In the shower with other guys


It all started at school when me and a group of other guys was talking about fucking girls and jacking off in the locker room. It wasn't very interesting until John said that he wanted to jack off with an other boy. It was quiet for a minute until everybody started talking at once saying that John was gay and everything until Mack said he actually wanted to do it too. Agin it was quiet agin but this time the guys actually wanted to do it too. So we decided to all get naked and jack off in the shower.

Everybody took off their clothes and headed for the showers. The showers was just a big open space with no stalls or something to cover you. When the water turned on everybody started beating their meats. Some people was on the wall and some was on the floor. I was on the floor since their wasn't any room left on the wall. The water flowing and the smell of sex was crazy. What was even crazier was when two guys started kissing then another started to jacking each other off. Then Mack asked me if he can suck my dick and I let him. After awhile of sucking. kissing and jerking we all just jerked our shelves off Agni. Allot of people was moaning,twitching and shaking and I knew there gonna hella cum on the floor.


  And almost at oncepeople started shoot multiple loads towards the floor. Me and some of the other people that was on the floor got hit by cum by other people. I cummed right there and it felt amazing. Since i was sitting next to the drain allot of sperm was coming towards me and it got all over my ass and feet. It felt mad weired but in a good way. Everybody collapsed to the floor. After a couple of minutes we got dressed and made it just in time for the bell. .