My girlfriend cuckolded me.


Tammi and I met at a bar and I fucked her the first night I met her and went back the next night and fucked her again. I had always liked sluts and Tammi was a big slut, she even admitted it! After one month of fucking her every weekend and some times during the week I had my slut move in with me. About a month later she would be gone when I came home from work. Some times during the week and usually always on Fridays.

Tammi started to be gone more and more to the point where she would not even come home until the next day. I accused her of sleeping around and she would lie saying she stayed with friends. I started to check up on her and cough her in a bar with a guy and I was pissed. Only four months and she was out with someone else. I marched her home, I told her that this is not what was going to go on as long as she lived with me. "I was wrong!"

I came home a few days later to a few guys parting with her at my place. When I asked what all this was she said a party and I am going to be cumming! She inter deuced me to two of them and the third one as he left. They were all laughing and talking about how they were going to fuck her and at my amazement she was laughing along with them saying things like which hole was he going to be in and you know who will have to clean it up as they laughed.

Then I said I think this party is over and as I did Tammi went into the bathroom, both her friends were giving me a little bit of a hard time and told me to relax. Then Tammi came out of the bathroom with nothing on and with my mouth open in shock she asked them who was going first. I started to protest and was kind of aroused at the same time. One of them told me to either shut up and relax or leave.

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   Both looked at me with a glance of "Shut up and stay put look" and I did. They both went over and started to feel her up and kiss her as I watched. Looking at me she said, if you behave I will let you watch! I did and she gave me a show. After they both fucked her in all three holes over the next two hours and filled her with cum they said there good buys and left.

When the weekend came around she dressed like a sexy slut and as she was leaving, told me not to wait up as she would not be home until tomorrow. I layed awake most of the night knowing she was getting layed. She came home the next day around 10:00 AM. She was tired and wanted to go to bed but I wanted to talk about it. She said then come into the bedroom and I will tell you what ever you want to know!As she stripped and layed in the bed naked I got a hard on, Tammi said it looks like you enjoy me doing this as much as I do! You want to have sex with me and know more then strip and come here. I did and when I went to mount her she pushed my head down to her cum filled holes and said,"Lick Me Clean" as I tell you about my night.

That was the first time and a few years ago, now Tammi fucks about three guys or so a week and I let her do so in our house just to keep her home. I get to watch and help hold her legs apart for her studs. I even like to see her take on three or more lovers at a time. I always get to fuck my slut after they leave, course I have to give her a real good tong cleaning first and then again after I cum in her!"I have learned to like it. ".

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