Female Army Officer and Mess games


Topic: Chapter One The MessFemale Army Officer 
The mess party was in full swing and as for usual whilst sitting at your meal you are not allowed to leave the table for any reason – even a pee – unless pregnant. I was as usual the only female officer present, having been promoted to Major and duly posted to my new unit last week. I had not really wanted to go to the mess party – having been away from my husband for the previous 3 months – but non attendance at these functions is not an option. So there I was 26 years old, dressed in my dark blue mess kit surrounded by a polite and yet rather pompous group of Infantry Officers. Things as per usual started off politely, but I knew as the drink flowed then the charade would gradually strip away and then, despite their rank and their belief that they were better bred than the junior ranks, they would slip into stereo-typical drunken male. I knew I would – as the only female – become the centre of attention. Not that the uniform did much for my femininity. But I was wearing a skirt and that would be enough for most of them. I aimed to make my excuses after dinner and return to my husband. Well that was the plan anyway.
 My initial lethargy and dread began to ease during dinner –mainly because for once I was sat at the dinner table beside somebody that was vaguely interesting to talk to. Tom was young perhaps 20– not that that mattered – and despite the amount of alcohol that he consumed – managed to remain polite and engaging to converse with. The evening as such moved on quickly and before we knew it dinner was finished and we all retired to the bar. Now I never drink much anyway and as I was intending to drive home later, I was, as far as I could tell, the only one present still sober. It did not take long before the usual games began to be played – jousting on bicycles using brooms (usually clothed but I have seen it done naked), drinking from a chamber pot (a new one on me) and finally after about an hour a few of the guys suggested a raid on the Senior Ranks Mess (not an unusual occurrence).
Before I knew it I was alone in the bar with Tom and five of his friends.

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   I should have been wary but hey I was a soldier and could handle myself in these sorts of situations. I am also a doctor and although I do not consider myself to be the most beautiful of woman I had no shortage of suitors prior to getting married. The conversation, as the alcohol flowed, quickly went down hill. You know the sort of thing – innuendo at first and as more and more alcohol was consumed they became more and more graphic in an obvious attempt to embarrass me. Eventually having exhausted the usual attempts to get the better of me one of them asked if I was any good at examining people.
“Of course it is part of my job,” I attempted to dismiss the remark as I had all the others. .
“How good?”
“Sorry, what do you mean?”
At this stage Tom tried to intervene but I was determined to sound the young 2lt down. I mean here was a 19 year old boy questioning my ability to exam patients.
“Well if you say saw some part of somebody you had met but could not see their face would you be able to tell who they were?”
“What? I’m a doctor why would I not be able to see their face?”
“OK hypothetically speaking then could you?”
“I don’t know. . . . . .

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   I. . ”
One of the other officers gave the young 2lt a friendly slap around the back of the head, “What he means to ask is could you tell us apart from some part of our anatomy?”
I looked at the two of them. One was tall and skinny the other more muscular and laughed, “I could tell you two apart if that is what you are asking. ”
The alarm bells should have been ringing by then. I could see exactly where this was going but I don’t know perhaps it was their age, or my stubbornness but either way I was not going to let them get the better of me. If this is the game they wanted to play then so be it.
“Ok what do you suggest then guys. Your feet? Your knees? Your chests? Your bums or your dicks?” I stared straight back at them, “Either way I will be able to see the rest of you even if you put buckets over your heads. ”
Behind me Tom smiled and gave them the thumbs up.
The two of them left the bar and returned moments later with a pair of hat stands and a length of material. I watched intrigued as they positioned the stands and then hung the material out in between them. Across its surface were 6 holes at crotch height.
I could not help but laugh.
“It looks like you have played this game before?”
They made no attempt to deny it and again I had seen worse in mess parties so thought nothing more about it.

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   Besides I was only looking at something I would no doubt see at some point during my posting here in a medical exam.
Above each hole was a number and the two of them duly disappeared behind the screen. Five seconds later two dicks poked their way through holes number 4 and 2. I decided to make a big play of the examination and got up from my seat to get a closer look. Both were flaccid – one cut the other foreskin in place. The cut one was thick and poked through the hole a good 3 inches (not bad I surmised) whilst the uncut one was longer and thinner.
“Number 4 is the beanpole,” my reference to the tall skinny 2lt was spot on and earned me a polite round of applause.
“Yeah well that was easy she only had two to look at!”
I turned to face the guy in question. He was about my age – a captain if I recalled correctly and not bad looking.
“Ok all of you then!! Unless you are scared. ”
They did not need any further invitation. Nobody to my knowledge in the army seems to need much of an excuse to strip so they were not about to refuse.
Six dicks duly poked their way through the black sheet. It was rather surreal and I am sure even my husband would have seen the funny side of it – not that I would be telling him.
The first two were easy.

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   I recognised them. The following four were not too taxing either and I retired to my seat quite smugly.
A few more beers were consumed and they convinced me to have a celebratory drink in light of my achievement. I had only had one drink before so duly obliged.
“So that was too easy for you wasn’t it doc?”
I shrugged and nodded, “I did tell you I was good. ”
“Ahhh but you could see. I bet you could not do it by touch blind-folded. ”
I tried to dismiss the comment casually, “Look guys I am married it is one thing to look and have a bit of fun but touching that is something else. ”
“Why? You do it when you exam us in medicals. All I am saying is that I reckon you cannot tell us apart by touch. It is no different from an examination only you are blind folded. ” He saw my argument and answered before I could voice it, “You can even wear gloves. And” and it was this that convinced me, “if you get us all right we will pay your mess bill for a year and buy the case of port you owe the mess for your promotion. ”
He could see from my smile that he had won the argument and a raucous cheer erupted before they sprang into action. A blindfold was duly fetched and another of the men brought in a video camera.

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   He saw my enquiring look, “So we cannot cheat,” he offered hopefully. I should have said no, but the beer was starting to affect me (I told you I never drunk much. ) My knickers were also slightly damp. I have always fantasised about exhibiting myself and although I was keeping dressed the idea of touching 6 cocks whilst blindfolded had excited me a little bit. Their preparation complete, Tom brought over the blindfold.
“Are you sure,” he asked. I nodded.
“Sorry Sarah but can you answer for the tape, just in case somebody else walks in. . . you know what I mean?”
I did. The army took a very dim view of sexual discrimination and bullying so I stated very clearly that I was a willing participant.
Blindfolded Tom led me to the sheet.
“The sheet is just in front of you. .

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  . . the first hole to your left. I am going behind now. ”
I waited a few seconds until I felt the sheet move. I knew Tom was in position. I tried to remember how each one had looked and then tried to work out how it would feel. The thing with dicks is that well they feel kind of spongy and usually damp when flaccid and do nothing for me in an exam. I have seen and cupped thousands, but now as my hand reached forward I felt that stirring in my knickers again and I almost jumped when my hand touched the warm flesh. I pulled it away instinctively but not wanting to seem prudish forced it quickly back. My fingers closed on the flesh. It was soft and damp and I could smell the muskiness of it this close up. I felt my hand along its length trying to ascertain the size and girth. My right hand joining the left and cupping his balls. To my horror and fascination it was starting to grow.

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   Now that might sound strange but I have never, not even my husbands (he is always hard), felt a cock grow in my hand. I should have pulled away and moved on to the next one or even better pulled the blindfold off and left but I couldn’t. It felt nice and I was getting turned on. And even better I heard myself say . . . I have another 5 to go. I wondered if they would react the same way? Not wanting to seem too keen I reluctantly let it go but was eager immediately to feel the next one. Would it compare? I moved to my left and something hard brushed against my cheek. I pulled my head away and felt out with my hand. My god it was the cock I had just let go of. But it was enormous I could not see how close my head was to the sheet but I had to stretch my arm forward to touch it. Then I realised the bastard had taken a step forward just as I had moved along. I reached out with my right hand and found his head. .

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  . I heard the groan. . . . . . he was enjoying this. . . . I slide my hand down his shaft (I still cannot believe I did it) and back up to the tip. I heard him groan again . . .

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  . ”HMMMM that is nice. ” I flicked the tip of his cock with my finger and he shot backwards cursing me. The others laughed. The next one also grew in my hand, shorter and thicker and this time when I moved I bent my head closer. The tip of it trickled past my nose and the aroma almost made my knees buckle.
A warning siren was also now sounding in my head. I was married and yet here I was on my knees enjoying feeling 6 strange cocks and getting turned on by it. I was even now contemplating tasting one, just by accident of course as I moved past. I tried to pull myself together and professionally assess the third. I made a conscious effort to keep my touch brief and light and my head away as I moved. But it did not matter they already knew by my continuation after the first that I was as up for this as they were. The only question was how far it went? The cock hit me firmly on the forehead but I was already onto number four and it felt good. My resolve was melting like ice in a furnace. My knickers were saturated and I was relishing the touch of this one in my hand.

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   It had already grown to its full length and my hands were still lingering over it, my head subconsciously drawing closer and closer to where I knew the tip to be. It smelled good. I slid my hand up and down the length. There were still 2 more to go but this was the one I wanted. My tongue sneaked its way past my teeth. What I didn’t know was that they were all watching. Once I had had the blindfold in place they had lowered the top of the sheet so they could all see. I heard the silence though and it made me stop. Surely the others should be waiting. I might expect one or two to sneak a look round but not those waiting and they should be carrying on as usual with their banter. And although I was annoyed by the thought that they were all watching me again strangely it also excited me. Who would know? But it is your professional reputation. You have to work here. Yes but things happen all the time. The arguments were valid.


   But the desire was strong. I had never given in to temptation before . . . . never. Surely I am allowed this one time and it will only be a small lick. I knew it wouldn’t be. . . if I crossed that line I would want more. How much more though?
I pulled away and let it go.
I had intended to pull the blindfold off, concede defeat and take the abuse. At least I would save my dignity and integrity. But my pussy ached.

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   I was longing to touch myself . . . . to feel my wetness. I stayed where I was locked in indecision. Weighing up in my mind where I wanted this to go. I already knew what they wanted and although they had never voiced it, the fact they were still waiting in silence meant they were hoping I would continue. They seemed to know that if they pushed me now, at that precise second, then I would leave. I took a deep breathe in. . . . the smell was like nectar to a bee. Would there ever be another opportunity? No I would not let there be.

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   I made my mind up.
I reached forward with my left hand and felt the next cock. It grew but I did not linger too long. . . . . spending just enough time to feel girth length and balls and it was still growing when I let it go to reach for the next. This was the last one. I knew how far I was going to go but it was not with this one. A quick cursory inspection and I let it go. You could hear the groans as I reached for the blindfold. My hand cupped the bottom. . .

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“Ohhh come on that is not fair you spent far longer on him. ”
Their objections were raucous and I was enjoying it. . . . I was back in control and I was enjoying the feeling. They were desperate for relief. They had obviously hoped for more and were now almost begging for me to resume. I moved my hand away from the blindfold and reached forward searching for the cock furthest to my left. It seemed to find my hand. . . . no doubt guided there by its owner. My right hand found its neighbour just as quickly.

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   Good I thought I have my bearings now. I gave them both a cursory tug and then moved to my right. Number four again guided into my hand. My left joined it and was met by complaints and a nice groan. This was the one I wanted. . . . . . . . this was going to be my treat. . .

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  . . . . . by one temptation. I lowered my head towards it.
By the hush that descended in the room I knew all eyes were on me. I licked my lips. . . . . having made the decision I was going to make sure I enjoyed and savoured the moment. I had no way of really knowing whose cock it was without removing the blindfold and that was not going to happen any where near it, but I had my ideas.

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   I think I would have hated to be wrong. . . another reason to keep it on. My tongue had snaked its way past my lips and my mouth was opening. I resisted the urge to reach down with my left hand towards my saturated swollen clitoris. Instead I massaged the meat in front of me, closing my fingers around and pushing my hands away from me and then it happened, whether it was closer than I thought or he had leant forward, I did not know, but all of a sudden the tip of it caressed my tongue.
“I might have to book myself I full medical everyday. ”
The comment was met by loud laughter and I thought ‘Oh my god what have I just done. ’ I pulled “Hey. . . Oh well done. ”
I was already standing up and half walking half stumbling my way away from them.
“Come on Sarah,” Tom pleaded, “You can’t leave me like this it is cruel.

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But I did. I whipped off the blindfold, threw it to the floor, picked up my bag and without looking back, walked from the bar. I arrived at my car in a bit of a state; my mind was alive with what had just occurred. The excitement coursed through my veins making my breathing heavy. My pussy was screaming out for relief, ached to return, as my mind took the fantasy further. I slumped into the driver’s seat, my left hand rubbing my groin in frustration. It was no good though. . . Mess skirts were not designed for instant relief. . they were long and thick. I considered pulling it up to give my fingers access to my aching clit and I would have done if I had not seen Tom coming towards my car from the Mess.
I drove away. .

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  . my eyes watching him as he stood in the drive. Twenty minutes later and I was home. It was 4 o’clock in the morning and my husband would be asleep. Worse he had to be up at 6 with the baby. But I was so turned on I needed relief. I hitched my skirt up in the car and slid my finger into my pussy. God that felt good but not good enough. I had never been so horny in my life. Normally I can satisfy myself when away from my husband but now I needed something bigger than my finger.
I hurried inside my thoughts on the fruit bowl. Please let there be a banana in it. To my horror only apples. I ditched the skirt and ripped my knickers off before slumping down on the couch. Both hands rubbed and probed at my sopping wet pussy.

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   It felt good but still not enough. Think girl. My mind ransacked the house whilst my fingers teased at my frustration. The freezer. . . . . . . . . Oh please let there be sausages. I literally sprinted back into the kitchen. To my delight and frustration I found sausages but had to spend 5 minutes hacking at them with a knife just to free one.

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I returned to the couch with my treasure and legs wide apart slid it into my aching gaping hole. I had to bite down against the sheer sudden coldness of it at first. But then as I grew used to the chill I began to enjoy the sensation as I slid it in and out. My mind drifted off free now to explore the fantasy in safety. My mouth taking the entire length of his cock in my mouth whilst my hands tickled his balls. . I wanted them to watch as I slid my mouth up and down licking his full length. Five more cocks standing to attention and waiting to see if they would get the same treatment. My left hand moved to the left and grabbed the cock on that side. The sausage slid in faster and faster as my back arched. The mere thought in my head driving me over the edge and I had to bite down on my lip to stop myself from screaming out loud. My hands stopped as my body shock. My mind though had my left hand pulling my skirt up over my bottom. The invitation was evident and the knickers were pulled to the side.
I had no idea if there was such a term but my fantasy reminded me of the word.


   It was my dream and I was in control and I wanted to taste and feel them all. I wanted them to move slowly around me one in my mouth one in my pussy. Two on either side awaiting their turn moving around and around like a carousel. In my mind as the sausage was abused once more it felt so good. The only thing missing something to fill my mouth but none the less as the first cock eased its way into my pussy I felt another body jangling ear splitting orgasm well up inside of me. By the time I had completed the carousel I was exhausted and the poor sausage resembled road kill.
I put in for a posting the next week. I could not face the guys in the mess and knew I had compromised my reputation. I had to volunteer for active service to get away from there and my only regret was not taking the tape from the video camera. Something which 3 years later I wished I had.
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