Just Another Mother-Son Incest Story.


And it worked, at least, for a while. But my relationships were always short, and unfulfilling, and I ended up deciding to give up on girls. 16, and a self-proclaimed bachelor. What a life. I should tell you a little about myself. I am currently 21, 6'1 tall, 84kgs (185lb), built lean and slightly muscly. I suppose my story really starts when I gave up on girls my age. My mum was cooking breakfast when I woke up, as usual. Looking mighty sexy (to me at least) as usual. So I gave my daily remark of her looking fine/sexy/good/great etc. But this time she gives me a funny look; the look of a rabbit caught in someone's headlights, a look of nervousness. I wonder what could be wrong for a second, but pass it off as her having had bad sleep or something. That night, when I came home from school, I got the shock of my life. She had a guy over! For the first time in over 3 years, or so I thought, she was seeing a man. For some reason, I became furious. It was like a kick in the guts.

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   I could not bear to see her with another man! It would not even register in my mind that she was capable of being with another man, after my dad. I walked in slowly, and sat down, staring at this guy. It was about 10 minutes until either of them noticed me there. "Oh, Damien, there you are!""Yeah, here I am. Took you long enough to notice me. "I was trying to dissipate my rage, so she wouldn't notice. "Sorry honey, I guess I was distracted. Have you met Matt yet?"She motioned to the guy sitting next to her, the object of my rage. Icily, I said "no mum, I haven't met Matt. Hi Matt. ""Er. . . hi. .

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  . "He looks at his watch and stammers "oh my look at the time, I really should be getting home. Nice meeting you er. . . ""Damien. ""Damien, er right, well bye Sarah!"Did I mention my mum's name is Sarah?Mum replies "ah, bye. . . "After he left, she started shouting at me. "Why did you have to act like that in front of him? Couldn't you see I was going to fuck him? Do you know what it feels like to not have any sexual contact for over 3 years? DO YOU?""Er, well, um. . . "How could I tell her that I was a virgin?"Come on! Spit it out!""Well, uh, mum, I don't know what it's like to have sex. .

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  . I'm a virgin"She stopped for a second, seemingly a bit shocked. "You haven't. . . ""Yeah. ""Not even felt?"". . . No. ""Jesus, I would have thought you'd have done something by now. What are you, frigid?""Hell no I'm not frigid. I just don't like girls my age. They're too immature for me, that's all. "She gave me a sly smile at this.

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  "So you like your women mature, do you?"I'll stop the story at this point to describe how my mother was back then. She was voluptuous, being around 65kg (143lb), with what I thought were 30-something C tits, and was 5'5. Not bad for a 37 year-old. "Um, well, no. . er I mean um yeah. . . ""Just how mature?""Well um. . . like you. . . ""Like your old ma eh? Well that's interesting, because I like younger men myself, they're so much more virile than the guys my age.

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  "I was lost for words. "Uh. . . . . . . really?""Yeah," her voice was a husky whisper, "I like them because I can keep fucking them after they cum, and they can keep up with me. "I was shocked. My own mother was talking dirty to me!"Do you find me attractive Damien?""Um, well, um, I mean er. . . . yes?" I squeaked.

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  "Really? It makes no difference that I'm your ma?" She beamed. "Nope!" I was still squeaking. Damn half-broken voice. "Well I find you attractive, and if you weren't my son, I would practically rape you. "This was news to me. My mum wanted me! I could not beleive my luck. "I would do the same to you," I replied, "it's too bad we're related. ""Yeah, it is. . . " She said softly. Later that night. . . I awoke to a warm wet sensation around my cock.

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   I opened my eyes slowly. Looking down, I realised this wasn't a dream. Mum was sucking my cock!"Uh, mum?""MMmmmfff?" She replied, her voice muffled by my 7" cock. "What are you doing?"She took her mouth off my cock to reply "Sucking your cock honey. Don't you like it?""Well, yeah, of course I like it but you're my mum!""So?" she replied, and kept sucking my cock. I thought about it. What if we could do the things we wanted? Oh well, she was sucking my cock, so we couldn't go back. "Ohh yeah suck me harder. "It felt wonderful, like no other feeling I ever had. Warm, wet, and oh so good. I couldn't help myself, I was about to cum. "Oh shit mum, I'm cumming, take all my fucking cum. "She swallowed all she could, but I came so hard that a bit dribbled down her chin. This she licked up too. "Mmmm," she said, "well, aren't you going to fuck me?""Um.


  . " As if I needed to think about it. I got up and started looking for my rubbers. She stopped me and said "hey honey, I'm on the pill, now hurry up and fuck me!"I couldn't help but oblige her. She got onto her knees with her beautiful pussy facing me. I lined up my cock with her pussy, and slowly pushed in. It felt so good, it was even better than her mouth, if that was possible. I started to thrust in and out rythmically, and she started moaning with my thrusts. "Oh fuck baby, your cock feels so good! I almost forgot what it felt like!""Ohh mum, your pussy is like heaven on my cock, I want to fuck you every chance I get, you're fucking awesome!""Oh, I hope you do darling, now shut up and fuck me!"I thrusted harder into her. "Oh, YES!" she screamed, as her pussy convulsed and gushed fluids all over my cock. "Oh fuck mum, I can't hold it any longer. . . here. .

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   I. . COME!" I groaned loudly, as I came in her pussy so hard I thought I would pass out. "Oh baby, you were so good, are you sure it was your first time?"I was too spent to reply coherently. All I could do was groan. After all, I did cum twice. I don't remember what happened next; all I can remember is waking up with my mother in my arms, naked, and her tits in my hands. Since that day, we have been fucking like rabbits every chance we get. Sure, someone might find out about us. But who cares? I know I don't. END. *****Sorry about the sex being so short, but I was too tired at the time to do anything more. After all, it IS 6:30AM. . .

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