Mother-Daughter catfight to the death & Necrobabes


Mother & Daughter: necrobabes

Laura and Sally were quite a couple they were respectively, mother and daughter and lovers at the same time. Their odd relationship begun about 5 years and 6 months ago, but now Sally had fallen in love with a cohort of just about her same age. She broke the news to her mother who became instantly quite possessive. “You cannot do this, you are my flesh and blood and you are the love of my life!” Laura screamed.

“Yes I can first of all I am 18 years old already, second of all I have finally found someone that truly loves me for who I am and not because I am her sex toy which is what I am to you!” Sally screamed right back.

Laura was enraged at that statement “You little bitch! I gave birth to you, I raised you, I have given everything you need…. ” Sally cut her of f “Yeah right! In exchange of providing you pleasure with my body since age 14! And I know you wanted me long before that. ”

“Is it too much to ask for a mother to get a bit of a reward from her beloved and lovely daughter?” Laura asked back with anger palpable in her voice.

Sally looked at her mother with disbelief “What? You see that is the problem! You have no clue as to what love is, to you and love is nothing more than a 50/50 contract! It is simply a you scratch my back and I scratch yours kind of deal. ”

Laura snarled “Do not take that tone of voice with me you little skank, regardless of how you feel about me the fact is I own your little ass. You are mine and will always be and that’s final!” Sally did not noticed that her mother had grabbed a resalable plastic bag from the kitchen’s countertop and had concealed it behind her back.

“You unbelievable old hag! Not only I am leaving but I’m also reporting you to the cops. You are finished mom, good bye!” Sally said she turned toward the door holding back tears and anger. As she did her mother went behind her back and wrapped the plastic bag around her daughter’s head. Sally’s emotions went from anger an revulsion toward her mother to absolute shear terror as her mother was literally suffocating her.

“You are not leaving me, ever! You hear? Never!” Laura said as she kept suffocating her daughter with the bag.

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   Sally desperately tried to free herself from the plastic wrap but her mother held on tight. Sally gasped for air which off course couldn’t get any. She helplessly kicked and trashed her legs about until oblivion overtook her. With that her body became limp and Laura sensing it released her grip.

Laura removed the bag from her daughter’s head and looked at her daughter’s face. Sally’s eyes were wide opened and glazed over. “I told you! You can never leave me, one way or another your ass is and will always be mine!” She said as she closed Sally’s eyes and gave her a kiss on the mouth. With that Laura picked her daughter’s lifeless body and carried to her bedroom once there she dropped Sally’s corpse on the bed.

Laura unclothed her daughter’s body until it was totally naked and took a bit of time to admire her dead daughter’s well built and physically fit body. A real looker ebony haired beauty weighting 116 pounds about 5’2 inches tall (just 2 inches shorter than her mom) and measuring an stunning 34-24-34 and all of it laid in front of her in all it’s glory.

“There you go! Now isn’t this better? I have to be honest killing you and keeping your beautiful lifeless corpse had always been an option I considered but I also thought that you would remain willingly with me. As it turns out that wasn’t the case. Oh well No biggie” she said as she began caressing Sally’s lifeless body. Laura hungrily sucked Sally’s lifeless tits one after the other in rapid succession.

Laura spread Sally’s legs apart and quickly began to work on her daughter’s lifeless pussy.

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   She pried Sally’s vaginal lips open and sucked hungrily on the lifeless clit while grabbing her daughter’s lifeless tits at the same time. Up and down to her daughter’s beautiful limp and lifeless body she went, sucking Sally’s tits and clit harder than she ever had before. Had Her daughter being alive she would have no doubt complained as it surely would hurt but Sally lay on the bed totally devoid of life and completely defenseless from her mother’s assault.

After getting her fill Laura began to unclothe herself, as is the case with most sociopaths and psychopaths she did not lack in the looks department. She had an stunning body of her own. Blonde haired weighting 124 pounds and with a height of 5’4 along with measurements of 36-34-36. Laura was indeed an absolute looker even her age of 46. She placed herself atop her lifeless daughter and began grinding her boobs against Sally’s.

She continued to grind her boobs against Sally’s lifeless ones, crushing them under her weight. Laura rubbed her nipples against those of her lifeless daughter; she began to gasp as the sensation of a huge approaching orgasm was imminent. Laura trembled as the orgasm hit, her body convulsed spasmodically and as it did it in turn made Sally’s lifeless body to tremble in return which turned on Laura even more! Finally the orgasm subsided and Laura incorporated herself on the bed right next to her daughter who laid dead and lifeless.

After catching her breath Laura grabbed Sally’s lifeless left hand and inserted it into her own pussy, using her own lifeless daughter’s hand as a dildo she worked herself into another wild orgasm. Laura repeated the process for the remaining hand and for each of her daughter’s lovely and limp feet. “Oh Sally your dead hands and feet feel so good! I just love how they feel inside my pussy, I am really happy that you are dead my precious! It really makes things so much easier now, for one you don’t need food or clothes anymore right, honey?” Laura sarcastically asked her lifeless daughter as she moved Sally’s head in an affirmative motion.

“Don't worry about it mommy has got it covered remember I am a mortician after all and preserving bodies specially one as beautiful and especial as yours is lovely daughter of mine” She said as once again Laura French kissed her lifeless daughter then she left the room to prepare a home brew formula to preserve Sally's body.

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