Emma goes to New york


Emma goes to New York (4)
For those who have not read the three previous “adventures” of Emma, here is a little summary. Emma is an almost 40 year old gorgeous white woman. She is a professional and quite well off. She is also rather prude and not promiscuous. Or she wasn't until recently. She now has two boyfriends. One is a Jamaican business man who is charming but also quite the animal. Emma has experienced his strength and very large “body” and is physically addicted to him. On the other hand she has Rick, a very wealthy man who has introduced her to rather kinky sexual experiences. Juggling two men is not something she is used to and this classy lady is quite torn apart.
Packing was always fun for Emma. She was so happy to go to New York for a three day weekend with her boyfriend James. Since it was late October, it would be cold and she was looking forward to a change from the long summer. She was stuffing sweaters, boots and warm clothes in her suitcase when James showed up to go to take her to the airport. The flight was uneventful and they were soon in Manhattan headed for the hotel close to Times Square. The hotel was very modern and very classy.

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James suggested that they go shopping for the afternoon which made Emma so excited. James had an idea before this and told her he needed some help with something. Emma guessed what that meant and was not surprised when he pulled his penis out of his pants while seating on the bed. She took off her blouse and jeans slowly and saw that he was enjoying the show. She knelt in front of him in her underwear and took him in her mouth. Her hands were flying up and down his shaft and she tried to take as much of him in her mouth as she could. His cock was soon fully erect but James was lying on the bed without much reaction. Emma was turned on by then and wanted more attention. She removed her bra and took his erection between her large breasts. That got his attention and he stood up. His cock was long enough for him to get a titjob and a blowjob at the same time. He spun her around and fucked her mouth roughly making her gag everytime. The breasts and the mouth were having quite the effect on him and she knew he would come soon so she pushed him away. She removed her lace panties and sat on the edge of the bed. He lifted her legs up and held them with one hand at the ankle.

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   He used his other hand to push his huge member inside her. Emma could not spread her legs so her pussy was quite tight and she felt the stretch of every inch going in. She thought she would never get used to the width and length. He was quickly going in and out holding his dick straight with one hand. She was trying to spread her thighs a bit but he held her legs tight. The rubbing on her insides and clit was more pleasurable than the painful stretching and she was gushing juices. He soon had his whole member inside her and was pulling almost all the way out before reinserting. After about ten minutes of this she was grabbing the sheets with her hands and moaning loudly when he pulled out and screaming when he pushed in. She felt her orgasm coming just as James pulled out. He quickly let her legs down and rubbed her clit. She could see her pussy was gaped and almost pulsating. Something unexpected happened, when she came loudly and her body tensed up, large amounts of her juices gushed out of the vagina and sprayed her inner thighs. James reinserted his almost foot long cock in her again in one quick stroke and while lifting her butt off the bed he fucked her hard. He groaned and filled her pussy with his cum. She was laying on the bed limp without strength and cum was dripping from her onto the bedspread.


   “Let’s go shopping” he said. They took a quick shower and went out to shop.
It was nice out but the wind was nippy and she was holding tight to James. They went into several stores before she saw a dress in a front window. She just had to try it on. It was a rather loose silk dress with green and black swirls. The skirt came about 4 inches above her knees and the high belt around her waist made her legs look extremely long. She could not wait to wear it for dinner. James pointed out she needed something for under that. She smiled at him and whispered in his ear. “I have everything planned, honey”.   However on the walk back to the hotel she saw some gorgeous boots in another store. These were smoking hot boots by a famous designer. Made from a luxurious black leather but not the shiny patent style, a toe that was somewhat square, 4 inch stiletto heels, a cuff at the top of the shaft that meant they could be either knee high boots or over the knee boots. The perfect boot for the evening! She could tell all the men around the store waiting for their wives were looking at her strutting around in these high heels.

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   She knew the effect boots have on men and she was eager to get tons of attention in her new outfit.
They went back to the hotel to get ready for dinner but she told James not to look at her while she got ready. She put on a set made up of a lace bra, garter belt and thong. She added very dark black stockings with some lace at the top. Her dress fit her perfectly and was enhancing her round firm butt, long legs and large breasts. The boots finished the outfit up by seductively molding her legs in supple leather. The very high heels were lifting her butt and giving her that very sexy posture that turns men on. She put on her black coat and tied the belt as James came back in the room dressed in a very classy suit. He wanted to see her but she pushed him away telling him to wait. They grabbed a cab for a short ride to this trendy restaurant. As she removed her coat at the entrance she saw a few men’s jaws drop as she looked gorgeous in her outfit. Stares followed them all the way to the table where they had a great dinner. She saw that the man at the table next to them was staring at her legs. The combination of stockings and boots were probably driving him crazy and she saw a bulge in his pants. James was very proud and returning other men stares as if saying “This hot woman is mine and I will fuck her till she screams tonight!”.

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   Emma was feeling very sexy and sure of herself, she had also quite a lot of wine. James offered to go to a club he knew nearby to finish off the evening. They walked slowly a couple blocks to this club where about 30 people were waiting to get in. The crowd was mixed with younger and older people. As James and Emma got to the bouncer, he checked her out then James and let them in straight.  The music was loud and the place was crowded. James got them champagne and was holding her ass the whole time. They went ot the dance floor and were grinding in no time. James’ hands were caressing her thighs where the garters held the stockings. She saw he had a bulge in his pants. She also noticed a group of other people dancing very close to them. Two of the guys were black and started talking with James. “your woman is hot Man” and other comments were exchanged as James also checked the latina woman dancing with one of the men. After 10 more minutes of dancing they all moved away from the dance floor. One of the other men shook Emma’s hand and introduced himself as “Ryan”.

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   He was as big as James and very handsome in his suit. She learned he was a famous music producer. The group walked over to a staircase that led to a large room above the club. The bouncer at the bottom of the stairs quickly removed the rope and let them through. Ryan told her this was his private party room that he rented when he was in town. There were long red couches all around the room, video screens showing music videos and live feed from the dance floor. There were 11 people in the room all dressed very nicely. The Crystal champagne was flowing freely and everyone was having a good time. Emma was seating between Ryan and James. She had her legs crossed and James was rubbing her thigh still. Ryan commented that she looked very classy and very sexy at the same time. Emma was pretty drunk by then and thanked him while blushing. She looked across the room and saw that one of the women was blowing a guy from Ryan’s entourage. The place was turning into an orgy. Ryan laughed and said “it’s cool, it’s just love”.

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   James started rubbing Emma’s leg while pulling her dress up. She stopped him before everyone could see her stockings. Ryan saw that Emma was getting uptight so he suggested they moved to another more relaxed room. All three of them walked over to a smaller room with two couches and some more champagne on ice. Emma was getting buzzed by now and she felt better in this small room. Ryan surprised her by kissing her, she returned the kiss for an instant then pulled back. James was smiling “it’s ok baby, we can have fun, I know you are attracted to him”. James was pulling up the bottom of her dress and rubbing her inner thigh. Ryan resumed kissing her and their tongues met. James was going further up on one leg while Ryan was working on the other side. Ryan moaned in appreciation when he found the top of her stocking. James laughed and said “told you she was classy !”  Ryan had one hand rubbing Emma’s breast and one on her thigh. James went down to the floor and lifting Emma’s dress up he started playing with her pussy. Licking it at times and stroking it at other times. Emma was loosening up a bit, the champagne was helping.

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   She could not believe that she was letting two men having their way with her. Two black men too which made it even more taboo. James pulled her panties off and started eating her pussy. She was soon writhing and moaning on the couch. Her stiletto heeled boots were on his shoulders. Her eyes were closed but she felt something on her mouth. She opened her mouth and saw a gigantic cock laying on her chin. Ryan was standing above her. His cock was even bigger than James’. She could not believe it but quickly started sucking on him as she was increasingly turned on. She pushed him away to pull her dress off and resumed her work. Her pussy was so wet by then that she was dripping. James took her bra off leaving her in her garter belt, stockings and boots. James pulled her up and away from Ryan so she could suck him as he sat on the couch. Ryan grabbed her hips and made her kneel in front of him.

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   He slowly pushed his massive cock inside her. This was so much bigger than James. She screamed a few times and almost bit James dick but slowly she was stretching to accommodate this monster inside. She grew more turned on as Ryan pounded her from behind and she gobbled James’ dick. She knew James would get jealous so she pulled away from Ryan who held onto her tits while fucking her and reluctantly pulled out of her. She moved over to James and straddled his cock and started riding it furiously. Her pussy was so wet that when she went up and down the shaft a slurping noise came out. Her inside felt raw from these massive cocks penetrating her. She was masturbating Ryan’s cock to prevent him from going soft even though one hand was not enough to go around his shaft. She was going crazy as Ryan shoved a finger up her ass and was soon coming. She mumbled unintelligible words and fell on top of James. She recovered after a couple minutes. James was rubbing her erect nipples with the tip of his cock while Ryan was massaging some gel on her anus. Ryan said laughing “we are far from done baby”. She saw that James cock was going soft so she started sucking him again.

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   He lifted her up and laid her belly on the top of the couch’s back. He inserted his cock in her and started fucking her hard. Ryan moved in front and stuck his dick in her mouth. She was lifted off the ground each time James shoved himself in and she was shoved onto Ryan’s cock. Every time James pulled back her high heels were slamming the ground. The rhythm was sounding like music. She would go “ummph” when that monster dick slammed into her and then James groaned “raahh”, Ryan would go “mmmh” and then the heels went “tack”. Finally James grabbed her hips hard and pushed in so hard she thought she would be ripped. He was carrying her on his cock and he came suddenly inside her. Once his last drop was out, he flung her to the couch. Ryan told her “you need more don’t you?”  He sat on the couch and dragged her to him. She stood on her boots and lowered herself on his pole. She started going up and down taking more of him inside until finally she could take it all in. He was biting her nipples and that was driving her crazy. She was screaming “oh my god, fuck me deep, you guys are stretching me so much, it hurts so good”.


   James was observing this scene and getting hard again. He went behind her and slowly stretched her anus with his fingers. He was adding more lubricant and then pushed his cock inside. She was so tight compared to the width of his cock. She tensed up for an instant but when he pushed through her ring she relaxed a bit. Both guys took a rhythm. James would slide hard in her ass which would lift her off Ryan, she then dropped down. Every move was making her scream in pain and pleasure. Both her holes were so stretched by then. As James increased the tempo her pussy clamped on Ryan making him come hard. He grabbed her hips and pulled her down hard and all the way a few times. That made James’ cock push all the way inside. She just had the most insane orgasm, shaking for several minutes, screaming. James lifted her off Ryan’s cock, leaned her over the armchair and brutally pounded her ass.   She screamed every time he went in and out.

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   Ryan offered his cock to her mouth. She licked it clean and then passed out from one more orgasm as James fingered her sore clit as he came inside her butt pounding her violently as if in a rage.
She woke up in the morning in their hotel room. She had been dressed up but could not remember if she had done it. Her panties were missing and her head hurting. Her pussy and anus were so sore, she felt as if she were on fire. James was still asleep. This had been the most insane experience in her life.
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