One Day In Time


It all started one day in the fall. We we’re sitting in our living talking about our plans for the weekend. We both decided on going to a friend’s party Friday night. And on Saturday we decided to have a picnic at the park near our home. And later Saturday evening we would go out for walk to look at all the beautiful colors of the leaves. And on Sunday we decided we would stay home and watch our favorite movies and get some rest before returning to work the next day. The work week went by pretty fast for the both of us.
    It was Friday evening we had just got home from work. When the phone rings it’s our friend’s who are throwing the party we we’re getting ready for. They we’re just making sure we we’re still planning on going to the party. I reassured them that we were planning on going and that we we’re just getting ready for the party and we would be on our way in about an hour. We said our goodbyes and I hung up the phone. I came back into the bedroom and found that you we’re in the shower. So I decided to join you to save time and water. I got into the shower behind and wrapped my arms around you to let you know I was there. You turned around and gave we a kiss and pulled me closer to you so we we’re both under the shower.

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   I gave you a kiss and then grabbed the soap to wash both of our bodies.
   I washed you first I washed your whole body and stopped to wash your penis a little more to make you feel good. When I finished I started washing my own body when you took over washing my whole body and stopped to wash my pussy a little more to make me feel good. Things started to get hot and heavy you picked me up and I wrapped my legs around you waist. Then I put myself over your dick and slowly push you inside of me and sit there for a few seconds. And then I start moving up and down going faster and faster. I start to slow down and let you take over. You start off slow and begin to go faster and faster. Then I start to cum and so do you and we both slide down to the floor of the shower and sit there for a few minutes. Then we finish our shower and get ready to go to the party. I put on my sexy black dress with slits in the skirt and some black high heels. You put on a sexy blue shirt and black pants with a black tie.
   We start out the door around 7 p. m. And drove over to our friend’s house.

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   We arrived around 7:30 p. m. The party started around 8 p. m. and in the mean time we all stood around talking till everyone showed up and then we sat down for a small dinner. And then we went outside to the patio where we danced and talked till around 9:30 p. m. When we started to clean up and go back inside and gathered around the fireplace in the front room and had some drinks and talked a bit more and the around 10 p. m. We headed back home. And we got home and we both were happy to be home with no noise and just the two of us. As I was heading upstairs to our room you stopped me and told me you’ll be up in a minute. You were going to get us some drinks and lock up for the night.
I got up stairs and changed into some sexy black lingerie and kept my black high heels on. I turned down the lights put on some soft romantic music and lit some candles and grabbed some rose petals I put away and spread them on the floor from door leading to the bed and spread some on the bed.

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   And laid there waiting for you to come upstairs. I could hear you coming up the stairs I started to get a little horny. You opened the door with two champagne glasses and bottle of wine. You came into the room set the glasses on the stand next to the bed and crawled onto the bed and gave me a really passionate kiss. I knew that you wanted me as much as I wanted you. You opened the bottle and poured us each a glass and you handed me a glass and kissed me. We took a drink of the wine and when I finished I smiled at you. Then you took the glasses and set them back on the stand and got up to get undressed.
I stopped you from going any farther I could see it in the way you looked at me you wanted to rip off my clothes and have your way with me. But I wouldn’t let you I took me time taking off your tie and unbuttoning your shirt. I pulled off your shirt and made my way to your pants. First taking off your belt then unbuttoned your pants and pulled down the zipper and slowly pulled off your pants. I looked up at you and you smiled and let me do what I was doing. I slowly pulled off your boxers revealing a hard dick aching for attention. I put my hand around it and started to pump up and down.

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   You put your hand on my shoulder for some support. I looked up at you and smiled. I let your go of you and you lifted me up to my feet.
And laid me on the bed and started to take my lingerie off one piece at a time. I was begging you to go faster because I wanted you in me. But you took your time unhooked my top and pulled it off then slowly slid down my body and hooked your fingers under my panties and slowly pulled them off over my high heels. Then you made your way back up. We kissed passionately then you reached for a glass of wine and poured a bit on my body. Then using your tongue you cleaned it up and kiss my body in all the right spots to make me moan. Then you make your way back up and we began kissing. And then I have you roll over so I’m on top and then I made my way down towards your dick. While kissing your body on the way down. Then I stop at the top of your dick and place my hand over you dick and stroke it for a while making you moan with pleasure.
I let your dick go and held it with my other hand and place my mouth over your dick and start moving it in my mouth I move all over your dick with my mouth. I finish and come back up to lay next you.

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   We start kissing and then you make your way down my body kissing it all the way. Then you stop at the top of my pussy and using your tongue you lick and suck on my clit till I beg to stop and beg you for your dick inside me. Then you slide down bit to my hole and stick your inside and move it around giving me the greatest pleasure. Then you stop with your tongue and put your hand where your tongue was playing with my clit and then slowly down to my pussy then you insert one finger and feeling that you can fit another you add another you push your fingers in and out of my pussy. Then you add another finger and push your fingers in and out till I can’t handle it any more.
I pull away from your fingers and come toward you giving a kiss and ask you for more. Then I lay back down and point at you and signal for you to come closer with my finger. And you crawl toward me and put my body in between your legs and you give me a kiss. Then you take a step back and I spread my legs and you take a step forward. And I wrap my legs around your waist as you slowly enter me we stay that way for a second. Then you begin to move slowly and then you pick up your pace and start moving faster and faster with me urging you on by moaning your name. Then we decided that we would change positions so we lay down on our sides with you behind entering me from behind. We both start to feel that were getting ready to cum so you started to go faster and harder. We both came and just laid there for a few minutes. Then we got up clean ourselves off and climbed into bed and we both agreed that the first person awake would wake the other up with something sexual.

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   And we fell asleep in each others arms.
The next morning I was awaken by the feel of something wet between my legs. I looked up and found a really sexy man at my feet teasing my clit with his tongue. I moaned in pleasure hoping that you wouldn’t stop. Then you made your way down to my pussy and pressed your tongue in and out of my pussy. I couldn’t take it anymore and had you come up to me and give me a very passionate kiss. Then you slipped you dick into my pussy and started to move faster and faster then harder and harder. As I clung to your shoulders you gave me a kiss and I moaned your name. Then we both came and you laid on my chest as I stroked your hair thanking you for the pleasure. Then we got up took a shower and got ready to head to the store to buy the items we needed for the picnic we we’re having later in the day.
We went to the store and bought the things we needed. We decided to grab something for breakfast on the way home and bring it home with us and eat it together. We got home sat down and ate our breakfast after we finished eating we sat and watched a movie that was playing on the TV. After the movie I went to the kitchen to start preparing our picnic while you jump on the computer for a bit. I finished preparing the food for the picnic and put them away for now.

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   And I came into the room and stood behind you while you finished with what you were doing. Then we packed everything into the car that way we had a place to put everything after our picnic. And made our way down to the park and we set up everything and eat our lunch and laid in the warm sun at talked for a bit. Until the sun started to go down and we put everything in the car and took our walk to look at all the changing leaves.
By the time we were finished the sun had gone down and everyone had left the park. So we headed back to the car and at the time felt a little adventurous and asked you if ever had sex in a park at night. And you said I’ve wanted to but never had the chance. So we grabbed the blanket we brought for the picnic and laid it on the grass away from the view of passing cars. Then we laid on the blanket and started kissing and feeling each other. Then we started to take each others clothes off then I got on top of you and lowered myself on to your dick.
I started out slow and picked up my pace and started going faster and faster then harder and harder. Until I couldn’t move any more and I slumped onto your chest and laid there till you rolled me to my side and kissed me so passionately that I got horny all over again. This time you were on top pushing yourself into me going faster and faster then harder and harder. Till you felt yourself cum inside me and we laid there out of breath and feeling like we both accomplished something we’ve never done together. Then we got dressed and headed to the car to go home.

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   We got into the car and drove home, we got home and we both laid on the couch together. Then we both went upstairs and got undressed and took a nice steamy shower together. Then we got ready for bed and got into bed and watched some TV till we fell asleep.
The next morning we were woken up by the sun coming into the room. And we both said good morning to each other and got up for the day. I went downstairs and made us some breakfast and we sat the table and ate our breakfast. Then we cleaned up and went to the living room and got comfy to watch our movies for the day. I got to pick the first movie and I picked a romance through out the movie there we some really good sex scenes. And I got horny and turn towards you and felt that you were getting horny too and we closed the blinds. And stripped each other and we were all over each other. Then you lowered me to the couch and got on top of me and kissed me and then kissed and sucked on my boobs and made you way down to my pussy.
Then you slid two fingers into my pussy and fingered me till I couldn’t take it anymore and wanted something harder in me. You stopped fingering me and slid your dick into me and we were going to fast and so hard that I couldn’t even control myself with all the pleasure. Then we change positions and we stared doing it doggie style with you in my ass. You started out slow to get the feel of my ass and not hurt either of us and then started going faster and harder till I felt you cum inside of my ass.

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And we laid together naked that way if we got horny again we didn’t have to take our clothes off again. After my movie was over it was your turn to pick a movie. You picked on but wouldn’t tell me what it was you just kept telling me to wait and see. Then the movie started it turned out to be porn that you have gotten when I was gone for a day.   We watched it and had hot sex on the floor and fell asleep on the floor.