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In my last letter I wrote about my first experience sucking cock. It was really great and if you want to read about it the title of the document is a costume in a costume. " In this letter I will share my next interesting experience. It was now August and I was anticipating Halloween which would be here soon. This year I was planning to dress up as a woman again to fool some more unsuspecting men into letting me suck them off. Last year I went to a bar near my house and let guys (who thought I was a woman) take me into the restroom for a quick blow. However I wanted a few things to be better this time. I found the bathroom stall to be a bit dirty and gross so the first thing I needed was a bar with cleaner bathrooms. I also found myself trapped in front of a line of guys who all wanted servicing. This year I needed a bathroom with a better escape route. My wife was back in town so I didn't have the luxury of time like I did before. Therefore, about twice a week I stopped off at a different bar on my way home from work to scout the location. As soon as I found the bar with the best set-up I would know where I was going to be this Halloween. My method was fairly simple. I would leave work and go get a beer. Then after my beer was done I would walk around the bar to check it out and end up in the bathroom where I could see if this was the one.

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   So far I had looked into about ten bars and I was beginning to feel discouraged. All the bars were basically the same. The lounge area included tables and a bar for drinking. Without exception the bathrooms consisted of sinks first followed by the urinals and then a few stalls. In each design I could potentially find myself in the last stall with a group of men between the door and me. They were also all as dirty as the others. So anyway, here I was in yet another bar, I had just entered the bathroom and incidentally I really needed to take a leak bad. I passed the sinks and as I approached the urinals I noticed a foul pool of toilet paper and "you know what" on the floor in front of all three urinals. Since I was wearing three hundred dollar shoes I was going to have to go pee in the booth. I picked the last stall since I was anxious to see what was in there anyway.
After draining the main vein I noticed that there was a considerable amount of graffiti on the walls. Curious, I sat down to read it without even zipping up. There was the usual: "for a good time call pat 255- blah blah blah. Then I saw where people had left messages to meet up for suck jobs. Apparently the women in this bar were real sluts.

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   I gladly filed this information away for future reference.
The most obvious thing was a large piece of artwork: a picture of a naked woman. The artist was quite talented too as she was extremely attractive and obviously based on a real person. I found myself getting turned on by the graffiti porn. I decided that a quick jerk wouldn't hurt anything. It was just a shame that someone had bored a hole right where the woman's pussy would be. Upon further inspection I noticed that they had also written, "for BJ insert cock in gloryhole. " Well, I could see that the hole was at the right height and the right size to stick my woody through right into the next stall. Wow, not only were the women here sluts but they also made life real convenient for us gents. I knew right then that I would be back on Friday night to get some of this action.
I sat there slowly pulling my pud thinking about those sluts when I saw someone peeking at me through the "pussy" hole. At first I jumped in alarm and covered myself up, but he said, "Let me watch. " I was reluctant to stop: to go home to my wife who may or may not be receptive tonight, possibly leaving me high and dry. I felt awkward jerking off in front of a stranger, but then again he was a stranger and I would never see him again. I continued to stroke my cock and I grew to my full hard six inches.

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   I have a great cock and I love it. It's a decent length and it's as thick as three fingers. It's straight with a nicely shaped, slightly purple mushroom head. In fact, my love of my cock is probably one factor influencing my love of other cocks. I'm not gay or bi as I don't like other features of men. I just like cocks -- though I'm a little picky. In my fantasies I like cocks that are usually about seven or eight inches long. I always fantasize about cocks with good thickness and weight. They start out soft or semi-soft and grow nice and stiff. A good cock is a beautiful sight. I have always admired men's dicks in the shower room at the health club but never saw any up-close until last Halloween.
So here I am in the men's room letting this guy watch me jerk off when he stands up and puts his cock through the hole into my stall. This really took my by surprise because up till now I had only imagined my dick going through the hole from this side into the other, and I had only thought that the people who met here for BJ's were men meeting women. My entire understanding changed in a heartbeat and I realized that men met other men in this stall. Looking back up at the graffiti I could see that this was true.

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   Why hadn't I noticed this before? I was so naive.
The next surprise was that the beautiful artwork on the wall was now transformed from a beauty with a hole in her crotch to a chick with a dick. Well I am a recently converted cocksucker and here I was presented with - a cock! So what do you think I did? All my disappointment at not finding a good place to suck some cum on Halloween evaporated instantly. I now felt only delight at my good luck. I lifted this cock attached to an unseen stranger and felt it all over. His skin was soft and smooth. I studied every wrinkle, vein, and nuance in color. I used both hands to gently stimulate every part of this wonderful tool. I squeezed and stroked and was happy to see that my actions were having the desired effect. This dick began to rise. It grew slowly but steadily for about thirty seconds until it was about five inches long. Not as long as the ones in my fantasies but much thicker than any I have seen before. In fact, his chunky cock filled the glory hole snugly and I could see that until he came he wouldn't be going anywhere soon. I was amazed at the girth of his pole relative to his length. He had the dimensions of a beer can.

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   With the extra pressure exerted on his cock by the snugness of the hole his cock was bulging.
As I said before my experience with dicks was limited (I had only seen seven cocks, including my own, up until then) but this one throbbed visibly and the large blue veins running all over were distended so much they stood out clearly. I could actually tell when his heart beat from looking at the blood supply to his big dick. I wondered if it hurt to have your dick stuck in a too small hole but he didn't seem to mind, and, if anything, he seemed impatient to get started. For me this was a moment to be remembered but I guess for him it was just a suck in the stall.
I moved my mouth to his penis. Unlike last time no one was going to be grabbing my head or forcing himself down my throat. This time I had a cock that was completely stationary. Wetting my lips with as much saliva as I could gather up I started to work this cock into my mouth. To say it was a challenge would be an understatement and I had to lick all around his pole frequently to keep him wet enough to get into my mouth. I couldn't get his cock anywhere near my throat but I felt fuller in an entirely new way. With my jaws stretched wide I struggled to keep my teeth out of the way and I focused mostly on his giant head, which took up at least two of his five inches. Finally I gave up trying to blow him in the usual way and just ran my tongue and lips back and forth over and around his massively thick cock. I was just tonguing the area under the head and I had my lips firmly attached to the end when he started to cum. He gave me about three or four shots of the sweetest cum before his squirts subsided to a slow trickle of aftercum.

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   I kept licking his beer can and sucking up the residue of his cum to my hearts content. After all, he wasn't going anywhere yet, at least not until he was soft again. Judging by the grunts on the other side of the stall his pole was a bit oversensitive and my constant licking was causing him some pleasant discomfort. I'm sure you all know what I mean. As good as it is to get sucked there comes a time when it has to stop or it's just too intense. Gradually he started to go soft and apparently the sensitivity went away too as he let me work on his tool a bit longer. I enjoyed playing lick-a-dick even now that there was no expectation of any more cumshots. After a minute or two I could get his dick all the way into my mouth bumping my nose against the stall wall. I licked and sucked his softy until he withdrew back to his own side.
I sat there dazed and content when his own lips appeared at the hole. Isn't this my lucky day? He was going to return the favor. I had forgotten about my own cock which was bouncing up and down unattended in my lap. As I stood a drop of pre-cum fell to the floor. Placing my dick at the opening to the glory hole I watched the end disappear into his pale lips and looked into the eyes of Miss Graffiti. She was illustrated to show both innocent and alluring attributes but I soon forgot about her as I received my first man-to-man blowjob.

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   A man gives a different kind of blow than a woman. But I guess no one knows that until they have had both. For starters a woman's lips are much softer compared to a man's hard lips. And while a pretty face with red lips are a definite turn on I find that it's a rare woman who gives a hundred percent. Let's face it women love men but often they don't love our mansticks quite as much. On the other hand if a man is going to give a blowjob he does it because he really wants to. Next I noticed that his oral cavity was larger than any of the women I have known. While a woman's mouth is sometimes small and cramped this man's provided plenty of room for his tongue to do its work. I thrust in and out and a little down into the opening of his throat until the time came for me to unload myself of the days build up of slimy cum. Boom! Boom! Boom! I started to blast out my spoo. Man, that day's orgasm was a powerful one. If my sperm hadn't been met by the back of his throat it would have flown through the air and landed on the other side of the stall. He took it all and swallowed, moaning with lust. At last he slowly slid back off my dick as I pulled away into my side of the wall. We went to the sinks to wash our hands and didn't speak a word to acknowledge what we had just done until the end when he said, "Thanks buddy.

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  " And I called back as I left "Thanks to you too. " It was interesting to see what he looked like. He was a regular looking guy -- about thirty years old and slim. There was nothing about him which would indicate that he had a beer can sized cock in his pants. Needless to say my mission to find a good bar for a "girl" in a costume to suck dick on Halloween seemed less important now that I knew of a place where I could go any day on the way home from work to give a BJ or get blown. I hope you enjoyed reading about my second experience sucking cock. In the next letter I'll tell you more about my transformation from what I enjoyed before to what I enjoy now. I hope you enjoyed my story. I have more which I am posting. Other stories by Magic Vibrating Penis: costume in a costume, gloryholeillustration, steely, zebulon, sissy, buddy, and gym. Best to read them in order.
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