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The room was open slightly. I could see thru the opening, standing in the dark. She came out of the bathroom, a few drops of water still clinging to her, hair still damp, wrapping her green satin robe around her body. . enjoying its feel against her bare skin. my meat was growing harder. I then left to my room. Soon after I could smell some erotic spray I moved to the room end watched my bhabhi standing near TV on the front hall. so, she came back to watch some TV. By then she had changed into a slinky white blouse and shorts in which the outline of her ass and tits could clearly be made out. I realized that I was going to lose my temper. I began to secretly watch from the window. As bhabhi was watching TV,I moved from her back and she looked back and asked me”Rahul,r u here,I thought u have gone to bed?…She continued. . Rahul I feel sick. .

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  i have lot of stress. i couldn’t get sleep. We talked for a few minutes and I listened as she told me of all of the stress she was having (mostly my brother induced) I told her if she were to sit down in front of me I would ease all of her stress. She laughed, and said how was that possible, I said sit and see. I threw down a couch pillow and she sat down. I pulled her back between my legs and began giving her one of my famous massages. When I first touched , Bhabhi tensed for a minute and I whispered relax and then under my hands she relaxed I continued to work just the base, with an occasional move up the side. I would then move back to her shoulders for a few minutes then I would return to her sides each time moving up her tits, when she stop tensing with each touch there I knew she was ready for what I call the full breasts treatment. I went back to her temples and then down her cheeks and then to her chin, her head still back in my lap, but I had pulled back a little as I did not want her to feel the bulge that had begun to form in my pants. When I was done with her face I worked the front of her neck and then with the timing of a master I had my hands fully on her breasts she started to jump up. I held her down gently with again a whisper said relax its ok. She immediately relaxed again and I began to massage her breasts through her blouse avoiding her nipples and areolas. She was really beginning to purr now and I was amazed to see her nipples about double in size. I gently began to tweak them between my fingers. Bhabhi began to squirm, but remained where she was with her eyes closed.

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   I began to unbutton her top, which, allowed me a full view of her delightful mounds, She was so out of it she didn’t even realize what I had done, I went back to cupping her bra encased breasts in my hands and went to vigorously manipulating her erect nipples. Her breathing was becoming harder and she began to squirm some more. It was then that I noticed her wet spot showing through her white shorts, I smiled to myself knowing she was mine for the taking. I quickly put my fingers into her bra and began working her nipples between my fingers, I was surprised to feel then expand even more under my touch. I was starting to really feel the pressure in my own system when all of the sudden Bhabhi arched her back and let out a drawn out moan. By hell Bhabhi had just had a small orgasm by just touching her tits. She slowly opened her eyes and looked down at her open blouse and then to her wets pant and then up to me and said “How did you do that”? How’d I do what? I asked, She said what I just did. Oh shit. I thought realizing I had just taken her somewhere she had never been. I asked her have you never felt that before? She just nodded no, and said, I have never even felt so wet before. I thought to myself, tyour brother was still the selfish bastard that he has always been. I ask her if she enjoyed it, she said yes. So I asked her if she ever had an orgasm before, sadly she said she hadn’t. So I asked the obvious question is it because he doesn’t take the time to fulfill your needs? Yes she said, he just puts it in and then he done. That fast? I asked astounded.

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   Doesn’t that upset you? I continued my questioning. She said she really didn’t know what to expect from sex. then i told. . lets finish your stress relief; I had her finish removing her blouse and had her lay on her stomach. I then moved so I was basically straddling her tight little ass. I began to give her back a deep massage, working out the little knots that were all over it. Thinking that she must have been stressed for quite some time to have that many, then realizing she had never had the true relief she needed. I then vowed that I would give her total relief. I work my way around her back as we spoke of things, mostly him and his selfish ways. I changed the subject when I felt her becoming tense again. I began to explain that she had a lot of little knots and the best place to massage was the buttocks, since most muscle and nerves ran through them. I stood up and stretched a straddled her again, this time with my ass facing the back of her head. (And I’m sure by now she could feel my hard-on pressing against her back, but I didn’t care) I worked her ass through her shorts I worked down the back of her thighs and calves to her feet and gave them the treatment all woman like. Bhabhi was no exception.

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   After a few minutes She was again purring like a little kitten. I gently rolled her over and worked my way back up her legs, mostly avoiding her pussy, I could tell by the big wet spot in her shorts that she was enjoying herself. I kept my eyes on hers. Keeping her breasts in my line of sight. I slowly unbuttoned her shorts she gave my a glance of surprise but I just smiled and started to pull them off her hips when she lifted them so I could easily pull them off. I went back to working her thighs. As I did, I would lift her legs so I could also get to her ass cheeks. In the mean time I would occasionally brush her wet panties with my fingers sending shivers up and down her body. I then kneeled above her head pulling her into my lap and worked her arms down to her hands. This position gave me full view of Bhabhi in her bra and panties. I couldn’t believe how aroused I was, but then again I could. Her panties were sopping wet and her nipples continued to poke through her bra. I just shook my head in disgust at the thought of little pipsqueak not taking care of her luscious body. Either due to lack of knowledge or maybe he was just plain stupid. I asked how she was feeling and she said wonderful, and that she had never felt better.

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   I then told her I was done with the supreme massage, but she would need to try the ultimate sometime. She asked what the ultimate was I said that it is the supreme with a lot of added attention. She asked what was the matter with having the ultimate now. I had already figured that would be her answer and said ok so the ultimate it is, are you ready I asked her she said she was ready. With that I quickly unclasped her bra from the back and threw it off to the side, what fell out surprised me the bra must have been at least two sizes to small, I asked her why she did that she remarked I’m self conscience about the size of them. I said Bhabhi there is no need for that and moved in to suck on her nipples as I played with her other breasts. At first she became alarmed, I look at her and said you asked for the ultimate didn’t you, and here it goes. I was totally enjoying myself as I suckled her fine young breasts. It didn’t take long until I could feel her building up to orgasm again so I moved my hand down to her wet panties and stoked her lips finally resting on her clit. I began to rub it through her panties knowing the friction would bring instant results and it did soon little Bhabhi was shaking in my arms as her body experienced her most powerful orgasm of her life. She let a wail as the juices soaked her panties and my hand. I never let up on my sucking and this along with my hand working her clit prolonged her enjoyment. When she was done I held her in my arms as she recovered. I said well there was step one of the ultimate massage. I picked her up and laid her on the end of the couch so her legs dangled over the armrest.

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   Making sure she was comfortable I knelt down and put her legs over my shoulders and started to lick her wet hot pussy through her panties. Bhabhi responded well and was starting to moan a little growl. I continued to work her pussy with my tongue through her soaking wet panties. She had the sweetest tasting pussy, which I had ever had the pleasure to munch on. As I worked my magic with my tongue I began to knead her ass and slowly began to remove her panties. When I had removed them I went back to licking her lips, beginning at the bottom, I worked my way up to her clit and found it there all extended. I began to gently suck it as I worked my fingers in to her pussy and slowly began a finger fuck as I sucked on her nub, she was in shear ecstasy as she started to squirm and moan with delight. I stopped for a minute and she yelled don’t stop. I laughed and asked if she ever had her pussy eaten. She said no. I said I would begin again if she would tell me all about how her hubby had sex with her. She said ok, just start again I’ll do anything! So I went back as she talk of the quickness of their sex. She went on to say; that she thought sex had been overrated and no longer wanted the experience. I asked her how she was feeling now? Wonderful she moaned as I hit her clit with my tongue and then again, I could feel her orgasm beginning. I slowed up the pace of my fingers, as I began to swirl her clit with my tongue picking up the pace, she began to squirm as another orgasm hit her full on her juices came gushing out filling my mouth.

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   I couldn’t believe the amount of the sweet tasting nectar. I continued to gobble up her juices until she was semi dry. I look up to she her eyes still closed and a blissful look on her face. I knew it was time to give her the finale. I stood up and removed my pants, Bhabhi, was in another world and didn’t even notice. I removed my shirt and sat above her head on the couch. Sitting down I slide her head on to my leg and reached over and grabbed a hand full of tit, all of her skin felt hot to the touch, she kept her eyes closed savoring the joy of multiple orgasms. I looked over her sweet young body, wondering why my brother would be so stupid as to not spend every moment caressing it. Oh well I sighed I gave my cock a hard squeeze to deaden the need to cum. I then quietly asked Bhabhi how she was feeling, like I needed an answer, her hand was now on mine as I stroked her firm tits. I don’t think she knew that I was now naked. Bhabhi purred, are you ready for more? With no hesitation she said yes. I leaned over and began to kiss her. She responded with putting her arms around my neck and pulled me close, to her as we kissed passionately I put my arms under her arm pits and in one swift moves picked her up and sat her on my lap her knees straddling my legs. She had a look of surprise as she realized I was naked and now sat above my throbbing cock.

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   She looked down and almost looked sacred for a minute as she realized the size of it. While I don’t consider myself huge I’m proud of my unit. I had to laugh at her as she continued to stare at it. It a lot bigger then him she said. I took her hand and placed it on it, saying here feel it. She moved her hand up and down my pole, tentatively at first. I said have you ever played with a cock before, she said just in helping brother’s in when we have sex. I told her to play with it. It was quite amusing as I watched her play with it, she ran her fingers up and down my shaft, she paid special attention to my veins, which were by now popping out to there maximum state. Her eyes reminded me of a small child that had found a new toy that had caught its fancy. She ran her fingers over my head and the sensation about brought me over the top, but I was able to manage holding it back. I guided her hand to my balls. She took her time squeezing each of my balls in turn as she played away I put my hand on her pussy and began working her lips gently, slipping a finger in and out tracing the outer lips of her tight little pussy. She continued to play with my tools, as I moved to rub her clit. I used my free hand to pull her in to me and began sucking on a nipple.

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   As I rubbed her love button, in a few minutes I could tell she was getting ready to have another orgasm. So I stopped and moved her into a position so I could get my cock close to her pussy. I put the head of my cock up to her lips and told her to rub it against her pussy. She took hold of it and began to move it along her outer lips. I was having trouble containing myself at the feel of her young twat on the head of my cock, but I wanted her to experience the ultimate trill of sex, not just a slam bam thank you ma’am type she was used to. I took hold of the base of my cock and gave it a squeeze to hold the need to cum. As I could feel her juices start to coat my cock Islowly pressed the head of my throbbing cock into her wet box and slowly pulled it back I did this over and over each time gaining more entry. Her pussy was very tight, and I continued to slowly enter her, she put her arms around my neck, and began forcing herself down on my cock, I soon had my shaft all of the way in and began so slowly thrust in and out. Bhabhi tried to speed up the pace but I held her hips, I wanted to give her a slow ride, plus any more increase in speed would have set me off, as it was I was doing all I could to hold my load back. Our position allowed me to nibble on her nipples as she went up and down. She had hers eyes closed and I could tell she was really enjoying herself. After a few minutes of slowing fucking her I picked up the pace as I did I grabbed her breasts and began kneading them and tweaking her nipples. This sent her over the edge and she began riding my cock like a speeding freight train. She let out a wail as she started to orgasm, and I let out a similar wail as I shot my hot load deep into her wet hot pussy. Even after we both had cummed we didn’t slow down the pace, she continued her ride, her position over me allowed her to lift almost all the way out and then she would slam down burying my cock in places she had never felt anything before.

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   I reached around and began playing with her ass cheeks, massaging them. Pulling her cheek apart as she rammed down on my cock allowing for more depth. I reached around with one hand and rub her clit and up and down her sopping wet pussy I moved my other hand between her legs and soaked it with her juices. I then took a wet finger and began circling her rosebud, gently pushing in on it. Bhabhi let out some small moans and I took that as a sign to proceed and slowly buried my finger into her ass. She had never even slowed down and I was having difficulty keeping my thumb on her clit, but her motions had a way of my finger in her ass pulling in and out on its own. By now I could feel myself getting ready to cum, so I picked up the pace on her clit as best as I could and soon we were Cumming in unison again. After the orgasms had subsided she collapsed against me and we lay there, her breathing still fast she whispered in my ear WOW! I have never felt so good or so exhausted. I let her lay there as my cock deflated and popped out on its own. Her breathing was back to normal I looked to her and kissed her in fore head. i whispered to her Bhabhi,I love you so much. . she smiles at me. I sat there for a while to be sure she was fast asleep and got up and tucked her into bed, but not with out kisses on each of her tits. I left her naked and covered her up and went to the bathroom and cleaned myself up, got dressed and lock the door returned to my room.


   Next day ,when I opened my eyes. i could see my bhabhi sitting near me and watching me asleep. she then kissed me in head and I could see tears in her eyes. Rahul,am here for one hour seeing you asleep and said”I love you dear,pls stay here for some time. i wannt you and cried aloud taking my head towards her breast. she holds me tightly and said “don’t leave me,ok”. I could guess how my brother has ignored my bhabhi’s feelings…. . Take bath and come ,I have arranged breakfast for you ,my love. come soon…. she went out. .
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