Harry Potter and the Spellbook of Desires- Chapter Sixteen - Potions Master


Harry Potter and the Spellbook of DesiresChapter Sixteen – Potions MasterDisclaimer: This story does not reflect the attitudes or characters in the Harry Potter series, nor does it have any affiliation with its author. Story Codes: bf, Mf, x-mast, ncon, reluc, cream pie, exhib, grope, magic, spank, unif, voy 
It had been nearly three weeks since Harry was named as Hogwarts Champion and basically vilified in front of the entire school as a glory grabbing prat, who only cared about getting his name into as many books as possible.   Ron still refused to speak to him and after he learned of the nature of the first task from Hagrid, he nearly fainted.   He had no idea how he would be able to get past a dragon and his confidence was completely shot as he made his way out to Hagrid’s hut on Thursday afternoon for his Care of Magical Creatures class.   Hermione had gone ahead with Ron, who was still pouting about Harry pasting his sister’s pretty face right in front of him.   Harry stayed alongside Dean and Seamus during the class, occasionally talking to Hermione and trying to ignore Malfoy and the Slytherins who just wouldn’t let up on Harry.   The Blast-Ended Skrewts were getting very large and as the Slytherins and Gryffindors tended to the hideous beasts they quickly found out that when they blasted off, they could seriously burn someone nearby.   It was Hermione who would be the unfortunate one in being the first student burned as the class progressed and it was Malfoy who caused the injury.
‘Watch this Crabbe’ Malfoy whispered to Crabbe, pointing his wand at a Blast-Ended Skrewt beside Hermione and casting a stinging hex at it.   The Blast-Ended Skrewt exploded from its spot beside Hermione, hurling a powerful blast of fire directly at Hermione, whose clothes were burnt to cinder in seconds.
‘Owww!. . . Aguamenti’ cried Hermione, using a jet of water from her wand to put out the fire that had completely consumed her clothes.   Hermione was very lucky not to be burned very badly in the process.   She did have a few small scorch marks on her hands and legs, but other than that, she was completely fine.


    What wasn’t fine was the state of her clothes, which after being doused with the water, had crumbled off of her, leaving her entirely naked except for her long white socks and shoes.   Even her bra and panties had crumbled away, leaving her completely exposed to everyone.   Everybody stared at the soaking wet Hermione, whose tiny pinks nipples and small firm breasts were clearly visible.   Her long legs, tight teen pussy and tight ass were also visible, as well as her little tuft of brown pubic hair covering the smallest part of her pussy.
‘HOLY FUCK HERMIONE…. YOU’RE SO HOT!’ shouted half the boys in the group staring at her.   Hermione tried to cover her soaking wet body up, but had to watch every boy staring at her get raging hard-ons, including Hagrid, whose bulge was massive.
‘Uhhhhh… Maybe you should … errr … go see Madam Pomfrey… Yeah Madam Pomfrey’ stuttered Hagrid, trying to cover up his shame.   Even Malfoy was hard as a rock as Hermione started running towards the school.   She tried to cover herself up, but running towards the castle meant that her tits and ass jiggled with every step.
‘God… I’ve gotta tap that!’ sighed Harry to Seamus and Dean, who both nodded in approval as they watched Hermione’s ass shrink into the distance.
‘Uhhh… I’ll be right back… I’ve got to… Uhhhh… Do something in me house’ Hagrid said to the class, trying to cover his massive bulge and the desire to run to his house and rub one out.
Hermione ran into the school still completely naked, wanting to make it to the hospital wing and Madam Pomfrey as soon as possible and find some clothes to cover her soaking wet body.   The small burns on her hands and legs were also irritating her and a good healing gel would do well to ease the embarrassment of the situation.   The hospital wing was on the first floor and Hermione thought it would be easier than going all the way back up to Gryffindor Tower for an extra set of clothes.

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    Madam Pomfrey just had to have something she could cover herself up with, she thought as she ran into the castle, garnering several stares and catcalls from ghosts and students alike.
‘Ohh shut up!’ cried Hermione, nearly in tears for being caught in the embarrassing situation she now found herself in.   This happened far too often for Hermione’s liking and as she made it up to the first floor and the hospital wing, there were a number of male students now following her bouncing wet ass up the stairs.   Hermione’s pussy was visible as she bounded up the last steps and she was mortally embarrassed that almost every student at Hogwarts had now seen her naked.
‘Unghhh!’ grunted a mysterious second year that was on the last step of the staircase rubbing his small three inch cock at the sight of Hermione.   Hermione hadn’t noticed him until the last second and she was unable to get out of the way of his two thick strands of cum which hit the top of her ass as she ran by him.
‘Ewwwww!  You sicko!’ she screamed as she decided not to wait around and run to Madam Pomfrey as quick as she could.   She could hear a few of the boys’ high fiving each other for cumming on Hermione as she ran by.   She could feel the boy’s cum run down her ass as she opened the hospital wing door and stepped inside to safety.   She was disgusted by what the kid had done, but she couldn’t help but enjoy the warm sensation of his cum running down her leg.   She quickly wiped it off before she ran up to Madam Pomfrey, who had her back turned to Hermione as she approached.   Hermione tapped Madam Pomfrey on the shoulder innocently, knowing that she would be disappointed in Hermione’s lack of clothes again.   At least this time she didn’t need any pregnancy potion and wouldn’t have to face that embarrassment again.
‘Miss Granger!  What has happened to your clothes!’ Madam Pomfrey shouted, mystified and concerned at Hermione’s nakedness.
‘The Blast-Ended Skrewts… They burnt my clothes off me and scorched me a little!’ complained Hermione, trying to sound as sincere as possible.

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‘Let’s get something to cover you up before I deal with those burns’ replied Madam Pomfrey, as she turned around, shaking her head in disapproval and picking up a hospital gown for Hermione to wear.   Hermione was shocked to find out that the hospital wing had run out of the large gowns and only had the tiny extra small ones to offer, usually given to first year petite girls.   Hermione had nothing better to wear and threw it on without complaint, pulling and tugging it over her head and the rest of her body.  Unfortunately, the gown was about as long as one of Hermione’s shirt and barely made it over her belly button.   Hermione asked for another one but Madam Pomfrey told her that the one she was wearing was her very last one.
‘I’m sorry Miss Granger, but there’s nothing else I can give you… Maybe next time you should be more careful with your clothes’ said Madam Pomfrey, obviously not buying Hermione’s flimsy story.   Hermione’s gown was not nearly long enough to cover her tight ass, pussy and pubic patch.   The walk up to Gryffindor Tower was going to be a long one, thought Hermione as Madam Pomfrey continued to look for a burn healing gel.
‘Darn!  It looks like I’m all out of the burn gel Miss Granger… You’re going to have to go down to Professor Snape in the dungeons and pick some up for yourself’ Madam Pomfrey said to Hermione, turning around with a disappointed smile on her face.   Hermione opened her mouth to protest, but was interrupted by Madam Pomfrey again, ‘Oh… If you could pick up the batch of pregnancy potion Professor Snape has concocted, that would be great!’ said Madam Pomfrey with a smile on her face.   Madam Pomfrey had asked Snape to brew up several batches of pregnancy potion for her after Cho Chang and Pansy Parkinson used her last two to avert pregnancy.   Cho had told Madam Pomfrey that she had woken up in the Owlery with cum in her pussy so she decided it best to be safe, while Pansy told her that her boyfriend had told her to take the potion and not get pregnant.   Malfoy was more than happy to splooge deep in Pansy’s vulnerable womb, but had not plans on raising any little Malfoy’s anytime soon.   Before Hermione could object, Madam Pomfrey nudged her from the hospital wing and out the door.
‘There she is!’ cried a few second year boys who had followed Hermione to the hospital wing and had waited for her to exit.

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    Hermione pulled her hospital gown down as far as it could but couldn’t cover up her pussy or ass.   The boys pointed and stared at Hermione’s gorgeous figure; none of them pulled out their cocks like the first boy had, but a few of them got in a few quick gropes of her ass and pussy as she ran down the steps towards the dungeons.   She made it down the stairs and opened the dungeon door, stepping inside and closing the door behind her, blocking the pestering second years from following her any further.
Hermione stealthily snuck through the dark dungeon halls, hiding from the view of any Slytherin students in the process.   She was lucky enough to avoid any Slytherins, but when she finally made it to Snape’s little disgusting office, she knew she had no explanation for her appearance.   Before she could stop and think up any viable excuse, Snape opened the door to his office and looked at Hermione’s appearance in complete surprise.   Hermione could see his eyes dart down to her puffy little pubic patch through his greasy black curtain of hair.
‘Skrewts… Burns… Pregnancy potions’ blurted out Hermione, confused and stammering on the spot.
‘ENTER!’ commanded Snape, seeing an excellent opportunity to have a little fun.   Hermione entered Snape’s office still trying to cover herself up, but was disgusted by what she saw.   The walls and shelves in the office were covered with disgusting bottled ingredients and organs.
‘I suppose you’re here to pick up the pregnancy potions I have brewed for Madam Pomfrey… No doubt you are responsibility for the shortage’ said Snape with a smirk on his face.
‘No… I’m here to get some burn gel and the pregnancy potion’ Hermione responded embarrassed.
‘Where are you burned then’ Snape said, looking once more at Hermione’s pussy.
‘On my hands and my legs’ Hermione said, showing Snape her hands and her inner thighs, both burned by the Skrewts.

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‘I’ll have to apply the gel myself’ said Snape, pulling a jar of the burn gel from one of the shelves and turning around with a smirk on his face.   He of course didn’t have to apply the gel, but any opportunity to cop a feel was a good opportunity.
‘But…’ started Hermione, but she quickly resigned her complaint after she felt Snape’s cold long fingers grope her inner thighs and massage the gel into her skin.   It felt good on Hermione’s stinging burns, especially when Snape’s fingers found their way a little too close to her pussy.   ‘Professsor!’ started Hermione, aware that his fingers were extremely close to her tight teen pussy.
‘Petrificus Paralysis!’ shouted Snape, hitting Hermione with a freezing spell.   Snape was tired of just feeling up the young witch and wanted to have a little more fun.   The spell he had cast had totally frozen Hermione in the spot she was standing.
Hermione couldn’t move, couldn’t speak and couldn’t do anything at all as Snape walked around the frozen half naked witch.   Snape gave her ass a swift slap, and to Hermione’s horror, she could feel the sting from the contact, but couldn’t scream out in pain.   Snape took a long walk around Hermione, taking in every detail of Hermione’s gorgeous body before making another snide comment.
‘Looks like I’m going to have to teach you a few lessons Miss Granger and this way you won’t be able to open your mouth like a little miss know-it-all’ Snape said, as he pulled off Hermione’s tiny gown and gave her right breast a quick squeeze.   Hermione wanted to scream out for help, but in the deep reaches of her mind she wanted Snape to continue.
Snape used his hands to contort her body, so she was bending over with her head at crotch level with Snape’s cock.   She knew exactly what he was up to when she saw Snape unzip his pants and pull them down to reveal his six inch hard cock.

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    Hermione gulped and got ready for what surely was about to be a hard face fucking.   She was exactly right as Snape pushed the tip of his cock against Hermione’s tight lips until her mouth dutifully opened and she accepted a few inches of Snape’s hard shaft.   Hermione couldn’t do a thing as Snape grabbed her hair and forced his entire cock into her mouth, blocking her airway temporarily.   Hermione gagged and sputtered, but was completely at the mercy of Snape’s will.   Snape moved his hips back and forth, using his hands to slam Hermione’s head back and forth into his thrusting hips.   Snape could feel Hermione’s drool running down his shaft and balls as he continued to face fuck her for the next five minutes.   Hermione was exhausted when she finally felt Snape let up and pull his saliva coated cock from her mouth, allowing her to catch her breath for the briefest moment.
‘Not bad for a Muggle!’ said Snape, looking like he was ready to blow any second.   Hermione struggled to break free from Snape’s curse to escape, but was still trapped in paralysis.   Snape walked up behind her and picked her up, moving her entire body towards his desk.   He pushed Hermione further over so her face was on his desk and her ass sticking straight up in the air.   Snape got onto his knees and buried his face in Hermione’s pussy, which made Hermione want to moan at the touch of his wet and warm tongue.   ‘Mmmmm… not a bad taste either!’ mumbled Snape, licking his lips and delving his tongue back into Hermione’s tight cunt.   It took only a few minutes before Hermione couldn’t hold the flood gates back anymore and released her juices all over Snape’s face.
‘Well Miss Granger… I hope you enjoy this just as much!’ Snape said, standing up and guiding the tip of his cock towards her tight snatch.

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    Hermione was screaming for help, but nothing came out of her mouth; she was about to be violated by the Potions Master and there was nothing she could do to stop him.   The lubrication from Hermione’s orgasm made the insertion of Snape’s cock into her pussy very smooth.
‘Ahhhhh… That feels better!’ sighed Snape, pushing his cock deeper into Hermione in the process.   Hermione couldn’t lie to herself; it felt really good to be filled with another cock.   As much as she hated being violated against her will by Malfoy, she had always felt really good after waking up, even after being filled or painted with his cum.
‘Still tight I see… Usually whores as slutty as you are loose as hell’ groaned Snape, as his cock moved like a piston in and out of her well-lubricated pussy.   Hermione was drooling at the sensation of being filled with another man’s cock and even though she still couldn’t say anything, she was hoping Snape would fuck her faster and harder.  Almost as if he was reading her mind, Snape began thrusting in and out of her faster and faster until he was slamming his entire cock in and out of her with his balls slapping against her pussy.   The sensation Hermione felt as his balls came into contact with her pussy was more than enough to push her over the edge for the second time and she covered Snape’s lightning fast cock in her creamy juices.
‘Again Miss Granger… You truly are a slut!’ groaned Snape, clearly ready to blow his own load.   Snape had no intention of pulling out of Hermione either; he had plenty of pregnancy potions available to him and filling the slut he was fucking up with an adult sized load of cum seemed like a great idea to him.
‘I’m going to cum Miss Granger… And you know what… I’m going to fill your gorgeous little Muggle pussy full’ Snape moaned before he began to pant in anticipation.   Hermione wanted to say no but still couldn’t move an inch, so she resigned herself to the fate of being Snape’s little cum-filled fuck doll.
‘Uh-Uh-Unghhhhhh!’ grunted Snape, firing several adult sized loads of his molten seed deep into Hermione’s clutching teen pussy.   Snape moaned and groaned as he continued to paint Hermione’s vulnerable womb with a substantial amount of his hot sticky cum.

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    Hermione could feel Snape shooting the last of his boiling seed into her before he pulled his cock from her clutching pussy and made her turn around so he could clean his cock off in her mouth.
Hermione could taste Snape’s creamy and salty cum on his softening cock as he moved it in and out of her mouth a few times until he was satisfied it was clean.
‘That’s a good girl’ Snape said to Hermione, pulling his cock from her mouth and pulling his pants back up in the process.   Snape then proceeded to straighten her out so she was standing upright before pouring some of the pregnancy potion he had made into her mouth and down her throat, avoiding any possible pregnancy in the process.   ‘Obliviate!’ shouted Snape, firing another spell at the defenseless Hermione.   Snape altered Hermione’s memory into one which had her going into the office, retrieving the burn gel and pregnancy potion and leaving happy without incident.
‘Thanks Professor Snape!’ Hermione found herself saying, as she stepped out of his office with her gown back on and her arms fool with burn gel and pregnancy potion.   Hermione walked back up to the hospital wing with an odd sense of satisfaction, only meeting a few perverted students on the way up.   They called her a slut and a few of them gave her ass a good slap, but Hermione made it to Madam Pomfrey without any real incident.
‘There you are Miss Granger… That took a little longer than I expected’ said Madam Pomfrey, taking the pregnancy potions and burn gel from her.
‘What are you talking about… I was only gone a few minutes’ replied a confused Hermione.
‘More like an hour Miss Granger… Now let’s put some of that gel on those burns’ responded Madam Pomfrey, bending over to apply the gel on Hermione’s inner thighs.   ‘Looks like you already put some on… Well… I hope I don’t see you too soon Miss Granger… Bye now!’ Madam Pomfrey said, ushering Hermione out of the hospital wing and back into the hallway, where a number of adoring students were waiting for her.   Hermione was really confused now; Hermione could have sworn she never put any of the gel on her or that she was only in Snape’s office for minutes.  
‘MALFOY!’ screamed Hermione, as she climbed the last steps to the Portrait of the Fat Lady.

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    Hermione immediately thought if she had lost any memories, then Malfoy was behind it all.
‘Sorry!  Wrong password!’ the Portrait of the Fat Lady said, who responded to Hermione’s screaming and denied her entrance to the Gryffindor common room.
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