Bath time. pt1


Mum & my. . . Puberty!!!
Yes awaited in some cases with apprehension,spots and such like worrying the young. In my case it was a whole lot different. Yeah it sure was! Being of a one parent parent,my whole youthful experience had been based around a caring mother. She was a pleasant well stacked mum that as I grew older found interesting as only a hory young teen could. It didn't help - Or did it? - that with just the two of us she had no inhibitions about walking around the house half or even when coming from the shower completely naked. Great! I appreciated this exposure but so did my cock.

Having reached the point where mum had obviously noticed the effect she was having,she tended to cover herself somewhat. The somewhat made it even worse,because now it was flimsy underclothes that became even more tantalizing to my hormones. - Added to this mum still treated me as though I was twelve,insisting at sixteen that she checked behind my ears and other areas of my body that mothers check to make sure her little dream had washed himself properly.

Although humiliating if anyone knew,because it was secret between just her and me,I let her carry on. There was one aspect that I had trouble with though. She took time checking I'd washed any cheese from under my foreskin and on rolling the said skin back it never failed to give my cock at least a half hardon. This seemed to entertain mum as she often joked, - Or was it? - that I had enough to make any woman's mouth water,whatever that was suppose to mean.

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Coupled with this I'd matured earlier than my peers,or so it seemed,because way before anyone else,I had a manly amount of hair on my chest, - yes my chest - and more too the point,not only had my scrotum dropped but at sixteen I was carrying a full 8 incher, with a mat of pubes far greater than was normal.

This I suspected was part of mum's insistance on checking me in the bath,because she ran her fingers through my chest hair and giggled like a school girl as she pressed my ass down in the bath to make my pubes float above my cock,then putting her hand under my ass to make me raise myself clear of the water,she'd point out how my pubes never settled in the same pattern each time she made my cock surface. Facinating it might be too her,but too me and my cock it never failed to harden me about half making my cock roll around my groins like asalami tethered at one end. The more times it rolled the fatter and longer it got.

"Come on you,enough of that,its beginning to affect your mother" - Affect her!! What the fuck about me?? Anyway,even before I had left school it had been a problem,when having been told to wear shorts for PE. while all the other kids wore the traditional green lightweight kit, mum embarrassingly for me challenged why?? The head somewhat perplexed with a much reddened face and holding mum by the elbow took her away from me quietly saying, 'Its distracting for the girl pupils and in fact some of the female teachers' as well, - Mum cheekily responding, - "And making the male ones envious no doubt" - Now with even a more reddenig face,his response was fair but final. - "Oh Mrs Gally,I'm so glad you understand the problem,sorry it upset you,I'm sure in time it'll all settle down for you"

Mum,not fully understanding how I, while self conscious of the shorts,felt more comfortable in them because there was more room for my cock and generous sized scrotum. - So to get back to my tale. . . Ever knowledgable that mum was enjoying handling this man size cock on her son in the bath. I equally was ever conscious of mum's - while squatting on her haunches at this bath presented a length of thighs with the darker glimpses of her decorative panty's covering her sexual assets. I fear this was not by accident,so I decided or my advanced hormones drove me to respond to mum's fondling of my balls as they floated in their sac.

The first happening happened like this. .

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  . When she'd played awhile supposedly washing my foreskin,I while draping my arm over the bath edge,casually let my fingers touch then smooth her soft white thigh flesh. Totally ignoring this she continued as if nothing was happening to her,so with eyes swivelled to see up her covering clothes,gradually after touching first one and then the other thigh, allowed my fingers to wonder deeper in the groin area until I actually touched her hairs protruding from her panty's like spider's legs. Her eyes flashed as did mine,mine in guilt as they met here's. - "That's tickling!" - I pulled my hand guiltily away from the pussy area. - "I wasn't scolding you,it just took me by surprise as it tickled" - Oh yeah,some surprise that was,having been playing with her thighs for over ten minutes!! - I took this to mean - carry on,so I again,starting from the beginning started to feel her until I'd gained my touching back to her panty legs.

A surprise met me there. Although I'd not noticed at the time,mum,as she said about the tickling had adjusted her stance and I now realised she'd put her hand up as though to stop the tickle I'd made on her. - None of it - I was met with a piece of flesh that could only be part of her exposed vulva,completely exposed I mean with the knicker leg laying tightly as I could feel along her pussy groove. This new excitement had the effect of making my cock go to a full hardon and as my mum's eyes furtively glanced at me as she felt me smooth along the quim groove exploring what I could. I became conscious that the cock/ball feeling had become a very slow wanking motion by mum's hand.

In no time my stomach muscles began to knot up as I knew I was about to spurt cum over mum's fist. My instinct said stop her before it happens,while my cock demanded an eruption before stopping her. In fact I done something completely different,I slid a finger into the side of her knicker leg and sliding it along the soft fleshy of what could only be the now plump inner lips I felt her pussy was all wet and gooey. Without further happenings my sperm spit up and over mum's fist and in turn she squeezed and pumped very quickly on each subsequent spurt to erupt from my cocks eye.

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   Never taking her eyes off her cum covered fist. Squeezing this fist off the end of my knob,she lowered it under the water between my spread legs and watched my jism float off and drift just under the surface of the water.

Lifting herself away from my probing fingers, - "Try not to let that stuff get stuck on you as you get out,keep your eye on it,stay in there and soak and wash that thing of yours when its soft by then I'll be back in with a nice hot towel to wipe you off. . . Its in my room. I listened convinced she was going in to masterbate like I'd heard her do on other occasions after washing me. - I was right,but as I was about to get out the bath she reappeared with the promised towel.

I must admit I enjoyed all of this plus the towelling. Not least because,as she went at the hard fast towelling her tits flopped about and now in a dressing gown,as always happened,the gown loosened and where as other times her panty covered body came into sight,this time her naked cunt was showing,pubes and all. The toweling and the pussy was to much. My cock was back at full attention,she smiled. "I knew that would happen,even so soon after my. . .

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  You know! What I mean. . . I got carried away a bit just back a while,. God your bodies so manly"She slapped my hardon,then my ass,go on,get dressed,we need to talk"

I shortly followed her to the kitchen where a hot drink awaited my appearance. "Ah,there you are" - I sat, - "No,lets go into the living room,more confortable to relax,we need to relax for what I'm going to say" - I sat at one end of the settee. Glancing towards mum's exposed cleavage, "What about mum?" - "Us" - Now taking in the expanse of my mothers white thighs offering but not quite showing her pussy that I guessed was stil uncovered, - "Go on then mum,spit it out,say what it is" - "So far you've talked to my busoms,then my pussy,now try my face. You know what its about,you've just spoken to them" - My face blushed up,after her ignoring my feeling inside her knicker leg,now I get the guilt card, - "Sorry mum,I can't help it,I get real funny feelings about what you said I was talking too"

"I figured that just now when you, - she grinned,when I made you cum" - "So; what's to be done? I'll tell you. . . At the next bathroom event,I'm getting in with you and we'll just play it from there. . . I'm sure you realise where we're heading from here. Yes that touching you done convinced me you feel as I do about that oversized thing of yours,it needs handling properly" - Now hot,not with embarrassment,but lust,I blurted, - "I'll get back in now if you want!!" - "No! No! We'll just play it casual like we always have.

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   - She raised her leg to prod her toes at my cock and in doing so showed me for the first time the complete cunt slit,it was stuck closed but there was a gleam of wetness on her pert soft inner lips as they peeped from the firmer outer,swollen vulva.

Smiling completely now she said, - "Go on then,talk to it properly,tell it what you want to do to it!" - Now allowing her thighs to drop even further apart,I gasped as the bottom of her slit parted and a pinkness appeared all wet and showing three separate pieces,the tan of her lips gave way to a very light pinkness with a pink bulgy bit between them. It had to be her entrance for my now throbbing hardon. - Closing her legs again without me saying a word, - "Go on put the tele on,you need distracting,you're obviously lost for words.

I so much wanted to play and fuck her,but she was calling the shots so I had to wait, as will you for the follow on. . . .