Sleep Over

True Story

I had several friends one summer and they were guys and girls and I had them over a few times, sometimes when adults were there and sometimes not. It never did really matter since Eugene and Maggie let us do what we liked and of course at that age (as at most ages) sex is what we liked. Bonnie and I were spending the weekend at my house and so we had lots of time on our hands. I had shown Bonnie about girl with girl play and she was just getting into it really good but stil loved to watch guys fucking girls on the prn that Eugene and Maggie had. I put in one and before I knew it we were looking at Maggie doing five guys in the back yard one evening. The cam had been set up and she was just having a great time. She had been swimming and these guys had looked over the fence and saw her swimming nude and asked if they could come over and she said yes of course. Before long they were all doing her in one way or another and before it was over she had made all of them limp.

Bonnie looked at me and said, "I can't believe that your aunt is such a slut. " I laughed at her, "So are you Binnie. " I said and she said she was not. We were sipping wine and sitting around with just our bikini bottoms on and were both a little hot. I bet that if guys showed up right now you would do all of them before it was over. " I said and she swore she would not. Well, we laughed and laid down and out lotion on each other and that made us hotter. Soon the bottoms were of and we laid on our tummies close and massagging each others bottoms and slipping fingers into each other.

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   Suddenly we heard a noise on the other side of the fense and looked at there were a few guys heads over the fence looking at us. "Like the view?" I said and they all said that they did. "Can we come over and help?" one guy said. "Sure, if you want to but we are not "of age" I said and then told her that I was Maggie's niece and this was my friend and we were very underage. One said, "Yeh right. " and so I got our school IDs and showed them, not bothering to put my suit on. They showed the IDs around and basically said "Shit. " all at the same time. "Maggie will be home in a few hours guys. " I said and they got off the fence. "Well, you can watch us if you like, no jail time there. " Bonnie said and they all came back the the fence. Bonnie looked at me and said, "Let's at least give them a show. " and I said okay and after they were all on the fence we began kissing slowly and massagging each other all over. Bonnie rolled me onto my back and began kissing my nipples and sucking them making them hard and making me wetter.

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   She worked her way to my tummy and then my pussy and sank fingers inside of me as she licked me through two orgasms that spayed her face. I could tell a couple of the guys had lost their loads on the other side of the fence and laughed between Bonnie and I.

"Now my turn" I said and Bonnie was on her back and and her legs wide apart and I was all over her, sucking nipples and fingering her pussy and soon was licking her through orgasm after orgasm. She was kissing me and whispered to me, "You know, this is really great but I am afraid you were right about me, I need cock. " and I smiled, "Well, I don't need cock but can't let you go it alone. " I said and went to the gate and opened it and said, "Guys, we are not going to tell if you don't. " and they all were in the yard in a flash. Eight guys were in the yard and four were all over each of us, sucking and licking all they could. I heard Bonnie get cock first as she cried out, "Oh yes, that is perfect. Fuck me. " and she was moaning louder every second. One guy was on her as the other three waited. I sat up, "Well, guys, I like two in me at a time so if one of you will lay down I will sit on your cock and the other can lean me back and fil the other hole. " and they did just that . I was going nuts watching Bonnie get laid and then feeling me filling with cock and cum.

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   After they had all laid both of us I told them to let us put on some more show to get them hard again and they moved. Bonnie and I did a greta 69 eating out each others cum filled pussies and making a lot of slurpping noises. Sure enough they were hard again and I said, "Now guys, I like to suck cock so if you wanna get a great blow job, take me, and everything else take Bonnie. Well, 6 came with me and the other two with Bonnie and they gave her a great fucking and I had 6 nice hard cocks to suck off. We were all laying around the pool naked and Maggie came home and she came out to the pool area. "Leave any for me? she said and we looked at her, "Well, if you can get them hard, enjoy. " 5 of the guys got hard again and she had a great time with them.

After she laid there and said, "Now guys, you all know that Bonnie and my niece are underage and you could all go to jail?" she said. They said they knew. "So, to keep from that happening, be back her tomorrow with 5 or 6 more guys including you. " Maggie saidand they all left. We went in to eat and Maggie fixed supper naked and that is how we ate too. The next day was great.