An African Farm: The Secret – Part 1


Topic: An African Farm: The Secret – Part 1 I was only a child when my mother died and I had to move in with my aunt Maria who was my late mother’s younger sister. I never knew my father and my aunt was basically the only parent figure I knew throughout my life. My aunt was rather poor and she could barely afford to put me through school. When I reached the age of 18, my aunt arranged for me to work on a farm, as she could not support me any longer on her small waitress salary.
One Friday, my aunt dropped me off on a farm about 50 kilometers north of town and introduced me to the Hogan family. Sam Hogan was a stout but sturdy farmer with short auburn hair and dark brown eyes. He welcomed me with a big white smile and a crushing hand shake. I kissed my aunt goodbye and promised I would call her every day. I waved as my aunt drove off on the narrow gravel road then Mr. Hogan picked up one of my suitcases and showed me into their large house.
There I met his wife, Jennifer Hogan and their eldest daughter, Abigail. Mrs. Hogan was a beautiful woman with long natural red hair and green eyes. She had a slim milky white figure and long supple legs which disappeared under her denim miniskirt. The nineteen year old Abigail was a little curvier and resembled her father. Abi had long dark brown curly hair and big brown eyes.

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   I greeted them both with a handshake and they welcomed me to their farm, wishing me a pleasant stay.
“You’re just in time for lunch”, Mr. Hogan said showing me to the dinner table.
“I hope you’re hungry” Mrs. Hogan said as two black women entered the room with food trays.   Jennifer thanked the woman as they placed the food on the table and introduced them to me. “Carlos, this is Venolia and her daughter Mapula. Ladies, Carlos will be helping out on the farm”. The women nodded and greeted me before they retreated to the kitchen.
“Lets get down to business” Mr. Hogan pronounced as he indicted to Abi to pass the salt. It turned out that the pay was not bad at all and that all my meals, washing and cleaning were inclusive. After lunch I thank them for the delicious meal and then Mr. Hogan showed me my living quarters near the main house. It was a cozy thatched hut, furnished with a double bed between two bedside tables, a small round table and two chairs.

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   A television was mounted on the wall and it had a closet and small bathroom.
“Leave your bags here and follow me, you can unpack later. ” he ordered while strolling toward his black pickup truck. Mr. Hogan took me on a tour showing me the rest of the farm. We came across three black men who were busy guiding cattle on horseback. They were introduced as Abel and his two sons, Moses and John. The men greeted me in broken English and Abel said that he was glad that there were some additional hands on the farm.
The farm was enormous and was mainly covered in lush savannah plains except to the west where a forest edged on a tranquil lake. A mountain at the far end, mirrored on the surface of the lake. A peaceful river flowed from the lake through the forest to the south and we had to cross it several times. We chatted along the way and he explained some of my duties to me while driving through various sections of the farm.
We arrived home as the sun began to descend behind the mountain. Mr. Hogan then showed me the dairy where all 183 cows were being milked.

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   He explained the processes and requested that I report to the dairy each morning at 6 o’clock and in the afternoons at 5, as the cows should be milked twice a day. I was put in charge to watch over operations and to see to it that everything went smooth.
It has been a long day and after dinner I retired to my hut, unpacked and hit the sack. I dreamed about the charming Jennifer and her lovely daughter.
The next morning was Saturday. After we finished at the dairy I reported to the kitchen to see if there is any other task that needs to be done. Mr. Hogan said that he was taking Mapula into town to do some grocery shopping while he would fetch his other daughters from boarding school for the school holidays. He asked if I would like to come with them and I declined saying that I would rather stay behind in case anyone needs a hand. Mr. Hogan then asked Mapula to include any items that I might need on the grocery list.
Mrs. Hogan and Venolia were busy in the kitchen preparing. When I offered to help, Mrs. Hogan replied “Thank you Carlos, but why don’t you ask one of men to saddle up a horse for you”.

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At the stables I found John and Moses busy throwing hay into a feeder from a trailer. When I inquired about the horses, Moses showed them to me and told me their names. A brown mare, called Misty, was already saddled up and I asked if I could take her out for a ride when a voice behind me said, “Actually that’s my horse”. I looked around and saw Abi behind me, hands in her hips. Before I could reply she continued frowning questioningly, “do you even know how to ride?” I assured her that I had previous experience with horses to which she replied, “Ok, you can take her for a while but just be gentle with her…and don’t come crying to me if you fall off. ” I thanked her and hopped on Misty’s back, steering her around in a few circles to prove my capability. I waved and galloped westwards towards the forest and the lake.
The forest intrigued me and I hoped to find a good fishing position or spot some wild animals. As I lead the horse towards the river through the forests, a sound caught my attention. Thinking that it may be a small buck, I fastened the horse near a grazing patch and silently made my way in the direction from which the sound emanated. The next thing I saw astonished me.
A black pickup truck was parked in a clearing between the trees. Mr. Hogan was kissing a young black girl who was leaning against the bonnet of the pickup. His one hand was inside her unbuttoned white blouse while the other was on her buttocks, pulling her hips towards his.


   I recognized her as Mapula the moment she glanced sideways as Mr. Hogan slipped the blouse of her shoulders. I realized that I might be a little exposed in my position and silently made my way to a thorny bush which was about 10 meters from them. This area gave me a good view from the side while keeping me perfectly hidden. He kissed her in her neck and then between her breasts as he fumbled with her white bra. As her bra fell to the ground I could see her well rounded C-Sized breasts. She was uttering little moaning sounds as he sucked and fondled with her dark nipples.
His hands wandered down her slender body until it reached the sides of her grey skirt. He lifted the sides upwards and grabbed hold of her panty which he pulled down while kissing her between her appealing breasts and down her flat belly. After she helped Mr. Hogan to remove the red panty from her ankles, he pushed her own in a squatting position in front of him and unzipped the front of his bulging pants.   His stiff member came into view and Mapula took it in both hands. She started licking the end with little laps while looking up at Mr. Hogan.

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   Hogan supported himself with one hand on the bonnet of the pickup while grabbing hold of her dreads at the back of her head with the other. Mr. Hogan’s cock was quite thick and her red lipstick lips were opening fairly wide to take the full girth of his penis. He started to fuck her face and every now and again she made a gurgling sound when his penis hit the back of her throat. This went on for some time until Mr. Hogan groaned and then I realized that he was going to spill his seed in the lovely sixteen year old maid’s mouth. Still holding the girl by her hair he withdrew his member from her mouth and smeared tip of is cock over her face. She looked up smiling at him as white cum was dripping from her mouth over her dark chin and over her chocolate colored breasts.
The picture in front of me was a bit startling but very erotic. I carefully rearranged myself noiselessly into a more comfortable position. I wondered how Mrs. Hogan would react if she would find out about her husbands affair with the maid’s daughter.
Mr. Hogan then helped her up by her hands and pushed her back against the bonnet of the vehicle. He picked her up by her waist as she jumped backwards onto the top of the bonnet.

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   She leaned backwards as lifted up her skirt exposing her dark womanhood to him. Mapula was now moaning as Mr. Hogan face was buried between her legs. He removed his shirt after a few minutes and continued to suck and lick between the legs the almost naked, young black girl. Every now and again she would turn her head from side to side and lift her middle upwards in motions of pleasure. The moaning became louder and louder until she finally screamed in orgasm. By now I was ready to explode myself.  
Still on her back, Mr. Hogan positioned his pelvis between her dark silky legs. Holding his member in his left hand, I could see the tip of his pink tool rubbing up and down against her clit.  When she could take no more, she positioned his cock against her pussy with her hand. He held it there for a few seconds and gripped her with both hands at the waist. In a sudden, jerky motion he penetrated her womanhood. She yelped as he penetrated her and clutched the arms holding her. He started to fuck her in a slow rocking motion.

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    Her moans become louder as he picked up the pace.
Her well rounded breast swayed up and down as she was pulled and pushed onto his cock. After a few minutes of pussy pounding he grabbed her by her ankles and brought her feet up against his shoulders. He resumed his efforts and buried his manhood deeply in her folds. A slap-slap sound was clearly audible over the squeaky sounds of the pickup shocks. Her moans turned into shrieks and finally an orgasm rocked through her body.   She arched her back and at the same moment he lifted her below the waist unto him. Her arms and legs curled around his body as he pumped a few more times to extend her orgasm. He stood like that for a few seconds before slowly returning her on to the engine lid, from which she gracefully slipped onto her feet.
“Are we finish” she inquired in broken English. “Almost. Just turn around and stand here, like this” Mr. Hogan turned her around by guiding her by her hips. Facing the pickup he pushed her forward so that her hands supported her body on the vehicle. In an almost bend over position he lifted the leg nearest to me and placed it on the bumper of the pickup.

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   From my position I could clearly see her bulging shaved pussy between her legs. Again Mr. Hogan’s thick wet meat disappeared in her dark folds.
Her dark body glistened from perspiration and her tits swayed below her body as he resumed fucking her from behind. After bringing her to another squealing orgasm, he withdrew and held the tip of his wet cock against her anus. “No, please not there” she pleaded. Ignoring her, he slowly he penetrated her shit hole. He moved in and out for a few moments before he lifted the leg that was resting on the bumper into the air. Balancing on one leg, her body turned to face me. Her amazing hopping titties and perfect chocolate body was now clearly visible as she was taken from behind. Her left hand moved to message her breast while she was hanging onto his shoulders for support. His pace quickened into a rapid frenzy. She moaned and shrieked as his erect cock pistoned in and out of her. They came in unison and almost lost their balance. Mr.

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   Hogan pumped the last of his semen into his black mistress ass as she pushed her buttocks against him. When he withdrew from her a white trail of ooze ran down her inner thigh.
”Time to cleanup” he command and again pushed her head down towards his cock. “And I want it clean and shiny before we leave. ”, he continued as she started to lick and suck on his spend member.
I was about to look for the best route to sneak away without being discovered when the horse, which was probably fed up for being restrained for such a long time, made a loud whinny noise. It startled all of us and Mr. Hogan commanded the young maid to get in the truck. Like a flash they snatched up their clothes and jumped into the pickup. Both were still naked when they drove off slowly towards the farm road. When I was sure that the vehicle was out of sight, I stood up and headed towards Misty. Something caught the corner of my eye….
A red panty, barely visible through the grass.
To be continued….