Charlottes Diaries (Part 14 of 36)


Charlotte’s Diaries (Part 14 of 36)
Introduction to my sexy world
Hi my name is Charlotte, Charly to my friends. I am 36 years old I am married, I have two daughters and ever since my second daughter was born a couple of years ago I have turned into a bi-sexual nymphomaniac slut. I am always horny. I have over the past couple of years discovered that I’ll do just about anything sexual that a woman can do with men and other women and even animals! I just can’t help myself. These are my diaries, there are usually about two adventures a month for ease of continuity, but in reality they happened over the course of eight years so you’ll have to forgive how my husband has written them up from my hand written diaries. They cover three years so you’ll have to look for each months instalments although I’ll be posting them close together starting at Jan 2001. Love Charly xxx

February 2002
This months sex adventures are slightly different because Dave is a major player in one of them. In this months adventures you will find: Text sex, bondage, domination, oral sex, vaginal sex, toys, lesbianism, S & M, interracial sex, big cock sex, cream pie licking and lots of fucking!
February 2002 – Adventure 1
This morning I was reading the Daily sport news paper and an advert for sex text messaging jumped out at me. I read it through a few times, it said that by sending the word sex followed by your town or village followed by the telephone number you would be put in touch with very horny women in your area to swap sex text messages with and possibly more! I thought to myself, I think that I will try it tonight and see where it leads. I told Dave all about it and he seemed interested, but he didn't see the possible long term outcome, and I couldn't be bothered to explain it to him either.
At about nine o'clock I sent the first text to start things rolling, within seconds a reply came and asked for confirmation of my age and my first message, this is what I wrote (As if it were Dave):
I am 38 years old, and I
have nine inches of hard
throbbing cock that wants to
fuck some lucky lady
out there.
About two minutes later this message arrived:
Hi babe, do u want
to get naughty with me?
Obviously I replied with this to that text:
Oh yes I do, tell me
what u want me to
call u and look like so
that I can picture u in
my mind while I sex text u
and wank! Most people
call me Doc!
From here on I will just write out the texts as they were sent, we swapped naughty sex text messages all night.
Well Doc, call me Suzie,
I am 34 years old, my hair is
black, straight and comes down to my waist.
38DD-28-36. I am about five foot
three inches tall, I am Egyptian
with honey brown coloured skin.
I am married and neglected, my husband
would rather be down the pub getting
drunk, than fucking me! I want u
to make me cum!!!!!

Suzie, let me take u on a trip of
sexual experimentation, just lay back
and trust me.

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   In my imagination I can
see u laying on your bed, u are
wearing a black button up blouse, with
the top two buttons undone, showing
the sexy curves of your lovely big
tits. u are also wearing a button up skirt
with just enough of the buttons undone
to show off your lovely long sexy legs and the
bare flesh at the tops of your black stockings.
Underneath them u are wearing dark bottle green
very lacy matching satin bra, knickers and suspender belt.
Tell me what they feel like against your skin?

The feel of the slippery satin against my bum
cheeks makes me feel sexy, the roughness of the
lace against my nipples has them standing up
hard and excited, the though of u seeing
me laying here makes me pant with

I can see u laying there, u know that I
want u, I know that for the first time
I'm going to cheat on my wife, and that excites me too.
I hear u saying take me, I don't care how or what
u do, just fuck me good and make me cum.
From my pocket I pull out a short length of blue nylon rope,
for a moment or two I see a look of panic on your face.
Then as I grab hold of your wrists and first tie them together
and then to your bed post, I hear u gasp out????

Oh yes Doc, tie me up, hurt me and fuck me!
Doc, u are starting to make me wet between my legs,
I have just slipped my hand down into my
knickers and between my slippery wet cunt lips,
I can feel what your doing to me, don't stop!!!

Next from my coat pocket I pull out two pairs of tights,
I grab hold of your legs and tie one pair of tights to each ankle
and then each pair of tights to the bottom bed posts, spreading your
legs wide apart. As I finish tying your legs apart, I can see
both of your stocking tops and the swell of the material of your
knickers where they cover your cunt. I can see a darker patch
between your legs where your cum is leaking out of u
I Then kneel on the bed between your legs and
take hole of the two open edges of your skirt
and with one hard rip, pull it totally apart, popping
the remaining buttons off your skirt in all directions.
This makes u gasp out in surprise and pleasure
because u jerk your hips upwards.
I then very gently trace my fingertips over the mound of your
lace covered cunt, making u gasp out in pleasure, pushing
yourself upwards against my caress. Tell me how u feel
when I do this?

Oh God, you've made me so horny,
I've just fingered myself to a wonderful
climax and u haven't even fucked me yet!
Make me cum again, tell me more!

Without any warning I rip your blouse open, baring your
lace covered breasts to my lust driven gaze. u look like
such a sexy slut that before I do anything else I undress
straddle your chest and force u to open your
mouth and I fuck your mouth until I cum. And I make
u swallow my cum as I pump squirt after squirt of the salty liquid
into your mouth.

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   Tell me how it makes u feel when I make u
suck my cock and swallow my cum?

Oh please don't make me suck your cock, I've never
sucked a cock before! All I can think of as u
fuck my mouth is, please don't do it in my mouth,
I don't want to taste your cum! Oh my, I can't believe
it, its making me even wetter between my legs. Being forced to
suck u off, give it all too me, make me drink it all!
Oh my, I've wanked myself off again, I didn't realise
how horny I have become.

After the surprise of u sucking all my cum out of my
throbbing cock, I kneel down beside u again and this
time I trace patterns around your huge breasts and across your
hard nipples, making u gasp out in pleasure, begging me to fuck u.
I stop, lean forwards and take your face in my hands and
I kiss u hard and long, tasting my cum on your lips.
u groan out in pleasure, and as I trace a line of kisses
down your neck, u beg me to fuck u.
As my line of kisses reach the swell of your beautiful
golden honey brown breasts, I take hold of the two cups
of your bra and rip them apart. Baring your breasts to my lust filled
gaze. Tell me how that makes u feel?

u are making me so horny, with your words, I just can't leave myself
Just the thought of being tied up and abused
is making me understand just how neglected I am.
I need to feel sex again!

As I take one of your nipples into my mouth and bite,
suck and lick it.
u climax without me even touching u between your legs!
Then as I take the other one into my mouth I feel u
trembling with building pleasure. For a few minutes I
alternate between each of your nipples, making u gasp and
groan in pleasure. Then as my hand starts to work its way
down over your tummy to your knickers, I feel u tense up in anticipation
of what u know is coming. u scream out loudly in pain and
pleasure when I rip your knickers off u.
Tell me how u think that would make u feel?

The touch of your mouth on my nipples, takes me so close to
an orgasm, that I beg u to bite them harder to make me cum.

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I sometimes make myself cum quickly when I'm in the bath, by nipping
both my nipples really hard at the same time. The lacy edges of my
knickers being ripped off and across my swollen sensitive clit would make
me scream out for more, I like to be hurt down there
when I'm wanking, so it follows that I would like to be hurt
there when fucking!!!!!!

Slowly I trace a line across and down your tummy, stopping only
to admire the neatly trimmed dark pussy hair surrounding
your puffy cunt lips. At the first touch of my tongue on your
lips u arch your back and push your cunt hard against my mouth
and make yourself climax again. Oh fuck, fuck me, fuck me hard
and deep u cry out, but I don't. Instead I gently rub my
fingers between your extremely wet cunt lips, covering them in
your cum. Then One by one I first slip one finger into your cunt.
then as u relax, I slip each of my other fingers into your cunt
until I am finger fucking u with four fingers. Tell me how this feels?

Oh bliss, at last your fucking my cunt, even if it is only with your
It feels so good as each new finger is slipped into my sopping horny
cunt. As u start to move them all in and out I start to thrust my
hips upwards to meet your thrusts into me. Oh Fuck that feels so good. . . . .

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As I lay here, I have managed to slide four fingers into my cunt and
I'm hand fucking my-self, oh fuck, yes, oh yes. I've cum again!

As u start to thrust against my hand I fold my thumb into
my palm and as u thrust upwards I push just a little harder
and my whole hand forces its way into your cunt and I start to fist
fuck u. After your initial shock, a brief cry of pain and surprise
uredouble your thrusts against my hand until after a few rapid thrusts
u climax deeply. As u climax I feel your cunt muscles repeatedly crushing my
hand as wave after wave of orgasm passes through your jerking cunt.

I've never been fist fucked before, I was scared at first but I loved
the feelings that it gave me as I imagined what it felt like. Won't
u please
fuck me??????

Slowly as u calmed down, I eased my hand out of your cunt.
I then lay on top of u, pressing the swollen end of my nine inch
cock against your puffy sensitive cunt lips. At the first touch of
my cock u cry out, oh yes at last, fuck me, fill me full of
your lovely hot seed. Slowly at first I ease my cock into your very
slippery cunt, Then as the urgency to cum takes over I fuck u as hard and
deeply as I can. With each deep thrust u grunt out fuck me harder, fuckin'
hurt me, make it hurt.
Hearing u saying such dirty things makes me so horny that after all
the fun that I've had with u I cum deeply into your belly. As I pump jet after
jet of my hot cum into u, u cry out yes, yes, as u feel each jet hitting
the inside of your sensitive horny cunt.

Oh my god Doc, I feel so good after this naughty game that
we have played tonight! I hope u have enjoyed it too?

Oh yes Suzie I enjoyed it too, especially when I was fist fucking
u, I just had to wank myself off, I seemed to cum more than I
have even cum before.

Are u married too?
Yes I am, although we do have a good sex life
it is only on a Sunday, as my wife works all the other evenings.
I do feel neglected too.

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Can I text u again?

Yes u can, I would enjoy that very much, my direct text
number is **************** I will keep my phone on in the
evenings just in case.

u can text me too, my number is

Over the next few weeks we exchanged several naughty text messages, I even included myselfin one of our evenings fun, teasing Suzie with the thoughts of the touch of another Bi curious woman, which she had never even thought about before I suggested it, but she really enjoyed those thoughts as she made herself cum several times. Then one night Suzie sent this text to me:

Please come and do all those
wonderful things to me that u have text me about.
I need to feel like a woman again.
11. 30 am, Tuesday 12th.
15 Finingham street, .
We will have until 5. 30pm.
I have brought some new clothes especially for
only u to see me in!!!!!
Just reply Yes or No.

I had to think about it for a long time before I got up the courage to answer her text message:


I was really nervous about doing this (as Dave had only read the text messages that had been sent. Obviously he will be telling most of this story, but I will be telling the part where I was involved!), and on the day I rang Dave’s work and told them he was sick and he took my bag of sex toys out to our car with him and drove around for a while until 11. 00am. Now Dave will take over for a while.
There I was driving around and suddenly it was time to arrive there.

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   I slowly drove to her address. Once outside I sat in my car for a few minutes before going in. She had her door open before I even got to it and ushered me in with a quick guilty glance out into the road before she shut her door and locked it. She was everything that she had described and more, she looked so sexy. She was wearing everything that I had described to her on our very first text. Neither of us was disappointed with each others appearance and we fell into each others arms for a passionate kiss.
Suzie then picked up my bag and without saying anything she took me by the hand and led me up to her bedroom. Once inside she pushed the door shut with her bum and leant against it and dropped my bag on the floor next to her. Panting with expectation and sexual excitement she dropped to her knees in front of me with her head bowed, holding her hands out to me with her wrists close together, and hoarsely said
"My darling Doc I've waited so long to be fucked by a man. I want you to do it all too me, everything that you have described to me in our texts. One thing, I'm sorry, but please don't be disappointed when you see my underwear, I couldn't find dark green satin underwear anywhere. "
"Don't worry about that, I'm sure whatever you have on under your clothes is beautiful. " I replied, as I reached for my bag of sex toys. I took three lengths of rope from it and with one piece I tightly tied her wrists together, making sure that I left enough length to tie them to the top bed post. I then roughly dragged her up and onto the bed and secured her wrists to the top of the bed, all she did was to groan out loudly.

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I left her black high heeled shoes on her grabbed her ankles and tied each one to each of the bed posts, forcing her legs wide apart, as I jerked her legs apart she climaxed, shuddering as her sexual tension began the first of its releases that day. Once I had finished tying her legs they were spread just wide enough to stretch the material of her button up skirt open enough to show me the bare tops of her thighs and the dark blue colour of her satin lacy knickers and the straps of her suspender belt.
"Ummm, yes I approve!"
I said more to myself, than Suzie, and I saw her smile a smile of relief. My cock was already leaking pre- cum into my underwear, making them feel uncomfortable, the thought that this woman wanted me to do anything and everything that I could think of to her was such an incredible turn on that I was nearly cumming myself before I had even started!!!! I then emptied the bag of sex toys onto the floor where Suzie could see them all, one of them, a huge black dildo I modified to be like a cat of nine tails whip, and this is the first thing that I picked up. I stood close to the bed, gently swinging the whip tails in the air near Suzie and said,
"You really want me to do all the things that we text about, to you?"
As she watched the tails moving in the air, she whispered
She said it so quietly that I could hardly hear it (Just like in one of Charly’s texts). I saw her nipples instantly harden through the material of her bra and blouse as I lifted the whip up and whipped it across her lovely big breasts, and I said
"I can't hear you, I said do you really want me to do all those things to you?"
This time she said out loud so that I could hear her as she arched her back upwards in pleasure
"Oh yes, hurt me, fuck me, fuck me, hurt me make me feel fucked. "
I then stripped my clothes off and straddled her chest, I then grabbed a handful of her hair and forced her to suck my cock as I fucked her mouth, once or twice she tried to turn away, but I just pulled on her hair until she continued. Between mouthfuls of my throbbing hard cock she begged me not to cum in her mouth, (This made me even more turned on and determined to pump my seed into her mouth and make her swallow it. I never told her when I was going to cum, I just did. As Suzie felt the first squirt of cum hit the back of her throat she choked, but to her credit she sucked all my cum out of my cock and turned her head away to get my cock out of her mouth. She then turned her head back to me and opened her mouth showing me her cum filled mouth, which she then swallowed and said
"Oh Doc that tastes so sexy, I love the taste of cum and I wish that I had done that before!"
After calming down and recovering my senses I stood beside the bed and ripped her skirt open, Suzie just gasped as I brushed the tips of the whip tails across the swollen mound of her lace covered cunt lips. I then traced the whip tails upwards to her breasts. I then gently laid the whip on the bed beside her and kissed her hard on the mouth. Mmmmmm she moaned as I started kissing down her neck to the front of her blouse.

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   I then brushed the fingers and palms of both of my hands across the tips of her nipples and breasts. Suzie arched herself upwards against my hands and said
"Squeeze them hard for me. "
I didn't I just very roughly ripped the front of her blouse open and partly into strips.
"Oh Yes, yeeessss!"
She cried out as she jerked several times as another orgasm tore through her body.
I stood for a few moments staring at her body, she looked so sexy. Her honey brown skin seemed to glisten in the light from the window. Her breasts seemed even bigger than she had described in our texts, and they looked as if they were trying to burst out of her sexy lacy bra, the stockings stretched over her legs, were sooo sexy, and the matching knickers and suspender belt just finished off the sexy picture of her perfectly. I knelt beside her on the bed and whispered to her
"You look even more of a sexy whore than I imagined, I'm going to enjoy fucking you so much. "
With that sentiment still ringing in her ears I ripped her bra open and sucked each nipple in turn into my hungry mouth, biting and sucking, licking and nibbling. Not really caring whether Suzie was enjoying herself or not, I just knew that she was as I could feel her body writhing against my touch, and could hear her moaning loudly. I continued this loving treatment of her breasts and nipples for about five minutes, by which time she was just begging and commanding and pleading for me to fuck her, I must say that hearing her saying over and over again
"Fuck me, Fuck me, Fuck me. "
Had my cock standing hard again ready to fuck her.
"No not yet my darling Suzie, I've have other plans for you first. "
This time I made no effort to be gentle at all; I just hooked my fingers into her knickers and ripped them off her as hard as I could. She screamed out in surprise and pain, I wasn't too sure whether she had liked it or not until she calmed down and said in a very hoarse voice,
"Oh fuck that hurt my dirty fuck hole so much, do it again!"
"Hurt my sluts fuck hole again!"
I looked down at her cunt and saw that she had shaved it completely bald, just how I said I liked a woman's cunt to be.

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   As I stood there for a few moments thinking what can I do to give her that time of pleasure, I saw that not only were her cunt lips swollen and red but they were covered in her own slippery cum and glistened teasingly waiting to be used. I made up my mind and first I went to the drawers of her dressing table and looked through them until I found a pair of tights and a pair of her black knickers, I returned to the bedside and told her to lift her head up for me, which she did. She sounded a little unsure of herself when she asked
"What are you going to do to me?"
I just snapped
"Shut up bitch and do as you’re told!"
I then laid her knickers across her eyes and then tied them in place with the tights. I stood back and looked at her laying there semi naked, tied and blindfolded ready for me!!!!
I then picked up the big black dildo whip from beside her and the bottle of baby oil from the floor and trailed the tails down over her huge breasts, down over her tummy, down between her legs making sure that they traced down over her cunt lips, and she just groaned out in pleasure. I then turned it around and held the bottom of it and looked at all thirteen inches of its length and its three inch thickness and made up my mind what I was going to do with it. I knelt down between her legs and with my knees pushed against her knees making sure that she couldn't close them in any way, I then removed the whole of the lid from the baby oil bottle, I held the dildo over her cunt and emptied the whole bottle over the dildo and her cunt and she gasped out again in pleasure as the cool baby oil trickled down over her cunt lips and down between her bum cheeks and onto the bed. Then with one hand I parted her cunt lips as wide as I could, making her gape open with sticky trails of her cum criss-crossing her opening and I firmly pressed the tip of the dildo against her opening and let go of her slippery oil covered lips. At the first touch of the dildo she was already trying to be fucked by me. I without warning forced it deeply into her and pulled it out just as quickly, and then forced it all the way in and started fucking her with it, all she said between gasps was
"Is that the best you can do, I thought you were a real man and could fucking well hurt me how I want to be hurt?!"
I fucked her with the dildo until she had climaxed twice and was getting even more abusive with what she was saying and demanding. I was unsure as to what to try next to please her in the way that she was begging for, the only thing that I could do now was to fist fuck her! I pulled the dildo out of her cunt and it just stayed gaping wide open, I then removed my wedding ring and watch and rubbed my hand around her cunt and bum covering my large hand in a mixture of her cum and baby oil. I didn't even bother to start by easing my straight fingers into her first I just made a fist with my large hand and gently pushed it against the gaping hole that was her cunt, I whispered
"Relax and enjoy!!!!"
I pushed and she screamed out
As my hand disappeared into her she started thrusting her hips easing my hand deeper into her, I just stayed still and she didn't stop squirming until her cunt lips were stretched around my forearm, half way between my wrist and elbow. . . .
"Oh my god it hurts so much, just stay still for me lover and I'll fuck myself!!!!"
And she did and as soon as she climaxed she cried out for me to take it out, and I did, still not really believing what I'd just seen done.

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I let her calm down for a few minutes, and I asked her how she felt, to which she replied fucking wonderful. I then released her legs and hands, only to retie her hands behind her, keeping her blindfold on I helped her off the bed onto her knees and bent her over the bed. I leant forwards and whispered in her ear,
"My cock is ready to burst and flood your insides with hot sticky cum, I'm going to fuck you until I CUM!"
I then knelt down behind her and forced my nine inches of throbbing cock deeply into her arse and fucked her, and fucked her and fucked her until I came squirt after squirt of cum into her. I knew that this time she hadn't climaxed but by then I didn't care. . . . . . .
After we had both had a shower and got cleaned up, we sat drinking a cup of tea and we talked for a while and I asked her why she had wanted the sex to hurt so much. She told me that that was how she thought that sex should be, it was how it had been when her father and his friends had fucked her when she was a child. I was stunned I didn't know what to say, after what was a considerable strained silence she said,
"You don't want to see me again do you?"
And she started crying and blaming herself for not being good enough to satisfy me. "Suzie this time you are wrong, I do want to see you again, in fact I want to see you twice more if you will let me?"
"Why only twice more?"
She asked through her sobs.
"If I'd have known about what had happened to you in the past, I would never have treated you the way that I have today, I would have tried to teach you that sex can be gentle too!"
I paused and then said
"I want you to pick the date, but this time I would like you to wear a matching set of white underwear, and stockings under your dressing gown and leave the rest to me.


  " About a month later I received another text message from Suzie telling me Friday at 11. 00am. This time I knew exactly what I was going to do with her, and I felt excited. Before I arrived as requested, I stopped and brought a single red carnation and when she opened the door to me dressed as I had asked I handed it to her. Then I took her face in my hands and gently kissed her on her lips and she moaned quietly in her throat. I then lead her up the stairs to her bedroom, I lead her to the bed and firstly flipped the duvet open and then secondly I very gently took the carnation from her fingers and kissed them and placed it on the bedside table. I then very slowly and without speaking I opened her dressing gown and pushed it off her shoulders, letting it drop to the ground behind her. In one smooth movement I swept her up into my arms and gently laid her in the middle of her bed and covered her with the duvet. I stepped away from the bed and slowly took my clothes off and slipped into the bed beside her.
I leant close to her and whispered in her ear to relax and enjoy the lessons in love that I was going to teach her today. I kissed her again gently on her slightly parted lips, and started teasing her mouth with my tongue until we were passionately kissing each other and had to stop for air!!! This time I started kissing down the side of her neck down across her shoulder down to the gentle swell of her huge breasts. I stopped and moved first up to one shoulder and took the strap of her bra in my mouth and pulled it down off her shoulder and down her arm until her breast was released from its lacy prison, then I moved around and did the same to the other one. I then laid her back on the bed and whispered for her to close her eyes. I then reached over to the carnation and picked it up. Slowly I started tracing patterns over each of her honey brown coloured breasts, making sure to brush close to but not over each of her nipples.

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   After a few minutes of this she started to moan deep down in her throat, and I could feel her trembling slightly at each touch of the flowers petals on her breasts. I gently laid the flower down into the deep valley between her breasts and lowered my mouth over the nearest nipple to me and sucked it gently, she clasped my head to her breast and cried out as she climaxed. Once she had calmed down I moved over to her other nipple and gave it a little attention with my lips and tongue too.
I then pushed the duvet further off us and kissed and licked my way down over her tummy down to the top of her white lacy knickers where I stopped briefly before continuing to kiss my way down over the outside of them over the swollen mound of her pussy lips and stopped. Gently as I could this time I eased her knickers down over her hips and down her thighs and off. I then lifted one leg up and from her ankle I kissed my way all the way up past her knee and up the inside of her thigh until I was once again at her pussy lips. This time I gently pushed her legs wide apart and with my small tongue and lips eased her pussy lips apart until I could gently start sucking and licking her sensitive clit. At the first touch of my lips on her pussy lips she had groaned out with excited pleasure and her hands had snaked down to hold me to her. Slowly licked and suck her pussy lips and clit, occasionally dipping my tongue into her opening to taste her sexy cum. slowly, and with no force or pain I licked her to a body shaking climax, as her body jerked and thrust itself against my mouth I heard her gasping out
"Yes, Yes, its so goooood!"
I then gently kissed my way up her body and kissed her on her lips and held her for a few minutes before whispering to her
"Please will you suck me now, you don't have to swallow it if you don't want too!"
Suzie started to cry against my shoulder and said
"I don't really know how to do it, I'm sorry. "
I smiled to myself and said quietly,
"Shhhh, I told you I will teach you, stop your tears now and listen to me. "
I explained to her how to use her mouth and tongue and hand on me to make me cum, and how not to let her teeth drag over the end of my sensitive cock. Slowly she traced her way down over my chest and stomach with kisses and almost too gently she took my throbbing cock in her hand and kissed and licked it all over before sucking it into her sexy mouth and sucking me off. I was extremely turned on after licking her to a climax that it was not too long before she made me cum into her mouth, and just as the last time that she had sucked my cock she sucked all of my cum out of it. Then she made sure that my cock was vertical and she opened her mouth and let my cum trickle down all over my cock, then she very sexily looked up at me and licked my cock clean swallowing every drop of my cum.

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   She then moved back up to lay beside me and she said in a sexily horse whisper
"I really do love the taste of cum now that I've tasted it again!"
I kissed her and whispered to her
"This time my sexy Egyptian Princess I would like you to show my how you caress yourself to a climax when you are alone!"
She asked, I just told her to trust me and relax. She did as I asked and caressed herself to another body shaking orgasm, her breasts flushing red with both excitement and embarrassment.
"Just like all women, you looked so sexy and erotic when you did that, it was beautiful to watch, thank you. "
I kissed her again and this time I whispered
"Lie on your back and enjoy”.
As she rolled onto her back, I reached down between her legs and gently parted them and rolled over on top of her. I laid there for a moment or two before I moved down and kissed and sucked all over each breast and nipple, I then carefully reached down between us and pushed the tip of my cock into her very wet pussy. Suzie cried as we made gentle love together, she cried through her two orgasms and she cried when she felt me cum deeply inside her and she cried and held tightly onto me for a few minutes afterwards as we lay there still joined. As my softening cock slid out of her I whispered in her ear I want you to taste what real sex is like and I eased my way down to her slippery cum covered pussy lips and licked as much of our mixed cum up as I could and I then took her face in my hands and shared our mixed love juices with her in a long French kiss.
Again after we had showered and cleaned up we talked about what we had done together and she cried again, but it was in happiness as she had never really enjoyed sex so much in all her life. Again I left it up to her to contact me with a date for our last sexual encounter, I told her that this time it would be different again and this time I would be bringing someone else with me, she was a little worried about it but I reassured her that it would be perfectly fine and that this time she should wear sexy black underwear. As I left I said to her to think about all the things that we text each other about and that I would wait for her text.
Once I got home I sat Charly down and told her all about what I had been doing and the part that I wanted her to play, as usual nothing that I said fazed her in any way. In fact she could hardly wait for her chance to make love with Suzie. Suzie must have enjoyed our love making because less than a week had passed by before she text me the day and time of our next encounter. Wednesday arrived and after getting our daughters off to school she dressed in some very sexy electric blue underwear, skirt and blouse.

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   When we arrived Suzie ushered us in and I made the introductions. Suzie was quite shocked that the other person was not only another woman but also my wife. I saw how hesitant she looked so I asked her if she would still like to make love with us, from the look in her eyes I could see that she did. I took Charly and Suzie by their hands and lead them up the stairs to Suzie's bedroom, once we were all there I told them both to undress each other down to their underwear first, then I stripped and lay on the bed, my cock already craving the attention of both of their mouths. I half asked and half commanded them to both get on the bed and give me a joint blow job. Charly reached out and took Suzie by the hand and lead her onto the bed, and she said suck his cock for me. I gasped out loud when I felt Suzie's mouth plunge down over the sensitive swollen end of my cock, and then when Charly started sucking and licking my balls at the same time I thought that I was in heaven. They seemed to spend ages swapping roles and ways of sucking and licking my cock, but all too soon I felt my balls starting to tighten ready to pump my cum into their mouths. I came when Charly had her mouth over the end of my cock, the sexy whore didn't swallow it she kept it in her mouth and lifted Suzie's face in her hands and shared my cum with her during a very sexy French kiss.
Charly didn't stop at a kiss though, while she was kissing Suzie, she reached around behind her and released Suzie's large breasts from their lacy prisons and pushed her down onto the bed so that she could kiss and suck on her breasts. Not wishing to be left out I lay down next to Suzie too and sucked on one of her nipples whilst Charly sucked and licked the other. Suzie groaned out with pleasure and crushed both our faces against her huge breasts. I saw Charly lift Suzie's arm off her and as I continues to alternate on each breast Charly slipped down the bed and eased Suzie's knickers off and spread her legs. Now Charly will take over telling this story.
At the first touch of my fingers on her cunt Suzie arched her back and climaxed, flooding her bald pussy lips with her slippery warm cum.

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   I didn't give her time to recover, I leant down and slipped my long tongue into Suzie's slippery wet hole and tongue fucked her for a few minutes before I started to lick and suck her to another climax. By this time Dave’s cock was standing up hard again and was ready for some more action, but I had other ideas, I said Suzie I want you to do to me what we have just done to you. Surprisingly Suzie jumped at the chance and they were soon sucking on mylovely breasts, I came quickly as having both of my breasts sucked by different people at the same time is one of the things that turns me on the most.
Just as Dave had with Suzie, he continued to suck my nipples whilst Suzie sucked, licked and tongue fucked me to another climax. By this time Dave was ready to fuck one of us and unload more of his creamy cum onto one of us. I crawled over to my handbag and pulled out my jelly strap on dildo and put it on. Dave climbed back onto the bed and told Suzie to get on her hands and knees and suck his cock, Suzie had already guessed what I was going to do and willingly got on all fours in the middle of the bed, and as she started to suck Dave’s cock into her mouth, I then eased the big jelly strap on into her very slippery cunt and started top fuck her, and with each more frantic thrust that I made into Suzie's cunt, the deeper Dave’s cock went into her mouth until it was thrusting against the back of her throat. I'm still not sure who came first, Dave, Suzie or me, but I do know that we all came. I know that I thought that Dave would never stop pumping his seed into Suzie's mouth. He came so much, so quickly that Suzie gagged on his cum and some of it oozed out of her mouth down her chin and onto the bed covers. For a couple of minutes we all stayed in that position, then as we parted, I saw Dave’s cum all around Suzie's mouth and chin and took her face in my hands and licked it all off and kissed her passionately on the mouth again.
While Dave recovered, I pushed Suzie down on her back, spread her legs and slid the strap on into her and started to make love to her again. This time however part way through our love-making I lifted her legs up over her shoulders and thrust the dildo into her really deeply and continued to do so until both of us came again. As you can imagine watching the two of them making love together like that had made Dave horny again and his nine inches of throbbing cock was standing up wanting attention again. This time Suzie strapped on the jelly dildo that was covered in her cum and I was the meat in our sandwich, I lost count of how many times I climaxed while they were both fucking me, Suzie didn't get as turned on by fucking me like that as I did with her, so after exhausting me Suzie and Dave made love together until they had both came.

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For a while we all lay there together in Suzie's bed, then we all had showers and got cleaned up and sat and had a cup of tea together, at our parting Suzie was tearful, but she understood that she had to try and move on with her own relationship, to find out if she could make a go of it with her husband or not.

February 2002 Adventure 2
Well this adventure was just for Dave, you see I promised him a special treat if he got a higher paid job, well he did get it so here is what I did for him. If you are reading this adventure then you will already know some of the things that turn Dave on, one of his most favourite things is to watch me fucking black men, he says that the blacker the men are the more contrast there is between my white skin and their black skin and he finds this a real turn on. Anyway on with this adventure, recently we have put our details on a dogging web site and we received several emails back from couples and single men and women that wanted to get together for some adult fun, one of the emails that we got was from a middle aged black man who claimed to be hung like a donkey. How could I turn down the offer of a good time on a big black cock?
I arranged for us to meet at his house as he was fairly local to us! As soon as we arrived he led us into the bedroom, I asked him if he minded Dave taking some photos for our scrap book, he didn’t and we got straight down to it. I only had on my little black dress and nothing else, and I was determined to act like a complete and utter slut and this is what happened: Joe only had on his boxer shorts and I could already see the stirrings of his huge erection as the top of his cock started to push out of the waist band, I growled a low sexy growl deep in my throat as we pulled each other close and started snogging. I pulled away from him and sunk down onto my knees in front of him and pulled his boxer shorts down at the same time, his throbbing hard cock sprang out and I grabbed it and hungrily sucked it into my mouth and gave it a loving suck and lick all over it, teasing him with my tongue until he was moaning with pleasure. Then Joe pulled me up and pushed me down onto his bed so that I was sitting with my legs hanging over the side, he pushed my black dress up around my waist and started to expertly finger my pussy. Then he roughly grabbed a handful of my hair and crushed my mouth to his again and started French kissing me with his tongue, thrusting it in and out of my mouth, mimicking the rhythm that his fingers were using deep inside my pussy. I didn’t last very long and I arched myself up off the bed as my first orgasm of the evening raced through my body.
“Oh god, Joe fuck me, fuck me now. ”
I cried out as my climax passed, he didn’t need any encouragement and he pushed me down onto my back and forced his huge rigid cock deeply into my very slippery welcoming cunt. Once he had worked the whole of his huge cock into me I wrapped my arms and legs around him and moaned out
“Joe, Joe give me what he can’t, give me a good fucking with your big BLACK cock. ” As he started to thrust himself in and out of me with all his strength I just kept crying out, “Oh yes, fuck me, fuck me hard!”
All the time I kept looking across at Dave, I knew how horny he was getting, and he kept taking sexy pictures of us fucking. After a few minutes I came again, then shortly after that Joe grunted and started jerking, and I swear I felt every squirt of his hot cum as jet after jet of it splashed deeply into my pussy.

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   We lay there for a few minutes still with my arms and legs wrapped around his back and legs and we snogged and between kisses I managed to say to him (loudly enough for Dave to hear too!)
“Oh Joe, it felt so good when you filled me with your cum, I felt it squirting into me!” Joe replied
“I’ve been saving it up all week so I knew that I’d cum a lot into you. ”
I wanted him again but his cock had started to shrink and as I moved under him it slipped out of me, I pushed him off me and knelt in front of him and sucked and licked our mixed cum off of his cock and balls, all the time that I was doing this his cum was oozing from my pussy and down my thighs and it made me even hornier and naughtier, then when I felt him start to swell again I removed his cock from my mouth and said
“I want you to fuck me again with this wonderful cock, but my cunt is too slippery!”
He was about to say
“The bathrooms that way”
When I interrupted him and said
“Dave darling please come over here and suck Joe’s cum out of my cunt and lick my thighs clean!”
Joe could hardly believe what he was seeing as Dave knelt down between my thighs and licked his sticky cum from them, (I explained quickly that Dave liked to lick my pussy clean after other men had fucked me) then as Dave put his mouth to my cum filled pussy I said
“Show us your mouth full of his cum before you swallow it you kinky pervert you!”
And I pushed his mouth hard against my pussy lips and commanded him to
He did as he was told and once he had sucked loads of Joe’s and my mixed cum from my pussy he lifted his head and opened his mouth so that we could see all the cum in his mouth and then he swallowed it.
Joe then took over again and started finger fucking my pussy again then he worked his way up the bed between my thighs again, easing his big cock into my still well lubricated pussy and before he started fucking me again he reached up pulled the straps of my dress down, baring my breasts and he gave them a good sucking and licking, making me moan loudly. Slowly he lifted my legs up and hooked them over his arms and started to fuck me deeply
“Oh yes get it really deep for me, fuck me hard. ”
I gasped between his thrusts. Then he lifted my legs up and hooked them over his shoulders, he was so deep now that each thrust of his hips was knocking the wind from my lungs. As I felt him start to cum in me again, the first splash of hot seed made me climax again; grabbing his waist and pulling him even further into me if that were at all possible I cried out
“Oh Joe fill me with your cum. ”
And he did just that again.
After resting for about ten minutes I was horny again and wanted to suck Joe’s cock again, I told him that I wanted to suck him off this time. He was more than willing to let me do what ever I wanted to do. I eased myself from under him and rolled him onto his back and again licked and sucked his cock and balls clean again, again his cum started oozing from my well fucked pussy dripping down my thighs. This time I told Dave to drop his trousers and pants, once he was ready I scooped Joe’s cum from my thighs and rubbed it all over Dave’s cock and balls, then I slipped four of my slim fingers deeply into my pussy and scooped even more out of me and rubbed that over his cock too and then I made him pull his trousers and underwear up. After wiping my hand dry on his clothes I returned to Joe and started to wank his cock, after about fifteen minutes of alternating between wanking, licking and sucking his cock he gasped out to me that he was going to cum so I took his cock into my mouth and swallowed every drop of his hot salty cum. Once he had finished cumming in my mouth and I had sucked the last dribbles of his cum from that lovely black cock I used his bathroom to get cleaned up before we said our goodbyes. As you can imagine, Dave was really horny and as soon as we got to our car, and before we got into it, he just ripped (yes ripped) my dress apart pushed me against our car and fucked me up my arse, he didn’t last very long and once he was satisfied we started the journey home.

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As we drove home I was so turned on by what he’d just done to me that I fingered myself to another climax rubbing all the mixed cum’s into my pussy lips as I did so. Dave was more than pleased with his special treat!