The Goddesses of Sex - Intro


Intro — the goddesses of sex
My accounts begin at the mailbox, believe it or not. The stories may seem incredible but I swear they are true.
I was walking out there, simply to check the mail. Bright, sunshiny day, a little cold. I had shut the lid — no mail yet — and was walking back to the driveway when I heard a vehicle pull up and stop on the road nearby. Turning, I saw a sleek red sports car. Its front window was rolled down and a woman in sunglasses leaned out, smiling at me.
“Hey cutie, what are you doing?”
That was her, not me. I stepped closer, trying to get a better look. “Can I help you with something?”
“Oh, no. I was jus t wondering if we could help you. ”
“What?” I stared just a little more. She was gorgeous, her white face around a very large mouth with wide lips. Long, platinum blond hair fell past her shoulders.
She brought one arm up and out of the car, motioning to me, beckoning with her finger. “C’mere.

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Her shoulder was bare. Surely not the rest of her?
“What? I don’t even know you. ”
“Aha. ” She laughed. “But you will soon. Why don’t you get in the car and come for a ride with us?”
“Um … I don’t understand. ” Obviously there were more inside. I took another step, trying to see, but the glass was tinted heavily. Two shapes in the back, and it looked like another girl was sitting next to the driver.
The driver leaned forward, eyeing me above her shades. “I said, get in the car. ” Commanding tone, yet she was grinning with a set of perfect white teeth. “You find me … appealing, don’t you? You were thinking a moment ago, Huh, her shoulder is bare, I wonder if she’s naked. Mm-hmm — ” she looked down — “and your penis just jerked a little, when I said the word naked. Am I surprising you?”
I stared at her, then whipped my head away.

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   What the hell … ?!
“Have I proved myself now?” Still grinning, she pointed to the car’s back door. “Get in the car. ”
“Not … not a chance. ” I turned to walk away.
The car door slammed and I turned to look; instantly someone pushed me from behind and I stumbled forward, too fast, the car door opened by itself and I hurtled toward it, then my head ducked, someone was there and I flew up over her, then found myself in the seat as if I’d gotten in and sat there myself!
Another door slammed, someone got back in — another girl, sitting to my right, a bathrobe? “Go,” she shouted — “go go go, now!”
The car jerked, backed up, then sped forward and I was pushed back. I leaned forward and felt someone grab at my shirt collar. “What are you doing?!” I yelled — “crazy, what the hell — ”
A hand shoved me back. “Sit down. This won’t take long. ” The driver.
I was back again, head next to her hair. A strange smell. “Stop the car. ”
Another hand pushed on my head and I fell back, and the front passenger turned to look at me. Whoa — she had dark skin and straight, reflective black hair, a thin, voluptuous face and small lips.

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   “Just wait. We promise you will not …” she giggled … “be hurt. ”
Laughter. Girls laughing — four of them. Two in the front, and two in the back, with me between them.
I couldn’t believe this. My heart pounded. Was this even real?
I looked left. The girl was maybe fourteen or fourteen, with long blond hair, and she stared up at me with shadowed eyes, grinning. A small, pink, sleeveless top outlined perfectly her curves — huge breasts for her age, firm and round, and her navel had about three inches clearance. Her shapely legs were completely bare and a denim miniskirt ended just over her thighs, with frayed threads lying over soft white skin.
She looked down, then up and grinned saucily. “Go on,” she said. “Look all you want. ”
Face red.

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   I turned around. The other girl had light brown skin, with high cheekbones and thin, wide bright eyes … Asian. Below … her blue bathrobe ended halfway between her hips and knees, letting me see her long, sleek legs bent over the car seat. Her robe's neck … it plunged into a V far down. I could see her deep, dark breast line.
She caught me looking, smiled sweetly, reached up with a long arm and grasped the edge of her neckline, pulled it slightly aside, revealing more flesh. Breasts … no, not everything, but she wore nothing but a blue bra under there!
“Now, Seth. ” The blond driver laughed and she was watching me on the rear-view mirror. “Don’t get too wild with Leslie and Sabrina back there. ”
“How do you know my name?”
“We know a lot about you,” she said. “Been watching you for some time. ”
I leaned forward … totally confused. “What are you talking — what is going on?”
“Well, we should introduce ourselves. ” Her head turned and I backed up a little, and she grinned. “Believe it or not, we are the goddesses of sex.

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   In our realm, you’ll learn to know us better. ” She kept eyeing me, but her hands were still on the steering wheel as the car went down the road.
“Who … where do you come from?”
“Oh, that’s not for you to know. But you can know our names. I’m Melinda, the mouth. ”
“Melinda what?”
“Mouth,” she said. Her lips opened, thick, wet and glossy, and her tongue slid out — slick, huge, waving over her mouth and in the air like the head of a serpent.
This can’t be real. I shifted in my chair, suddenly uncomfortable in my groin.
The other girl turned — her shoulders were also bare but the seat blocked the rest of her. She smiled, and spoke softly, in a sultry voice: “And I’m Ashley Anus. You won’t believe what I can do. ”
Face … hot. “Ashley Anus?”
“Yep. ”
Back here.

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   The younger girl tilted her head and pursed her lips in a smile. “I’m Leslie Little, and I’ll go to bed with anybody, as long as he’s polite, and nice, and gives me grr-r-reat blowjobs. ”
“Seth is nice!” Melinda shouted.
“Oh, I know. ” Leslie giggled. “I can’t wait to experience him!”
I was trembling … and at my right, the Asian-looking girl smiled, her beautiful, thin eyes gleaming. She had almost no accent, her voice lilting: “And I am Sabrina, the swimmer. I will have sex anywhere in the water, or even under it. You will love what I can do. ”
This was insane.
“In a moment you'll be in our realm. ” Melinda was still looking back at me, even while she drove. “Then you can choose whichever one of us you like. ”
“To have sex?”
“Absolutely. It’s what we do.

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   And we’re great at it. ”
I sat back, stunned. It was beyond anything I could have imagined … four, gorgeous women, whether goddesses or not, kidnapping me, for sex? From me?!
“Here we are,” Melinda said.
In the road the light changed — it looked like a deep, thick cloud of darkness. Without a sound the car drove toward it and then through, inside, dark, and then it emerged into somewhere else, inside.
How had they done that? An inter-dimensional shift? A porthole of some kind?
I looked around, amazed. Walls, ceiling, a door ahead. “It’s a garage,” I said.
“Well where else are we going to park the car?” Melinda stopped, set the brake, turned the engine off, and opened the door and got out.
The other two, Ashley Anus? and Sabrina, opened their doors —
I turned to Leslie. “This can’t be real. You’re not real. ”
“A dream, huh?”
“Yeah … has to be. ”
“Well in that case, you’ll need to pinch yourself. ” Her eyebrows came down and she smiled, wickedly.

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   “Or me. ”
“Pinch me, Seth. Anywhere. ” She leaned my direction. Our hips pressed together. “Come on. Touch me. ”
No way. I reached down to her, laid my hand on her leg, near her minskirt’s edge.
Leslie wriggled her shoulders. “Mmm. Come on, you can do better. ” She moved my hand back, then up under her skirt. “More. Come onnnn.

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I can’t do this. A forbidden region, her inner thighs pressed together and me pressing in, soft skin, I felt her warmth. In a moment I would be touching —
“Hey, Seth. ” I jerked my hand away; Ashley was leaning over at the back door. Wow — I could see up underneath her bra top, and she wore tight, tight black jeans with a thin purple string around her waist above them: a thong. “Come on out,” she said. “Inside. ”
They were all waiting. Without looking at Leslie I slid out that way and stood, and Leslie followed. Then she went first, ahead of me, and I saw her curvy butt sway back and forth, underneath her tight skirt. I can’t watch … when standing her head came as high as my chest.
The four girls — or goddesses — were there. Melinda went first, through a doorway, down a hall. Thick, soft, gray-and-red carpet, inlaid with patterns, plain walls, almost no light. Then it opened up into a room: several couches, and a big-screen TV.

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   Several doors lined the walls.
Another girl on the couch looked up — she was lying down on her stomach. “Got another one, Melinda?”
“Mm-hmm,” Melinda said. “Seth. ”
“Ooohh, yeah. He’s had some great fantasies, I hear. ” The other girl rolled over and sat up — holy crap! She wore a tight bodysuit, solid black, like Catwoman, but at no place did the material line into folds. Lean, pale face with red lips, straight, shoulder-length luscious brown hair, thin shoulders … huge, perfectly formed breasts that outlined completely under the black sheath. I could almost see her nipples.
“Hands off him, Courtney,” Melinda said. “I want him first. ”
“Courtney?” I choked. “And she’s … Ashley Anus …” I could barely say it: “What do you do?”
Her voice was deep and breathy: “Courtney Clone. ”
She stretched, pushing her chest out, boobs protruding toward me … “My special ability is recreating fantasies. Anybody you’ve ever taken a second look at, I clone her.


   I probe your memory and then I assume her characteristics: body, clothes, voice, memory, even setting. A former girlfriend, or just a sexy somebody you saw in a department store. Britney Spears. Jennifer Lopez. I do them all. I become someone else, and give you an experience. ”
Stunned … I looked back to Melinda. Now I could see her full body … long, platinum blond hair, and her large breasts filled her cream-colored sweater that fell off her wide, bare shoulders … the sweater was a thick knit and I could see through to her skin and thin white bra. Underneath she wore denim shorts, just past thigh length.
“And you’re … what do you do again?”
“Mouth,” Melinda said. Then her lips opened again, wide, dark and wet. Her tongue emerged, sliding over her lubricated lips, unnaturally large. It can’t be … her tongue was much longer than it should have been. Melinda licked the air, her saliva crackling, staring at me with wide, shining eyes, then rubbed the corner of her mouth with her finger.
In my pants … my penis was growing harder.

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   I had been erect ever since I had looked at Leslie in the car.
Melinda grinned. “I think you want me first. It’s only fair. I found you and I drove the car. ”
I could barely speak. My eyes traveled over her body again — perfectly shaped breasts, trim stomach, wide hips, gorgeous legs. “I’ve … Melinda, I’ve never had sex before. ”
“Then I’ll teach you what it’s like — at least, what it's like when you lose your virginity to a goddess. ”
Melinda Mouth.
“What’re you going to do with me … what’s your … s-s-special ability?”
I had a pretty good idea but I couldn’t believe it myself.
Melinda grinned, staring at me with sultry eyes. “I’ll show you in there. ” She pointed to one of the doors. “Our private realm.

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   Come on. ”
No way I could resist her. And no way I wanted to.
I gulped hard. “Okay. ”
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