Kids Will Be Kids


Kids Will Be Kids
It just happened. Sometimes you just get carried away. Especially when lust and danger are involved. My name is Marcus Carlson, I'm 15 years old. The middle child of a family of four. 2 other brothers, and 1 sister. My youngest brother is 13. His name is James. My oldest brother is 17, his name is Austin. And my middle sister is 14, her name is Shawn. As a group of siblings, we weren't really close. Austin, and James hung out a lot, and I spent more time with Shawn. Not that we planned it that way, it's just we all had more in common with our sibling counterparts. Shawn and I were like the best brother and sister. Anything one of us wanted to do, the other wanted to do. I don't doubt that my other brothers were jealous of our relationship because they just couldn't relate to Shawn.


   She didn't like guy things like football, or cars, or beer, and she wasn't too fond of girl things like dresses, boyfriends, or prissy stuff of the sort. She was in the middle, just like me.
One day, Shawn had to stay home, and work on her chores while Austin, James, and I went to the park. It was then, that they told me what they were planning. "Marcus, why are you and Shawn so close? What do ya'll share together?" Austin asked
"Nothing. We just have a lot in common. Just like you, and James do. " I replied.
"Yeah, but that's different. " James cut in.
"How?" I asked curiously.
"Well. . . James and I fuck.

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  " Austin answered bluntly. I was taken aback at the statement immediately.
"What?!" was all I could manage to come out of my mouth.
"Yeah, look. We're not gay or anything. We just suck and jerk each other off sometimes. " Austin assured.
"That still sounds pretty gay to me. " I said. We all shared a chuckle.
"So is that what you, and Shawn do? You guys fuck too?" James asked.
"No. That's my sister. You guys are brothers. Doesn't that sound a little wrong to you?" I questioned.

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"No. How could you not fuck Shawn, she's hot. " Austin said.
"Yeah, and she's only 14, and probably still a virgin. " I tried to explain.
"Man, forget that. At 14, she's got big ass tits, and a round ass. I say you do it, or we will. " James threatened.
"Whatever ya'll. " I dropped to drop the subject with that. By the time we left the park, I tried to take the sordid subject out of my mind. I sat in my dimly lit room in front of my desk reading a book, when Austin, and James stormed in.
"Dude, C'mon, we can do it now!" James shouted.
I sat my book down in confusion, "What are you guys talking about?"
"Shawn is in the shower, and Mom and Dad just went out.

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   We can do it now, it's perfect. " James explained.
"Guys, I'm not going to molest our sister. That's gross. "
"Oh, come on. We're not going to hurt her, she just might like it. " Austin responded calmly.
"You guys are sick. " I replied, and returned to reading my book. They left my room defeated, but moments later, I heard them laughing. It didn't sit well with me, so I had to see what they were doing. I walked out into the hallway, and saw that they were looking through the small peephole in the door handle. "What the hell are you guys doing?"
"Sshhh, come look at this. " Austin ushered. I leaned down and looked through the peephole against my better judgement, and I saw something maybe I shouldn't have.

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   Something that if I hadn't seen it, could've prevented anything that happened afterwards. I peeked in, and laid eyes on my sister just coming out of the shower. Her beautiful mixed skin color glowed from her. She was half-caramel, half-vanilla. Her breasts had to be a nice 34B size, and her ass was just as juicy as my brothers had described it earlier. It shook by itself as she walked. I looked at her pussy. It had a nice trim, just enough hair, but not too much. My dick was growing immensly, I was trying to situate myself, so that it didn't bulge large enough for my brothers to see, but when I looked over at them, they both had their cocks out, and were stroking them. I couldn't help, but pull mine out too. When they saw that I did, they looked at me, and nodded. They had the same thing in mind as I did. I twisted the door handle silently, and opened the door slightly. I noticed that our sister had her back facing the door, and was drying herself off with the towel. She didn't hear us come in, but she heard the door close, and lock behind her. gay escort erito.girls ellen saint escort slovak beauties escort elite rome escorts escorts girls escort russia veronica carso independent escort girls 

   When she turned around, her three brothers were standing there each with a raging hard-on. She faced us with a look of knowing the inevitable.
I walked closer to her, "Shawn, come here, and lay down. " Even though she knew what was about to happen, she still seemed to trust me. She walked in front of me, and laid a towel on the floor, and laid on top of it with her legs spread. It was obvious that I would be first, I positioned myself in between her legs, and slid my boxers all the way off. My dick stood at a raging 7 1/2 inches now as it laid it's head at the entrance of my sisters heated snatch. I held the base of my cock with my hand, and slowly entered her for fear of taking her virginity so violently. "Shawn, this may hurt a bit. " I explained.
"It won't hurt big brother. " Shawn assured. To my surprise, it slid in easily. The water from the shower helped lubricate it, and she had also grown extremely wet at the sight of three hard cocks at her disposal. As I started to grind inside the wetness of her pussy, she placed her hands on my shoulder, and clampsed her legs around my waist.

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   She wanted it. I couldn't believe it. My sister was letting me fuck her, and she was enjoying it. We were both groaning, and grunting together with each thrust. Her wetness was swallowing me. I was lost in the feel of her twat. Eventually, it sucked me dry, and I found myself at the brink of an orgasm. I kept thrusting for her enjoyment, and at the same time, we both shouted, "I'm cummmiing!" and our rhythm was so in-sync that we both exploded at the exact same time. Her pussy leaked more juices, which made me explode harder. I screamed so loud when I finished dropping my load off inside her. I took a few deep breaths, and finally slid my dick out of Shawn's pussy.
"Oooh, let me see, let me see. " James excitedly said as he looked over at Shawn's pussy, and at all the semen that had drained in and out. He smiled gleefully, and found his cock, and entered his sister's extra wet snatch next. James's dick is only pushing 6 inches, but that's big for someone his age.

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   He pounded his sister's twat fast and hard, and sucked on her tits while he did. Shawn uttered out some heavy grunts while she was fucked by her little brother. Finally, when James was near orgasm, he screamed, "Ooooh Shawn", and finally his young cock exploded inside his sister. He breathed hard, and slipped his cock out. Austin was next. He had the biggest dick of all of us. A good nine inches, and with both his brother's sperm, and the effects of two orgasms from his sister made her entrance super slippery which was just good enough for him.
But Austin didn't just want the pussy, he moved his dick up to Shawn's lips. She knew immediately what he wanted. She opened her mouth, and accepted his nine inch dick. She slurped and sucked on her big brother's cock good and long. Austin was shouting his approval as Shawn managed to deepthroat his huge cock. As much as I'm sure he was enjoying this, he pulled Shawn's face away from his dick, and decided he'd save his semen for her pussy. He returned his dick to her wet entrance, and entered her. He took his time inside of her and enjoyed every wall there was to explore.

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   He relaxed on top of her and slowly grinded his way in and out of her pussy. Making love to her. He was kissing her neck, and fondling her breasts as he pumped inside of her. Just as he was on the brink of orgasm, he changed his pace, and started fucking his sister hard. Ramming his dick in and out with great velocity. Shawn was screaming loud at his massive penetration until Austin finally squeezed out probably the hugest orgasm I'd ever seen. It was so much that he eventually had to pull out and spray some on Shawn's breasts. It was amazing. When he stopped cumming, we each stood up, and left the bathroom. I looked back at Shawn who was drying herself off with the towel, and said, "We didn't hurt you did we?"
"No, big brother. I really did have fun. Thanks. " She said. I smiled, and nodded. I went back into my room and instantly fell asleep.

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   I don't know if what we did was a good thing or not, but what's done is done.
After that, we were as close as four siblings could be, but Shawn refused to have sex with us again. She said it was good the first time, but she didn't like the idea of being passed between her brothers. We got what we wanted, and we had to settle for that. I'm sure there were times, when she slipped up because a few times if she was in the mood and one of us was around, she'd let us fuck. We kept the situation a secret for years, and once we grew up we never talked about it again. It was a kid thing. A stage we grew out of. Even though it was fun while it lasted.