Damn Tired Part 3


Damn Tired 3
Garnett and I laid there holding each other tight, our bodies molded to one another.
My still swollen cock was still embedded to the hilt inside her still grasping fuck hole.
We were kissing and she started moving her hips up and down on my cock. I reacted by moving my shaft back and forth, again we both started to fuck each other.
We just started a slow fucking motion; both our bodies were moving together when.
Suddenly we both heard the front door open and a voice yelling, “Hello, is anyone home?”
It was Sandy, Garnett’s mom.
We both jumped at the sound and started to get up.
My cock was still tightly stuffed in Garnett’s gripping cunt. Noticing this we both push at each other.
We managed to separate ourselves with a resounding slurping pop. As my cock came out of Garnett’s pussy, our incestual mixture started to flow out of her fully loaded hole onto the bed sheets.
We looked at each other and smiled.
We both were brought back to reality when we heard footsteps coming up the stairs.
I told Garnett to go into the bathroom and start the shower. Meanwhile I dove under the bed covers and lay there pretending to be asleep.
I heard Sandy coming towards our bedroom door and knocking on it while whispering, “Greg are you asleep?” I could barely hear her over the sound of the shower; Garnett hadn’t shut the door all the way.

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   And as I always laid on my side, I opened my eyes slightly and what I saw got my cock raging again. There was Garnett in the shower washing her self and standing facing out towards the bedroom.
Her body was slightly reddened by either what had just occurred on my bed or by the hot water spraying on her. She looked up and saw that I was watching her and teasingly brought both her hands up and over her breasts and squeezed them lustfully. Then she took her right hand and slowly skimmed it downwards over her taught tummy ending with her hand covering her mound. I could see that she had position her hand where she could slip her middle finger into her freshly fucked cunt. Finger fucking herself. While still squeezing her breast with her other hand. Bringing her now juiced covered finger back up to her mouth she slowly sucked her juices that was still mix with my cum.
My cock grew harder at the site of this little slut showing that she liked the concoction we made
I was brought back to reality when I heard the doorknob turn and the door slowly opened.
“Greg are you asleep?” Sandy asked. I rolled over onto my back faked as best I could waking up suddenly. “Uh, what? Yeah I guess”, I groggily said.
Sandy stepped inside the bedroom and said,”I’m sorry Greg I didn’t know if you were asleep. ” “Where is Garnett?”
At that moment Garnett appeared out of the bathroom with and towel wrapped around herself and her still damp hair clinging to her shoulders.

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   I was lying on my back and turned too looked at Garnett and saw that the towel barely covered her breasts and hung down just low enough to cover her pussy. Needless to say my cock expanded more. Trying to cover my hard-on I pulled a pillow out from under my head and innocently placed it over my hard member. Sandy looked at Garnett asked,” What are you doing in your aunt and uncles bathroom?” Garnett replied, “I wanted to take a shower but the shower down the hall wasn’t working, so I snuck in here to take one. ”
Turning towards the bed where I laid, she asked, “That’s OK with you isn’t it Uncle Greg, I didn’t wake you did I?” She smiled and brought her free hand up so she could flip her hair off of her shoulders. With that motion the towel she had wrapped around her body inched upwards exposing her young hairless pussy to me. I stared at the site that she was presenting to me. I was engrossed looking at her cunt lips still swollen and red from our fucking, and I saw what I thought was my cum still dripping out of her pussy.
“Uncle Greg? I didn’t wake you, did I?” she said again, bringing me back to the moment. “Uh, no I didn’t even hear you start the shower; I was pretty tired I must have fallen asleep fast. ” Is all I could say, I rolled over on my side and felt a wet spot where our mixture sex had leaked out of her.
I closed my eyes and said “Goodnight”. With that Sandy and Garnett left the room closing the door behind them.
I laid there with a raging hard-on and finally drifted off to sleep.
When I woke up later that afternoon.

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   I got up and took another shower to rinse away my morning activities. Once I was done with my shower I got dress in some cutoffs and a T-shirt. I stripped the bed of the sheets and blankets and took them down stairs to the laundry room to wash them. Getting rid of all the evidence from Garnett’s and my morning romp. Replacing them with clean sheets and blankets we keep in the closet.
I went back up to the kitchen and started a pot of coffee. Looking around I noticed I was the only one home. So I got my coffee and went into the front room to read the paper and watch TV.
The rest of the day went slow. I sat there flipping through the TV channels. Not finding anything interesting I decided to watch a video.
I got up and searched for a movie I hadn’t seen. My wife was always bringing home new movies. I couldn’t find one to my liking, so I went upstairs and got one of my favorite porno movies and went back down stairs to watch it.
I turned the VCR on and inserted the tape and settled back in my lazy-boy and press the button on the remote to start the movie.

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The film was about a guy that goes out and finds young girls and sweet-talks them into posing and performing oral and anal sex on film.
Anyway I was getting to a part that really turns me on when this guy has this girl sitting spread eagle across his lap. He has his cock buried deep in the girls’ asshole and he is bouncing her up and down on his cock. She is leaning back against him and the camera zooms in. You can see his cock appear and disappear in and out of her backdoor. Her pussy is wide open and he starts to shove his fingers into her gaping cunt. I reached down and unzipped my cutoffs and pulled out my now stiff cock and just started to stroke it when I heard a sound coming from around in back of me. I knew was still too early for my wife to be home. I shot up out of the chair and turned. What I saw was Garnett standing there with one hand down her tight spandex shorts rubbing her pussy while her other hand was squeezing her now exposed tits. I just stood there again stunned from the picture in front of me.
Garnett opened her eyes and looked at me and asked,”Uncle Greg do you want to fuck me in my ass?”
Not knowing what to do or say, I just stood there.
She asked again (in a louder voice),”DO YOU WANT TO FUCK MY ASS?” With that she pulled off her shorts damn near ripping them. Then she pulled her T-shirt off an over her head. The look on her face was the look of lust filled woman.

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   She walked towards me a came around me making me turn. She was now standing between the TV and me and I was standing right in front of the chair. With one swift push she I fell backwards landing hard into the chair. She leaned down and pulled at my shorts. I was stunned. She pulled at my shorts and got them down around my ankles and left them right there. Garnett sunked down to the floor and was kneeling in front of me, her knees holding my cutoffs firmly to the ground, my ankles still held firmly by the fabric.
Garnett now acting like a bitch in heat leaned forward and took my cock into her mouth. With one hand she stroked my shaft and with the other she mauled my ball sack. She tried hard too take as much of my cock in her mouth but she stopped when she felt herself starting to gag. Her mouth was like a vacuum sucking, wanting every ounce of my nut cream. She kept up hard and fast. I could feel my balls tighten up. I was going shoot my cum hard and fast. I grabbed her head and force my cock deeper into her hot moist sucking mouth.

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   Now it was my turn to be the maniac. I pulled her head up and with one hard push downwards I felt my cock head penetrate her throat. As I held there she brought her arms up flailing in an attempt to push away. She was strong; she fought herself free of my grasp and pulled away. She leaned backwards and looked at me with what I thought was hate in her eyes.
She stood up and turned around and bent over. With her hands she grasped her ass cheeks and spread them apart. In front of me totally expose was her brown little hole. She screamed, ”FUCK ME IN THE ASS!!!!NOW!!!!” “YOU WANT TOO, NOW DO IT!!!!”
I leaned forward with my mouth open and my tongue sticking out and assaulted her ass hole. Pushing her hips upwards I delved my tongue into hot juice cunt and lapped at it. Bringing the juices that were leaking from her cunt I proceeded to saturate her ass ring. Sticking my tongue into her brown hole I got it to loosen up. While I was assaulting her backdoor she had reached in between her legs and was jerking my steel hard cock with one hand and was pulling and squeezing it. The other hand was mixing my cum in my nut sack. Oblivious to any pain that she was causing me.

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   I continued to explore her ass. I brought my right middle finger to my mouth and covered it with saliva. I slowly ran the tip around the wrinkled ring at the opening. With one swift motion I buried my finger as far as I could deep in her bowels. The suddenness of my digit entering her virgin hole brought a high-pitched yelp. “AHHHHHH FUCKKKKK UNCCCCLE GREEEEGGGG AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
Knowing that it was now or never I pushed her away and stood up. I leaned down and grabbed her arms and twirled her around so that she was lying over the arm of the couch. Her ass was elevated just at the right height for my impending penetration of her virgin ass.
I squatted down low enough to enter her cunt; it was over flowing with pussy cream. I rammed my cock in and out of her sloppy wet hole. She pushed back against my thrust forcing my cock to once again enter her uterus. I could feel the head of my cock popping through the mouth of her womb, felt the sudden grasping and sucking feeling that had happened earlier on. I was real close to unloading another load deep in her cunt. When I pulled completely out causing her uterus and cunt to make a popping sound. I straighten my legs and grabbed my now well-lubricated cock and aimed it at her untarnished ass hole.

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   I told her to reach back and grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them.
Now with her ass hole wide open I position the head of my cock right at the opening. Now I may not have been in the clearest of mindset. But I knew I had to take it slow as not to rip her apart. Looking down I could see that her little hole was going to have to be stretched out a whole lot to have my cock enter.
I could hear her moaning,”JUST FUCK ME, NOW!!!”
With that said, she pushed back against me. My cock head at the entrance seemed to slip in through her ass ring with ease and was now being held tightly in place.
She and I moaned at the same time. ”AHHHHH FUCK”
I squeezed her ass cheeks and she pushed backwards. My cock entered her ass easily to the hilt. My balls slapped against her cunt lips making a squishing sound from all the juice leaking out. We held still for a moment and slowly I pulled out so that the head of my cock was at her gripping ass ring. She pushed back and I plunged forwards. We got into a fluid motion and we both moaned, her saying, “FUCK MY ASS LOVER”. And me saying “I’M GONNA FILL YOUR ASS WITH MY CUM BABY GIRL”.

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   We continued to egg each other on until I felt my balls churning for release. She must have felt it too. Her ass tunnel started to squeeze my cock in a sucking motion and her breathing started to become erratic. I was hammering in and out of her ass when she yelled, “I”MM CUMMMMING UNCLE GREGGGGGG!!!!!!!”, “I’M CUMMMING FUCK MY ASS FUCK ME CUM IN MY ASS AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" With all that I started to unload shot after shot of cum into her bowels. She was screaming at the top of her lungs, “AHHHHH FUCKKKK MEEE YEAH BABY YEAH BABY!!!!!!!!.
I grabbed her hips and plunged one last time holding my cock in so that I was emptying my load deep in her tight hot canal. She had reached down between her legs and was squeezing my balls hard making sure that I emptied all the contents in her ass.
I leaned forward and my body pushed her down hard on the couch, my cock still embedded in her gripping ass hole.
Slowly my cock started to soften enough to slip out of her tight ass. I push up and away so I wasn’t squishing her and rolled onto my back.
She rolled over putting head on my shoulder and a leg across mine. Her hand landed on my chest and slowly inched it down towards my spent cock.
Her hand squeezed and rubbed my limp manhood, and to my amazement it started to react again.
(I might be able to continue if someone can supply me with Viagra)