My lucky girl pt. 2


Ok. So. i saw my boyfriend Mark post up the first video and what he said about what happened. Yes. I am Nickie and I really did do everything that he said. It was so awesome and it was one of the best experiences of my life. Apparently Mark forgot to fully describe me other than his "favorite parts" LOL. I am 20 years old and I am half black and half Brazilian. I also saw that Mark pretty much got the first part down but not as much in depth towards the actual demonstration. So I will be telling you what happened in that demo wing. Mark and I just got there 3 days after the doctors appointment. I was feeling kind of nervous but Mark helped me out. We went inside to this backroom of the actual wing and we just took a peek outside. There was about 15 people there and the person who was demonstrating the product. His name was Dr. Goldman.

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   He was saying a couple of things before he actually did anything. His assistants were in the backroom with us. He called to his assistants and they picked me up. They brought me to the center of the room and showed me to everyone. The assistants put me down and started removing my clothes. One guy worked on the top and the other on my bottoms. In 20 seconds I was butt naked and the doctor brings over this panty-like thing with a tube flying out of the top and forces it onto me. He gives the orders to the assistants to chain me down. As they are tying me down, the doctor explains that these panties are the device and can be worn anywhere. The tube is an extra electrical wire that runs directly to the micro vibrator that is nubbed at the clitoris from the inside. One assistant shackles my left limbs as the other does the right. When I'm finally set to go, the doctor brings a pair of black leggings. He puts them on me and then plugs the remote into the vibrator. He snuggles the vibrator remote into my leggings and sets the power to medium. He then takes the power cord and plugs it into the wire sticking out from the panties.

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   He walks over to me and says "Ready to go?" I stutter a little bit but I go "Y-yea" He reaches over to my leg and slaps the button to get it started and runs away. I instantly orgasmed. I SCREAMED!!!! I started making gestures to try and escape but I couldn't, my restraints were too strong. The doctor turned around and started watching as I received the heavy pulses. I gave a huge tug and my waist shot up and I felt squirt coming out. Good thing the machine is waterproof. The squirt started leaking out of the panties. I gave another tug and screamed for a couple of more minutes. The doctor stopped the machine to talk to the audience. I just lay there wondering what was gunna happen next. The doctor then turned the knob on my leg and then slapped the button again. This time the button started flashing. He put it on max power. I SCREAMED AS LOUD AS I COULD and he got even happier as he saw the progress. The tube attached to the panties was shaking so much.

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   Mark peeked in to see what I was doing and I was shaking and screaming like no tomorrow on the table. My clit was being tickled mercilessly and I had no body control. The audience was amazed at the device's effect and my performance and endurance to such a strong vibrator. I forced my head up to see the device delivering constant pulses to my sensitive vagina. The wrist shackle snapped and one of the assistants came and strapped me back in. I screamed even harder and I looked and the button and it was flashing. I think it only flashes when the vibrator has been tuned to the maximum setting. My boobs were pretty stable and it actually turned me on knowing I was screaming topless with a powerful vibrator tickling my clitoris. I gave a couple of more big tugs and then started to roar. It felt so good and I could feel my legs starting to spasm. Finally, they stopped the vibrator after like 10 minutes and then the demo was over. The product started at 2,000,000 dollars to buy the idea. I put my clothes back on and decided to go home and try it with Mark. ;) Mark had a good time being the doctor. He just loves putting me on max.


   It really was one of the best experiences of my life.