Shadows of the Night Part 1

Erotic Horror

As the sun set, Catherine could feel the need building up in her. She was older, older than anyone alive. Living in the city of Los Angeles was prime hunting territory, perfect for a female vampire! Catherine was hundreds of years old, but, on the outside, she had the appearance and allure of an extremely sexy 25 year old! When she chose her prey, the man could not resist her! And, when she took his blood, she cast a hypnotic spell over her victim, so that they would remember nothing. Unlike the tired old folklore said, her prey did not become vampires themselves! She had tasted the blood of many men, and, they had all lived a full, normal life after meeting her. Several of her recent lovers, who had the richest blood, she had drank from several times, and they were still alive and well. She did not mistreat her lovers, or supposedly have enough of a hunger to suck out all the blood, and leave them dead. More tired old folklore. Catherine smiled as she thought about the silly tales of superstitious, ignorant peasants. Their beliefs made it so much easier for a real vampire to move among them. And, her lovers were always very satisfied, they could not resist her, since vampires were not just hungry for blood, they were hungry for sex, too, and she made sure that her lovers got the best sex they had ever had!
She dressed all in black, black satin g string panties, black stockings, black mini-dress, and black 4 inch heels. She felt dark and mysterious, like the night, and black suited her perfectly. She went out, and breathed deep of the warm night air. It always sharpened up her senses, and attuned her predatory drives. She got into her Alfa Romeo convertible (black, of course!), and turned the key. The engine growled to life. She let it idle for a few moments, savoring the thrum of its powerful engine.

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   She set the car in gear, and, she pulled out of her driveway, and headed down from the hills, into downtown L. A. She had heard that a new club had opened, and she decided it would be good to check out some new territory.
Thirty minutes later, she pulled up outside the new club, "Malones". It looked OK, she would have to see inside. She turned off the engine, and headed for the entrance. There was a lineup, but she bypassed the lineup, and walked right to the door. She turned her aura on the doorman, and he swept her inside. Another plus for being a vampire, she thought to herself, and giggled. Malones was a combination bar and dance club, nothing out of the ordinary, but, it was worth sizing up. She took a stool at the bar, and soon had a Vodka martini in front of her. She surveyed the crowd, searching for someone young, virile, and hot!
"Hey baby, how's it hangin'?", some drunk joker had sidled up to her, and tossed out what he thought was a witty pickup line.
She turned an icy, deadly stare on him, and flashed her fangs at him! Even in his intoxicated state, the message was loud and clear!
"Uh, gotta go, see ya!", as he all but dashed out of the club!
She smiled to herself as she returned her attention back to the dance floor, and noticed a hot looking hunk, that seemed to fit the bill she was looking for! He was a well built hunk, and she also noticed a well formed, prominent bulge in his dress slacks! It made her shiver with pleasure, as she imagined that big cock in her hands, mouth, and pussy!! She made a beeline for him as he came off the dance floor. He was with another woman, but, she just stepped in between them, and turned her aura on him. He left the other woman like she was standing still, and Catherine led him back onto the dance floor.

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   The music was nice and slow, and Catherine pulled him in close, and let her aura wash over him. She could feel the big bulge of his rock hard cock pressed against her. Catherine smiled to herself, men always got a massive erection when she was with them! She liked the feel of his cock, give him a sneak peek at how much she would enjoy his cock! He ran his hands all over her back, stroking and gently squeezing her ass cheeks, and Catherine knew that he was hers! After the dance, she led him off the floor, and was leading him to the exit, when the other woman stepped in front of her.
"Hey bitch, who do you think you are, running off with my boyfriend? Who said you can have my man?? Rick, what the hell's goin' on here" she demanded.
Catherine was ready to give her the icy, deadly stare, but, she noticed that the woman was very sexy, and the idea of having the both of them, at the same time, tickled her fancy! Catherine looked at her, and she let thepower of her aura envelop her! The woman immediately fell silent, shivered with pleasure and she stood stock still. Catherine reached out to her, and drew her into an embrace. She came along willingly, and Catherine could smell the sexual heat rising from the women's skin! It made her growl low in her throat, as she felt her needs rising to the surface!
"What's your name baby?", Catherine cooed.
"Marissa", the woman whispered.
"Marissa", Catherine said, "I'm going to take you and Rick, and give you a night like no other! Just follow me!"
They left the club, and Catherine told them to follow her Alfa Romeo. She hopped into her vehicle, and fired up the engine. It purred to life again, and she pulled out, and saw them following her car, in a navy blue Triumph TR6. She gave her car some gas, and started the journey back up into the hills.
Twenty minutes later, they drove up the driveway, and parked in front of the house. She took them by the hands, and led them inside. She gestured them to sit, and she retreated to the master bedroom.

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   Catherine quickly stripped, and put on a white teddy, and white stockings. She liked the contrast between her personality, and the pure, virginal image that the color white projected. She quickly returned to the living room, and stood in front of Rick and Marissa. She could smell the sexual heat rising from them, as they stared at her gorgeous body, clad only in lacy lingerie, you could cut it with a knife! Rick's cock was rock hard, and Marissa was breathing hard, her nipples erect, poking out from the front of her blouse. She pulled them to their feet, and led them to her bedroom. They stripped along the way, leaving a trail of clothes. They all climbed onto her large bed, and Catherine reached for Rick's big, hard cock. She quickly sucked him into her mouth, and ran her mouth up and down his prick! It was throbbing, and she relished the feel of it stretching her mouth! She suddenly felt Marissa's hands caressing her ass, and stroking her thighs and her genital area. She felt Marissa's delicate fingers stroking her pussy, and sliding along her wet, swollen cunt lips. She growled with pleasure, as she felt Marissa's mouth at her pussy. Marissa's tongue snaked out, and worked it's way deep into Catherine's steaming snatch! Marissa's tongue homed in on her clit, swabbing at it over and over, and Catherine was shuddering, as Marissa expertly licked her molten pussy! Catherine continued to suck Rick, his cock was throbbing, getting ready to blow! Her pussy was getting set to explode also. She wanted to cum by Rick's cock, and quickly pulled away from Marissa's skillful tongue. She pulled Rick's cock out of her mouth!
Her eyes flashing with desire, she growled, "OK Rick, bring that hard beauty to me, and let me have it, fuck my cunt, and blow your load deep inside me!"
She lay back and gave Rick another push with her aura! Catherine spread her legs, and Rick got into position. He placed it at the entrance to her pussy, and thrust himself as deep as possible, in one bold thrust! Catherine groaned, partly from pain, and partly from pleasure, as Rick's nine inches plunged into her, spreading the walls of her cunt apart! She was well lubricated, but it had been a while since she had such a long, thick cock buried up her as far as Rick was! She loved the feel of a big cock stretching her open, filling her, and Rick's big cock certainly fit the bill! He was stroking into her again and again, fucking her good, his cock plowing into her again and again! She clamped her body around Rick, and rolled over, so that Rick was on his back. She impaled herself on his throbbing cock again and again, riding him hard, her hot, slick pussy sliding up and down his throbbing prick, feeling the orgasm building! Rick was moaning, as his orgasm neared, and Catherine slammed her twitching pussy down onto Rick's cock, again and again! She leaned forward, running her nose over Rick's neck, smelling the richness of his life force! She found the right area, and she enveloped him in a very powerful blast of her aura, feeling him shiver with the massive pleasure burst! Rick could feel his cock become harder and longer than it ever had in his life, it felt like a length of steel pipe, swelling up tight! Catherine's fangs flashed out, and sunk in deep, and his cock exploded! Catherine's aura and her bite had brought his orgasm on hard! Rick's steel hard prick pulsed and throbbed wildly, as it squirted his hot spunk into Catherine's burning cunt!Catherine could feel her pussy explode, she let the orgasm blast into her, while Rick had never had such an explosive climax! Each pulse squirted more hot spunk, he grunted with each pulse, it seemed to go on and on, his cock pulsing and squirting wildly, Catherine's fiery fuckhole clamped down tightly on Rick's thick cock, the quivering and spasming of her orgasm greedily milking and sucking at his cock, he felt like all his juices were being sucked out of his cock by Catherine's tightly spasming pussy! Catherine smiled to herself as she sucked on his neck, she could feel his big cock exploding and squirting wildly deep inside her, his hot spunk filled her pussy! Her aura and bite never failed to give a man the longest, hardest erection and the most explosive climax ever! She sucked on his neck, drinking in the blood, as her pussy drank in his load! She withdrew her fangs, and licked gently at his neck, to help seal the punctures.

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   She cast the hypnotic spell on him, so he would fall asleep, and forget the unplanned blood donation! She saw Marissa looking at her with wide eyes, and Catherine quickly sent her aura at her, seeing her shiver with pleasure, tightening the hold on her! She drew Marissa to her, and stroked her face gently. She made Marissa lie down, and lifting her cum filled pussy off of Rick's cock, she lowered her pussy towards Marissa! Marissa looked almost hypnotized, the sight of Catherine's just fucked pussy, filled with Rick's hot load, hovered just above her. She could see just inside her opening, and she saw the massive load Rick had pumped into her!
"Go ahead and lick me baby!" Catherine cooed, "Suck out all of Rick's hot load, my cunt is all hot and juicy, just for you!"
Marissa hooked her arms over Catherine's hips, and pulled her down. Marissa's lips made contact, and as her mouth opened, Rick's huge load slid into Marissa's mouth, she eagerly drank down his thick load of cum, and started to lick wildly at Catherine, her tongue lashing at Catherine's quivering clit! Catherine gently cradled Marissa's head in her hands, and with grunts and moans of pleasure, encouraged her on! Marissa was an expert cunt lapper, and Catherine howled as Marissa licked her to a shuddering climax, her pussy squirting, cumming all over Marissa's cute face! Climbing off her face, Catherine started to stimulate Marissa's quivering body, making Marissa moan with pleasure. Catherine kissed and licked at her flesh, leaving a trail of hot kisses down her quivering body as she ran her mouth towards Marissa's quivering pussy! She licked into her steaming pussy, licking up the hot juices, as she slipped a finger up Marissa, finger-fucking her expertly. Marissa moaned with pleasure, as Catherine's tongue stroked at her clit, over and over again! Marissa could feel it building up, her orgasm was approaching quickly! Catherine was also approaching orgasm, she slipped a hand between her legs, cupping her pubic mound, she slid a finger just inside her lips, and started to stroke at her hard clit! Her fangs were ready for the bite! Her tongue was wrapped around Marissa's clit, pulling gently on her clit stem! She wrapped Marissa in her aura, and Marissa exploded, her pussy juicing and throbbing as she shrieked with pleasure as her orgasm tore through her. Catherine sank her fangs in, and as the blood filled her mouth again, her finger brought her off as her pussy exploded, her pussy sizzling wildly as it tore through her. She drank deeply of Marissa, satiating her hunger. She withdrew, and ran her tongue gently over the punctures, to seal them up. She cast the hypnotic spell over Marissa, and Marissa fell into a deep, contented sleep. Catherine felt wonderfully alive, the sex and the blood had renewed her again, keeping her young and beautiful. She smiled at the two sleeping figures, their blood had been particularly renewing! She might have to keep them around her, on a more regular basis!.