Stranger on the train Pt 2.

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A month has passed and It still affects me. For one month I have felt indestructible, for one month I have lusted for her, for one month I have hated myself, for one month I have felt guilty but most importantly, for one month I have felt…. satisfied.

Yep you guessed it, one month had passed and I couldn’t stop thinking of her and what happened. I mean I fucking raped her, that’s some serious shit yet I hadn’t heard anything about it. I had been checking papers and local news programs since that day but nothing…maybe I got away with it?

A few more weeks pasted and my feelings had changed, yes I still masturbated over it nightly but if anything now I felt bad. I had to go talk to her. I had to go and say sorry.

I had stayed away from those streets for months until now. Now I find myself walking down that familiar street I so quickly fled from just over a month ago. Looking at that familiar house I watched for an hour before making a move. Retracing the steps I took a month ago to that familiar front gate.

The house hasn’t changed one bit, even the same lights are on. I take a couple of breaths and say out loud “its now or never. ” I make my way down the path and reach for the doorbell to sound the bells that tolled for me 6 weeks ago!




            A month has passed and yet it stills affects me.

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   For one month I have flinched every time the doorbell has rung, for one month I have felt dirty for what happened to me, yet for one month I have fantasized about it every time I have had sex, for one month I have felt…satisfied.

            Yep you guessed it, one month has passed since that stranger knocked on my door and took me without consent, He raped me, and what’s worse is I fucking loved it. I mean I literally squirted all over him twice. Did you take it to the cops I hear you ask, well no I didn’t, mainly because I liked it too much to take that thrill away. He has gotten away with it!

            Weeks have passed now and I still think about the distressing event and the stranger,. I mean I didn’t even know where he came from or who he was and I guess I’m glad I haven’t seen him since…or am i?




             A cheery voice yells out from the door “Coming, just a minute” I hear the door unlock and open slowly. Standing there in front of me is the woman who I have never met but have taken my fair share of.

            “Sorry I was…. ” Her mouth drops as she realizes who I am. There is dead silence between us, no one is saying anything and no one is moving. She jolts out of her trance and slams the door closed in my face.

            That, I probably deserved! I stand there thinking for a minute my heart is racing but I haven’t moved from my spot on the front door step. I kneel down and open the mail slot and I can see my strangers legs standing behind the door.

I begin to say…


            I pounce towards the door and yell that I will be just a minute as I look for the keys to unlock the door. I eventually find them and when I open the door, who do you think is standing there? Yep the fucking rapist is standing there.

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   It took me a minute to work out who he is and when I realize I am shocked to say the least. I just stood there dumb struck until my nerves kicked in and I slammed the door shut.

            I back away from the door and fell against the hallway wall, I clutched at my chest as I felt my breath disappear for a minute, my heart was racing and then all of a sudden and for no reason, and I still don’t know why, my pussy was wet.

            The Mail flap opened up and I could see his hand. It closed again once he had seen me and then he began talking.

            Here I was listening to this guy tell me he came to apologize to me. I have been looking over my shoulder for weeks to check if anyone was there and secretly hoping someone was and now he comes to say sorry.

            “I just wanted to talk, I totally understand your reaction and I don’t blame you” he said “I just thought I should try to explain myself and I’m even willing to turn myself into the police, I just don’t know what came over me”

            There was silence from the door and I was still scared stiff, I just stood there listening. What felt like an hour of silence was eventually broken,

“Ok no response, ill just leave you alone don’t worry you wont see me again……. . I’m sorry”

I hear his foot steps walking up the path away from my house and all of a sudden I lunge for the door. I opened it and he stopped and turned around. He walked very slowly back towards me and his eyes didn’t leave mine. I stepped clear of the door and motioned for him to come in.

He looked shocked by my offer.

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Did she just motion for me to enter her house? WOW this chick is something, she has balls ill give her that.

I walked cautiously to the door and she stepped back to let me enter but I think it was more to keep me at a distance. I closed the door behind me and I started to explain myself. I only got as far as my second sentences about how I couldn’t stop thinking about what I had done and how I couldn’t forgive myself when I realized what started the whole mess in the first place.

This women was breath taking, everything about her took control of my common sense and threw it out the window. Her eyes were captivating, her hair bouncy, her body stunning, her chest and arse magnificent. I looked her up and down and while I was blabbing absolute rubbish, I found myself moving closer to her.

I paused my ramble for one second and looked deep into her eyes. I moved fast and powerfully towards her and what surprised me the most was that she moved towards me in the exact same manner. I grabbed her neck and locked my mouth to hers in a passionate kiss, our tongues roamed each others mouth and soon our hands were all over each other’s bodies.

I was groping at those firm breasts as I felt her hands run down my back and towards my arse. This chick was amazing!


Well this has defiantly surprised no one more than myself.

I am locked in a very very passionate embrace with the rapist and I’m loving it. I don’t remember his arse being as hard and well shaped as the one I had in my hands right now and boy does he have fast hands. I broke the kiss for a second to reach for his belt and begin to undo it, he was tearing at my top to get it off.

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   I lifted up my arms and he ripped my shirt off me. My hands fell back to his belt and in 2 seconds my goal was completed and from his pants sprang a hard and fucking big cock. I looked down at it and licked my lips, I don’t remember it looking that big but I sure as hell remember it feeling that big.

BANG!! What just happened? Ahh FUCK!


He caught me off guard and had shoved me back into the wall. My head smashed against the wall, my body went limp and I started to see black spots, I’m not going to pass out am i? yes?. . . no I don’t think I will.

He grabbed me by my hair in what I initially thought was to support me but considering he has rapped me once I should have thought better. I soon found myself being pushed to my knees with his massive cock in front of my now willing mouth.

So yes I might have mild concussion but I’m from Essex, when I see a cock in front of me I know what to do. I reached up and started sucking his huge sex toy into my mouth.


Fuck this bitch can suck cock, I probably was a bit too firm on the push and I didn’t actually mean her to pass out I just wanted my cock in her mouth and look what happened…. goal achieved!

I smirked to myself as I watched this girl suck my cock like a hungry whore and boy did it feel good. I had two tight fists of her hair in my hand I was started to fuck her mouth, I was making her gag and cough but this girl didn’t miss a beat.

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   She pulled her mouth from my cock, spat on it and started jacking me off. Man this felt good.


            I looked up at him as i pulled at his cock, dropping his head back he moaned. I on the other hand had managed to find my way into my own pants and was furiously rubbing at my now soaking wet clit.

            We certainly were a perfect match.

            He looked down and me and then pulled his cock from my mouth. He tugged me by my hair to my feet and then by my hair led me to the lounge room, the room of sin, the room where he had taken me last time without my consent, but this time it definitely was with my consent. I hadn’t stopped to think about what was going on or why I was letting this stranger do what he was doing, it was like I was a totally different person when he was around.

            He led me to the coffee table and threw me onto it. I stood up and undid my pants sliding them down to my ankles.

He then pushed me back onto the coffee table and lifted my legs up. He didn’t even give me a chance to take my pants off my ankles so here I was legs bound at the ankles stuck straight up in the air as he knelt down in front of me with his cock in hand.

            No foreplay was needed, I was dripping wet and more then willing for him to plunge this magic wand of his deep inside of me.

            I felt his cock at my labia, slowly parting them. His firm warm rod was splitting me in half, I dropped my head off the end of the coffee table and moaned.

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   Inch by inch I was feeling satisfied by what was happening. A weapon that knew how to make me fire was filling my warm pussy. Another inch, it just kept coming, finally I felt his balls rest against my arse.

            My body was on heat and my mind was lost. I reached for his hips, urging them to fuck me until I went blind and hats off to him he sure as hell fucking tried.

            Not before too long my body was bouncing on the table as his balls were slamming into my arse. With every trust his cock got deeper and deeper until I could feel his head pushing against my cervix. I let out a loud moan. He wrapped his arms around my legs and lifted my lower body upwards. This just gave him what seemed like perfect access to my pussy and before long I felt my nipples go stiff and a hot flush over take me,

            “urgh, urgh, urgh” was all I could say and then my moans turned into soft squeals as I felt my wetness open up and start running down my arse. “This guy is going to make me squirt again” I thought to myself, Thrust…Thrust…and then BOOM there it was, I drug my finger nails into his hips and screamed as my orgasm over took me. My ejaculate went flying and was squirting in all directions.

I could feel it pooling at my lower back at it ran from his balls though my arse and down my back, it shot straight up in the air and hit him in the face which only seemed to bring a smile from him and some more aggressive fucking. This man was something special.


            “Fuck Yes” I moaned as I saw her pussy let loose, I fucking love it when this bitch squirts and this time I didn’t have to bound and gag her to get it down.

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   I looked down at her face as my rhythmic thrusts pushed deeper and deeper into her. She was in another world, he body was shaking and her eyes were closed tight. If I didn’t knock her out when her head hit the wall I must have knocked her out with that orgasm. Her breathing was rapid, she opened her eyes and smiled as me as I keep fucking her.

            She pulled her nails out my leg, brought one hand up to her stiff nipples and began to pinch and squeeze them, the other hand felt for the wetness and was brought up to her mouth to taste it. This chick was something special!


            I pulled out of her and let her legs drop to the floor, she was still breathing heavily. She looked up at me with a sort of “why stop” expression on her face. I reached for her hair once again and pulled her body upright, I then forced her to kneel over the couch, pushing her face into the cushions I lent over and whispered, “don’t worry baby I’m not stopping yet, I just got you nice and wet”

            One hand held her head against the couch, the other was guiding my erection back into her pussy.   I pushed deep with my first thrust and the warmth was almost unbearable, this girl had a magical gift here, which I seem to have been blessed access to. I keep my rhythmic thrusts up, my balls slapping against her clit, Moving my hand from her head I placed two fingers in her pool of ejaculate that was left on the coffee table. Lubing them up well I placed them at the entrance of her arse. The ejaculate lubed arsehole spread easier then I thought it would for my two wet fingers as all friction was lost and my digits were slowly but surely going deeper in her arse.   I was knuckle deep and I could feel my cock pressing against one of my fingers with every thrust i made. I soon started up an alternate rhythm and was successfully double penetrating this whore. I didn’t hear any complaining either so I thought I might as well give the ultimate goal a shot.

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            Withdrawing both my penis and fingers from inside of her warm holes I stood up, leaned over her and positioned my erect cock at the entrance to her arse. This movement shook her out of her trance and the first words escaped from her mouth.

            “No not my arse, fingers are ok but not your cock, don’t you fucking dare!”

            I laughed and pushed her head back into the couch. My cock had started its decent and was slowly opening up her tight little hole. She tried to thrash around from under me but pushing my bodyweight on top of her I managed to pin her down, This little girl wasn’t going anywhere.

            I gave a strong thrust and soon my cock was half way down her arse, she screamed!

I slowly pushed down until my whole 7 inches were inside this tight wonderland. It was so much tighter then her pussy and I started to pump furiously into her. Her screams had stopped as now she has realized this was happening.

Her arse was so tight and was gripping my cock like a vice, it wasn’t too long until I felt my balls tense up. I picked up my pace, my breathing quickened, I could tell I was going to explode and I knew it was going to feel good. I pushed all my weight down onto hers as I powered into her arse. Two more thrusts is all I need I thought to myself. One……Two…. ARGH FUCCCCCCCCCCK

            My balls exploded, letting rip with stream after stream of hot white ropy cum deep inside of her, I managed to pull my penis free for one last spurt which landed peacefully on her arse cheek.

            I eased up the amount of pressure I was putting on the girl’s body and I sat back onto my heals trying to catch my breath.

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            She pushed herself off the couch and was kneeling in front of me, I heard her curse under her breath. We both stood up, I looked around the room and I could feel her burning a hole in me. I turned to her, yep I was getting the death stare!

            “Don’t fucking give me that look. ” I said to her

            “Fuck you!” was her response,

            As she made he way towards the bathroom she turned her head, saying over her shoulder…



            “You’re a fucker, you know that?”

            I slammed the door to the bathroom shut and sat on the toilet. “That fucking wanker” I thought to myself as cum dropped from my arse into the toilet. “That fucking hurt”

            I sat there attempting to compose and clean myself up when I heard a click of the front door, then it slam shut. “Did he just leave?” I stood up and walked out of the bathroom to an empty house. I walked over towards the front window and peaked out, sure enough there he was slowly making his way from wherever it is he comes from, Out of my life once again.

            Turning to on my heals I walked back into the bathroom. Sitting down on the toilet I reached under to my arse and scrap the stream of cum he left on my arse cheek onto my finger. I brought it to my mouth and tasted it while I sat there thinking. “Well At least this time I consented to half of it, but that was no where near a love fuck!”


End Part 2.

Please commnet and feel free to send me feedback. bobbie_well@hotmail. com


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