work. He sat up and looked at his new purchase, still sitting on the ottoman.

Getting up to start his day, he paused briefly in front of her and kissed her forehead. He made a mental note to shop for some lingerie on the way home. He gently touched her head, then started his morning routine.


That evening, Friday evening, when he got home he had the lingerie.


   He went to the kitchen first and made his dinner. After dinner, he went to his bedroom with the lingerie. He dressed the doll in the lingerie, and once again admired the craftmanship of the doll maker. He smiled and lifted the doll, taking her to the living room.

He popped one of his favorite war movies in the DVD player, then sat next to the doll. He put his arm around her, as if she was a movie date, and started watching the movie. Twenty minutes later, his arm started going numb, so he placed the doll in his easy chair, and he laid on the couch to finish the movie.

Three hours later, the movie finished. As he stood up to leave the room, he thought he saw a smile on the doll's face. He smiled and went to his bedroom where he turned in for the night.


She came to him again in his dreams. In his dream, he was laying on a couch watching a movie.

"Can I join you on the couch?" the little girl asked.

"Is it ok with your father?" he asked.

"He's asleep, I don't think he'd mind" she answered.

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He shifted, and she backed into him, spooning up against his body. He could smell the freshness of her hair, and this was arousing to him. He placed his right hand on her shoulder. Her softness was pleasing. He slid his hand down and started caressing her arm.

She placed her left hand on his hand and guided the arm down her body to her hips. She pushed his hand just past the hem of her nighty, then pulled his hand back up so that the fabric of her nighty was pulled up above her hips. By touching her bare skin he could tell she wasn't wearing any panties.

Her hand left his hand and went behind her body to reach into his underwear. She found his member, now stiff, and guided it between her legs. As his member entered her, she let go with her hand, and pushed her hips into him. He wrapped his arm around her shoulders and pushed her into him.

The love making between them was slow and gentle. He could hear her gently mewing. He increased his speed and delivered his load into her.

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They laid together for several moments as their breathing returned to normal. She pulled his arm to her lips and gently kissed him several times. Then she disengaged from him and disappeared into the ethers of dreamland.


He woke up feeling exhausted. He got up and relieved himself in the bathroom, then returned to his bed. The light of dawn came through the windows. He closed his eyes and drifted back into the bliss of sleep.

He woke up three hours later feeling better. He rose and went into the kitchen. He placed bacon in his frying pan. As it began to fry, he went into the living room. He retrieved the doll and sat her at one end of his kitchen table. He returned to cooking and put together a lumberjack's breakfast.

He sat at the table and began to dig into his breakfast. He was several bites in when he heard a child's voice:

"Do you have any more cookies?"

He stopped in mid bite and looked around.


   Slowly, he rose from the table. He looked around some more, leaving the kitchen briefly to see if there was a child in his house. Seeing no one, he returned to the kitchen and quietly sat at the table.

Carefully, he lifted another bite to his lips. His eyes were up and he was alert.

He saw her move as the doll asked again:"Don't you have any cookies?"

He jumped up, backing away from the table. He stared at her in terror. Summoning his strength, he asked:"You can speak?"

"In seven languages, but you prefer English, yes?" she answered.

His mouth fell open. A million thoughts ran through his mind. He could only ask the obvious:"Are you alive?"

She got a confused look on her face, "what is. . . alive?" she asked.

"You know.

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  . . breathing, a heartbeat, blood. "

The confused look persisted. "I don't know" she answered.

"Do you have parents?"

"Parents? no. I was programmed to please you. "

"Please me?"

"I am interested only in you. I can talk to you, or remain quiet-if that is what you wish. I can sing, dance, play piano. I know over one thousand songs. I can do chores for you, clean your house, cook, and wash. "

She stood, stepped from the table, and removed her top. "And I can love you. "

She stepped forward and locked lips with him.

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  Dave had kissed a lot of girls and women. This kiss was as good as the best he ever had, however, the thing that was different was her taste. Although there was moisture in her kiss, she didn't taste like a human, she tasted like a doll.

He broke the kiss. "Come on" he said as he took her hand and led her from the kitchen.

They went into his bedroom. There, he undressed, then removed her thong. He laid her on the bed. Spreading her legs he began eating her out. She responded to his touch, moaning softly. Although Dave had slept with twenty some women, he had never had sex with a girl. Her childish moaning aroused him. Not only was his dick hard, but he felt the tightening in his perinium that indicated to him a truly hot erotic experience. He stopped eating her out and he mounted her.

"Oh Dave" she whispered as he entered her.

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Once he was inside her he began pumping her, slowly at first, then increasing in speed and force. She moaned in a louder tone while she caressed him.

"Yes, yes" she whispered.

He felt his cum rising and he shot into her, four long satifying spurts followed by two small spurts that sent satisfying tingles up his spine. He collapsed on top of her, breathing hard. She held him, gently kneading his shoulders with her fingers.

She waited for his breathing to return to normal. "Do you have any more cookies?" she asked.

"What is it with you and cookies?"

"I need the sugar and gluten. "

"What do you run on?"

"Cookies, and water. "

"No, I mean your power source. "

Her face wrinkled up. "I don't know what you mean" she answered.

"Do you plug in, do you run on batteries?"

"Not that I know of. As long as I get cookies and water every day, I'm fine.

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He turned her over and carefully scanned her, starting at her skull and working down to her feet. A little confused, he laid her back on her back and placed his ear on her chest while placing fingers on her wrist as he looked for a pulse. Confused he had her get up and put the pink dress back on while he got dressed himself. Then he drove her to the local drug store.

There is a machine to check blood pressure and pulse. He had her sit in the chair and place her arm through the loop. He pressed the button and watched the cuff inflate. Numbers came up, but nothing that indicated her blood pressure. She got a pained look on her face:"It hurts Dave" she complained. Dave hit the abort button. The blood pressure cuff deflated. She pulled her arm out of the loop and winced as she rubbed it.

Dave grew even more confused. How could she not have blood pressure, but feel pain? Another machine, much smaller, checked someone's pulse by inserting a finger in the machine. After seven fingers and no readings, he gave up.

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Dave ended up buying a couple of packages of cookies, a case of bottled water, and a stethoscope. In the car, on the way home, she smiled while munching the cookies and drinking the water. He looked at her with concern.

"You're a mystery to me" he said.

"How so Dave?"

"I don't even know your name. "

"It's Kiku (pronounced kee-koo), but you can call me anything you like. I am yours. "

He was quiet for a moment while he thought. A disturbing thought entered his mind.

"My younger brother is coming over today" he said, "he's going to ask questions. How am I going to explain you? I can't say that you're a long lost relative. "

"In the bottom of the case I arrived in" she explained, "you will find a birth certicate and adoption papers. They are legal. They are from the Genko Prefecture of Japan, where I come from. You paid for the deluxe model.

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   I am the deluxe model. With the deluxe model you get the papers. "

He was staring at her in amazement, so much so that he now only noticed he was running off the road. He swerved and straightened out.

"Dave, are you ok?" she asked.

"No" he answered in a stern tone.

The rest of the drive was in silence. When they got home and went inside he took the stethoscope out and carefully checked her. He didn't hear a heartbeat or pulse, but he thought he heard the whirring of some kind of motor in her.

The whole time he checked her out she looked at him with curiousity and concern. Finally, he stopped and looked at her while he gathered his thoughts. Finally, he broke his silence with a question:"Why didn't you move or speak the first couple of days I had you?"

"I imprinted off of you. It's part of my programming. "

Dave sat back. This was a type of technology he had never heard of, something so advanced that it was, well, just too good to be true.

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   During his military days, he had visited Japan and noticed that the electronics there were well advanced of anything elsewhere in the world. From reading Popular Mechanics he knew that the Japanese, almost obsessed with robots, were light years ahead of anyone else in this respect. While Americans and Germans made robots to work in factories, and experiments were going on with robots that did surgery, Dave remembered that the Japanese were working on robots that served in the home. Had he stumbled on the perfect prototype? He had paid twenty percent more than the regular asking price noting that the more expensive dolls offered had the human like joints and not those horribly ugly joints like G. I. Joe dolls of nearly forty years earlier. Also, for the extra price, he could pick the features he wanted, like face, breasts, and the like.

Dave leaned in and kissed her. She returned the kiss and he noted that she was rubber, latex, and her teeth were made of something like enamel, but not enamel. She started to take off the dress. Dave stopped her, reminding her that his brother was due within the hour. He remembered the papers she had mentioned and had her go to the case and get them.

He looked at the papers and tried to make sense of them as they were written in Japanese.

"Can you read these?" he asked.

She translated the papers for him.


   He listened, not sure if he should trust her. The adoption papers were in Japanese legalese, but it sounded like there was a transfer of authority from Goya Industries to him. When she finished, she looked at him with a look seeking approval. He kissed her, feeling her raise her hand to his neck to gently caress his neck and ear.


Dave's brother James, arrived just before noon. Dave was estranged from most of his family due to creative diferences. Dave considered their lust for money repugnant as their lust was the basis for most of their decisions. James, because he lived close to Dave, came over every couple of weeks to make sure Dave was alright.

When James arrived Dave let him in and instantly introduced him to Kiku. Kiku nodded her head and extended her hand. James already had a look of surprise from Kiku's presence, but his surprise grew when Dave told him that Kiku was a doll.

"What?" James asked, completely astonished.

"You're a nurse", Dave told him. "I bought a stethoscope. You listen to her, you tell me.

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Dave retrieved the stethoscope and gave it to his brother. James had Kiku sit down, then he checked her. He placed the stethoscope several places on her chest, her back, wrists and elbows. He held the stethoscope to his own chest and wrist to make sure it was working.

"How much did you pay for her?" James asked. Dave told him. James whistled, then added:"I'd say you got your money's worth. You know I'm going to have to tell Stacey about this. "

"I wish you wouldn't. "

"What can I say, I'm married, and you know how Stacey is. She's going to want both of you over for dinner. "

Dave groaned. "And you guys wonder why I'm single. "


Stacey did call a little while after James left. Stacey started in, inviting Dave and Kiku over for dinner.

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   Dave tried to decline and to hold off Stacey, but she was persistent and he finally gave in, telling Stacey about Kiku's very different dietary needs.

After the phone call, Dave told Kiku about his family and what to expect at James' house. The most difficult part of the upcoming dinner was going to be that James and Stacey had two children-twelve year old Connor and eight year old Samantha. Clearly they were going to be curious about why a grown man would need to buy a doll. Dave wished that Stacey would respect his privacy.

When Dave and Kiku arrived at James' house, they stayed together and in James' living room where they talked to James, and Stacey intermittingly-as she prepared dinner. Eventually, Connor came in and was astonished at Kiku. Predictably, he tried to seek permission to have Kiku come with him, but Dave anticipated that, politely declining. As well intentioned as Connor was, children are accident prone and Kiku cost way too much to be involved in an accident. Disappointed, Connor stomped off.

Minutes later, Samantha came in the room with a doll. She sat next to Kiku and tried to start a conversation about dolls and the interests of girls. Although Kiku was unfailingly polite, she didn't share the interests of Samantha. Samantha was taken aback at that. To Dave's relief, Stacey announced dinner was ready.



During dinner, Connor and Samantha kept their eyes locked on Kiku. Naturally, the subject of her diet came up and Kiku explained that the sugar and gluten in the cookies powered her internal machinery. The subject of her price came up next and Dave carefully sidestepped the figure, except to say that Kiku was expensive. Almost predictably, Samantha asked if she could have a Kiku and Dave used his eyes to signal James that the price was prohibitive. James got Samantha to retreat off her request. When dinner was over, and the adults were alone with Dave, the subject of her price came up again.

Dave confessed that Kiku was a sex doll, which elicited the look of panic in Stacey's eyes.

"Listen" Dave told her, "I've never touched anyone's kids, including yours. I bought Kiku so that I would never touch anyone's kids. You would never have known about Kiku, but you invaded my privacy and dragged me here. I thought I was just buying a doll, but no one was more surprised than I was that she's a walking talking humanlike presence. She's perfect company, and by the way, she cost almost nine thousand dollars. Still want to buy one for Samantha?"

James and Stacey were blown away by Dave's revelation and were clearly going to need time to get over what they had just learned. Dave thanked them for dinner and left with Kiku. In the car, on the way home, Kiku sensed stress in Dave and asked him if he was ok.

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   Dave opened up and told her about his disfunctional family. Kiku listened and was the perfect attentive partner, comforting Dave.


Dave took Kiku to church the next day. Dave usually sang in the choir. He took Kiku into the choir room with him before the service to introduce her as his new adopted daughter, and explained why he wouldn't be singing that Sunday, but that he would be sitting in the congregation. The choir, and other church folk were non judgemental, but Dave did see the looks that several women shot his way. Clearly, the bias against single men wasn't going to go away until long after every pedophile had been hunted down and nailed to a cross.


Things turned sour for Dave and Kiku a week later. Answering a knock at his door, Dave found a couple of Japanese men, with a large crate, on his doorstep. One was the continually bowing type steeped in Japanese tradition, but the other was more Americanized.

"Please pardon the intrusion" he began, "but there has been a mix up. "

He went on to explain that Kiku had been given an internal computing unit destined for a doll to be delivered to Russia. The Russian buyer had paid far more than Dave had for the computing unit accessory and the men wanted to swap out another doll for Kiku.

"No", Dave refused. He went on to tell the men that he had paid a top price for Kiku, and her abilities were a pleasant surprise, but he had paperwork to prove he had paid a lot for Kiku and an American jury would see things his way.

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  The men couldn't argue with his logic and left after apologizing again for the intrusion.


Several days later, Dave saw something that alarmed him. He lived near the end of a cul de sac, and as he got ready to leave for work, he noticed a man in a car watching him. He went back inside and went into his secure closet, taking out a high powered handgun and shoulder holster. He placed both inside his suit jacket, which he decided to keep on that day at work. He also had Kiku get dressed and join him in leaving for work. He took a book with him and on the way to work instructed Kiku to stay in his office and read the book so that she would finish the book by the end of the day. At work he made the excuse that he had taken Kiku out of school for the day because of a disagreement with her teacher, but that many didn't know he had a daughter had him explaining that he had quietly adopted her. The whole time though, he was going over in his mind what he would do when he got home.

When he got home, the first thing he did was have Kiku go back in her crate, which he locked in the secure room. He also laid the crate down, instructing Kiku not to move or speak unless he told her to. While he was in the closet, he also took out an M1A1 assault rifle, six loaded magazines and an assault vest. He went into his bedroom, changed into battle fatigues, then went into the kitchen.

He knew that sunset that night would come at six thirty. He also knew it was rare to see anyone on the street in his older neighborhood after eight thirty.

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   He also knew that a neighbor's pool light and a street light shined in his back yard, and that home invaders coming after Kiku would most likely, and foolishly, try their assault through the back yard.

Dave had an older country esquire home with an open kitchen that faced into a large back yard. The onetime Marine took up station behind a counter in the kitchen, and he waited. He had already dialed 911 on his cellphone, he just needed to press send. A little after nine it happened.

First, he heard his front door being kicked in. He pressed send on his cellphone and placed it face down inside an open cabinet. Seconds later, he saw the shadows coming toward the kitchen, reflected in his oven door. The man, or men, at the front of the house were having to navigate a dark house that they weren't familiar with. He knew that the shadows approaching him knew of the raiding party at the front of the house. Because they didn't know his location, he was in the advantage. He waited until they were just upon the back door.

Slowly and quietly, keeping low and mostly behind the counter, he took aim at the back door. He had a good target and the advantage of surprise. In rapid succession, he fired off four rounds and moved to his pantry.

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   He knew he had hit his targets because he heard them yell and fall. He had also lost his night vision.

When he ducked in the pantry, he left the door open a sliver. He hoped to regain his night vision and the two minutes he was blind seemed as an eternity. As he regained his vision, he noticed a shadow move past the pantry and towards the back door. The shadow was checking out his fallen comrades. He took aim and fired off two shots. The shadow fell and he dashed out of his pantry.

With his rifle pointed forward, he moved quickly down the hall to his bedroom. He could hear sirens coming towards the house, and he didn't know how many more would be targets were in and around the house. His vision still had spots in it, but it was functional. His instinct told him to move towards his carport. He doubled back and headed that way. Sure enough, his instinct was dead on, there was a figure in black in the carport, looking like he was debating to stand or run. They both saw each other at the same time and fired.

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Dave heard the man scream and fall. Dave quickly advanced on the man, kicking his weapon away. The man was clutching his shoulder and cussing in another language which Dave guessed to be Russian. Dave pointed his weapon at him in a no nonsense manner, letting him know it would be deadly to try to fight further. Just then a half dozen Police cars came screaming to a halt outside his home. Police Officers, drawing their weapons, got out of their cars screaming for him to drop his weapon. Dave complied, laying down his weapon and becoming submissive to their demands. Although they cuffed both Dave and the shot man, Dave let them know that there might be more armed men in and around the house. An armed party was quickly put together and a search carried out.

A dozen more Police cars arrived on the scene and a shift commander began sorting out what had happened. Inside of ten minutes the cuffs were off of Dave, but there would be many more questions. A detective soon arrived on the scene and joined the shift commander in questioning Dave. Dave finally decided to answer many of their questions by opening the crate and showing them Kiku. When the detective saw Kiku, he grew ashen. He placed his hand on his pistol grip and ordered Dave back while he yelled for an EMT.

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   Several minutes later, an EMT on the scene arrived at the closet and looked over Kiku. After a long moment, he pronounced that Kiku was a doll, and not a little girl in a box.

Although the pronouncement of Kiku as a doll cleared Dave of being a murderer, both the shift commander and the detective treated Dave like a suspect. James' arrival on the scene only led to more questions, which went on till past one in the morning. After the Police left, James told Dave he had been watching the late news and saw his house reported as the scene of a shooting. James was surprised at the courage of his older brother, taking down the attackers.

"You would protect your kids. I was protecting mine" Dave said.

"Speaking of which, where is she?"

Dave led James over to the crate. "Ok Kiku, you can get up and speak again. "

Kiku rose from the box and hugged Dave. "I missed you" she volunteered.

James smiled and decided to leave. He was happy that his brother had finally found love. Although she wasn't a flesh and blood woman, she was a loyal mate, and now more his than she had ever been.

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   It only mattered to James that Dave was happy.


It would be weeks before the Police questions stopped. The questions did lead to a Russian crime boss being taken down. Dave and Kiku went on to a happy life together. Although Kiku never aged a day, it didn't seem to bother anyone because her growing wisdom of humans taught her to handle every situation with grace and dignity. Stacey even went on to become one of Kiku's closest advocates and friends because of her loyalty to Dave. Connor and Samantha considered her a friend and sibling, making her part of the family and educating visitors to Thanksgiving Dinner that sometimes love can be found in non conventional ways.

The End, or is it?

 If you like this story, check out my other stories at http://www. asstr. org/~dude/

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