Seduction, Inc. (part 4)


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Previously on Seduction, Inc. : A brother suspects his little sister Cristy of having an affair with their dad. Jealous, he seduces her with the help of sex pills from an obscure source. When a series of mysterious rapes in a school spa brings them to the attention of the police, the narrator sets out to solve the case by himself.


Slowly and carefully I gathered myself up and retreated from the edge on arms and legs before daring to stand up. I was shaking heavily, and if I'd stood a little closer to the edge, I might have followed the suicidal girl a moment later when a movement at the other side of the roof startled me.
Someone was coming.

There was definitely too much traffic on this roof, I thought with an odd sense of detachment after I'd realized that there was nowhere I could run or hide, as I watched the shadowy figure climb over the edge and face me. For a moment, I half thought it was the girl again, coming back from the dead to haunt me, because the stature was similar and the figure was facing me in ghostly silence; but then she called out, and I found myself wishing that it would have been the ghost.

"I thought so!", Cristy called above the wind that had set in unnoticeably.

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   "Where else would you go?"

"What are you doing here?", I asked, genuinely baffled. Almost against my will, I found myself approaching her, as if to see if it was really her. It was.

"I couldn't find you in your room, so I figured you'd had the same idea that I had", she said, fixing me with a gaze that was cold, but not as hostile as I would have expected.

"What do you mean?", I asked, tensing up at the thought that she just might have seen me letting a girl fall to her death without doing anything or even calling an ambulance. "I just. . . "

"They put that sex drug in the water", Cristy said. "It's obvious. How did you get it?"

My mind raced trying to think of a way to talk myself out of this, but it was futile. I told her everything: how I had found the ad and written to the address and gotten the pills. She listened silently and nodded at the end.

"So if you were the beta test, I guess this was the gamma. " She pointed down towards the spa before fixing me again with a determined stare.

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   "And I hope you agree at this point that this has to be stopped. "

I agreed hastily. She was right. I was a pervert, but after what I'd just seen, there was no way I could let this continue. It was probably any stupid man's wet dream, but it meant death and madness for the victims. And maybe, just maybe, I thought, if I can stop it I would be able to look at myself in the mirror again without seeing a total monster.

"So what do we do?", I asked, suddenly infinitely glad to have her on my side, in a way. "We can't go to the police. . . "

"I could", she said coldly, sending a shiver down my spine. "Please. . . ", I replied, shaking my head imploringly.

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"I won't", she said. "But I think we should take a look at the lower levels of this building. "

"You think. . . "

"I don't know. But it could be, couldn't it?"

"Right. " I took a deep breath and started towards the drainpipes to climb down. "Let's go. "
Getting in was more difficult than we had imagined, but climbing along a ledge and prying open the boards in front of one of the windows with my multi-tool and smashing the glass with the same and climbing in awkwardly, trying in vain not to cut our hands and knees on the glass, we finally were inside, standing in a small dilapidated room that had probably housed records back when this was still an office building. I touched Cristy's shoulder with my unhurt hand and shook my head, pointing at the obviously unused interior, but she put a finger to her lips and motioned for me to listen. There was a faint rumbling sound going on every few seconds, like some sort of machine shuffling around liquids.

"From the spa", I whispered, pointing up, but Cristy shook her head. She obviously wanted to explore some more, so I unwillingly flipped on my flashlight and followed her through the door into the hallway. I didn't like this; if I'd been on my own, I would have long turned back and gone back home to my warm bed, rather than sneak around in dusty offices, expecting to be caught at any moment because some paranoid neighbor saw the flashlight going on.

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   "Come on", I whispered when the hallway was as empty as the room had been. "There's nothing here. "

Cristy made an angry silencing motion, then pointed at the floor. At first I didn't see what she meant, but then I noticed that it was clean, much cleaner than the one in the room and much cleaner than it should have been if this building was actually deserted. However, this only made me want to run away more quickly; rummaging around in abandoned rooms was an unpleasantness, but breaking into someone's actual (and apparently secret) base of operations was clearly and obviously dangerous. Cristy appeared unfazed by this, however, and continued on her way, angrily motioning for me to follow her.

The sound didn't come from above; it came from behind a door that Cristy opened after snatching the flashlight from me, vanishing inside before I had any chance to protest. I had no choice but to follow her; and my heart dropped to my feet when I saw what she'd discovered.

It was a laboratory, filled to the brim with laboratory stuff (I must say I'd never understood much of that despite my father's profession), with an open doorway leading into a larger room, in which four huge machines that looked somehow like printing presses were churning out little white tablets, packaging them and automatically sorting them in boxes. My heart raced; I needed no further proof that we had found the lair of whoever was behind the sex pills.

Cristy pointed to a ladder standing in the hindmost part of the room, and went closer to investigate. It led towards a trio of pipes running along the ceiling before vanishing into it, one of which had apparently been cut open and patched. I realized in a flash that whoever was behind all this must have used this to get the drug into the spa's pool water.

What I didn't understand, however, was why Cristy started pulling at the patch with her fingers, prying it loose bit by bit until water leaked out, splashing against her shirt. "What are you doing?", I hissed, but she didn't react until she'd ripped the whole thing off, sending a thick column of water splashing down.

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   "Are you crazy?", I snarled as soon as she was on the floor again. "What. . . "

"We have to destroy this", she said, walking over to one of the boxes into which the machines had packed the pills and stepping deftly inside it, crushing the aluminum packaging. The water was quickly spreading over the floor, reaching the machines in a matter of seconds and starting to seep into the packages. It was then that I realized what Cristy had intended; but I also realized that we had to get out of there as quickly as possible.

"Stop it!", I hissed at her and grabbed her shoulder to get her away from the boxes she was trampling. "We gotta get out! When the water reach the machines, they'll electrocute us!"

She stared at me for a second, then she turned to the machines and got my point. We scrambled out of the room into the laboratory, out of the laboratory and into the hallway, closing the door behind us to keep the rapidly rising water from coming after us. Suddenly all the lights went on and we were momentarily blinded; I thought I heard steps somewhere in the distance, and a wave of fear washed over me. We had to run NOW, I thought, or we were done for.

Just when my eyes had become sufficiently accustomed to the light that I could start looking for Cristy, who was not next to me anymore but striding down the corridor towards something I couldn't see, there was a loud and painful crackling noise and everything went dark again. The water must have hit the machines and caused a short-circuit; a smell of burnt metal wafted through the hallway, confirming my suspicion. My boots were already getting wet, but I'd survived it, and so, apparently, had Cristy: I could hear her swearing as she tripped over something in the darkness and hit the floor with a loud "thud".

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"Where are you?", I cried, seeing nothing now that she seemed to have lost the flashlight as well. "We have to get out of here!"

Cristy replied something I couldn't understand, because at the same moment the door to the lab broke open and the water surged out, almost sweeping me away and quickly filling up the hallway up to knee-height and still rising. I cursed madly and groped for a way outside without actually knowing where to look, trying to get to Cristy at the same time and having trouble enough even staying on my feet with all the water. It seemed like the whole spa was emptying itself into this story, and in no time it was up to my hips and I had my first fit of actual panic, thinking that we'd drown if we didn't get out soon. . .

I called for Cristy, but she didn't answer. A few meters down the corridor in the direction I'd last heard her my left foot hit something small; I fished for it and it turned out to be the flashlight. It even still worked: flipping it on, I looked around the hallway, but Cristy was nowhere to be seen. The surge of water had finally stopped, however, so I closed my eyes for a moment to listen if I could hear anything over the gurgling and the creaking and the clanking of displaced lab items. The idea that some toxic stuff might have leaked into the water and be gnawing at my legs entered my head for a moment, but I pushed it away. There was something, some rooms away apparently, something like little screams. Judging by their regularity, there was a fair chance that it was just dislodged stuff pounded against a wall by the waves or something like that, but it was all I got, so I went after it. Moving in the cold water with my shoes and jeans on was quite a drag, but I was so full of adrenaline I hardly noticed it. One of the doors in the left wall was open, and the sound was louder here; and it was Cristy's voice alright.

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   What was she doing?

I should have known. The noises she made were unmistakable: Cristy was moaning and crying out with pleasure, approaching an orgasm. She must have swallowed something of the water when she stumbled, I realized, and now she was probably masturbating somewhere back there. I had to snap her out of it; I had to get her out. With aching lungs I waded the rest of the way into the room, which was some kind of office and empty, but an open door led to a cabinet behind it from which the noises came. "Cristy", I called again and dragged myself towards it.

The cabinet was a bathroom of some sort, and what I saw there took more than a moment for me to take in. Cristy was sprawled on her back, or actually bent over backwards on an iron bathtub, naked, her clothes swimming around in the water beside her, the one hand she didn't need to hold herself above the surface rubbing madly at her pussy, sending spasms through her body and cries to her lips. But she was not alone; beneath her, propping her up with his torso and keeping his head just above the water next to hers, was a big man, pushing his dick into her butthole with rapid movements, till he tensed and groaned and kept it deep inside her while he came. Cristy seemed to love it, as she peaked almost instantly, staring at me with an insanely happy grin spreading over her face.

"Daddy showed me a new way!", she said, while she climbed off of the bathtub and the man who'd raped her; threads of white semen seeped out of her anus, trailing in her wake while she passed me to collect her clothes which were bobbing on the waves throughout the cabinet. The man in the tub was slower to get up; I managed to get to him and deliver a hard punch into his face before he'd pulled himself together, then kicking him in the groin to keep him off me while I grabbed Cristy by the ankle and dragged her out with me. I pushed the door to the cabinet shut and heaved the office table in front of it, hoping to buy us time. It needn't have worried, though, because when we arrived at the window we had broken in through, police were already swarming all over the place and climbing up the fire stairs towards the two poor little victims that we were.


(To be continued!)

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