A New Home and a New Job


On Monday morning I started out early about seven o’clock. I parked in front of my first costumer’s home. Mr. Jackson was backing his car out of the garage to go to work and I approached him slowly. His young wife of about twenty five however was in quite a hurry. She bolted from the front door and poked her face in the window to give him a big kiss goodbye. They were still lip locked as I got closer. Mrs. Jackson was wearing one of Mr. Jackson’s dress shirts. Bent over in front of me, I froze as I came face to face, or something, with her perfectly round and slightly pink bare butt. It seemed to wiggle as she kissed him. Then they broke it up. Mrs. Jackson stood up and waved goodbye to her hubby. When she turned around, I was about six or seven feet away.

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   She was blushing and offered me her hand in friendship. We shook hands and I could see that her shirt was partly unbuttoned and her tasty big tits moved from side to side completely unfettered as we shook hands. Then with another giggle she told me her name was Charlotte. She already knew me as Jerry the kid from down the street. Charlotte beckoned me to follow her into the house by way of the front door. She walked at a fast pace and I walked slowly behind her, watching all the way to see if I could see it again, her tender young ass. When I got inside she closed the door behind me and rushed to get in front of me again but not before I saw her more than ample cleavage again in her partly unbuttoned shirt. Then I saw something on the floor, I couldn’t make out what it was and Charlotte quickly bent over to grab it. She hid it in her hands and giggled again. Then with another giggle, she said, “I better put this back where it belongs. ” With her eyes locked on mine she reached down and stepped into a pare or white lace panties that she had been hiding in her hands. She wiggled her ass and pulled them up snapping the waste band in place. Giggling some more, Charlotte turned and pranced through the house. As she pranced in front of me she pulled up the base of her shirt and rolled it upward. When we got to the back yard, Charlotte turned toward me as she was hastily trying to tie the shirt in between her big bare boobs.

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   I can tell you, her effort did not go unnoticed by me. With a crack in my young voice, I told her I knew where the cleaning gear was stored as her husband had shown me. As I passed her she took hold of my shoulders and stopped me. Her grip was soft yet she gave me an unexpected squeeze. “Wow, you have big shoulders. Do you work out and do sports?” I explained that I was Captain of my swimming teem and that I pumped iron every day to get stronger and faster. She seemed to be impressed with that as she ran her palms down my chest then pranced back inside the house. I just figured she was going to get dressed or have breakfast. A few minute later Charlotte came out to watch me work. It was already hot so I had removed my T-shirt. Still in her lace panties and shirt she walked to the edge of the pool. Looking into the depths of the deep end she screeched, “My chain is down there, my favorite chain. Oh, please, please, get it for me please. If it goes through the filter it will be destroyed!” I took a look and sure thing. I saw her chain in the deep end.

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   It was a very fine chain of gold with a small pendant. No way could I get it with the net. And sure as shit, the pool vacuum would probably destroy it. Charlotte put her hands behind her back and sort of pushed her boobs out in my direction. They were really big and almost overflowed her tied up shirt. I told her that I would go in after it but I had no suit to wear. Before jumping in with my pants on she stopped me. She very seductively said that she didn’t mind at all if I wanted to go in without my pants. Then she giggled some more. I must have had some kind of a look on my face so she giggled even more as she told me to go ahead and strip off my Levis while she went to get me a towel. She was walking away so I had to act fast. If I dropped my pants and dove in I could get back out and dressed before she got back. That was the plan and I wasted no time. I was naked in a second. I took sight of my target and dove deep.

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   I got it and returned to the surface where I came up face to face once more with a wide smiling Charlotte. I clung to the side of the pool hoping she could not see my swelling libido. The warm water of her heated pool and the feeling of total freedom in my cock and balls gave me a semi-hard on. Charlotte stood up and opened up the towel. Holding it wide open in front of her she once again beckoned me to get out and let her cover me with the towel. I thought that if I moved quickly she wouldn’t have time to see my private parts. So I climbed the steps and she rapped the towel around me but she continued to hold on and rubbed it all over to get me dry. She dried my wide shoulders as she called them. She dried my chest and the six pack on my belly. Then she utterly surprised me when she took hold of my cock in the towel. She stroked it and giggled as I tried to protest. But my protests were over ruled when she reached inside the towel and took hold of me for real. I was dumbfounded. Nobody had ever held my privates before. Her hand was so soft.

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   Her grip so soothing. I opened my mouth and gasped. Charlotte just giggled as she stroked my meat. Before I realized what she was doing, I came in her hands. Lots of cum. She continued to stroke me and I continued to cum. It was an unimaginable feeling in my loins and an embarrassing moment in my life. My flow slowed and she loosened her grip. “That is the most man squirt I have ever seen before. ” It was all over the deck in front of me. Then she exclaimed, “You’re still hard!”These homes were in the rolling hills and this yard like most of them, was peak proof. Charlotte let me go and stepped back. I stood there nude with a red face and the boner of my life sticking out at her. She told me that she wanted to swim and work on her tan. I didn’t know what to say so I just stood there hard as a pipe.

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   That’s when she asked me if I was ever a Boy Scout. I was even more confused so she explained. “I made a square knot but it’s too tight to get untied without hurting my nails. Can you untie it for me?” I carefully reached forward and took hold of her knotted shirt with both hands. In this close proximity to her cleavage, I could feel the bulge of her breasts on the backs of my hands. They were softer than anything I had ever touched. Then I got the knot loose and untied the shirt. It came apart and her boobies just stood strait out from her chest. After a moment, Charlotte giggled and asked me, “Do you like them?” As I starred at them she told it was OK to touch them. I held one in each hand gently squeezed the underside of each of her boobs. Then she said in a whisper, “Would you like to see more?” I couldn’t answer her so I nodded my head as I played with her boobs. “If you let go of my breasts for just a moment, you can pull down my panties. ” It was several seconds before I realized what she said. I looked into her eyes and she nodded with a smile. I went down on a knee and took hold of her panties at each hip.

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   They were lace and I could actually see through them at this range. My fingers slipped under the stretchy waste band and I slowly slid them over her flared hips. Now Charlotte was a buxom red head, so when I got her panties far enough down, I knew without a doubt, she was a real red head. Then she wiggled her hips and the panties slipped all the way down her legs. I just froze in place as I looked upon the first ever pussy of my young life. Below the small well trimmed patch of red hair was a slot that looked to have its own lips. Light pink and fleshy it appeared to me that they were swelling up a little. I moved in for a closer look and inhaled the sent of woman. It was intoxicating. I had to have more. Something that smelled so good must taste interesting also. So I, without any prompting by her, I licked the slit. I thought she was going to yell at me when she took a deep breath but she didn’t. I had to taste it again. I licked it again, this time slowly from bottom to top.

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   This time my tongue split the lips and she moaned out loud. I looked up and gave her left breast a squeeze with my right hand. Then I stuck my tongue in as deep as I could get it. My nose was in her bush as I lapped at and sucked her juices. Charlotte sat down slowly on a deck chair as I lapped at her womanhood. I tweaked her hard nipple and she laid all the way back with her legs in the air, one on each side of my head. Soon she was gushing fluid in my mouth. It tasted great and strange at the same time so I ate it all. The more I ate the more she gushed. Then I realized that she was screaming. With the soft part of her inner thighs covering my ears, I had not noticed her dilemma. Her body was twisting in all directions as she screamed loud. After what must have been several minutes, Charlotte asked me to please stop. She was almost crying as she plead with me to please stop. I did as she asked, not wanting to make her mad at what I had just done.

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  I watched for a few minutes as she took many deep breaths and sighed. Then Charlotte said in low tone, “My pussy is tingling like never before. Please, oh please, fuck me now. Please fuck me now with that big hard cock of yours. ” I looked down and it was still hard as a pipe. I slid up between her boobs and sucked them. Her nipples were hard like little rocks and she said again, “Please, oh, please. Fuck me hard and fast right now. ” I saw the look of desperation on her face and promptly complied. I slid up and kissed her on the lips. In the middle of my first ever kiss with a woman, she took hold of my hard-on and slipped in between her wet lips. I lowered myself and slid in all the way. The feeling was almost indescribable. Warm, wet and tight but with more than enough lubrication for ease of motion. I slid in and pulled back but not enough to leave her holiest of holes.

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   I went in till my balls slapped her butt hole and pulled back. I plunged in hard and deep and she cried out, “Fuck my pussy. Fuck me with all your might. ” So I plunged in deeper than before. This time I could feel something down deep inside her. I withdrew slightly and plunged again. I did this several more time as hard as I could. I was ready to cum but it was so tight at the bottom of her pussy that my purple helmet was squashed and there was no room for me to cum. I rammed it in even more. I had to force myself to pull back just a little bit so I could finally squirt my seed. I was squirting and she was squealing. I rammed it in and back out just a little and squirt another load. I did this for what seemed like a half hour of ramming and shooting. Charlotte was howling and I was still ramming it to her. Then I felt a wetness in my crotch.


   It was running down my legs. It felt wet, slimy and sticky. There was a splish splash sound as I drove into her and shot another wad. Then I noticed that Charlotte was pushing on me. She was trying to turn me over so I helped her. Soon she was astride me impaling herself on my hard cock. Charlotte would raze herself up and drop down as hard as she could. We had multiple orgasms together that morning. When I got to my point of exhaustion we just fell apart. We both breathed deep and sighed. After many minutes passed, Charlotte sat up and exclaimed, “You are still hard! Will you ever get soft and pliable again?” I laughed and sat up saying, “Maybe I should clean your pool now. I’ll even hose off the deck. It seems to be a little slippery in spots. ” I got up but Charlotte insisted that we go skinny dipping to get our selves cleaned up. We swam around and I soon found myself deep in her slot.

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   I fucked her doggy stile as she clutched the edge of the pool. When we got out, I went back to doing my job. I was still naked to the world as I cleaned the pool. Charlotte never bothered to put anything on either. All that day we were naked in the hot sun and ended up with all over sunburns. Before I left, Charlotte told that she was deeply in love with her husband and that she would never let anything happen that would ruin her good luck. She even told me that if I ever told a sole about what we had done or may do again that she would have me charged with rape. She threatened me with twenty years in jail. I was shocked. Then she kissed me on the lips and put her hand on my once again hard shaft. She tried to be serious but soon she was stroking me and giggling. Charlotte turned to the side and let my fly. She used the jizz for lubricant as she rubbed my stick. I explained to her in no uncertain terms that her happiness was first and foremost and that I wanted to fuck her long and often but only when she wanted it. She in turn told me to fuck her long and hard every time I came by to clean the pool.

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  There is a lot more to tell you in my next story.

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