Nike a Go Go Pt. 1


Topic: Nike A Go Go Pt. 1She's a Missle Girl, In a Missle World.
Nike A Go Goby MephistophelesDirt, dirty dirt and sand, dry barren wastelands as far as the eye can see. I'm driving my hybrid jeep, v8 fuel injected engine with a dual overhead cam. I specialized this vehicle just for me, just for riding over these dunes, if you can call them that. Nike sets by me as we bounce over these rocky dunes, though I doubt it's actually rocks; it's most likely rubble and broken down cars, maybe even corpses. I sit back in my seat comfortably, my right hand on the shifter, my left hand placed loosely on the wheel. I glance over and take a hard look at Nike, she's beautiful in a grotesque sort of way. She's got pale white skin, though it's not really skin, and along the left side of her face is a long thin cut leading from just above her eye down to her chin, it curves about strangely. This cut look sewn together hastily, the stitches are uneven and crooked. She has a very beautiful face, pouty lips, the color purple, and a small button sort of nose; her eye lashes are long and twisty, black of course. Her hair is short and butchered, black with a bright sheen of purple. She's kind of short, maybe 5'3" but she has a great body; at least that's what I think. She has almost a pear shape, she has small but perky breasts, nice round hips and a juicy round butt. She's wearing a dark purple mesh shirt, showing her nipples, which are small and perfect. She's wearing some sort of bikini bottom with a garter-belt and dark purple stockings.

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   She's wearing thigh high boots, which are dark purple, and they have radioactive symbols sloppily painted on. Nike isn't only a strange girl because she's beautiful, and could slice you up with a knife in one hundred different ways; she's a cyborg. Though she's a cyborg she is one of the most advanced; she may be created using electric devices, and functions with the help of electric bits and pieces, but she has muscle tissue, and all the normal sort of glands and parts of the anatomy that any human would have; though her bones and brain are mechanical. Anyway, let's get on with the story shall we? Yes, let's do. Nike and I are driving across the barren desert, which is named "No Man's Land" in a very cliche way. I almost forget the reason we're driving. We're driving from our small underground base, which is home to Nike, our mates Flem and Frank, and myself. We're on our way to a large city in the middle of the desert, like a sort of oasis. This is the only city for thousands of miles that actually has running water, food, and other sorts of supplies; let alone people. We're on our way to pick up some things, I can't remember what, but we have a list to read from. It's nearly noon when we arrive at the Megalopolis city outskirts, and we've got to get through the check point gate. They have to check everyone out before they allow one into the city, to avoid some sort of attack or something. We get through the check point without incident and have to drive another half mile to get the inner city. We'll stop at a bar first, probably Clyde's, that's the same one we always go to. We'll get a few drinks then get on with our business in the city; finding some tools and mechanical supplies, probably some food and water too.

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  We leave the jeep outside Clyde's, normally anyone wouldn't do something like this, a car is bound to get stolen in this place. Though they know I drive it. . . and Nike hangs around with me, they're too afraid to do anything if they know she's involved. Nike and I are sitting up at the bar, I've got J&B and a dry beer, Nike has the same. We toss a few back, tie a few on, and drink a few frosty ones, just like we usually do. (even though she's more or less a machine Nike can still get pretty shit faced, strangely enough). We stumble from the bar a few hours later, maybe at 3 or 4 PM, but we don't want to get on with our errands yet, Nike wants to find a motel room or something. So we jump back in my jeep, Nike driving this time, and we rush around town, finding a motel that isn't full up; this might be a little hard. After a while of searching, maybe 30 for 40 minutes we come across a crappy little motel; we didn't have much of a choice on rooms, they only had one left. It's hard to find a place to sleep if you don't live in town, people from thousands of miles around come to this city for just what we're here for, the supplies that is, not the sex. We leave the jeep outside, with the keys still in the ignition. We bust into the room, hardly able to use the key, Nike is all over me, kissing me, licking my neck, grabbing my crotch. I'm reaching my hands up under her shirt, rubbing her breasts and her stomach.

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   Before long she takes her shirt off and helps me with mine, more like tearing mine off and throwing it on the floor though. She bites my bottom lip and we fall back together on the bed, though maybe a little too hard; she bites on my lip with a bit more force than she initially intended, and draws a little blood. Though we don't let this stop us. She runs her hands up and down my arms, from my shoulders to my elbows, admiring my physique. She runs her dainty little fingers around up to my chest, and she runs them up and down on my chest and stomach, still lapping it up. I flex my muscles as she does so, to give her a bit more of a kick. She stops and wraps her arms around my neck, and I lean up to meet her as she and I start kissing again; my mouth has a metallic tang to it now. Her breasts are pressed against me, and my mind lingers on her hard nipples pressing against my chest; she's hot. She sits up, with her crotch on my stomach, she's really getting into it, and it would be easier for me to get into it if she wasn't wearing her little bikini bottom. And it's like she's reading my mind, just as I think about this she jumps to her feet and pulls her panties down, exposing her perfectly shaped, hairless pussy. She falls back on me, sitting back down on my stomach. Her sweet wet pussy is rubbing, and leaking, all over my stomach; it's warm, sweet, and slippery now!As she sits up on my stomach she looks down at me with a lusty eye, she's knows that she's in power. "C'mon, eat it up. " she tells me moving her crotch closer to my face. I do as I'm told and give her wet cunt a tongue lashing.

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   I lick up and down the lips wetting it up even more, tasting her fine juice. I bring my left hand up and gently spread her pussy open as she squats over my face, sighing and moaning lightly. I lick and nibble at her clit, tonguing it lightly, teasing her a little bit. Though the teasing doesn't appease her; she starts grinding her cunt against my face, "Eat it up, lap it you bastard. C'mon do it right!" she shouts at me, she doesn't want me to be gentle. So I oblige her. I bite down hard on her clit and ravage her sopping wet cunt with my lashing tongue, like the Romans flogging Jesus. She moans and screams a little bit as a tear her pussy up!She grinds down on me harder still, so I wrap my arms around her thighs and embrace her, eating her pussy harder. I bite, nibble and lick at her clit, bringing her up to the edge. "C'mon! Eat Me!" she shouts at me, almost at the top of her lungs. So I do it. I stick my tongue in her pussy then draw it out and suck on her pussy lips. I bite her clit and suck on it the best it can. My face is covered in saliva and Nike's cunt juice; the warm, wet juice runs down my chin and onto my throat. I bring my arms around Nike and reach for her ass.

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   I grab at her butt and knead it harshly, then I start playing around with her ass. I run my finger around the rim, teasing her ass while I intensely attack her cunt. I dip my fingers in and pull then out, in and out, in and out. Nike moans louder and loader, she breathes harder and harder as I push her like a rock up a hill. I push further and further, biting harder, licking faster, sucking harder. Then she goes over the edge. "Oh Yea!" she shouts, her voice a little gravelly. "Fuck!" I break a wide grin over my face, "Fucking A!" More of her juice squirts out in my face, and I love it. She falls back, landing on my stomach before sliding off to lay on the bed beside me. She's laying with her feet near my head and vice versa. "Well?" I tease, brushing my fingers against her pussy, she weakly lifts her head and looks at me with a strange eye. "Nice job. . . " her voice is cracking with exhaust, her chest is heaving, ".

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  . . looks like you're not such a useless bastard after all. ""Well all guys gotta be good at something. ""I guess so. . . this isn't your only talent is it?" she asks, reaching up and grabbing my pants, she squeezes my piece. I choke a little and laugh, "Wanna find out?"She sits back up, finally catching her breath, "Let's get started, I wanna see if you've still got it. " she tells me through a curly grin. I roll over and set myself up over her, she leans back and lifts her legs up a little, to give me easier access. I take hold of both of her feet with my right hand and hold them up while I use my left hand to guide myself into her sopping wet cunt. She draws in a heavy breath when I push my cock through, though I think she's over reacting, I only pushed about two inches of my member in. She looks at me with two lusty, glazed eyes, and a grin spreads over her face, telling me to push the remaining seven in. So I do just that, pushing it in slowly at first, three inches, four inches, five, six, seven, eight, then finally nine; I push my cock all the way in to the hilt.

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   She breathes heavier and heavier the further I push it in and she closes her eyes. She may be a machine, but she has the tightest, hottest pussy I've ever had. Lovely warm pressure consumes my entire piece, like some kind of loving embrace. Though I knew this was merely lust and nothing more. That's fine by me, could I ever really love a machine? Not only a machine, but a War Machine, made for nothing but killing and murder? I'm not sure. . . Though I know I can definitely fuck one if the cunt is wet enough. I push myself in as far as I can, and make sure she can feel the pressure, every inch, in her gut before I pull it out. I withdraw slowly and start in again slowly, but instead I take it quickly and ram it home, two, three, then four times. While I continue pounding away at her insides she moans and wails like a mechanical banshee, and I'm loving every second of it. I look down at her, looking her hot body over, heightening the experience all the more. I notice that her hands are grabbing at the bed cover, bunching the blankets up in her fist, then she releases them futilely. With every thrust I give to Nike she jumps up a little, as if she were startled, like she is thinking I couldn't possible go as deep as I did the previous time, but I do; perhaps even deeper. I let go over her feet and she lets them fall to either side of me while I'm hard at work, thrusting in and pulling out.

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   Her wet cunt is leaking it's sweet nectar all over the bed, all over me, and all over herself. I'm thrusting very hard and quickly now, and with every thrust Nike bucks backward a little, letting her breasts jiggle freely. I get distracted when I glace around the room, scoping to see something to keep my mind off of how badly I want to cum. It's five after eight o'clock, so we've been Fucking for nearly what? four hours? That's weird, it doesn't seem like its been four hours. "Nike" I manage to utter between breathless thrusts. At first she gives me no reply, "Nike. " I say again, "What?" this time she replies, sounding a little angry, like I'm interrupting her. "It's eight o'clock. " I say this as if in passing, as if we weren't having wet, sweaty sex, like we were talking about cars or something. "Shit. . . " she says this letting out a deep lusty breath, "What me to stop?" I ask, thinking about how long it will take for us to collect all our supplies. "Hold on. " she says screwing up her face.

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   She looks like she's going to lay an egg for a second, then she recontorts her face. "Just a few more minutes. " when she says this a wide grin breaks over her face. I keep thrusting away, harder than previously, if that's even possible. I'm concentrating on Nike now, how beautiful she is, how great she smells, how tight and wet her cunt is. I'm doing this to bring myself around about the same time she cums. "Oh fuck. . . " she says, not shouting though, she says it like she has a pain in her stomach or something. "C'mon Nike. " I say, trying to rush her along. "Fuck you!" she's getting angry, she doesn't like to be told what to do when she has a dick in her. She reaches up and puts her fingers on my chest, like she's going to start massaging me or something. "Ah!" I shout when she starts digging her fingernails into my chest, leaving big red welts behind, even drawing droplets of blood.

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  "Fuck. . . " I say, thinking more about the pain than pleasure when Nike starts to moans loudly. Her moaning gets louder and faster with each passing second, she's coming around pretty quickly. "Ohhh. . . Ahhh. . . " she moans in heavy breath like she's sitting in a tub of hot water. Her chest is heaving; rising high and falling low. Her rapid breathing lets her breasts bounce around nicely, jiggling to and fro. I can't hold myself back anymore! "I-I'm cumming!" I yell to the room as I feel Nike's pussy tighten up.


   Her body tenses up and I know she'll be cumming with me. "Ahhhh!" we both scream, though Nike adds a 'fuck' or 'shit' here and there. I let my load bust out inside Nike and she lets her juice flow too, but the pressure in her cunt is too great and the cum starts to seep out from behind my piece. I can't help but admire the cum oozing out of Nike's tenderized cunt while I pull my large member out, covered in the goo. Nike and I sit there for a second, trying to catch our breath. Suddenly Nike reaches her hand down to her cunt and rubs at it for a second, "Is there still cum in me?" she asks, looking up at me. I look in her cunt and nod yes. "Goddammit. " she says to herself plunging her middle and forefinger into her sloppy cunt. She draws her fingers out and brings a bit of cum with this, but this doesn't satisfy her, she plunges them in again and brings them back out with more cum, and she does it again, then she seems satisfied so she picks up a small towel laying on the nightstand. She wipes her cunt up and down, drying it off. It looks kind of red, and maybe even a little enflamed, "I guess I don't know my own strength. " I tell her jokingly, reaching my hand out for the towel in her hand. "I guess not, fucker. " she says handing me the towel, tossing this last word in just for substinence.

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  I take the towel and wipe my still erect piece up and down, to keep it nice and clean. "Wanna take a shower?" I ask her, putting my feet on the floor. I sit on the edge of the bed and let my cock hang off the edge; this, for some reason, fascinates me. "Fuck it. " she tells me, standing up from the bed. I turn and look at her. She pulls her little bikini panties up, to cover her hot ass and cunt. She steps into the garter belt and pulls it up to her waist, then she pulls the stockings up her legs and connects the two. She pulls her big purple boots up around her hot legs and starts looking around the room. I stand up and pull my boxers on, then my socks. "What are you looking for?" I ask, picking my pants up off the ground. "My shirt. " she says simply, not stopping in her search. I see her shirt laying on the floor, almost under the bed and I pick it up. "Here.

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  " I say, tossing the shirt to her. She doesn't reply. She pulls the mesh shirt on over her head, then looks at herself in the mirror. She turns around, looking at her ass, and the profile of her breasts. "Alright, let's get the fuck outta here. " she tells me walking toward the door. I follow. We step back out into the street to find the jeep in the exact same condition we left it in. I jump around and hop into the drivers seat and, without argument, Nike climbs into the passenger seat. The vehicle rumbles into life when I twist the ignition key, I pop the clutch and we move onward to our first errand. We're looking for a p38 to 3. 75mm adapter for one of our energy generators, sort of a rare piece to come by, but we have a guy in town that will sell it to us for only three-hundred credits. It took as a while to find him, Megalopolis is a big place, home to probably about six-hundred-thousand people. Fred Lowe, he's got a family store set up on the corner of 138th and 52nd, kind of a small place, but the single best place if you're looking for rare bits and pieces. On several occasions this has been the only place to find some parts that we need, of course we've had to special order them.

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   I can't remember who found him, it definitely wasn't me or Nike, neither of us have the patience to look for a wrench, let alone a person. After about fifteen minutes of driving, mostly driving around alleyways and avenues packed with people, we finally come to Fred's place. It's small and kind of shabby, it's the first floor of a ten story department store, and it doesn't look big from the outside, but inside is where it really starts to shine. That's probably why not to many people know about him; most people would think a shabby little store couldn't have any good gear or parts. Oh well, Fuck them, as Nike would say. Part two coming soon. . . .