Charlottes Diaries (Part 16 of 36)


Charlotte’s Diaries (Part 16 of 36)
Introduction to my sexy world
Hi my name is Charlotte, Charly to my friends. I am 36 years old I am married, I have two daughters and ever since my second daughter was born a couple of years ago I have turned into a bi-sexual nymphomaniac slut. I am always horny. I have over the past couple of years discovered that I’ll do just about anything sexual that a woman can do with men and other women and even animals! I just can’t help myself. These are my diaries, there are usually about two adventures a month for ease of continuity, but in reality they happened over the course of eight years so you’ll have to forgive how my husband has written them up from my hand written diaries. They cover three years so you’ll have to look for each months instalments although I’ll be posting them close together starting at Jan 2001. Love Charly xxx

April 2002
In this month there are three adventures as I only got out once last month! I hope that you like them, in them this month there is: Vaginal sex, oral sex, anal sex, Dogging, spit roasting, lesbianism, threesomes, toys, S & M, Fruit & vegetables and BDSM. I have found that I really do love exhibitionism, I love being fucked in front of people, the more there are the naughtier I get!!!!!
April 2002 - Adventure 1
This month’s sexy adventures will all be covered in three sexy entries. I think that I need to explain them a little bit. As you know from my previous diary entries I am very happily married to Dave and we have two young daughters one aged nine and one aged two, as you can imagine it is difficult each month arranging our sexual adventures, but luckily this month our eldest daughter went off to Brownie camp for four days and three nights. We made the very most of them by arranging forbaby sitters for two of the nights (although in the end we only used a baby sitter on the Tuesday night as you will see later) and we had our fun at home on one of the nights.
Tuesday night:
We slipped out of the house at about 8. 00 pm, unfortunately we had to take my four-door Volvo because our LandRover was in for its MOT, but we knew that it would not stop our fun. We drove to the nearest of the local dogging spots and parked in the corner of the car park and got settled. I slipped off my dress to reveal Dave’s favourite black and red quarter cup bra, with matching suspender belt and crotch-less knickers and black stockings with my red high heels. Dave soon had his lips pressed to one of my very excited nipples and was teasing it wickedly and with his hand he was teasing the other, Dave made me climax in about two or three minutes.

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   As I calmed down from my first climax of the evening I could already feel my own cum bubbling out from between my pussy lips and that made me feel even hornier. I then reached over to Dave’s trousers and released his throbbing cock from their tight confines, slowly I started to wank his hard cock gently moving his tightly stretched foreskin backwards and forwards over the swollen bell end of his cock. Dave groaned out loudly when I took his throbbing cock into my hot mouth and sucked and licked on it for a few minutes.
Dave then reached up to the interior light and started flashing it on & off, signalling that we would like others to watch us. It wasn’t long before we had one or two men watching us and Dave reached up and left the light on so that they could see us clearly. Dave stopped me sucking on his cock and moved his seat as far back as it would go and lowered the backrest down onto the back seat. Then Dave moved back so that I could impale myself on his cock with my back to him. I did as he told me and started riding his cock slowly teasing it, taking it all the way out and then plunging it deeply back inside my very slippery pussy. It wasn’t long before I was close to another climax and he knew it, he always does! He stopped me and made me rub my clit until I orgasmed loudly, as I jerked and moaned he thrust his cock deeply into me and came his load deeply inside me, MMM just thinking about it is making me wet between my pussy lips! Once we had calmed down a little he forced me off his cock and grabbed a handful of my hair, held his sticky cum covered cock up in the air and forced me to lick and suck it clean, forcing me to deep throat his nine inches of throbbing cock until he was satisfied that it was clean enough.
I sat on the back seat as he raised the backrest of his seat and moved it forwards again, then he lowered his window and called over the two men that were still left watching us and He said to them
“My slut wants you both to give her a good time, why don’t you get in the back with her?”
And with that he unlocked the doors, I gasped out loudly at that sound and I groaned inwardly as both of the doors opened and they both got in on either side of me. Dave passed them both condoms and told them that they would have to use them if they wanted to fuck me, they agreed and then my real fun for the evening started.
As usual the only thing that was passed were pleasantries, but no names, the one thing that really turns me on about Dogging is the anonymity of it all! It didn’t take them long to get started either, the one on my right I guess he must have been in his fifties got his cock out grabbed my head and pushed my mouth down onto it and started to furiously fuck my mouth, not even giving me chance to suck him properly. I stopped him and positioned myself on my knees across the seats before hoarsely whispering to him to relax and I’d make it so good for him. Thankfully he did and I gently started to suck and lick his moderately sized cock all over before plunging it into my mouth and teasing him more and more. Then the other man, I guess he was a similar age to the first started finger fucking my very slippery pussy.

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“Oh you dirty little slut you, you’re full of cum already aren’t you?”
He whispered, I just groaned as he eased more of his fingers into me and started stroking my very sensitive G spot. I was so turned on by what I was doing and what was being done to me that I arched my back and cried out loudly as I climaxed. The first man cried out
“Oh don’t stop now!”
And he pulled my mouth back to his cock and I started sucking on him again.
The next thing I heard was the other man opening his door, the next thing that I felt was his mouth sucking on my cum filled cunt and licking on my clit, he soon had me moaning deep in my throat while I was sucking the other cock, MMM I was in heaven. I get really horny when I’m fucking other men or women in front of Dave because I know how much he gets turned on by it and it wasn’t long before I heard him say “Go on Fuck her!” After some moving around the man behind me pushed his cock into me and started to fuck me. Oh god I couldn’t stop myself from groaning loudly and as he thrust deeply into me it forced me to deep throat the other man’s cock and he grabbed my head and started jerking and thrusting his hips upwards against my face emptying his load deeply into my throat. And a few seconds later the other stranger shot his seed deeply into my hungry pussy and as I pushed the cock from my mouth, the feeling of satisfaction filled my body, knowing that I had pleasured these strangers and that they had pleasured me.
As I know how seeing cum dripping from my pussy turns Dave on I turned around and knelt on the seat with my bum resting against the backs of the front seats, it wasn’t long before Dave was finger fucking my sopping pussy, rubbing my G spot with his curled up fingers making me climax really quickly. During this I reached down for the two strangers cocks and started to gently wank them making them moan and groan out in pleasure as they became hard again, while I was doing this and between my moans of pleasure I said to them
“Both of you suck my tits for me. ”
That was what did it for me and made me climax. I wish I could describe to you just how good it felt to be having my cum filled pussy fingered by my husband, both my breasts sucked and nibbled on by two different strange mouths and be wanking two strange cocks to hardness again after they had just had sex with me! Oh my fingers have just slipped inside my knickers and into my very, very slippery pussy, I’ve got so turned on remembering it that I must just stop and make myself cum…. Mmm that’s better, now where was I, oh yes I had just got their cocks hard again and had another climax myself. The two strangers stopped sucking my boobs and moved me around so that I could suck on the one on my left and be fucked by the other one this time. They both lasted a lot longer this time, because between them they made me cum three times before they both emptied their balls into me again!! After a few minutes rest I eased myself off the cock in my cunt and said to them
“Why don’t you both stay there for a few minutes and watch us fuck again?”
“Oh yes. ”
One of them said and the other said
“OK, it’s warmer in here too.

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I climbed past one of them and as I got out of the car I felt loads of thick creamy cum sliding down the inside of my thighs and I got really turned on again as I felt it being smeared into my thighs and stocking tops as I walked around the car and got into the front with Dave.
I knelt on the passenger seat and wiggled my bum at Dave and said
“Darling fuck my bum so they can see you make me cum that way too!”
Dave soon had his nine inch cock out and I was pleased to see the bell end coated in slippery pre-cum ready to slid into my bum hole. I reached behind me with both of my hands and pulled my bum cheeks wide open for him and said
“Fuck my Arse Dave, fuck me deep and hard. ”
He didn’t need telling twice and I gasped as I felt his throbbing cock press against my bum and force its way into me. Dave lasted for what seemed like ages, I just kept orgasming, it’s strange but once I’ve started having orgasms during sex, it doesn’t seem to matter whether I’m fucked in my mouth, pussy or bum, I just keep on having wonderful orgasms. Once Dave had finished pumping his cum into me and eased his cock out of me the two in the back clapped and thanked us both very much before leaving us alone. Dave locked the doors again and we cleaned ourselves up with baby wipes before dressing and returning home.
No rest for the wicked they say………

April 2002 – Adventure 2
Wednesday night:
I have a good friend who is married, but like me has sex with other men, only her husband doesn’t know! Anyway one night just before I was going to work she rang my mobile, and between gasps of pleasure told me that she was in bed with her latest bit on the side and wanted to know if I was up for a threesome with them one night. I jumped at the chance and before I went to work that night I nipped into our bathroom and quickly fingered myself to a very quick and exciting climax. Unfortunately she split from that man and we never got the chance to do it, but she still wanted to experience sex with another woman, (Me). We tried to arrange a night to do this but circumstances caused this not to happen. Well this time I arranged with her to come over to us once our youngest was asleep and this is what we did with her…. .
I dressed myself in my electric blue bra and thong with black hold up stockings and black high heels, Dave just had on his dressing gown. I answered the door just dressed like that and Karen’s jaw dropped open wide just seeing me dressed like that.

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   I took her by the hand and led her upstairs to our bedroom where Dave was waiting with a large bottle of wine and three glasses, we sat together just chatting and drinking until we all felt relaxed together. The first thing that I did was to gently take Karen’s face in my hands and kiss her passionately. She hesitated for a few moments before parting her lips and kissing me back, then there was no stopping me, I slipped her jumper up over her head to reveal a lacy black bra and I pushed her down onto the bed and eased her trousers down, to reveal an equally lacy black thong. I stood up again just long enough to position myself to lay down on top of her, gently I forced her legs apart and started grinding my pussy against hers through our undies and she groaned out just as loudly as I did, after about five minutes of this she locked her legs around me and started thrusting and arching her back as she came. I soon followed her and climaxed too.
After a few moments rest Dave asked Karen to move into the middle of the bed, and he whispered in my ear quietly
“Do what I do. ”
We both lay down beside her, Dave was on her left and I was on her right, Dave reached up to her bra strap and pulled it down over her shoulder and down her arm until her firm breast was released from its confines. Then he kissed his way down from her mouth, across her cheek, down her neck, across her shoulder, down over the mound of her left breast and started licking, biting and sucking her nipple. Karen started moaning and clasped his head firmly against her breast. I then did the same, and I started sucking and teasing her right breast, again her hand clasped my head to her breast and she cried out “Oh yes suck my tits har…. ”
And she came loudly before she finished her sentence. Karen then said it was my turn and we swapped places, but I slipped my bra off before I lay down and I said to them both,
“Don’t tease me, just go straight to playing with my boobs; I’m so horny already just thinking about it. ”
Dave and Karen both leant down and suck my nipples into their warm mouths, they hardly even had time to start sucking before I clasped them to my breasts and started climaxing, when I let them go thinking that they would stop, they did and they didn’t. Dave told Karen to grab my wrist and hold it down and keep sucking and teasing my nipple and they did and they made me have multiple orgasms for about three or four minutes without rest or time to recover…. It was fantastic, the feeling of having a man and a woman sucking on my tits was absolutely mind blowing.

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Karen was starting to get more confident now and she suggested that we both give Dave a blow job, Dave certainly liked the idea so he lay back and Karen and I took it in turns to lick up and down the length of his throbbing cock and taking it into our mouths, so it worked that as I licked it all over she was sucking on it, then as I licked my way up to the top of his cock, we kissed and swapped what we were doing. All the time Dave was moaning and squirming as he enjoyed what we were doing to him, we had just swapped over and Karen had his throbbing cock in her mouth when he started to cum his thick sticky cum into her mouth. She waited until he had stopped cumming and she sucked all his hot sticky cum out of his cock and let it dribble down over it as she opened her mouth. Then sexily we both licked it all off his cock and had a very sticky cum flavoured kiss afterwards.
That kiss turned into a passionate embrace, which led to me pushing her down onto her back and kissing my way down over her tummy, down to her knickers and to her inner thighs where I planted a big love bite. I then pulled her lacy knickers off and parted her legs, she resisted for a moment and then allowed them to fall open wide. I kissed my way up from one of her knees to the hairy mound of her pussy and kissed her slippery lips gently, Karen couldn’t help herself her hips ground themselves upwards against my mouth and she moaned
“Oh yes Charly lick me out, make bi love to my pussy, mmm”.
Gently I parted her pussy lips with my fingers and licked and teased my way up and down her pussy, stopping occasionally to thrust my long tongue deeply into her very sweet tasting pussy. Each time I thrust my tongue into her it raised a moan of pleasure from her, slowly as she became more and more aroused her clit started to swell and stand up and I remember what Dave said that he does to my clit that makes me cum in seconds. I sucked on her clit as hard as I could and Karen cried out in surprise and pleasure, seconds later she had grabbed my head in her hands and was fucking my mouth with her pussy, grinding and jerking it against my mouth until she came with loud gasps of pleasure. As her thrusts clamed down to gentle grinding motions and then to no movement I felt her love juices being smeared all around my mouth and chin, I gave her pussy lips one last kiss and moved up to her mouth and whispered just before I kissed her passionately,
“Taste your woman juice, and then go down on me too!”
And before she had a chance to stop me my mouth was on hers and my tongue was deep in her mouth, she didn’t resist, she kissed me back.
Karen then pulled my knickers off me and tentatively started to kiss my bald pussy lips, and then I heard her moan and she parted my pussy lips and started sucking and licking them before tongue fucking me for a few minutes. Then I heard her moan loudly and her mouth started moving and jerking, I looked down and saw that Dave had started fucking her doggy fashion while she was licking me out and it turned me on even more to see that! Seconds later she pushed two fingers into my pussy and started to finger fuck me while she licked on my clit and I came in seconds, flooding her fingers with my love juices. Between groans of pleasure Karen looked up at me and eased her fingers out of me and very sexily licked and sucked all my cum off them. Dave told Karen to let him lay down so that she could ride his cock, I was feeling a little left out so I straddled Dave’s mouth and eased my pussy down onto his egger little tongue and made him lick me to another climax while I played with Karen’s breasts and she played with mine.

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   It wasn’t long before we were all climaxing and Dave fired his seed into Karen’s pussy. After we all lay on the bed for a few minutes Karen Whispered something in Dave’s ear and he agreed. He opened my toy box and brought out some lengths of rope and he ordered me to hold out my hands to him, I did as he told me and he tied them so that they were just behind my back with the rope passing underneath me. Then he tied each of my ankles to the bed posts so that my legs were wide open.
Karen then straddled my mouth and crushed her cum dripping pussy to me and commanded
“Lick your husbands cum out of my cunt, Bitch. ”
And she just kept grinding herself against me until she was satisfied. Karen climbed off me and kissed my cum covered mouth before turning to Dave and saying
“Now show me how you make her cum without fucking her. ”
Dave was a little reluctant so Karen knelt down in front of him and took his rapidly hardening cock into her warm mouth and started to suck him off again, then she stopped and asked him to do it to me again and she would suck him off while he did it. Dave gave in and got my cat of nine tails whip from my toy box and once she was sucking on his cock again he started to whip me across my breasts. At the first sting of the whip on my nipples I moaned out with pleasure, and seeing her both watching and sucking on Dave’s cock turned me on even more. Dave kept whipping me and I moaned more and more, then he whipped me down between my legs a couple of times too and I could feel myself getting closer and closer to climaxing. By this time Dave was extremely turned on and he was leaning more and more against the wall as he whipped my breasts again and again, finally I gasped out to him
“Dave whip my cunt, make me cum.
He did and I cried out,
Slap I felt the whip sting my pussy lips and clit,
“Harder. ”
I cried out again and as he did he cried out as he came his load into Karen’s mouth and I came loudly too!
Dave stood there leaning heavily against the wall as Karen finished sucking all the salty cum from his cock, and then she stood up and knelt on the bed and said to me.
“You kinky whore….

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   Can you do that to me……”
Dave released me and tied her down and before he gave me the whip he got my long double ended dildo from my toy box, he eased several inches of it into Karen’s hairy pussy before he taped it to her thigh so that it couldn’t slip out. This had the effect of parting Karen’s pussy lips so that her clit was standing up on show. She didn’t say anything. I started to whip her breasts, but after a few minutes of doing it I was so horny that just as I whipped her down between her legs I climaxed and nearly dropped the whip. Dave saw this and so did Karen, and they both said at the same time
“You kinky slut!”
And laughed. Dave took the whip from me and after a few more minutes he made her cum too.
Unfortunately we had to stop there, as Karen had to go home to her husband (and it was getting quite late). But we all agreed that we had to do it again soon and explore my toy box together!!!! Karen left saying that she had learnt about kinky sexual pain and how good it was and that she definitely wanted more!

April 2002 – Adventure 3
Thursday night:
Tonight is an odd one as I usually don’t go out and fuck men on my own nowadays, I prefer Dave to be with me to keep an eye on things but this time I gave in to the demands of my horny pussy. This morning I had to have two new tyres put on my Volvo and I tried a garage where my friend’s husband works. Anyway when I got there he had one of the younger mechanics fit my new tyres, (unbeknown to me when I was driving my car into the tyre bay my friend’s husband was telling this mechanic all about my wicked ways!).
As soon as he started working on the tyres he started to chat me up and flirt with me, I was flattered as he was at least ten years younger than me. I flirted back. I even looked him in the eyes and then looked down at his crotch and licked my lips suggestively. My pussy was already tingling with excitement and when he had finished and he asked me if I was just a prick tease or did I fancy a night of sex at his flat. I was so surprised by his forthright approach that I blushed and said that I would suck him in and blow him out in bubbles (or as I said to Dave later I will fuck his brains out tonight, he just won’t know what’s hit him!).

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   I arranged to meet him at his flat at 7. 30 that evening, and he knew that I had to leave at around 11. 00pm as I still wanted time to have some good sex with Dave too!
I dressed myself in sexy matching black undies, black bra, knickers, suspender belt and black stockings, then I put on my kinky school girls uniform! And after kissing Dave I left for my sexy night out. What I didn’t know was that my friend had rang the mechanic once she knew that I was going to his for sex and told him that I was up for absolutely anything naughty and she told him a few things to get and use on me, (I had told her that he wouldn’t know what had hit him by the time I had finished with him that night) boy was I in for a surprise!
As soon as I knocked on his door he opened it and roughly pulled me inside. Then without saying too much he forced me down onto my knees, grabbed a handful of my hair and forced his cock into my mouth for sucking. I didn’t have time to even say hello and it wasn’t many thrusts before he filled my mouth to overflowing with his hot salty cum. Having this done to me had already brought me close to climaxing and I didn’t want him to stop fucking my mouth but he did. He put his cock back into his trousers and pulled me back up onto my feet and told me to go through into his living room.
“Sandra has told me what a slut you are when it comes to sex and that you’ll do anything for a sexual thrill, is that right?”
I replied
“I’ve done more kinky dirty naughty sexy things that you’ve had hot dinners, of course she’s right. ”
He turned around and picked up a bowl from his table and brought it over to me and said “Show me what you do with these then you slut. ”
(I noticed that that seemed to be his favourite word when he was talking to me) In the bowl were some bananas and a cucumber, I wasn’t really surprised….
I sat down on the floor with my legs wide open so that he could see my stocking tops and black knickers. I sexily unbuttoned my blouse and lifted my breasts out of the bra cups so that they were pushed together by the bra. I picked up the longest and straightest of the bananas and started to fuck my tits with it, occasionally flicking my tongue out to lick the tip of it. Each time that I did that, he groaned out loud just as if I was sucking on his cock again.

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   Then I reached down and pulled the lacy black material of my knickers across my pussy lips so that he could see my bald pussy and I eased the banana into it and slowly fucked myself to a climax with it. As I calmed down he came over and took it from me and asked if he could fuck me with it, I let him and I climaxed quickly again.
Then he put the long cucumber into my hand and stepped back to watch me, I didn’t waste any time and thrust it into my already very slippery pussy and fucked myself until I came again. Then he told me to take my skirt and blouse off, I could tell by the way he was talking and breathing that he was already really turned on again.
“Pete’s wife said that you were up for anything naughty, and she told me a few things that I should buy and try with you, is that right, you’re up for anything?”
I turned to him as I dropped my blouse to the floor and replied
“Yes I’m up for anything, but if I don’t want to do something then I’ll tell you. But I’m going to fuck you ‘til you can’t fuck anymore!”
And I walked across to him and reached down to release his throbbing cock from his trousers again. He stopped me and pulled out a bag from under the table, in it was a dog collar and lead and a pair of hand cuffs. He told me to turn around and put my hands behind my back, I did so and he closed the handcuffs around each wrist quickly. Then he put the dog collar and led on me and led me back to the middle of the room.
Then he said,
“I want to fuck you now, but first I want you to turn your back to me, get on your knees and pull your knickers down, then lay your face down on the floor so your cunt is in the air ready for me to fuck. ”
Then he dropped the lead and whilst I did as he had told me, he striped his clothes off. As soon as I was leaning forwards he grabbed my hips and guided the tip of his throbbing cock into me, and then with a loud groan he started to fuck me doggy fashion, he teased me to another three body shaking climaxes before he came in me, I still wanted more from him so I said to him as he slipped his rapidly softening cock out of me.
“Tie me to your bed and finger-fuck me ‘til you’re ready to go again, lover. ”
He didn’t need asking twice, he released me from the hand cuffs and took me to his bedroom. He pushed me down on the bed and used the lead to tie one of my hands to a bed post, one of my stockings to tie the other one, he used the other stocking to tie one of my legs and he used his dressing gown belt to tie the other one! Just being restrained had me trembling with sexual excitement, and when I felt his cum starting to ooze from my pussy lips onto his bed covers I moaned deep down in my throat.


Then I felt his fingers pressing into me and he started fingering me, teasing me closer and closer to another climax then stopping and letting me calm down before starting all over again. Then he stopped and said
“She also said that you were into S & M too!”
I gasped out
“Yes, yes anything!”
He disappeared into the other room and came back with his belt, and gently started flicking my nipples with it, then my pussy lips, and then as I let out a loud moan he started alternating between them. I was in Heaven. I started writhing under each lash, wanting it to be harder. I just couldn’t help myself I cried out
“Fuckin’ well whip my tits and cunt harder you prick. ”
He was so surprised at the way I had said what I said that he stopped and looked at me, then he seemed to click back into the real world and he did. Firstly he whipped his belt down hard across my tits, I cried out in pleasure and pain and he did it again, this time I cried out
“More, more, don’t stop!”
He then went back to alternating between whipping my tits and my cunt, at odd moments I looked at him doing it and I noticed that each time he whipped my between my legs, his cock seemed to start swelling up and getting hard again. He soon had me climaxing again and he stopped and without saying anything he just climbed on top of me and fucked me again, squirting yet more of his cum into my well fucked pussy. MMMM
After his breathing had returned to normal he crawled up over my body and made me lick our mixed cum off his by now very limp cock. He released me and we lay there talking for a few minutes before I went down on his cock and started trying to revive it for another round, but it didn’t even twitch as I sucked it into my warm mouth, I tried wanking it, I went and retrieved the cucumber and started fucking myself with it and I got him to fuck me with it too (I soon climaxed again!) and in desperation I even impaled myself on his bed post and fucked myself to another very satisfying climax on it, but nothing worked. We decided to call it a night and I got dressed and left.
After I arrived home I did a sexy striptease for Dave and as I did I told him everything that I had done that night, then I took hold of his fingers and pressed them into my still cum dripping pussy so he could feel the other mans cum in me before I lowered myself down onto his throbbing cock for a lovely long fuck with him, I lost count of how many times I came before he did, but it was wonderful.

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