Living Glory Hole


Back when my girlfriend was my submissive, I gave her the assignment to write the hottest scene imaginable. He said this was my punishment for my vanity.
So here I am, in the middle stall of the men’s bathroom at a play party, tied face down ass up to the toilet. He tied my legs first, calves bound to the black industrial seat, facing the wall. I thought it was quite erotic, holding still while he carefully laid coil after coil neat and flat. I thought how pretty the marks would be when unbound. He pushed my shoulders down so I was bent over, my cheek resting on the top of the tank while he looped rope from one wrist under the plumbing to the other wrist and cinched it tight.
From his pocket he drew a black scarf and tied it around my eyes, effectively blinding me. Standing up he came behind me, lifting my skirt and running his hands down my ass and the back of my legs and back up again. I was wet. Tied as I was I could shift side to side and sit down a bit but nothing much, so I pressed as far back as I could and tried to rub my ass on him. I was gonnna like this. He pressed up against me and I could feel his cock through his pants, I ground myself onto it. He leaned forward and growled in my ear “Oh no. You’ve been very bad. You think everyone wants you.

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   You want everyone to want you. So tonight, they can all have you. ” And he stepped back, yanked my panties down, gave my ass a full swing smack and walked out of the stall. I heard the door shut and some paper rustling and he was gone. He couldn’t be serious, but then he was gone.
So here I am with the sting of his palm on my cheek strapped to a fucking toilet. I’m kinda freaking out and I’m very excited. My breathing is ragged and raspy and I don’t know what to do. I feel my fight or flight instinct surge when I hear the door open the first time. Is it him coming back to tell me He was just kidding? Who the hell is it, do I know them. I most certainly do know them as I know practically everybody in the fucking building. Whoever has come in must be using the urinal I can hear the stream of his piss outside the door. Relief is sweet but short lived as the man leaves with a greeting for someone else entering the john.
My heart pounds as I hear his footsteps come closer. I hear him say “Fuck Me” like he’s reading out loud and then the creak of the stall door as it swings open.

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   “Well, well what do we have here?” Just then the door to the bathroom opens. “What the fuck are you staring at?” a new voice asks. “Come take a look at this. ” Dude number one says. I’m so turned on I can’t help but shift from side to side but I’m so terrified I’m whimpering like a puppy, What will they do? “Holy Shit! Is that Jamie? Better shut the door and leave her be, you know how Jay is about her. ” dude two says. I hear the door shut and sigh in relief just to hear Dude One say “No. I don’t think so, see this sign,. ’Fuck Me‘. And down here at the bottom it’s signed ‘by order of Sir Jay’”.
That sadistic, twisted, bastard. I think. He’s offered me up like a living fucking glory hole. The stall door opens again and I wonder what’s going to happen when I feel a hand on my ass on top of the handprint that must be there by now. “Jay’s got some big hands on him, look at that” mutters Dude One.

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   He runs his hand down my ass cheek as he comes into the stall. Now the other hand joins the first caressing and rubbing, kneading and squeezing. I’m holding very still but breathing very quickly, anticipation surges in me as I wait to see what he will do. I can hear Dude Two breathing heavily from the doorway, watching, waiting his turn I suppose. Dude One runs his thumbs down my ass crack to my pussy, spreading my lips. I feel so exposed and vulnerable at his inspection a small sound escapes my tight throat. Then his hands are gone and I hear the sound of his fly coming down. My cunt is on fire, it tingles and I can feel slickness between my thighs. Then a hand is back, gripping my hip to steady me, I feel the head of his cock rubbing my slit. I’m trembling all over as he slides to the hilt into me. I moan long and loud. He’s still for a second “Goddamn it’s tight” he groans and begins to piston me, driving in and out. I match his rhythm and wonder for a second who the hell this is when he pulls out with a growl and I feel his hot spunk spurting onto my ass. What the fuck I think, that was quick. Dude One says nothing as he zips up and leaves the stall but I can hear him thump Dude Twos shoulder as he passes.

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Completely unsatisfied I squirm on the seat, effectively wiggling my ass in the air as Dude Two takes his place behind me. He pulls some paper from the roll and wipes Dude Twos jiz off my ass then silently he pulls his zipper and presses his cock to my pussy. Its dripping and hot and I press it down on him before he can thrust. Same as Dude One he grabs me by the hips and starts to pump me, I press back and dip my back trying to get him as deep as possible. Dude Two is not as well endowed as Dude One but he surprises me by reaching up and grabbing my hair, pulling my head back he leans forward and bites my earlobe, hard. I can hear myself rhythmically squealing as his balls rhythmically slap my clit. Then I’m cumming, bucking and writhing and screaming like a banshee. Dude Two doesn’t stand a chance, before he can pull out he’s cumming too. He collapses on top of my bent form and breathes heavy in my ear. After a minute he straightens himself and leaves the stall, shutting the door behind him. I can hear as he turns on the water in the faucet and washes his hands. He’s humming Queens Fat Bottom Girls… I smile. My knees are killing me, my arms are sore and my wrists are raw and I’m leaking cum like an old bathtub. I am in heaven.
The door to the bathroom opens.

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   I wonder how many people Dude One and Dude Two have been talking to. Dude Three makes no preamble, he comes right in and shuts the stall door behind him. “Mmmmm” is all I hear before I feel his mouth on my pussy. I jerk in surprise. Then realization hits me. This must be a slave. Come to clean up a filthy hot mess. He is extremely efficient in his work as he sucks the spunk from my hole and licks every drop from my folds. He kisses my pink hand printed ass and gets up to leave. “Thank You” I say. No response.
I sit down on my heels as far as I can and relax. More will come and I will be ready, until then I have to think of some way to thank my Sir for teaching me this lesson in humility. .