My little girl part 3


My Little Girl Pt 3
Ok so it’s a rubber cock, but it still feels good?

Yeah I guess so… I mean I don’t know if its as good, obviously.
So now what I want you to do is this-  I want you two to go to ur room and try to figure it out. You are to stay there until you do figure it out. Oh and by the way, you can use whatever recources in ur room.

Ok bye daddy!!!

So we were in our room trying to figure the little red cock out. Since we had a computer in olur room, we decided to google  how to use a fake cock. In the search engine we typed in : How do you use a vibrator? When the results popped up, we saw lots of images and not many worded responses. We saw pictures of girls (our age sometimes) fucking themselves silly with the vibrator.

We went on  utube. com and typed in our query. So now we were going to try using the fake dick. I had Kimmy Flat on her back on the bed. I was just about to penetrate her pussy.
Suddenly she said……  Hey wait Lacy. Can u lick me? Just to, u know, like, get it wet?
Sure sis.
The I went down on my sister for the first time.

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   I ducked my tongue in quickly and took it out. I kept the little bit of juice that I got on my tongue. It tasted great. It was salty and tangy at the same time. It was awesome.
I began taking longer swoops and then actually keeping my warm tongue in contact with my sisters pussy.
Soon I felt Kims pussy start to pulse under my tongue.
She started moaning. Ohh ugh ugh yeah yes mmmmmmhhh. Oh that’s good. Oh right there!! Ahhhhh. That felt great sis!!
Ok well can we continue this tomarrow? Cuz im getting tired?
Me too. Lets turn in.
Night sis. Luv u!

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